Giovanni Ribisi , along with 2 other men, are about to steal a car under orders from Calitri (Christopher Eccleston.) The goal is to steal 50 top of the line cars to fill an order from an international auto theft ring. The intended car is a porsche, still in a showroom. Ribisi tells the 2 men that he's going to get his tools to steal the car. He opens his trunk, takes out a brick and throws it through the glass door of the car dealership. They steal the car, driving it through the glass wall of the dealership. The police track the car back to the gang's warehouse. Everyone escapes but the police impound all the cars already stolen including 3 mercedes.

Nicolas Cage is a former car thief who is now running a run down go-kart track. One of his old gang shows up and tells him that Calitri has his brother and he's in serious trouble. They go to Long Beach and to Calitri's headquarters in a wrecking yard. The brother is handcuffed to the steering wheel of a car in a crusher. Calitri tells Cage that he has 3 days to steal 50 cars or his brother dies. Cage agrees.

Day 1, they pick their team which includes Robert Duvall, Angelina Jolie and Cage's brother who was released from the half crushed car. Duvall was Cage's old car stealing mentor.
Day 2, they pick out the cars to steal.
Day 3, they steal the cars.

The police (Delroy Lindo) knows how the original 3 Mercedes were stolen. The thieves had gotten special keys from the dealer, so the police watch the dealership. When one of Cage's group goes to get more keys, the police start following him.

The theft of the cars is going smoothly until Cage is about to steal one of the Mercedes and notices the police watching. He notifies the rest of his team to walk away from the Mercedes.

He still needs these cars to fill his order. He then realizes that he still has the original keys from the first attempt. He decides to steal the 3 Mercedes from the police impound lot.
They've now got 49 cars and need just one more. The last car is a 1967 Mustang Shelby GT. This has always been a problem car for Cage since he's never had a successful theft of this type of car. He starts the car but when he starts to pull out of the lot, the police show up. A huge chase begins lasting about 15 minutes ending with Cage stopped in a giant traffic jam on a bridge. As the police are about to capture him, Cage notices a truck used for carrying autos with it's ramp down. Cage floors it and using the ramp, jumps over all the cars stuck in traffic, escaping from the police.

He gets the car to Calitri 12 minutes late. Calitri toys with Cage saying he'll let his brother live but has really made up his mind to kill Cage. As his henchman are about to kill Cage, his brother shows up and knocks off the henchman. Delroy shows up and he, Cage and Calitri have a gunfight inside the warehouse.

Calitri has Delroy at gunpoint and is about to shoot him when Cage runs and throws himself against Calitri, knocking Calitri off the catwalk to his death.
Delroy was there to arrest Cage for auto theft but lets Cage go for saving his life.
Cage tells him where the other 49 stolen cars are.

The last scene is Cage and his gang having a barbecue at Duvall's shop and they give Cage a present. It is a restorable 1967 Mustang Shelby. It ends with Cage and Jolie driving off in it.

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Nicolas Cage:
Has 3 days to steal 50 cars but only gets 49 1/2.
Giovanni Ribisi: Cage's little brother whose botched earlier theft forces Cage out of auto theft retirement..
Angelina Jolie:
Actually has a real small part.You really don't see much of her in the movie. The film ends with her and Cage driving off together.
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