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NOTE: This spoiler was written by L.

The film opens up with James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), an ambassadorial aide and undercover operative for the U.S., driving to work. He goes to work, gets a call and changes the plates on an operative’s car. It’s clear he’s pretty low and the ladder, but his boss gives him the opportunity to move up the ranks.  Reese plays chess with his Ambassadorial Employer and then goes and plants a bug in the French Prime Minister’s office. He stumbles several times trying to plant the bug, but eventually staples it under the Prime Minister’s desk. His performance earns him a promotion and he is given a partner.

At his apartment, Reese’s girlfriend, Caroline (Kasia Smutniak) proposes to him, since she felt he would never propose if she didn’t ask first. She gives him her father’s ring and takes him upstairs to have dinner. As they prepare to eat, Reese is called by his boss and told that his new partner was detained by the Parisian customs. Reese leaves Caroline to go and bail out his partner.

Charlie Wax (John Travolta) is being detained because he wants to bring his White Snake Energy drinks into the country, but customs has a zero tolerance policy for liquids. Reese is surprised by his new partner, but asks him if it’s necessary to bring the liquids. Charlie rants about how the French are all high and mighty and continues to toy with the guards. Reese puts a Diplomatic Mail Stamp on Charlie’s bag and Charlie smugly tells the guards “I win.”

In the car, Charlie and Reese talk and Charlie opens his cans to get the parts of his custom gun together. Reese asks why he smuggled a gun into the country when he could easily get Charlie whatever weapon he needs. Charlie tells him that it is his favorite gun and then tells him to take him to a specific Chinese restaurant.

At the restaurant, Charlie and Reese argue over the authenticity of the Chinese food they are eating when Charlie calls the waiter over. He pulls a gun on him and demands cocaine. The Waiter says that there is no cocaine, but several armed Triad members come out and start firing. Reese moves out of the way while Charlie shoots them. He tortures the Waiter by burning his face with the gun and realizes that the cocaine production occurs upstairs. He fires several shots into the roof so that it rains cocaine. He makes Reese collect it in a large vase. He tells the waiter to tell his boss “Wax On, Wax Off” which Reese openly points out is a reference to The Karate Kid as they leave the building. They double back and follow the Waiter to his boss’s hide out.

Reese asks why they are going after drug dealers when Charlie tells him that the Secretary of Defense’s daughter OD’d on their cocaine. Reese takes this at face value and carries the vase of cocaine around with him. They park near the Warehouse and a gang of Asian drug dealers attacks them. Charlie kills all of them and they enter the warehouse.

Charlie shoots his way through the warehouse until they reach the top. They enter a private dance rehearsal and Charlie threatens to shoot all of the children in the room if their boss doesn’t give Charlie the location of their main operations. The man relents and gives them the address right before his armed guards burst in try to kill Charlie and Reese. They fight their way through the warehouse, but Reese is unable to kill any of the guards. Charlie saves his life and they go and drive to the building.

As they get on an elevator, Charlie makes Reese do some cocaine and tells him that this isn’t a mission about drug dealers; they are actually going after terrorists. Charlie takes Reese to the address and Reese is twitching like a drug addict. Charlie hires a hooker and the trio head toward the elevator. They walk by Caroline as she is buying fabric. Reese tries to explain but the elevator closes before he gets a chance to. He tries to call her as they break into another room and kick the client out of the room, but his phone dies. He forces the man out at gunpoint and steals his charger to try and call Caroline. Charlie makes Reese watch a store front and he goes and has sex in the bathroom. Two men burst into the room and beat Reese brutally. Charlie is looking out the window at the terrorist walking out with a briefcase when they burst in and takes his time before he kills them.

The two go downstairs and follow the terrorist to an apartment complex in some of the worse parts of Paris. They find the complex run by small time drug dealers. A young boy robs Reese of his watch and ring and gives it to the main drug dealer. Charlie tries to get them to sell him a kilo of cocaine but they only have enough to be charged with a misdemeanor. Reese is told to drop the vase and he does so, implicating all of the drug dealers for having enough to send them to prison. Most of the dealers run, but Reese tackles the main drug dealer and beats him up until he gets his ring back.

Charlie and Reese go to the tenth floor. Charlie uses a chord to jump down into the room below and Reese goes to the 9th floor to prevent the escape of any of the terrorists. Charlie kills a few and realizes that there is an emergency escape system, which allowed the terrorists to escape to the 8th floor. He follows them and shoots most of them before noticing that the 9th floor doors are rigged to explode. Reese races to the 8th floor and catches a terrorist trying to leave. He holds him at gun point and the terrorist forces the gun into his own mouth and hits the trigger to kill himself. Charlie congratulates him on his first “kill” and wants to pursue the last two terrorists but Reese wants to save the policemen going up to the 9th floor. Charlie sees a car pull up to the curb to get the terrorists and he tosses an explosive vest onto the car, killing all the terrorists. As they leave, Reese tries to warn the cops but the bomb explodes, killing everyone.

Charlie drags Reese outside and they steal a police car. Reese wants to go back to his car but Charlie tells him it is rigged to explode and crashes his car into the cars in front of Reese’s. Reese’s car explodes and the duo drives away.

That night, Charlie meets with two contacts and provides them with evidence he gathered over the last day. They tell him that they will need to be on alert until they do a codename search on the terrorist’s phone contacts. They give Charlie and Reese some Cheese burgers (“royal with cheese”). As the two bond and eat, Caroline calls Reese and invites Charlie to dinner. The two agree to the dinner and find that Caroline has invited her Palestinian friend from work.

As Charlie entertains them with stories, Caroline’s friend gets a phone call which asks her if her name is Rose. Charlie recognizes Rose as the codeword the agency uses during terrorist phone sweeps. He shoots Caroline’s friend and points the gun at Caroline. Reese pulls his gun on Charlie and tells him to stop pointing the gun at Caroline. Charlie pulls pugs out of the walls and lamps to convince Reese and gives him his gun as insurance. Caroline shoots Reese and jumps out of the window. Charlie pursues her but she escapes.

Paramedics treat Reese as agents remove numerous bugs embedded in the walls. Reese gives Charlie the ring Caroline gave him, which has a trace on it. Caroline calls and tells Reese that she’s sorry but that she has something she needs to do. She is seen with a suicide bomber getting ready to initiate their attack on Paris. Charlie plays back the tape and guesses that they are near the highway waiting for the Secretary of State’s arrival so that they can bomb her motorcade. Having seen the getaway car, He takes his men to pursue and neutralize the threat.

Charlie and his driver find the car and chase it down the road. Reese, back at his apartment, looks at Caroline’s sketches and realizes that the Secretary of State wasn’t the target, the Ambassadorial Meetings being held with the Heads of several countries is the actual target. He races to his work place in order to warn the Ambassador and stop Caroline. He calls Charlie and Charlie confirms that Caroline is not in the car with the terrorist. Right as the terrorist is in front of the Secretary of State’s motorcade, Charlie pulls out a bazooka and shoots the car from an overpass, destroying the car and saving the Secretary of State.

At the Ambassador’s office, Reese attempts to get in with his key card but it has already been used: Caroline is hiding in the building as an Arabic dancer. The Ambassador gets Reese into the building but is confused as to why he brought a gun. He enters the building and begins searching for Caroline. He finds her in the center and pulls his gun on her as the guards in the room pull their guns on him. When Caroline takes off her shroud and reveals her bomb, it comes down to her and Reese. Reese questions her and asks if any of it was real. He tells her he loves her, hoping that she will abort the mission. She makes a move to set off the bomb and Reese shoots her in the head. Charlie catches her body, preventing the explosion and saving everyone.

The duo part ways at the airport: Charlie asks Reese to be his permanent partner and as Charlie prepares to leave, the two play a game of chess.


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