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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HazelFire who says... "The only problem I had with this movie was that they stole ideas from previous nightmare movies. If your familiar with the earlier movies then you'll know what I'm talking about. Other then that, I loved it."

The movie starts out with both theme songs from each movie together. First it plays Freddy's little melody and then mixes in Jason's "ch ch ch ch" sound. We see Freddy in his human form, before the parents came to get him when he still looked normal. He is reminiscing about the children he murdered, and looking over his collage of pictures of his young victims. Taking one picture in particular of a little girl, and licking it. He talks about the fear he instilled in everyone. He talks about how after the parents killed him he became something greater and stronger. And as he's saying this little monologue it shows little bits of each Nightmare On Elm Street movie. He says that now people aren't afraid because they've forgotten. The parents have made their children forget and use medication to suppress their dreams, rendering Freddy totally powerless. So then he goes on to speak about how he needs someone to instill that fear again. Someone who is stronger then him who could bring the glory back. He searches all over hell to find him.

Then it cuts to a woman at camp Crystal Lake. It's night out, and it's a no brainer that she's in the mood to skinny dip. She strips down, and yes we get the usual nude shots. She gets in the lake and when she doesn't see her boyfriend she gets spooked and gets out. Then she sees Jason and she runs around for a few minutes before turning around only to be impaled against a tree by that ever famous machete. When she dies her face keeps turning into faces of other teens saying "I deserved to die, I should have been watching you. We all deserved to die." I can only assume it was the faces of the camp counselors when Jason was a boy. Then we hear Jason's mother, who is dressed like Freddy. She tells Jason that he's a good boy, and that his mother needs him to go to Elm Street because the children have been very naughty. She tells him to wake up.

Then it goes to him waking up from his dream and coming out of the ground at Camp Crystal Lake. Which I hadn't thought that was where he was killed in Jason goes to hell, but anyway, we cut to him at Elm Street. It shows 3 girls in a house. Lori, (Monica Keena) Kia, (Kelly Rowland a.k.a chick from Destiny's child) and Heather (Katharine Isabelle) Talking about the 3 stooges and which one they'd have sex with, (which totally creeped me out, scariest part of the movie. if you ask me) Heather says she's gonna make a beer run, opens the door and we expect to see Jason when it's really her butthead boyfriend Trey. (Jesse Hutch) Accompanying him is his friend Blake, (Jake Kaese.) The boys come in and Kia keeps trying to get Lori to go for Jake but she's still not over her boyfriend she had a few years ago. Heather and her boyfriend go upstairs and have sex, marking themselves as the first of Jason's victims this time. Jason murders the boyfriend first, while Heather is in the shower. She comes out, screams, and all of the kids run out of the house. When the cops come to check out the scene the deputy believes it is Freddy and says so to the Sheriff. The Sheriff quickly tells him to shut up and stay quiet, but it's too late, Lori has already heard them.

She goes to the police station and is questioned but the cops don't stay in there long because they don't want her to get any info out of them about Freddy. She lays her head down on the desk and tries to remember the name the deputy said. She says "Freddy," and already she's in the dream.

She walks out and sees a little girl who has her eyes cut out. She tells Lori that it's ok for her to be afraid, because Freddy is coming back. Lori wakes up.

Then we see a mental institution with young teenagers in it. They are all being given a drug called hypnocil. The suppressant of dreams. Will(Jason Ritter) and his friend Mark, (Brendan Fletcher) see Lori's house on the news and Will becomes worried. He was the boyfriend she never got over. They make a plan and escape the hospital to see if Lori is alright. Then it cuts to Blake at his house, he falls asleep and sees Freddy, but Freddy isn't powerful enough to do any damage so he sends Jason after him. Jason kills Blake.

Will and Mark go to Lori's school the next day and when Lori sees Will she faints. She's brought to the nurses station and Kia and Heather are waiting outside. Kia falls asleep and sees Freddy, he rips her nose off but he still doesn't have enough power to kill her yet so she wakes up.

Then we cut to a cornfield where everyone is partying and drinking, and getting high. Will shows up, having left Mark at his house, and starts talking to Lori.. Will and Mark earlier that night had come to the conclusion that night that the reasons they and the other students were locked up in the institution was for a quarantine effect. Anyone who had come into contact with Freddy had to be locked up because they could have spread the idea of him to others.

After Will gets to the party, Heather, in a drunken stupor wanders off and she sees her dead boyfriend so she follows him. (Yes, she's already passed out and in the dream) She gets chased by Freddy and he's now powerful enough to kill but right before he gets to her, you see blood splatter from her chest because Jason has rammed a pole through her, and an equally drunken boy who had been trying to rape her while she was passed out.

Jason walks up to two guys drinking and getting stoned. They turn around and throw a few insults at Jason, so he twists one of the guy's head around. The other pours his alcohol on Jason and sets him on fire. When he realizes it isn't going to stop Jason he runs to the other partying kids and just as he gets in the midst of him, you see the machete go right through his chest.

Utter Chaos ensues, Jason slicing up people left and right, Will, Lori, Kia, and some stoner, I think his name is Shack, all run from Jason and get into Will's van. All of them already believe in Freddy but they don't know who Jason is yet. Then Shack says, as he's lighting up another joint, "Man, that goalie must have been pissed about something."

Will drops everyone off, including Lori . Before she gets out of the car he tells her where he's been, and that he saw Lori's dad kill Lori's mom and that's one of the reasons they locked him up.  Lori's dad shows up and says that she doesn't know all of the details and they can talk about it in the morning, so she runs with Will and they race back to get to Mark.

Mark is already asleep at this point. Freddy tells him he needs him to deliver a message, Mark refuses so Freddy burns him alive with Lori and Will watching because they can't get into the house. Burned into his back is "Freddy's back."

Will and Lori gather everyone up. Kia, Shack, and some nerdy kid named Charlie. While they are debating Deputy Stubbs shows up (Lochlyn Munro) He doesn't have a very big part but he knows who Jason is and he tells the group about him.

While they are discussing what they should do Lori falls asleep and sees Freddy but before he can do any real harm she wakes up screaming. They all decide they need to get the hypnocil to suppress their dreams. They go to the institution and Jason follows them in. He kills Deputy Stubbs and starts going after Charlie. Shack has taken a little *doobie break* and falls asleep. Freddy possesses him and makes him dump out all of the hypnocil. Then he fills two syringes with a tranquilizer. He injects them into Jason, thus putting him into his dream, and totally at Freddy's mercy. But before he falls unconscious he slices Shack into two.

Next thing we see is Jason in a boiler room getting scolded by his mother, who then turns into Freddy. Jason looks pissed off and starts advancing towards Freddy. But remember, this is the dream, and Freddy is the stronger of the two in the dream.

He kicks Jason's ass all over dreamland which I must say is one of the best scenes since I am a devoted Freddy fan.

During the fight you can see Freddy is getting perturbed that Jason won't die. One of the pipes bust loose and Jason looks terrified. At last, something that scares him. Meanwhile in real life, they tied Jason up and are transporting him in the van to Camp Crystal lake so he can have a homefield advantage. In the dream Freddy sends him to Camp Crystal Lake as a boy again,. where the other kids that had been making fun of him push him into the lake to drown. Lori says she must go to sleep so she can bring Freddy out so he and Jason can kill each other. She's put under sedation with one of the tranquilizers and she sees Jason drowning. She runs over to help him out of the water when Freddy comes up and pulls Jason down so he can drown.

Somehow the sedation wears off and Jason wakes up and goes wild in the van, causing it to crash. In the dream Jason disappears under the water, and Freddy jumps up onto the dock to get Lori.. In reality, Kia, Will, and Charlie are carrying Lori through Camp Crystal Lake because she won't come out of her sedation. Jason attacks the cabin they're in and cuts Will, and stabs Charlie.

Lori's hand gets burned because the cabin is on fire. She grabs Freddy and brings him over to reality. Charlie ends up bleeding to death when Kia runs for help. She runs into Freddy and starts making fun of him. (One of the funniest scenes in the movie) but in the midst of it, Freddy points behind her, she turns around, and Jason kills her. Oops!

Then Freddy and Jason battle for about 10 minutes both kicking each other's asses but it's obvious Freddy's kinda fighting a losing battle in the real world. Lori realizes that it was Freddy who murdered her mother and her father was just trying to cover up for it. She isn't going to leave until she sees Freddy die. She and Will cause an explosion that sends Freddy and Jason into the lake.

Lori and Will are sitting on the dock when they hear footsteps. It's Freddy! He has Jason's Machete and is about to kill them when Jason jumps up and stabs Freddy with his own claws. Lori takes the machete and beheads Freddy. Both him and Jason fall into the lake.

Then the next scene shows Jason walking out of the water holding Freddy's head, and as they are walking out, Freddy winks at the camera.

Ah yes, another opening for yet another sequel.


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