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Sidney Poitier
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DVD - 2003
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DVD - 2004
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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Joe

The movie starts off with Bernie Mac's character Percy Jones talking about renewing his vows and finally getting to meet his daughter's boyfriend, having no idea he is white but just knows that he is a very successful man.

We then see Ashton Kutcher's character Simon quitting his job, we don't know for what reason, then he goes to his apartment and tries to tell his girlfriend Theresa that he quit his job but cant since she's so excited about finally introducing him to her parents.

Simon is very nervous about meeting her parents due to him being white. When they get there, Percy mistakes the cab driver for being Theresa's boyfriend. Being very thrilled and excited to meet him he then realizes that Simon is the boyfriend and is not so happy about it.

Once they're all inside the house, Percy starts to ask Simon a lot of questions especially about his job making Simon more uncomfortable than he already is then Simon makes up a lie by saying he used to be in Nascar and once met Jeff Gordon to surprise Percy but doesn't even look surprised or has a smile on his face since he cant get over the fact that he's white.

Simon and Theresa are alone in a room together and that's when Simon starts to put on some of Theresa's clothes and Percy catches them on the bed together, with the women's clothes on, and decides that Simon should stay in a hotel for the following visit.

Percy drives Simon to the Hotel but then turns out that the room he booked for him had already been taken so then Percy and Simon then go and meet the girls out for dinner at a restaurant where Percy continues to be very rude to Simon. Percy decides to let Simon stay in the house the only problem is that Percy would have to sleep in the basement with Percy keeping him guarded from leaving the room at night.

The next day, Simon goes to Percy's job and asks him if he wants to spend the afternoon hanging out and getting to know one another, Percy isn't to pleased with the idea and having Simon at his work but he agrees to spend the afternoon with him. Simon then asks if he can borrow 5,000 dollars for a loan since Percy works in that but Percy declines until he takes Simon out to the race track and challenges him. If he can beat Percy by making one lap around he'll give him the loan but they both end up driving their go karts into the street.

When they get back to the house, they have dinner with Grandpa and he is neither happy about the idea of Theresa having a white boyfriend. This is when Percy puts Simon on the spot in the dinner table and dares him to say black jokes. Simon continues to keep saying black jokes until one of them offends everyone in the dinner table and they all decide to go to bed.

The following night, Simon and Theresa sneak out of the house and stand on top of a hill to discuss their engagement and how their going to tell her parents. He tells her not to worry, they kiss and go back to the house.

The next day, Percy and Simon have this big fight because Percy found out that Simon quit his job. Theresa finds out and Simon doesn't really want to explain why he quit it. Percy also tells her that Simon wanted to borrow a loan. Theresa gets mad and so does Percy's wife but because Percy still hasn't worked on his vows so they both pack up their bags and leave both Percy and Simon alone in the house and spend the night at her friends house getting drunk.

Percy and Simon spend the night together drinking vodka, playing football and talking about their women that's when Simon teaches Percy how to salsa dance so he can be ready for the remarriage the following day. He explains that he loves his daughter very much and that she's his better half and that's when Percy realizes that Simon is a really good person

The next day, Percy and Simon decide to go where Theresa and Percy's wife stayed at where there are a bunch of black women which put Simon and Percy in a very difficult position. They both have to apologize to their women in front of them and they all have to agree on their apology or their not worthy of getting back with them. Percy explains to his wife that she's his better half clearing stealing what Simon had said about Theresa which makes Simon job of apologizing more difficult. Theresa doesn't buy Simon's apology and they get into this big argument outside and decide to call off the engagement plans. Simon leaves to take the next train home

Hours before the ceremony, Theresa explains to her father that she and Simon aren't together anymore and that they were supposed to get married. Percy feels that she is making a big mistake so he drives to the train station to pick up Simon and there he is sitting down on the benches. We then find out why Simon quit his job and it was because Simon's boss did not want Simon to marry Theresa because she is black. Percy tells Simon that he is a good man and that he deserves his daughter.

We cut to the ceremony where both Percy and his wife say their vows the only difference is Percy admits that he never worked on his vows but that she knows he loves her, he then breaks into a musical number and that's when Simon comes in the picture and apologizes to Theresa and that he would still like to get married with her. We end with Percy saying that he would be proud to have someone like Simon as a son in law.

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