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In Galaxy quest, the stars of a TV show, (called, you guessed it, Galaxy Quest) are taken by aliens into outer space to try and help find off a maniacal alien whose only purpose seems to be destruction. Tim Allen plays the lead actor, who plays the commander on the show. The aliens come to him and he convinces his co-stars to join him.

They discover that the spaceship of their friendly aliens has been built to very closely resemble that of the ship used in the TV series. This makes it a little easier to deal with the surroundings and computers and such. They spend much of the movie running from this evil alien as he is determined to kill them and take a very dangerous object known as Omega 13 and use it for his own purposes. Eventually he comes on board "The Protector" as the ship is known and overthrows Allen and his crewmates. They escape, and retake the ship in a long series of fights and explosions. As they journey back to earth, the leader of the bad aliens escapes his ships destruction alone and attacks and kills most of the crew on the bridge with a laser rifle.

Just when Allen is about to join them, he activates Omega 13 and time travels backwards 13 seconds. He is now able to anticipate the alien's arrival and he attacks him and disarms him. So, the movie ends with the actors returning home.

Right at the end, it is revealed that they have a new series with the same crew coming back to TV.

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