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NOTE: This spoiler sent in by Sean.

The film begins in the backstage of a concert hall. We see Robby Ray Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus) sighing as he looks at who we at first believe is Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) with her Hannah wig on. The camera then pans around for us to see that it is a mannequin head that is holding the wig. The camera cuts to outside with a close up of many people running from cars then pans out to a large shot of the stadium the girls are running too. It then cuts to the box office, where the audience can see Miley and Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) pushing through to the box office. They attempt to enter the concert as Miley is late, but they are turned away.  Lilly makes a joke about Miley being the only superstar who can’t even get into her own concert. Miley then notices a security golf cart, with the guard leaving it unattended to help a girl find her family.  The camera then cuts to Miley and Lilly driving through the halls of the stadium trying to run from the guard while also trying to find Miley’s dressing room. They then drive through a poster of Hannah screaming, while the head from the poster winds up on Miley’s face, a “coincidental” placing.  Miley and Lilly finally reach the dressing room and Robby rushes them inside brushing off the guard that was chasing them. We then see a scene of Miley putting on the make-up, the mascara, and the clothes, abruptly pushing Robby out the door for the changing clothes part. The camera then cuts one last time to show Miley putting on her blonde hair, becoming Hannah. Hannah and Robby then walk out of the dressing room, while Lilly wishes her good luck. The camera then changes to under the stage, while Hannah and Robby walk under the stage and Hannah bangs her head on one of the poles. Robby reminds her that she always bumps her head then tells her it’s her turn to do the dishes. Hannah complains then that she already did them, but Robbie reminds her that’s what she gets for the best of both worlds. Hannah then rises on a platform singing “Best of Both Worlds”. The camera then zooms in on a video playing in the background, a music video on a beach for the song she’s singing.

The video then becomes the actual scene and the music starts skipping causing Hannah to say “best of both” around seven times. The filming of the video ends and Hannah returns to her tent to change. Before she takes off her wig, a man peeks through her clothes causing her to scream. The man asks for her autograph for his daughters, and asks for a picture before Hannah’s manager, Vita (Vanessa Williams), stops him and introduces Hannah to Oswald Granger (Peter Gunn), a British reporter who tries to ruin superstars lives.  After kicking him out of the tent, the audience sees he’s left a camera on the couch. Vita and Hannah talk about how dangerous it would be if he had found out her secret, Vita then sits on the couch blocking the camera resulting in Oswald being unable to see her remove her wig or put it back on, though the audience doesn’t see this either. Vita and Hannah leave the tent, then Oswald sneaks back in and takes the camera and listens to the two speaking on his camera, wondering what the secret is.

The scene cuts to a volleyball hitting Miley on the head causing her to fall to the ground. Everyone walks past her, leaving her to pick herself up and walk out of the gym. She goes to her locker only to be approached by Vita telling her Beyonce is sick and Hannah will perform at the New York Music Awards. The two run out of the school, with Lilly quickly telling Hannah not to forget her Sweet 16 birthday party.

The scene changes to Hannah in a mall looking at gifts for Lilly, as it’s her Sweet 16 birthday. She continues getting several calls from her father and from Lilly. The camera cuts briefly to Robby Ray and Jackson (Jason Earles) waiting for Miley. The screen then cuts back to the mall where Hannah sees a pair of shoes and walks up and admires them, picking up one. A woman next to her, Tyra Banks, turns and claims she saw them first. Hannah and Tyra fight for the shoes continuously, Hannah even throwing one of the shoes at the wall next to Tyra, which it sticks like a flying star, and then they continue fighting. The scene then cuts to Hannah and Vita getting into her limo, Hannah claiming she didn’t get the shoes. As they drive away, Oswald drives in a car after them. While in the car, Hannah sees that Oswald is following them which stresses her out because she doesn’t want to get out of the limo as Miley, revealing her secret, but also can’t go to Lilly’s party as Hannah as it’s Lilly’s party not Hannah’s. Robby then calls Miley then gets hung up on. The scene then cuts to Lilly calling Miley, reminding her to hurry, while still taking more and more gifts from people. It then shows Oliver (Mitchel Musso) and Rico (Moises Arias) working on Lilly’s cake. Rico explains that the cake will light with sparklers and spring out a “Happy Birthday Lilly” sign when he presses the button. The scene then cuts to Hannah hanging up on Robby’s phone call. We then see the limo park at the pier; Hannah then rushes out followed by Oswald.

The camera then shows people skateboarding on a ramp, and then closes up on Lilly about to fall only to be caught by a guy who is obviously attractive to her. Then everyone starts screaming for Hannah as she has run into the party still in Hannah wear, and the guy who had caught Lilly lets go of her causing her to fall. Lilly gets up and walks to the crowd only to look at Hannah in sadness. Hannah says she’ll make it up to Lilly who responds that she never will. Lilly then walks out and tells Oswald about Crumble Falls (I really don’t remember the name, it’s something similar though). Hannah then is put on stage to sing “Let’s Get Crazy” and keeps telling Lilly to stay for cake. Robby tells Oliver to get the cake ready to stop Lilly from leaving. The cake is set off but instead explodes splattering cake on everyone, and Rico slowly rises out holding the sign covered in icing.

The scene then cuts to evening at the beach. We see Vita on the computer, interrupted by Robby who throws a magazine and a newspaper of Tyra and Hannah’s fight onto her computer. He gets mad at Vita saying Hannah is not going to New York for the music awards and instead will go to her Grandma Ruby’s birthday in Tennessee.  However, Miley and Vita keep trying to convince him to let Miley go, saying they’ll even get a private jet to hurry her to New York and then to Tennessee. Robby agrees, although it’s clear he has something else planned.

The scene changes to inside the private jet, in which Miley steps out in her Hannah garb from the washroom then sits down in a chair complaining about the small bathroom. Robby closes the wind and then dozes off. The scene then cuts to Hannah coming out of the plane saying hi to New York, only to see a cow, and realizes they are not in New York but in Tennessee. Robby then comes out and points out Jackson in a rusty pick up truck saying her limo’s here. The scene cuts then to inside the car where Jackson, Hannah, Robby and a dog are driving to Grandma Ruby’s home. Hannah then hears that Robby is putting Hannah on hiatus for two weeks. Hannah gets angry and has them stop the car. She storms out of the car, takes her luggage then starts walking. She then places her luggage near a fence and sits on it. Hannah then talks to Robby about how Hannah means so much to her; Robby then says that’s the problem. A white horse then trots up and bites Hannah’s wig off her. Miley stands up and confused, rips the hair from the horse calling it a rude name. Robby shakes his head, telling her that the horse is Blue Jeans, her old horse. Miley then, clearly shocked, goes back and pets Blue Jeans. Robby and Jackson then drive off and Miley watches them go. She then takes off her Hannah wig and hair and puts them away, then climbs over the fence onto Blue Jeans. She then tells Blue Jeans to stay still so she can pick up her luggage. Miley then falls off Blue and watches her horse run off. A boy on a horse then gallops past with a lasso racing after Blue Jeans. He eventually catches Blue Jeans and brings the horse back to Miley, explaining Blue Jeans isn’t good with strangers. Miley then tells the boy that the horse is hers, causing the boy to introduce himself as Travis, a boy whom she played with when they were both in Grade 1. He then says he use to have a crush on her but is over it now, which Miley clearly is sad about.

The scene then changes to Travis, Miley and the two horses “pulling up” to Ruby’s house. Miley climbs off and thanks Travis and then walks into Ruby’s house where the family is singing. They ask her to join in but she clearly doesn’t want to. The song ends, then Ruby pulls her aside and thanks her for the Elvis plate for her birthday. Robby then pulls her aside asking her to hand out cake. As she does this, Robby takes the plates and is told by Ruby to introduce himself to Lorelai, a very beautiful woman in the other room. Robby asks if Ruby’s doing her matchmaking, which she clearly is but swears she isn’t. Robby goes to introduce himself, but when he does Robbie then trips on the dog and breaks all of Ruby’s plates. He catches the Elvis plate and when he holds it up the fan breaks it as well.  The scene changes to outside the house in which Rascal Flatts are singing “Bless the Broken Road”, then cuts to Miley in her room, then finds out from Ruby who enters that Miley’s mother chose the wallpaper, causing Miley to tear up.

The next morning, Miley wakes up saying it’s “Operation: Save Hannah”.  She then walks downstairs in country outfit, including overalls, and then walks out to feed the chickens. As she does, the chickens swarm her because she doesn’t think to drop the pail. Miley then takes the eggs from the chickens and puts them in her overalls. Eventually she trips over a chicken and falls back. When she stands up she then puts her hands in her pockets only to feel the broken eggs. The scene then cuts to Miley walking in the house where she hands her father an egg, but sees they already had breakfast. Ruby tells her to clean up as she’s going to take Miley to town with her to sell jam and fruit, and tells Robby that the truck needs fixing. Robby then walks outside to see someone is already working on it, only to find out that it’s Lorelai working on it as foreman.

The scene then switches to Miley and Ruby driving to the town, stopped by a train. Ruby tells Miley about how someone wants to tear down the land to make a mall, which excites Miley, but then Miley pretends that it’s bad that the mall will be put up.  The scene then cuts to Ruby and Miley nearby a model of the new mall. Mr. Bradley, the man wanting to tear down the land, hands Miley a brochure of the new mall, and then says hi to Ruby. Miley and Ruby then walk off carrying jam and meet an elderly man who knows Ruby and says how grown up Miley is now. Miley replies with a rude comment, and walks off. Ruby then stops Miley and tells her that she isn’t fooling her that she doesn’t like being in Tennessee. Miley apologizes then follows Ruby to a stall where Ruby then tells her to cut samples of watermelon while she goes off to use her bad mood to tell off Mr. Bradley. Miley starts to cut samples when she sees that Oswald has followed her to her hometown. She then leaves the stall and follows Oswald to a salsa stall. Oswald tries some mild salsa and likes it, but the stall vendor leaves and when Oswald is looking away, Miley switches the salsa with extra hot salsa, which Oswald then eats. Oswald begins dancing around, his mouth on fire. Oswald then drinks water from a dog dish. Miley then lowers a truck’s back causing several potatoes to fall out and head to Oswald. Oswald then trips on the potatoes and falls onto the model of the mall, and is then helped up by Miley and Ruby. The two then take him to some nearby steps and sit down. He asks Miley if she knows Hannah and Miley making a plan up tells him yes and her and Ruby then give him false directions.

The scene then cuts to Oswald outside a dingy shack and calling inside for Hannah. He then gets surprised by a bird that flies out the window causing Oswald to fall off the porch and down the hill into the mud. His phone then rings and answers it to find out it’s his extremely annoying boss asking where he is. His phone beeps signaling another message. He picks it up to find out it’s his daughters and tells them to hold, he then turns back to his other phone call and tells his boss he’s after Hannah only to find out his girls are also listening due to a three-way call he initiates accidentally. The girls yell and scream happily and tell him to get her autograph, they then hang up and the boss hangs up. Oswald then makes his way to climb out of the mud.

The scene changes to where Travis is walking in a barn only to hear Miley singing. Miley then stops upon seeing Travis listening then follows him out when he slightly insults her singing. She follows him out into a broken chicken coop, and then is told he can sell eggs if he fixes the chicken coop. The audience then watches the two begin to work on the chicken coop and also posting posters around for a fundraiser, which Oswald then looks at. They begin talking but realize they’re going to be late and head to the fundraiser.

The scene cuts to the fundraiser where Robby Ray is singing “Back to Tennessee”. The song then ends and we see Lorelai and Robby talk only for him to then walk to Miley’s table. Taylor Swift walks on the stage and begins to sing “Crazier”, in which Miley then tells Robby to hurry up and dance with Lorelai. Robby then gets up and begins to dance with her.  Travis approaches Miley and asks her to dance as well. They begin dancing and enjoying each other’s company. Taylor finishes her song and thanks the audience, and then Travis asks Miley to sing. He drags her to the stage in which she then gets on stage. She sings “Hoedown Throwdown” in which the patrons of the fundraiser dance to. Miley joins them in dancing, the audience then sees Oswald walk in. The song then ends and people congratulate her. Mr. Bradley then mocks them for trying to raise money when they’ll never have anyone popular enough to raise money unless they get the Beatles. Travis then shouts out that Miley knows Hannah Montana and could get her to come. We see Robby, Jackson, Lorelai, Oswald, and Ruby’s reactions. Miley then agrees to call Hannah.

The scene changes to the street in Crumbly Falls (again, not sure on the name, it’s been a long day). A limo drives down the street, a hand waving to people, girls screaming that it’s Hannah Montana. Oswald begins to follow the limo once again. The limo arrives at Ruby’s house, Vita gets out and greets Miley, then “Hannah” gets out and the audience sees it’s Lilly. Lilly and Miley hug, while far off Oswald takes photos from a tree. Miley and Lilly head inside, then hug once again inside. They keep apologizing to each other until Lorelai knocks on the door. Not wanting to be Hannah but not wanting Lorelai to see Lilly’s face as Hannah, they quickly shuffle around and Lorelai enters. Miley is spraying the room with a small bottle as a towel covers “Hannah’s” face. Miley then sits down and massages “Hannah’s” feet. Lorelai asks to talk to Hannah, but Miley then has to leave to talk to her Dad, leaving Lorelai to massage her feet. Miley then walks outside and tries to tell her father that “Hannah” is here and that it’s Lilly but he sees Lorelai massaging Lilly’s feet from a ladder and climbs down only to find out that it’s Lilly. Robby rushes inside and into Miley’s room and talks to Lorelai. Jackson joins Miley outside and climbs up on the ladder. Robby and Lorelai talk with each other and then are about to kiss which Jackson says, only to be stopped by Lilly’s snore. Lorelai then closes the window causing the ladder to fall back. Jackson then winds up landing in Ruby’s prized squash field with a large squash on his head. The scene then changes to Miley, Ruby, Lilly, Jackson and Vita talking and eating squash cookies, which Ruby made from her broken prized squash. Lilly then notices Travis outside and expresses her wish to have him, only for Miley to say he’s taken, but then corrects herself saying she doesn’t know if they could have a relationship and thinks they are just friends but that he hasn’t met Hannah yet. Miley then walks outside as Hannah and begins talking to Travis only to find out Travis does indeed like Miley. Hannah then runs off and changes to Miley who then puts paint on her outfit as she is next to the chicken coop, then begins painting the coop. Travis joins her then after talking for a short time, asks her to dinner. Upon returning to the house Hannah begins trying to find a dress with Lilly and Ruby’s help only to find out from Robby that Hannah agreed to go to a dinner with the mayor. Robby then tells her she’ll have to make a decision.

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The scene changes to Travis outside a restaurant named Georgio’s holding flowers. Hannah then drives past looking out the window at Travis sadly. They arrive at the mayor’s office and Hannah signs some autographs then heads inside. Hannah meets the mayor and then meets other people. The scene quickly cuts to the restaurant where Travis is sitting waiting for Miley. The scene cuts back and we see Hannah looking out the window as the Mayor welcomes Hannah but notices her chair empty. Hannah then signals that she’s at the window and goes to sit down but says she has to go to the washroom. She then rushes into a custodial room and changes into Miley and rushes out of the hall she was in. She then walks into the restaurant and Travis says she is wearing only one earring in which she tosses behind her. Her phone then rings which she takes out the back of the restaurant then rushes back to the hall, only for her to be seen rushing in by a little girl. She then sits at the table and is now wearing a bib with the Mayor’s face on a lobster posted on the bib. She then has to leave again and her and Jackson cross under the table when he looks for their cousin’s ferret. Miley then runs out once more into the restaurant this time wearing the bib, saying she’ll have the lobster to which Travis says there isn’t lobster. Miley then rushes out again saying she’s going to check on the lobster. This continues for a while until while the food is at the table, Travis sees Miley rushing into the hall. Hannah is then waiting for dessert when they have Tennessee flambé, but unfortunately the ferret climbs up the mayor’s leg. The flambé then flares out of control to which Robby puts it out. Hannah then rushes downstairs and into the revolving doors which the camera then watches going slowly as she takes off her wig and makeup while being in the door with the same little girl who saw Miley running in. Then while still in the door, Travis walks in and he and Miley meet eyes. Travis then walks out of the door and Miley follows begging him not to leave. Travis, now knowing she is Hannah, tells her he doesn’t care anymore and leaves. Miley then walks back inside distraught, and sees her Dad and asks if he saw to which he responds “yes”. Miley begins to head down the stairs but stops when Lorelai starts talking to her father. Miley watches sadly as Robby sacrifices a relationship with Lorelai for her. Miley then rushes out.

The scene cuts to Miley, in a small gazebo-like shelter, writing her music while the rain pours. The scene then fades briefly to Travis working in the barn, then fades back to Miley.  Robby then walks into the gazebo and puts a towel on Miley’s shoulders and asks about her song. She then sings “Butterfly Fly Away” with her father accompanying. The scene then cuts to Miley in her bed, obviously restless. She then gets out and the camera cuts to the next day where Miley is asleep on top of the now finished chicken coop. Lilly walks up to her and calls to her, in which Miley then falls off the roof and onto some bales of hay. They talk and then Miley realizes she has to get ready for the concert.

The scene cuts to the concert where Ruby pushes through the crowd and then passes through the security into the tour bus where Miley is sitting. She talks to Miley about how proud she is and takes her hand, then puts something in her hand. Miley takes her hand back and sees a necklace, which she realizes is her mother. Ruby tells her that her mother would also be proud of her. Miley thanks Ruby who then leaves. The scene briefly cuts to Travis who sees the chicken coop Miley finished, and realizing his mistake, he gets on his horse and gallops off.

The scene cuts back to the concert where Hannah gets on stage and begins singing “Rockstar” only to stop, saying, “[I] can’t do this.” Miley then removes her wig to everyone’s shock, apologizing for the hurt she’s caused her friends and family and saying she can’t do this in her home town. She then sings “The Climb” and is cheered on by everyone after the song and says good-bye to Hannah. But then the girl, the one who saw Miley running in and out of the city hall, tells her to keep being Hannah and that they will keep her secret. They all cheer Hannah until Miley then puts her wig back on, only for Oswald to show again and take a picture of her putting her wig back on. Everyone tries to stop him until Travis, Vita, Robby, and Hannah corner him next to the stage. He then threatens to send the photo if they take another step, only to see his daughters rush forward saying the concert’s amazing. Vita tells him that sending the picture would ruin the dreams of people everywhere including his daughters’. Realizing his mistake he tells off his boss and deletes the message. Everyone walks off but Travis stops Hannah before heading back out and they finally kiss. Hannah then runs out and sings, “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home”. While doing so she then walks on to a truck with her back-up dancers. As it drives through she sees Lorelai and Robby kissing and waving, Jackson making an “L” with his hand, and Travis smiling at her. “The End” then appears on the screen. The credits begin to roll with an instrumental version of “Hoedown Throwdown” playing as the cast and crew dance to the song.

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