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NOTE: This spoiler was written and submitted by L.

Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Repace) wakes up after having a violent dream about being raped by her guardian, Nils Bjurman (Peter Andersson). She goes to a meeting with her accountant who discusses the inheritance Lisbeth received from her mother after funeral costs and the purchase of a house in Stockholm. She hacks Bjurman’s account and sees he has scheduled a doctor’s appointment. She flies home.

A messenger working for an unnamed employer visits Bjurman looking for a police report on Lisbeth. He tells her he will make a copy of his files and tells the messenger that Lisbeth is still abroad. The messenger drives him home and tells Bjurman he will be in touch. Lisbeth is watching from the trees and prepares to break into his house. As he sleeps Lisbeth goes to his desk and looks for something. She finds a gun in his desk and points it at him asking about the files. She tells him that as long as his reports say she’s well behaved, she won’t send their movie (of Bjurman raping her) to every newspaper in the country. She makes it clear that if she dies, the tape gets released. And if he tries to remove the scars she gave him for the rape, she will give him worst ones.

Bjurman makes a deal: the DVD recording of the rape for files on her. Lisbeth goes to her new apartment and starts work on it.

Mikael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist) is at meeting with a co-owner of Millenium and part time lover, Erika Berger (Lena Endre). She asks about Lisbeth but Blomkvist. He learns that a new journalist has been hired to write a piece on human sex trafficking. Dag’s girlfriend, Mia, helped him come up with the subject through her work as a researcher on gender and criminology. Mia focuses on the girls and Dag focuses on customers. He has traced it to members of the government. He hasn’t confronted the people the expose is on. Blomkvist warns him that they need to check facts and Dag assures him the documentation is water-proof. The editors are all in agreement and decide to take Dag on for 2 months. They are taking a risk but they all agree it’s worth it.

A man named Sandstrom is having sex with a woman tied to a bed. He walks out and finds himself surrounded by three men in leather jackets who have a job for him. Meanwhile, Lisbeth visits her former employer Dragan Armanskij. He offers her a job but Lisbeth tells him that she’s been travelling. She tells him that she doesn’t know why she didn’t say goodbye but Armanskij tells her that she doesn’t really care about people at all. He tells her that Blomkvist has been calling. Her former guardian, Holger Palmgren, has also been calling and Lisbeth is shocked to learn he is alive.

She visits Palmgren at the hospice where he is recovering and feeds him. He asks her how things are with the new guardian and she assures him that he’s ok. He tells her he feels like he has gotten old and silly. They joke around. Lisbeth visits her sometimes girlfriend, Mimmi. They talk and Lisbeth gives Mimmi her apartment. The two have sex. Afterwards Mimmi gives Lisbeth a birthday present: a cigarette case.

Dag meets up with Mia for coffee. She presents him with a published copy of her sex trafficking doctorate and he kisses her. He reads it and calls Blomkvist while he is at a family picnic. He wants to hold off publishing the story until he hunts down a lead named “Zele” that Mia refers to as Anton in her doctorate. Blomkvist doesn’t want to incorporate new leads at the last minute but Dag offers to messenger the information to him. Blomkvist tells him he’ll be right over and drives to meet him.

When Blomkvist arrives he finds Dag and Mia dead. Both shot through the head. He calls the police and they find a weapon registered Bjurman. The police go to his apartment and find the gun…along with Bjurman’s body. The police find Lisbeth’s fingerprints on the weapon and immediately maker her suspect number one. She immediately sees the posters and hides in her apartment. She hacks into Blomkvist’s computer and sends him a message to let him know that she is innocent. She urges him to find Zala. Blomkvist works to locate Lisbeth but only manages to find her trainer, Paulo.

Paulo offers to pay Lisbeth’s girlfriend and visit to help Blomkvist find Lisbeth. He goes to find Mimmi only to find her being strong armed into a car by a blonde thug named Niedermann. He follows Niedermann’s car and finds them in a barn. Niedermann is brutally beating Mimmi asking for Lisbeth’s location. Paulo fights Niedermann to protect Mimmi. The two duke it out but Paulo’s hits don’t really do anything. Niedermann knocks Paulo out. Niedermann sets the barn on fire leaving the two to die. Paulo and Mimmi barely make it out alive.

Lisbeth and Blomkvist track down their own leads to try and find Zala. As Blomkvist tracks down Dag’s informants to confront them, Lisbeth hunts down Sandstrom and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t help her. He tells her that Zala makes sure all members are loyal…and recounts a tale of how Niedermann and his men killed a man in front of him…snapping his neck to teach Sandstrom a lesson. Lisbeth hears Sandstrom’s daughter enter and leaves Sandstrom weeping with a noose around his neck.

Lisbeth hears about Mimmi’s attack and pays her a visit in the hospital. She apologizes to Mimmi and leaves but leaves her house keys behind. Blomkvist visits her and she gives him the keys so that he can get into Lisbeth’s apartment. Mimmi tells Blomkvist that the man who beat her was large and blonde, confirming a police sketch and then allows Blomkvist to leave. He goes straight to Lisbeth’s apartment and sets off the alarm. Lisbeth remotely deactivates it and allows him to enter.

Lisbeth watches Niedermann’s post office box and sees who goes to collect the mail. She follows him to a small house in Gossberga. She prepares to sneak into the house, but is knocked out by Niedermann.

Blomkvist looks through Lisbeth’s apartment but realizes she isn’t there. He checks her laptop and watches the video of Bjurman raping Lisbeth. He leaves the apartment and goes to the Millenium office where he meets up with Paulo. Paulo tells him about the fight with Niedermann and points out his conclusion: Niedermann is incapable of feeling pain. They research Niedermann and find out he works for a company owned by Karl Boden. They forward what they find to the police and go to find Lisbeth.

When Lisbeth comes to she is sitting on a sofa in front of a horribly disfigured old man. It is Zalachenko, Lisbeth’s father. It is explained that Lisbeth set Zalachenko on fire when he beat her mother. He ridicules her rape at the hands of Bjurman and mocks Lisbeth’s mother, calling her a common whore. Bjurman wanted to kill Lisbeth but he also knew some of Zalachenko’s secrets, so he had Bjurman killed and Lisbeth framed. Since he’s nothing but a poor old invalid, no one will prosecute him for the crimes committed. He then reveals that Niedermann is Lisbeth’s half brother.

Niedermann and Zalachenko take her to a shallow grave. She tells him that the police will be on their way and that everything he said in the last hour has been published online. He takes her phone and looks at it and calls it a bluff. Lisbeth throws dirty in Niedermann’s eyes and hits his gun hand with the shovel before running. Zalachenko shoots her in the leg and then in the head as she runs away and then orders Niedermann to bury Lisbeth.  They return to the house after burying her.

Blomkvist is looking at a map on the side of the road and changes course, realizing he is going the wrong way. Meanwhile, at the farm, Lisbeth digs her way out of the grave using the cigarette case Mimmi gave her. Zalachenko picks up a gun when he hears a noise outside and goes to see what is going on in his barn. He finds the door open and looks around for the source. As he looks around he is hit in the side of the head with an axe, splitting his skull. Lisbeth than rams the axe into his leg. Niedermann hears his father’s screams and goes to find him. He sees his father with an axe in his leg and then sees Lisbeth with Zalachenko’s gun in her hand. Niedermann turns and runs as Lisbeth shoots at him, missing each time.

Blomkvist pulls into the house and sees Niedermann leaving the scene. Blomkvist runs to Lisbeth who crawls out of the barn and collapses. He caresses the wound on her head and tells her that he’s here for her. She passes out.

Police arrive at the scene as do ambulances. A helicopter arrives to med-evac Lisbeth and Zalachenko to the hospital. Blomkvist watches as she is taken away. The helicopter flies the injured away from the farm house.

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