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This is one of those movies when so much happens that it would be impossible to tell about all of them. I asked for help on this one and a couple readers answered the call. Here is the spoiler sent in by Smartstar777.

As we start off the movie  it shows a man in the dark on Privet Drive. Out of his pocket he pulls what looks like a lighter. With this lighter looking thing he sucks the electricity out of the street lights. Then a cat who's watching him transforms into a witch, Prof. McGonagall. Then a man on a flying motorcycle comes out of the sky with a baby in his arms. Then the three of them leave the baby (Harry) on the porch of one of the houses. It turns out the people who live here are Harry's only family left. His parents had died because of an evil wizard named Voldemort.

It's now 10-11 years later and we see Harry waking up in a closet under the stairs. This is his room. His family (aunt, uncle , And cousin) don't treat him with respect so they make him live under the stairs. Harry gets up and is forced to make breakfast for Dudley's (his cousin) birthday. Later on they go to the zoo and are in the reptile section. Dudley is looking at a snake that's not even moving. Dudley gets angry and wants to look at the next reptile. Harry sits down in front of the snake. He talks to the snake and it seems to understand him. Dudley sees this and runs over to the glass shouting something like, "Daddy, Harry got it to move!" He shoves Harry out of the way and leans against the glass. All of a sudden the glass disappears and Dudley falls into the "cage" screaming. The snake leaves the zoo telling Harry thanks. His Uncle Vernon knows this has something to do with Harry so once he gets home he locks Harry in his closet.

Later on we see an owl dropping a letter into Harry's mailbox. Harry gets the mail and sees there is a letter for him and he's never gotten a letter in his life. Before he can open it Dudley steals it and shows it to Vernon. Right away his uncle rips it up. Each and everyday Harry gets more and more letters but his uncle rips them all up. Dudley even gets curious. Finally so many fill the house that Harry's uncle decides to get away. They go to an island in the ocean with a little shack.

His uncle and aunt get the bed, Dudley the couch, and Harry the cold floor. It turns out Harry's birthday is the next day. At exactly 12:00 at midnight according to Dudley's watch a man with big beard (Hagrid, the man in the beginning with the flying motorcycle) bangs down the door. He gives Harry the letter telling him that he has been accepted to the Hogwarts Academy, School for Wizards. Hagrid tells Harry that he's a wizard and takes him away.

They go to a place called Diagon Alley. There Harry finds out his parents left him a small fortune. While they get the money out of the bank Hagrid gets a small package. Harry buys all his supplies including his wand. On the train ride to Hogwarts he meets Ron and Hermione.

On the first night at the school, all the newcomers go up on stage and put on a hat that sorts out which of the 4 houses they will be assigned to.

Harry, Ron and Hermoine each are assigned to Griffindor. While at the school many things happen to Harry. He beats a troll, explores areas where he is not supposed to go such as the third floor and meets a 3 headed dog guarding a trapdoor. He becomes seeker in Quidditch (a witch sport played on broom sticks sorta like flying soccer) and for Christmas is given his father's invisibility cloak.

When he plays Quidditch for the first time someone tries to jinx his broom. Hermione thinks it was Snape because he was staring at Harry saying some sort of spell. (later on we find out he was saying the counter-curse, trying to save him) Hermione stops him by saying a spell to make Snape's cloak catch on fire. All the teachers around him panic, including Prof. McGonagall, an old witch, and Professor Quirrell who always wears a turban.

Everyone thinks that Snape is the bad guy, wrong!

Harry, Hermione, & Ron figure out that someone is trying to steal the Sorcerer's stone. They have figured out that the stone is hiding under the trapdoor in the room with the three headed dog. In order to put the dog to sleep all you have to do is just play it some music. The three of them head to the room with the dog, but when they get there the dog is asleep & right next to it is a harp that's cursed to play for a little bit. The dog's paw is over the door so all three of them have to push it out of the way. Then they open the door and you see a dark hole. They decide to go in one at a time but before they do there is an eerie silence. Then they realized the harp stopped playing and the dog was awake. They all scream and jump into the hole just missing the three headed dog.

They land in dragon snare which will strangle you if you panic. If you relax you will sink through and live. Hermione relaxed, and then so did Harry, but Ron was screaming and kicking so she took her wand out and made a big burst of sunlight weaken the plant so it had to let go of him.

The next room they enter is filled with keys and a broom stick. Each key had wings. There's a door that's locked and no unlocking spell can unlock it. They have to find out which key it is and there's thousands of them. There is one that sticks out, it was rusty and had a broken wing. Harry thought it would be too easy to just grab the key, with the broom, but they still decided to try it. As soon as his hand touched to broom, they all shot at him like darts. He got on the broom stick and flew after the rusty key, while all the other keys went after him. He tried to get the rusty key close to the ground so Hermione could grab it, once she did, she quickly unlocked the door. Harry flew it just as Ron pulled the door shut. As soon as he did you see all the keys crashing into the other side of the door.

Now they were on a giant chessboard. Ron a good chess player, told everyone where to move. He figured that Harry could get to the other side of the board if he sacrificed himself. He did and Hermione stayed with Ron as Harry moved on.

The next room was the final room and someone was already there! Can you guess who it was? The turban man, Professor Quirrel! In the room was a mirror that showed you whatever made you happy. The professor asked Harry where the stone was but Harry didn't know. Harry looked in the mirror and saw what he wanted to see. Where the stone was! And can you guess where it was? That's right, you guessed it, in his pocket! The professor took off his turban and turned around. The back of his head was actually another face! Voldemorts! He wanted the stone 'cause out of it you could make an elixir that would make you immortal. Voldemort tried to get Harry but once he touched him his hand turned to dust. Harry touched Voldemort's face and his face turned to dust. The whole body of the professor disappeared and the soul of Voldemort went away.

Harry blacked out then woke up in the hospital wing of Hogwarts. Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts explained to him that Voldemort couldn't touch him because of the curse of his mother. Harry's mother had sacrificed herself to save Harry, and because of her, Harry was protected by her love which Voldemort couldn't touch.

The school year ends and Harry 's team, Griffindor wins the house cup, largley due to Harry, Hermoine and Ron.

The movie ends with everyone getting ready to go back home for the summer. Hagrid gives Harry an photo album of Harry's parents.

When asked if he's ready to go home Harry replies that he's not really going "home." He is however ready to scare the heck out of his Aunt, Uncle and cousin with the threat of his new found wizardry.


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