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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by J.

Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry) begins his morning in the usual fashion. He talks business with his advisor/coworker John (Eddie Cibrian) while his fiancée Natalie (Gabrielle Union) also prepares for work. John is upset that their main competitor, Mr. Brunson, has taken their most lucrative client. When Natalie asks what he wants for breakfast, she predicts to herself what he’ll ask for because he eats the same thing every morning: egg whites, oatmeal, and grapefruit juice.

On his way to work, Wesley picks up his brother Walter (Brian White), who screams and pushes his girlfriend before Wesley makes him get in the car. Wesley must drive Walter to the computer software company their father founded, and where they both work because Walter has had his driver’s license revoked. He had too many DUIs. Walter complains that neither Wesley nor their mother will talk to a judge on his behalf and claims their father would have. Walter is unhappy when Wesley tells him that they will be having lunch with their mother later.

Lindsey Wakefield (Thandie Newton) answers her apartment door. Her super warns her if she doesn’t pay the rent she owes, the landlord will evict her. Lindsey assures him that she has her act together.

In her bedroom, Lindsey counts a wad of money she hides in a bag. Her six-year-old Ariel asks if they will “be put out.” Lindsey tells Ariel not to worry about it, and they leave.

Wesley and Walter are still arguing when they pull up to the former’s reserved parking space. Lindsey’s van screeches into Wesley’s spot before they can park, and she ignores them when they tell her that she can’t park there. Wesley is polite, but Walter calls Lindsey a bitch, adding that’s the way you get a black woman to stop. Lindsey comes back, and she and Walter fight before she storms off. Walter calls a tow truck, but when Wesley notices Ariel in the van’s backseat, he has his assistant transfer his conference call to the garage.

Lindsey gets her paycheck from her boss, but even though she’s worked eighty hours in the last pay period, she only gets a small amount. Her boss explains that the IRS is collecting back taxes Lindsey owes and will continue to do so for the near future. She tells Lindsey to take a second shift from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m., and Lindsey almost refuses because no one can watch Ariel. She’s desperate though, so she takes the second shift and leaves.

Wesley and Walter are in the garage talking to John about their lost client. Thanks to a business deal of Walter’s, the lost client was responsible for 75% of their company’s revenue, not 60% as it had previously been. Lindsey returns as a tow truck is taking her van away. She screams at Wesley and Walter. The latter screams back, the former chastises her for leaving her child in the car. Eventually Wesley tells the tow truck driver to leave Lindsey’s van alone.

Ariel is late for school. The principal stops Lindsey and expresses concern over how often Ariel is late for school and how often Lindsey picks her up late. Lindsey becomes defensive, and the principal warns that if things don’t change, she’ll call child welfare.

Natalie, Mrs. Deeds (Phylicia Rashad), and John’s wide Heidi (Rebecca Romijn), who happens to be Natalie’s best friend, are wedding dress shopping. Mrs. Deeds is happy Natalie and Wesley are finally marrying, and Heidi can’t wait for them to have kids. Natalie says she’s not sure when they’ll have kids, and Mrs. Deeds pressures her to have them soon.

Lindsey drives past her apartment and sees people rooting through her belongings, which are on the sidewalk. She has been evicted. She curses the super and gets more upset when she discovers her wad of money has been stolen. She grabs a few bags and drives away.

Wesley and Walter meet their mother for lunch. She coos over Natalie and makes a pointed dig at Walter’s wife. Walter returns her pettiness, and Wesley tries to make peace between them. Mrs. Deeds asks about the lost client and the company, and Walter accuses her of only caring about her own financial stability. Their mother criticizes Walter for drinking at lunch and reveals she only wanted to eat with Wesley; he insisted upon bringing Walter. Walter storms off, Mrs. Deeds complains about him more, and Wesley remains neutral.

Later, John comes into Wesley’s office. Wesley has figured out that Brunson can’t actually afford to keep the client he stole from them. He believes Brunson wants the Deeds to buy him out. Arranging to acquisition will take a lot of work, so Wesley will be at the office very late for the coming weeks. On his way out, John tells Wesley that Heidi is going out with Natalie.

Heidi and Natalie are at their friend Mark’s fashion show. Heidi talks about her kids a lot, which annoys Natalie. Heidi promises Natalie they will stay out late and is surprised when Natalie says she doesn’t need to call Wesley. Neither of them check in with each other, and this doesn’t bother Natalie because she always knows where Wesley will be. She says he’s probably still at work.

He is. Lindsey sneaks Ariel into a utility closet and makes her a bed. She hides Ariel in the closet while she cleans the office. Later, Wesley catches her making a phone call on a company phone. He tells her that’s grounds for termination; Lindsey tells Wesley not to run to “massa” to tattle on her. She explains to Wesley that a mean old white man, Mr. Deeds, runs the company. Wesley reprimands her for leaving Ariel in the van. He tells a story about how, as a child, he almost drowned because, as a kid, he didn’t understand how dangerous the ocean could be. Eventually Walter saved him.

Lindsey’s van is out of gas, and she has no money. Wesley drives up next to her and warns her that his secretary was mugged on that street. When Ariel pops up, Wesley is kind to her. Lindsey lies that a) her car won’t start, b) Ariel was at a babysitter’s, and c) a friend is coming to pick them up. Wesley won’t leave until the friend arrives, much to Lindsey’s distress. He climbs in Lindsey’s car and introduced himself as Wesley Deeds, “the mean old white man.” She thinks he will fire her, but he doesn’t. Ariel’s stomach grumbles, and Lindsey pretends the babysitter fed her. Wesley offers to treat them to pizza.

The fashion show has turned into a nightclub. Natalie dances and drinks a lot. Mark and Heidi comment they haven’t seen her like that since college. Mark wants to meet Wesley, and he wonders why Natalie doesn’t talk about him as much as her old boyfriends.

Ariel gobbles down pizza, and Wesley lets her play video games. He and Lindsey talk. They discover they share a love of motorcycles. Before he took over his father’s company, Wesley wanted to motorcycle through Africa and build wells. Lindsey tells him that he has a good heart. She also reveals that she used to be in nursing school. Two years ago Ariel’s dad died in Iraq, so she quit school and now works as a janitor. She tries to flirt with him and grows uncomfortable when he rebuffs her, so she lies that her boyfriend will pick her up soon. Wesley leaves a large tip, and Lindsey pockets some of it.

Wesley walks the girls back to their van. Once he leaves Lindsey tells Ariel they have gas money now.

Heidi and Mark carry a very drunk Natalie into her apartment. Wesley is surprised at Natalie’s inebriation. Once Heidi and Mark have left, Natalie tries to seduce Wesley on the couch. Wesley feels uncomfortable because he can see someone watching him and her foot is on the coffee table. Natalie is frustrated at his lack of spontaneity.

The next morning Lindsey and Ariel wash up in a grimy bathroom. Ariel tells Lindsey she’s hungry, and Lindsey explains she’ll get food at school.

Wesley, John, and Walter meet with Brunson and his wife. Brunson is cocky about taking the Deeds’ biggest client. Wesley says he thinks Brunson is trying to make his company appealing so Wesley’s company will buy it. Brunson takes offense and says he respected Wesley and Walter’s dad because he built the company from nothing. Walter gets mad and accuses Brunson of not wanting to see two black men succeed; he claims Brunson always looked down upon their dad. Brunson storms out. Wesley and John are angry at Walter’s outburst.

Lindsey goes to a homeless shelter to find somewhere for her and Ariel to sleep. She almost doesn’t get a bed because the shelter’s occupants much come by five, and she works until 11 p.m. The shelter manager takes pity on Lindsey and tells her that she can enter through the back door after she gets off work. The woman warns Lindsey to keep Ariel close.

Ariel and her teacher sit in front of Ariel’s school. The teacher convinces a reluctant Ariel to tell her that they don’t have a home. When Lindsey finally arrives, the teacher confronts her about being homeless. Lindsey initially claims Ariel made the story up and pushes her daughter in the car when the teacher won’t back down. The teacher threatens to call child welfare.

In the car, Lindsey screams at Ariel for telling her teacher they’re homeless. Ariel starts crying, and Lindsey tells her people will take her away if she tells them the truth.

Later that night, Wesley spills coffee on his desk. He goes to the utility closet for paper towels and finds Ariel sleeping in it.

A panicked Lindsey looks for Ariel. Wesley tells her Ariel’s in his office. He hasn’t called Child Protective Services, but he should, because Lindsey has made Ariel terrified to talk about their homelessness. He asks how often Lindsey hits her daughter, but Lindsey swears she would never hit Ariel. When Wesley tries to compare her to his mother, Lindsey accuses him of being too rich to have problems. She asks him how much a gallon of milk costs, and when he can’t answer her, she takes Ariel and leaves.

Lindsey and Ariel arrive at the shelter. A man shows them to a bottom bunk. Despite Ariel’s nervousness about the other sleeping people, Lindsey pulls a cover over them and tries to sleep.

Wesley comes home late and finds Natalie is still awake. He asks her why she got so drunk the night before, and she says it’s pre-wedding stress. She finds a blonde hair on their pillow. He asks if she thinks he brought a woman back to their apartment, because he didn’t. Natalie actually thought their housecleaner needed to be more thorough.

As Lindsey and Ariel sleep, a grimy homeless man looms over them. He attacks Lindsey and tries to take her bag. She fights him off, grabs Ariel, and they run out of the shelter.

Wesley asks Natalie how she’s so sure he’s not cheating. She tells him that he’s too predictable to cheat. Wesley takes a little offense to her assessment of him.

Lindsey drives through the city and parks on a deserted street. She and Ariel sleep in their van.

The next day, John tells Wesley how much Walter offended Brunson. John believes Walter wants to sabotage Wesley so Walter will be put in charge of the company. He adds that Walter is sleeping with several employees. An ever-angry Walter enters and defends his actions. Wesley’s secretary brings him a note from Lindsey, and Walter wants to know if his brother’s sleeping with her.

When Lindsey arrives for her late shift, she sees Wesley has opened a free day care center for employees. When she finds him working late again, she thanks him from the day care center. Lindsey tells him that he looks very stressed and offers to give him an innocent massage. They talk about their initial misperceptions of one another, and he asks what she’s listening to on her iPod. In a comedic moment, she tells him how to pronounce Tupac. Lindsey turns up the volume on the song and tries to get Wesley to dance with her, but her tells her goodnight.

A montage of Lindsey cleaning and Wesley working follows. After they finish, she sits in her van as it rains. He sits in a steamy shower. Both are deep in thought.

The next morning Wesley arrives in time to see a social worker take Ariel from Lindsey. The social worker promises that as soon as Lindsey has a place for her and Ariel to live, she will work with Lindsey to get Ariel back. Ariel sobs as she’s taken from her mother, and Lindsey hugs her daughter before she runs off crying.

Wesley finds her in a locker room. He offers to help her, and though she doesn’t believe him at first, she eventually falls into his arms and sobs.

Wesley and Lindsey enter a lovely apartment. She asks if he wants her to clean it. Wesley explains that it is a corporate apartment, and she and Ariel may live there, rent free, for as long as they want. Lindsey thanks him and asks for a phone. She wants to call the social worker and reclaim Ariel. Before Wesley leaves, Lindsey hugs him.

Back at their apartment, Wesley and Natalie have passionate sex up against a window while it rains.

Ariel bounces up and down on her mom’s new bed. Lindsey hugs her and apologizes for the craziness of the past few weeks. She tells Ariel how much she loves her. Ariel tells Lindsey she loves her too, and they embrace.

The next morning Natalie tells Wesley that the night before it was like he was making love to someone else. When he emerges from his closet in casual wear instead of his normal suit, she is surprised. Wesley goes into their kitchen and dances to Lindsey’s Tupac song. Natalie watches him, confused by his new behavior.

When Walter sees Lindsey in the office, he follows her to Wesley’s office. She asks Wesley if he wants to grab lunch, and Walter intrudes, asking what’s happening. Wesley shrugs off his brother’s questions and leaves for lunch with Lindsey.

Someone has parked a beautiful Harley in front of Wesley’s building. Lindsey climbs on, and Wesley tells her to get off. She reveals she got the bike from a local dealer by telling them that Wesley wanted to test drive it. She convinces Wesley to go for a ride.

Wesley drives through San Francisco, then over the Golden Gate Bridge, then out to Santa Rosa. (Random Note: Santa Rosa is about an hour from San Francisco on a good day. What kind of lunch breaks does Wesley take?) They park the bike next to a large field. Wesley tells Lindsey how much he loves riding again. They walk past a small lake and flirt. He picks her up, twirls her around, and they kiss. Wesley breaks the kiss and tells Lindsey he’s engaged. Lindsey is shocked, hurt, but ultimately congratulates him.

When he returns to the office, Wesley learns from John that Brunson agreed to sell his company to him. They will celebrate the acquisition the following Monday, once the papers have been signed.

The next Monday, with Natalie and Mrs. Deeds at his side, Wesley toasts his office. Lindsey enters via the elevator, and Walter stops her before she can leave. He brings her over to meet Natalie, who notes how beautiful Lindsey looks.

Mrs. Deeds asks Walter about why she hasn’t met Lindsey before. Walter tells his mother that Lindsey is a janitor and that Wesley invited her to the celebration. Mrs. Deeds’ eyes narrow, and she interrupts Wesley, Natalie, and Lindsey. She tells Lindsey that Wesley loves projects; he likes to fix things and then sell them. Lindsey is wounded, Natalie is suspicious, and Walter accuses his mother of sucking the life out of everything. Mrs. Deeds slaps Walter, and Walter flies into a rage. He storms down the hallway, tears of his jacket, and screams about how he closed the deal by going to Brunson’s house. He gets his car keys from Wesley’s office and runs to the elevator. When Wesley tries to stop him, Walter fights back, and the two brothers begin to brawl.

Wesley and Walter fall into an open elevator, which contains Lindsey. They continue to beat one another while, somewhat inexplicably, Natalie and Mrs. Deeds pile into the elevator. Although Wesley eventually subdues Walter, their fight causes the elevator to shut down. Walter sobs and screams on the floor. Mrs. Deeds cries softly. Lindsey and Wesley briefly squeeze the other’s hand.

Later that night, Wesley sits by his bed while Natalie sleeps. (In a moment of unintentional comedy, Walter’s screams are replayed.)

Lindsey answers a knock at her door. It’s Wesley. He comes in and kisses her. This time, Lindsey breaks the kiss. She rejects his advances and asks if she’s a project to him. He sits at her counter and cries. He becomes angry when she tells him that she doesn’t think they were ever really attracted to one another; he’s tired of people telling him how he feels.

When Wesley returns home, Natalie asks him if he slept “with her.” He tells her that he didn’t. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t think they should get married. They agree that while they love one another deeply, they have different goals in life. He wants kids, and she never will. They hug and, when Natalie tries to return the ring, Wesley tells her to keep it.

Wesley and Natalie arrive at their engagement party, held at a posh home. Mrs. Deeds whisks them to the luncheon without stopping to hear their news. Wesley tells their guests that he and Natalie have called off the wedding. He adds that he will soon leave to country to travel with old friends. Mrs. Deeds is dismissive of his plans. Wesley also tells the guests that John will run the company in his absence. Walter is outraged at being passed over again, but Wesley tells his brother that he’s responsible for all his misfortune. Wesley will no longer be responsible for Walter’s anger. He kisses Natalie goodbye and leaves.

Wesley finds Lindsey at work. She apologizes for their last encounter, but he wants to tell her that he’s broken his engagement. He will also be leaving for Africa the next morning. Lindsey cries but is very happy for Wesley. Wesley promises her that John will look after her and Ariel, but he hopes he won’t have to do so for long. He presents Lindsey with two tickets to Africa; he wants her and Ariel to come with him. Lindsey declines the offer, though Wesley leaves the tickets for her in case she changes her mind.

The next morning John is conducting a meeting. Walter enters and sits quietly at the table. He seems to be on a new path.

At the airport, Wesley looks for Lindsey and Ariel. Instead, his mother emerges from the crowd. She gives him her blessing and hugs him goodbye. Wesley realizes Lindsey and Ariel will not being coming, and the flight attendant closes the door to the plane after he enters.

Wesley stows his luggage. Someone asks him if he’s flown across the Atlantic before. He grins and turns around to find Lindsey and Ariel have already gotten on the plane. Lindsey nervously explains that she wants to take a chance with him. Wesley cuts her off by kissing her, and Ariel cries, “MOM!”

Wesley hugs Lindsey as he voiceovers that he doesn’t know what his future holds but that now he’s looking for it.

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