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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Spectre.

We open in the house of Rick (Owen Wilson) and Maggie (Jenna Fischer). Rick is showing his children Emma and Gunnar pictures of him in college back when he was in shape. When Gunnar asks why he doesn't look like that anymore, Rick says his muscles are hibernating. Emma points to a picture of Maggie and asks who that is. Rick says it's her mom. Emma asks why mommy doesn't wear bikinis anymore and Rick doesn't have an answer for her. Emma says it might because of mommy's "fat ass". Rick is bewildered and asks where she heard that and Emma replies "Mommy." Rick just nods in half agreement. Maggie comes in with their infant son and says she can be ready for the party they are going to faster if Rick will take care of the kids. Rick gets the kids clean and ready for the sitter.

In the way inside, Rick looks at another woman and Maggie calls him out on it. They meet up with their friends Fred (Jason Sudekis) and Grace (Christina Applegate). Maggie asks Grace if Fred ever looks at other women and she says no. Maggie and Grace talk to their friend Dr. Lucy (Joy Behar) that is getting an award that night while Rick and Fred gets drinks. Rick confesses he got caught, and Fred admonishes him, telling he has to spot the girl and time his look so it doesn't look he is checking the girl out on purpose. Meanwhile, Grace tells Maggie she lied, Fred looks at women all the time and even has a stupid move where he times his look. It is clear that both women are put off by this behavior.

Rick takes the babysitter Paige home. Paige asks if Rick will buy her some beer since she is almost 21. Rick considers it then has a lavish fantasy nightmare in which he is arrested, divorced, and estranged with his children because of that decision. He orders Paige out of the car, thinking Paige is coming on to him. Paige says she wasn't and is shocked. Rick goes home and expects to sleep with his wife after getting Emma to bed, but finds her asleep. He is disappointed but covers up his wife in bed and goes to brush his teeth. Maggie opens up her eyes; she was pretending to be asleep.

The next morning, Rick and Fred are at the playground with Rick's kids. Rick complains about not sleeping with Maggie. Fred empathizes, telling Grace shot him down too so he went to the minivan and masturbated. Rick has to take the kids to a party but tells Fred they will meet up later for coffee.

Rick and Fred are getting coffee at a local shop and are checking out Leigh (Nicki Whelan), the girl who works there. The other guy who works there, Brent (Derek Waters) notices this and is not happy. Rick and Fred get called out by a friend Ed Long who is standing there. Ed tells them about their housewarming party, and that they are their spouses are invited. Rick and Fred don't really want to go, but Ed tells them their wives already said they would show up. Ed leaves and while they obviously think he is a douche bag, they admit halfheartedly that he's a nice guy.

That night, Rick is playing Liar's Poker with his friends. His friends began to ask him if they had the chance to sleep with another girl with no chance of diseases and the wife finding out how much would he pay. When Maggie goes to check on the baby, not hearing most of the conversation, she is initially proud of her husband saying he wouldn't want to cheat on her, only to be hurt when he doesn't have an amount of money he would not pay to make that kind of fantasy come true.

Rick, Fred, Grace, and Maggie go to Ed's house where the family shows off their wealth. Rick and Fred go off on their own while the rest of the group go into Ed's safe room. The place has cameras around the house with full audio capability. Rick and Fred go down to the bar and progressively insults Ed's family and his wife. The entire group hears it and Maggie and Grace are beyond embarrassed. Fred tries to diffuse it on the way home, but his wife is livid with him.

Grace and Maggie go jogging with Dr. Lucy and explain their situation. Dr. Lucy suggests they give their husbands a "hall pass" a week off marriage to do whatever they want. She explains that telling someone they can't have something makes them want it more, but if they get it, reality will set, in and the reality will not be as good as the fantasy. Dr. Lucy she gave her husband a hall pass, and while she won't go into details, it made their marriage stronger.

Maggie takes the words to heart and confronts her husband, that she is giving him a hall pass to get his issues out of his system. She is taking the kids to the summer house her parents own in Cape Cod. Rick is flabbergasted by this and believes Maggie wants a trial separation/divorce, but Maggie says that is not it. Starting now until the following Sunday he can do whatever he wants, whatever it may be.

Fred goes to see Rick and see how bad his punishment by his wife was. Rick reveals he got a hall pass. Fred is interested in that development.

Fred subtly tries to convince his wife to give him a hall pass as well the next night. She sees right through it and says no. Fred counters he doesn't need one because he has her, but Grace tells him they will not be having sex tonight because she doesn't feel well. Fred goes to masturbate in the minivan but stupidly uses the front seat where he is visible. A cop car rolls past and realizes what he is doing. The cop has a female partner, who he proceeds to gross out by making her take a look as Fred is climaxing. Fred is arrested for indecent exposure and released into his wife's care, who shuts the door and starts screaming about him being arrested for masturbating in public.


Fred goes to see Rick at work and explains he got a hall pass as well. Rick is excited as he will now a wing man in the adventure. Their friends are along for the ride, not to participate but observe. Rick, Fred, and their friends go to Applebee's in hoping to pick up chicks not realizing it was is not the place to be. Flats (J.B. Smoove) points out this isn't the best place to pick up women and suggests Chili's instead. Rick and Fred decide they want to pace themselves and want to get food first. They chow down on too much food and are tired at 9:15 pm and want to go to bed at the motel they are shacking up at during this week.


Rick and Fred are at a local resort playing golf. Their pal Gary (Stephen Merchant) gives them pot brownies so they can be more mellow. They wind up eating too much and become extremely blazed. Their pal Hog-Head is in the sand trap making snow angels, and Gary is in the middle of the pond, finding out they ate too big of a dose. They are warned by security that one more offense and they will be kicked out. At the sixth hole, Gary claims to have lost his golf cart while they see Hog Head taking a dump in the sand trap. Security comes, and the blazed Rick and Fred escape in a golf cart chase.


Maggie and Grace are enjoying themselves in Cape Cod, watching the local college team play a game. After they win, they begin to talk with Gerry (Tyler Hoechlin), and it is clear that he is into Grace. Gerry's coach comes up and invites them to a team party which Grace agrees to go to over Maggie's protests. Grace says their husbands have hall passes, why shouldn't they.

Meanwhile, Fred and Rick are at Hooters with their friends, doing another insane "what if" question. Flats has had enough though; he wants his friends to start going after chicks, not just talking. Flats, Gary, and Hog Head leave, telling them that they want their friends to take a shot at girls, even if they get rejected. Rick feels like throwing in the towel early, but Fred is adamant because they could ruin the idea of a hall pass for all men. Besides, his wife knows when he is lying; the other day he gave her a "fake chow" when during oral sex he just fingered her instead. Rick and Fred press on, with Rick saying he knows just where to go.

Rick and Fred go to a bar and Fred shows him these ridiculous pick up lines he printed off the Internet to use. Fred proceeds to use them on all the girls in the bar getting nowhere. Rick and Fred conclude they are not drunk which would make them looser and more confident. They go too far, however, and Fred gets completely smashed, insulting customers and eventually being punched out by one.


Rick and Fred are in bed, detoxing from too much drinking and in Fred's case, physically assaulted.


Back in Cape Cod, Maggie and Grace are getting closer to Gerry's coach and Gerry respectively. Later in the day, Grace shows Maggie that Gerry gave her flowers and a bracelet and realizes that she might be leading the kid on.

Rick goes back to the coffee shop and asks to be waited on by Leigh to Brent's annoyance. When Brent insults Rick, Rick insults him back. Rick tells him Barry thinks he's powerful and hip since he works in a coffee shop but when he runs out of money from mommy and daddy he will have to go to people like Rick for work and he won't hire him. This stuns Brent and Leigh is obviously interested by this. She goes outside and begins to talk to him about a local gym, and he says he might join. Leigh says to remember to her name as it will get her 2 free months.

Rick goes to the gym and "bumps" into Leigh who gets him signed up. Leigh invites him to a drink after he works out. Rick instead just goes to the jacuzzi tub to read the paper. He gets too relaxed however and passes out after two hours in the tub. When he comes to his body is jello and he nearly drowns trying to get out. He cries out for help and two guys from the steam room pull him out. Rick explains he stayed in too long and he couldn't move because of it. Unfortunately for him, the guys are naked, and now Rick has to recover with a large penis in his face.


Rick and Fred are watching a Jason Bourne movie and Fred thinks he wants to give up. However, Rick now wants to keep going and prove it to himself that he is still desirable to women for just being him and not because he is married to one. Fred gets a call. It's Coakely (Richard Jenkins). He's back in town and wants to go clubbing.

They go to a bar called Enter the Dragon. Their Coakely shows he can spot non verbal cues in order to exclude certain women. One is a workaholic that leaves within five minutes. Another is kind of pretty but because she surrounds herself with uglier friends she looks like a 10 etc.

Rick gets some drinks and sees Paige. Paige has turned 21 and is with her aunt. Paige admits that she was coming on to Rick earlier, but Rick shoots her down seeing as she is the family babysitter. Fred sees a woman and almost chickens out, but Coakely shows him the signs are in his favor and he goes for it.

Rick meanwhile sees Leigh at the party and they begin to dance. The DJ is Brent however and proceeds to up the music to tire Rick out. Rick and Coakely go back to a party at his place while Fred takes his girl back to the motel.

Fred's girl is feeling sick, thinking she is going to throw up. Instead, she sneezes really loudly, with cues explosive diarrhea, which she does not realize happened. Fred is disgusted and sends her in a cab. He goes back to his room, and Paige's aunt knocks on the door thinking he is Rick. Fred plays along and begins to be seduced.

Maggie is visited by Gerry's coach and they drink wine. Maggie says she didn't expect Rick to actually agree with her about the hall pass. She just wanted to feel wanted again. The coach goes in for a kiss, but Maggie stops him, realizing the hall pass wasn't about Rick; it was about her.

Grace goes to Gerry's room and tells him she cannot accept the gifts. He understands. This lasts for only a minute, and they begin to make out and have sex. Grace tells him afterward that nothing more can come of it because she loves her husband. Gerry understands and didn't plan on dating her, he just wanted some good sex. Grace leaves and begins to cry on the way home because she feels bad about cheating despite what she thought.

Rick goes to the party and sees the picture of his wedding day with Maggie. He sees Leigh and starts up a conversation. She knows about the hall pass and is open to a no strings fling. Brent comes in livid, and Leigh has to calm him down. She tracks down Rick, and proceeds to disrobe but in the end Rick cannot do it. He tells her how his wife used to put her head on a specific part of his chest after they made love and all his children did the same thing when they were younger. As much as his body is telling him to go through with it, he can't. Leigh is very understanding and though is thinking he will regret it believes he is a very mature good guy for turning her down. Rick makes sure she doesn't need a ride home and then leaves the party. He gets a call on Fred's cell. Grace has been in an accident.

Rick goes the motel and Paige is there, thinking Rick is sleeping with her aunt. They bust in on Fred giving her "fake chow" and the aunt kicks Fred in the face for lying. When Fred finds out Grace is hurt he runs to the van only to find it vandalized by Brent, who still thinks Rick slept with Leigh. He begins to knock out windows. When Paige's aunt sees Brent, it is revealed that she is his mother. When Brent then thinks Fred slept with his mother, he takes a gun and starts shooting at them. Out of bullets, he is tackled by Paige and his mother. Fred and Rick run off in the van but Brent gets on and continues to try and attack them.

Fred is speeding heavily and cops give pursuit. Fred will not slow down though even with a continually attacking Brent. They get to the hospital where he is subdued by cops. Fred says he just wants to make sure Grace is OK because she is his life. The doctor tells him she just got a broken nose and she will be fine.

The cops let the two go because their speeding was under duress due to Brent attacking them. They handcuff Brent and Fred goes back to Grace. Rick goes to the house and finds Maggie on the phone with Grace. She hangs up and Rick says "March 25, 1989." Maggie doesn't know what he is talking about. Rick says that is the day he lost his virginity. Maggie says they were dating then and figures it out; He lost his virginity to her and hasn't been with anyone else. Rick tells her she was his first and his last forever. They make out and when Rick asks about Gerry's coach's car, Maggie says nothing happened and she sent him home in a taxi.

The next morning, Grace and Fred come to a house in a taxi. Fred apologizes for his behavior and promises to be better. Grace says they still need to talk, but Fred says it doesn't matter; they need to start fresh. Grace, realizing she won't have to admit cheating, quickly agrees. They hug and kiss. When Grace asks if they can go see Kathy Griffin, Fred admits he "fake chowed" Paige's aunt.

Abrupt cut to credits.
A post credit scene begins after a minute. A family barbecue in which Fred paid for a public appearance of Kathy Griffin to make up with his wife. Overall though, Rick and Fred are on better terms with their wives.

Gary's wife sees this and suggests he gets a hall pass. Gary proceeds to have a lavish nightmare dream where he sleeps with an Asian woman, kills the husband in self defense. Then he kills wife when she thinks she'll talk, and then the grandmother, burying all three in the backyard. Then four teenagers see the whole thing and its implied he kills them too to cover his tracks. He is then chased by a cop car and arrested only to be sodomized by a large inmate. Even after thinking about all that, Gary looks to his wife and says they should think about it.

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