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The movie begins as we see Leelee Sobieski out partying late with her friends. When she arrives home there is a patrol car waiting for her. She assumes that her parents reported her missing since she was out so late. Instead the police inform her that her parents have died in a car accident. At their funeral her little brother breaks down as he's about to talk about his parents and he is comforted by their parents good friends, the Glass'. Mr. Glass (Stellan Skarsgard) gives a very eloquent tribute to the kids' parents.

After the funeral Leelee is told by her parent's lawyer (Bruce Dern) that her parents were very well off and she and her brother will be well taken care of with their 4 million dollar inheritance. He also tells her that her parents asked that Mr. and Mrs. Glass be their guardians in case anything happen to them. Finally, he says that if she ever needs him for anything, please call him.

The kids move into the Glass house which is a very expensive house overlooking Malibu. The house is furnished with the finest items money can buy. Her brother finally has the playstation he always wanted, the fridge is well stocked and there is a nice swimming pool outside. Funny thing though, 16 year old Leelee has to share a bedroom with her 11 year old brother. They no longer go to their exclusive private schools but rather to the Malibu public schools.

Things are going great for her brother but Leelee is becoming suspicious of a few things. When Mr. Glass notices these suspicions he takes her out for dinner and reassures her that everything is fine. On the way home he stops the car and reaches over to kiss her. She pulls back and is very scared. He says something like, "what's the matter, I was just putting your seat belt on you."

When they get home she runs in the house and finds Mrs. Glass passed out on the couch with a syringe in her arm.

The next day she talks her housekeeper into driving her half way to town, then she hitchhikes the rest of the way to her parent's lawyers office. She explains everything to him and he says he'll look into it.

A few days later she goes to Mr. Glass' office because the housekeeper never picked her up from school. While there she sees her parents old car in his work garage. She goes upstairs and finds him getting roughed up by some loansharks. On the way home he tells her that sometimes businessmen get carried away. Also, he fired the housekeeper since she drove her to town the other day without asking him.

She checks the newspaper online and discovers that her parents where driving a BMW when they crashed. It was licensed to Mr. Glass' company.

She falls asleep working on a Hamlet paper and when she wakes up she discovers that Mr. Glass has finished it for her. She thanks him and he just smiles and winks.

She is visited at school by a social worker who is quite disturbed by the stories that she is telling about the Glass house. The social worker goes to the house to investigate and all of a sudden Leelee has her own room and the drugs in Mrs. Glass' medicine cabinet are for diabetes.

Back at school Leelee is being suspended for plagiarizing her Hamlet paper. At home she finds in the garbage a letter from her old private school, wishing the kids hadn't been withdrawn and refunding the $30,000 tuition.

Late one night there is a phone call for Mr. Glass and she picks up another phone and listens in. It's the loan sharks demanding their money. He said he had just given them $30,000 and to give him a little more time with the rest and that he has a new money source.

She wakes up her little brother and they take Mr. Glass' car and get the heck out of there. Unfortunately the roads are blocked by a mudslide and Mr. and Mrs. Glass are right behind them, ready to bring them back home.

Her brother goes to bed and Mr. Glass holds Leelee down while his wife injects her with some drug that knocks her out. A month goes by and they are pretty much keeping Leelee in a coma. Finally, they run out of drugs and Mrs. Glass is caught at work (she's a doctor) stealing drugs. She loses her medical license.

Leelee finally wakes up only to find a dead Mrs. Glass laying in her bed. She has overdosed. She screams, finds her little brother and are just about to leave when Mr. Glass comes home. He catches them and locks them in the basement.

Mr. Glass goes into the garage and tinkers with his car. When he finishes he comes back inside, grabs a bottle of alcohol and pretends to pass out, leaving the keys to the car right next to him.

The kids break out of the basement and grab the keys.

Just before they leave the lawyer shows up. Right after him are the two loansharks who pull up in one of Mr Glass' company Lamborginis. The loansharks are lead to believe that the lawyer is an associatte of Mr. Glass who has embezelled money that should have gone to the loansharks. They stab and kill the lawyer.

Next they grab Mr Glass and lead him outside to his car. Since they both have 2-seaters they will take 2 cars. Mr Glass pleads with them to take the other car in the garage. When they get there they find the tires flat (from Leelee) and have to take his sports car. Glass is pleading with them but they put duct tape over his mouth to shut him up.

The two cars take off down the winding Malibu roads and the brakes go out in Glass' car causing it to bump into the Lamborgini which then crashes into an oncoming truck. Next, the car carrying Glass and his captor crash through a fence and over a small cliff.

Next we see the two kids walking alone down the road and they are picked up by a policeman. The policeman notices that a car has crashed and stops his car. He tells the kids to wait while he checks it out. The policeman walks down the hill and calls in one fatalty. He gets up and is knocked out by a bloddied and bruised Mr Glass.

The kids look on in horror as up the hill climbs Mr. Glass. Leelee grabs the keys, starts the squad car and rams into Mr. Glass, sending him flying and finally killing him.

The final scene shows the two kids placing flowers on their parents gravesite with their uncle looking on. They are going to live with him now.


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