FRIDAY THE 13th Part 3

NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Snowriderz64 who considers this a classic. Personally, of all the Friday the 13th movies, I am embarrassed to say that this is by far my favorite. When it played in theaters in the 1982, it was in 3D.

The movie starts off with an older couple in their early 50's, Edna and Harold. Harold is hanging up clothes on a laundry line, Edna is screaming at Harold because he is doing it wrong. She shuts the window turns around and watches TV. Next we see Harold go into the little store that he owns and he starts to pet a bunny in the store. Edna comes in yells at him. Next we see Harold on the toilet (very nasty sounds). Harold gets up as Jason appears and takes a meat cleaver and stabs it into Harold. While Edna is looking for Harold, Jason kills her by putting a sewing needle into her neck.

Next we see Chris, a girl about 20. She is driving a van with her stupid friends Debbie, Andy, Chili, Chuck, Shelly and Vera. They drive past Edna and Harold's house where there is an ambulance and cops everywhere. Chris gets a nervous feeling but keeps driving. They finally get to the cabin on Crystal Lake. Everyone goes swimming except Chris who goes inside to look around and meets her boyfriend Rick.

Vera and Shelly drive to a little store to buy some food but the two run into trouble with a biker gang, 1 girl and 1 black biker guy and a white biker dude. The little car Shelly was driving is all beat up because the gang destroyed it. Vera and Shelly drive back. Then we see Chris and Rick drive off to have some peace and quite in the woods. The biker gang comes to the cabin and drains the oil from Chris' van. The girl biker goes into the shed to look around and she ends up getting a pitchfork in her neck. The white biker dude goes into the shed to look for her and he gets killed the same way. The black biker dude goes into the shed to get the two to leave and he ends up by getting hit in the head with a bottle.

Next we see Vera over by the lake and she is sitting there, looking at Shelly's wallet and accidently drops it into the lake. When she goes to get it Jason appears and shoots her in the eye with an arrow. Next, Shelly goes into the shed for whatever reason. Debbie goes back inside the cabin to take a shower and Andy is walking on his hands playing around and Jason comes and cuts in in half. Debbie gets out of the shower to go get a beer, picks up a magazine and lays down on the bed as Andy's blood drips on her. Jason (from under the bed) puts a knife into her neck.

Next we see the two stupid stoners (Chilli and Chuck) making popcorn. The power goes out and Chuck goes to fix it but he gets pushed into a fuse by Jason. Next we see Chilli fixing the popcorn and Shelly walks in with his throat cut. Chilli thinks its a joke but its not. Chilli runs into the other side of the house and gets stabbed with a fire poker.

Chris and Rick are talking in the woods and Rick's car doesn't start so they walk back. Chris comments on how the cabin is so peaceful because "the wild bunch" is in bed. Little did Chris and Rick know but the wild bunch is dead. Chris finds Debbie's bloody clothes in the bathtub and runs to tell Rick but Rick is getting his head crushed by Jason (very gory).

Chris gets Rick's dead body thrown at her through the window of the cabin and she sees Jason with an axe. Chris runs upstairs and hides in a closet only to find Debbie's dead body.

Chris stabs Jason in the hand with a knife and runs outside to the van and she starts driving but the van runs out of gas. She runs into the shed and hides on a beam. She sees Jason walk into the shed and she falls onto him. Next she hides up on the top floor of the shelf and pushes Jason out and Jason gets hung. Chris goes outside thinking Jason is dead but Jason pulls himself off the noose. Chris is helpless and then we see the black biker dude get up and starts hitting Jason but Jason cuts him up. Chris grabs an axe and hits Jason in the head and Jason falls down and seems to be dead.

Chris goes into a row boat to relax and sleep. When she wakes up in the boat, Jason's mom pulls her down and Chris wakes up in the cabin only to find out that the row boat was a dream.

The police come and right before the credits we see something move in the lake.


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