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NOTE: This spoiler was written by Sandee.

A Chicago family has moved for a year to Oregon, while the father develops a new subdivision for his employer.  Dan Sanders (Brendan Fraser) works for Neal Lyman (Ken Jeong), a massive developer and has agreed to move his family to live and sell the new homes for one year. They reluctantly go, even though both mom Tammy (Brook Shields) and teenage son Tyler (Matt Prokop) left behind friends in Chicago. 

The Sanders live in the first home and model in Rocky Springs.  Dan goes out on his front porch early one morning, coffee in hand, and speaks to his supervising contractor, Frank (Ricky Garcia).  Frank has a problem with a beaver dam that is in the way of part of the subdivision. He tells Dan that he can make it looks like an accident and “drop” dynamite in it.  Dan says to hold off, and he’ll try to find a better way.  He needs the problem fixed within a week, when Mr. Lyman’s foreign investors are coming to see the project.  While they are talking, a raccoon is in the yard, apparently listening and understanding the conversation, but Dan is unaware. 

Dan eats breakfast with Tammy, and enjoys the peace and quiet and beauty of the area.  They watch wild turkeys in their yard.  Tyler is unimpressed, and still wants to return to Chicago.  Dan packs a basket of bagels and sandwiches for his meeting with Lyman, and puts it in the back of his SUV. While loading it, the raccoon sneaks in, and hides in basket.  A call on his cell from Franks reveals that it will cost $50,000 to go around the beaver dam.  Hesitantly, Dan agrees to the dynamite, and emphasizes it needs to look like an accident.  The raccoon hears this, and is not happy. 

Dan meets a private jet at a small runway in Rocky Springs; Mr. Lyman and his assistant, Ms Felder (Angela Kinsey) are there. When Lyman realizes that the project is 1 hr away by car, he gets back in the plane, and merely looks at photos on Dan’s laptop.  He tells Dan that his company will be tearing down the entire forest, and building more homes and a shopping center…with a forest-theme.  He needs Dan to stay for 4 years instead of one, and will double his salary. He gives Dan just 10 seconds to decide, and Dan says yes.

Back at home, the raccoon calls the forest animals together for a meeting and tells of Dan’s plans.  They agree he is bad, and plan to stop him. 

Nest morning, Dan comes out on his porch with his coffee again…but sees his car has been bombed with bird poop.  He sees the raccoon eating his blueberries and turns on the sprinkler; the sprinkler has been re-aimed, and hits Dan squarely in the crotch.  His family comes out and sees him all wet. At the same time, they hear an explosion, and Frank comes by, yelling that the beaver dam is no more. Tammy and Tyler are appalled that he’d blow up the beaver dam. 

On his way to meet with Mr. Lyman, the raccoon is in the middle of the road; Dan slams on his breaks and barely avoids hitting it. The raccoon won’t leave, so he gets out and tries to scare it away. It won’t budge.  Dan backs up, revs the engine, and accelerates towards the raccoon—when a ferret launches a mouse-trap-like contraption that sends a boulder across the road. Dan swerves just in time but hits a sign with his car.  The airbag deploys late, and knocks Dan’s hot coffee all over him.

At school, Tammy teaches science, and gets roped into chairing the upcoming Forest Festival. 

At night, the raccoon call the animals together again, and another plan is formed.  A crow is pecking at the window, tapping and tapping, and it wakes and bothers Dan. He tries to scare it away by waving Tammy’s school binder at him, but drops the binder to the ground by accident.  The crow flies away, and Dan returns to bed. The crow comes back, and Dan walks out on the roof towards the crow, which is on the weather vane.  Dan slips and falls, crotch-first onto the roof, moans, and then slides towards the edge.  He grabs at the rain gutter and it hold for a minute, then crashes to the ground.  In the morning, Tyler and Tammy can’t find Dan, but then see him, asleep across the top of the hot tub cover, where he fell. 

Next morning, Dan says good bye to Tammy and Tyler as they leave for school and Dan hits his treadmill.  The raccoon unplugs it, and it stops, sending Dan flying into the flat screen TV on the wall.  He tried toe at breakfast outside, but the animals ruin it.

He stops on the driveway to talk to Frank, and a bunch of skunks jump in his SUV.  He starts to drive to work, and smells something funny in the car. He starts to spray some deodorizer and turns to see his car full of skunks.  They all spray, and the car is full of gas, so think Dan can barely see out. He crashes into a pile of pipes on his street, and falls out, gasping.

Bathing in tomato juice, Dan doesn’t notice the raccoon steals all his clothes from his closet.  He is forced to squeeze into Tammy’s pink track suit.  Receiving catcalls from the construction workers, Dan drives to work and while driving, opens his briefcase, and another skunk sprays him, and he crashes again, in the same spot and yells “Not again?!”

Tyler meets a cute girl in the school library and her name is Amber.  While at work, Dan suggests to Lyman that their company sponsor the Forest Festival as a way to impress the investors coming from India, and the community, and he agrees.  Again, the animals attack Dan:  a goose chases him, and a big eagle swoops in to attack and Dan jumps in bushes to avoid it, and gets stung by bees.  At home, he is a mess, and Tammy gives him some herb tea. He has a crazy dream about the animals, and agrees to finally go see a therapist about is anti-animal obsession. 

Tammy wakes up in the morning to the sound of construction, but it’s Dan:  he has made lots of traps to catch the animals in their yard.  He tells Tammy about the attacking animals, but of course she doesn’t believe him.  She makes him see a therapist. 

While at the therapist’s office, the raccoon and other animals drive Dan’s car and crash it in the parking lot. Dan returns home to see Tyler and Amber playing a video game.  Later that night, Tyler brings Dan a book of local folklore. It tells that over the centuries, the same area has been tried to be settled by people, but they all gave up and left.  It is supposed to stay an animal preserve, and apparently the animals help keep it that way. Tyler did some internet research and found out that Lyman pulled strings with friends in Washington and got it rezoned, and it seems the animals are out for revenge.

Late that night, Dan sees the raccoon in one of the traps, but discovers it is just a toy. He sees eyes, and goes towards it, only to find it is a huge grizzly bear.  He runs from the bear and hides in a Port-A-Potty. The bears rolls it end over end, and launches it in the air. In the morning, when Dan is missing, they find the Port-A-Potty way up high in a tree, with Dan in it. It fall, and he falls out, and is hosed off by the construction crew.

He sees the raccoon, and chases after it in the security truck. He finds the raccoon in the woods, and has dressed himself like Rambo, complete with face make-up and a cross-bow. He is about to kill the raccoon…but can’t do it.  The raccoon then attacks him, but the security guard shoots the raccoon with a tranquilizer dart.  He agrees to trank all the animals, catch them and cage them until the Fall Festival and investors are gone nest week.

Tyler and Amber are out for a run, and he is about to kiss her when she hears something.  She runs to check it out and they find hundreds of caged animals, and the order has been signed by Dan.  She leaves Tyler, angry at him and his dad.  Tyler confronts his dad, and tells him he is hypocrite: he says he works for a green company, and yet they catch and cage the wild animals.  Dan takes a walk to the animal compound. He talks to the raccoon and feels badly, especially when he sees the raccoon has a family, too. He realizes the raccoon was just trying to protect his family.

At the Festival, Amber and Tyler use a bullhorn to urge people to sign a petition to stop the development.  The investor from India isn’t put off by this; in fact, he says, “Less animals means less hassle” and agrees to sign the deal.   Dan goes to the animal cages and lets the raccoon out and tells him to get everyone out while he creates a diversion.   After they are all out, the raccoon heads up an animal meeting: they “talk” about Dan, and compare him to Braveheart, and plan to help. 

Dan returns and takes the bullhorn, and also urges others to stop the development. He apologizes to his family, and says that he moved them here to further his career and build a community, but ended up stealing a community from the environment.  Security takes him.  As Mr. Gupta is about to sign the development deal, a crow poops on the document.  Felder wipes it with her sleeve, and he tries again, but a flock of big birds fly in a V-formation, and dive-bomb the festival with poop.  Animals attack, and the crowds leave screaming.  Lyman tries to hide from the animals by crawling in the inflatable tunnel at the festival, but the animals drag it away with Lyman inside.

Dan and Tammy kiss, and we see a tree with a sign on urging you to take care of the forest, by Ranger Dan. 

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