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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Spectre.

We open in a parking lot of a paper company. The company is about to go on business retreat. One of the employees, Sam Lawton (Nicholas D'Agosto) has made breakfast and it looks delicious. His buddy and coworker Peter Friedkin (Miles Fisher) talks to him and tells him his work was good. Peter tells Sam that he should decide whether he wants to be a cook or a salesman because his numbers were not so good this month. Sam has been offered a cooking internship in Paris and isn't sure whether or not to take it.

Sam's girlfriend Molly Harper (Emma Bell) parks and he comes up to talk to her. Sam shows her a cancelled ticket and asks what is going on. Molly looks sad and says she wanted to wait after the weekend. Sam says no, he wants to know now. Molly drops a bombshell; she's breaking up with him, saying everything is not working.  Sam is shocked.

Meanwhile, Candice Hooper (Ellen Wroe), another intern and Peter's girlfriend comes up and he playfully mentions his superiority in the company over her but tells her she will have to break curfew that night so they can fool around.

Another worker, Olivia Castle (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), comes up with her boyfriend. She almost forgets her glasses, something she says she will be glad to get rid of. Olivia and Candice trade barbs back and forth, not really liking one another. When Candice says she should go to the gym to deal with her baby fat as Olivia undresses, Olivia smirks and says, "It's not fat, their tits."

Sam and Peter's boss Dennis (David Koechner) shows up and calls Sam "Stan." Dennis is one of those bosses that pushes his employees around subtly because he can get away with it. When Dennis notices Nathan (Arlen Escapeta) is missing, Sam goes to find him.

Sam finds Nathan on the factory side of the company (he's the shift supervisor) getting into a fight with a Union worker Roy. Roy is mad that Nathan gets a day off when he hasn't one in 15 years. Nathan says he is going on a business retreat, it is not a vacation. Roy doesn't believe him but Sam grabs him to leave before the fight goes any further.

The group heads on the bus and start to drive towards the retreat, forced to watch a stupid business retreat video. Molly sees Candice flip rubber bands around her wrist and she says she does it when she is nervous and for good luck. Another coworker Issac (P.J. Bryne), a obnoxious, wannabe womanizer, takes a call and goes into the bathroom for privacy.

Sam start to notice things as they cross a suspension bridge that is currently under construction. He tries to brush it off as nothing but they continue. His paranoia concludes with cutting himself on a sharp piece of chair and the radio switching to "Dust in the Wind." Suddenly all hell breaks loose.

The high winds of the day start to make the bridge sway and crack as the construction crews are already cutting into it for repairs. Sam sees this and alerts the bus passengers who immediately panic. Sam grabs Molly and gets out of the bus and Peter and the others follow.

The bridge starts to pull apart all around them. Candice is the first to die. She falls in a hole in the bridge just as a passing sail boat does. She is impaled on the mast through the stomach.

Meanwhile, the bus goes over as the ground collapses beneath it. Issac, who didn't realize what was going on, is still on the bus when it goes over. He is thrown to the front of the bus and hits the water with full impact.

Molly and Sam are able to find a semi-stable bit of railing to get across to safety. Molly gets across safely. Olivia who is trying to run, loses her glasses and cannot see. Sam finds her and tries to get her across but the railing beam gives out and she falls into the ocean. She survives, only for a car to fall on top of her killing her. Nathan and Dennis are running right behind the group when Nathan is hit by a suspension cable and cut in half.

The railing beams fall and Peter and Sam have no choice but to grab another piece connected to where Molly is. Sam watches Dennis hold on to the road just as a black tar truck is hit, spilling its contents. It coats Dennis in tar, burning him alive, and causing his body to fall.

As Peter tries to climb up to Molly a truck nearby drops its building supplies. A bunch of metal spikes fall and pierce Peter with several. His body turns to Sam and falls. A shocked Sam tries to climb up but metal siding falls next, cutting him in half...

And we return back to the bus. It was all a premonition. Sam tries to brush it off as nothing. But when he hears "Dust in the wind" and cuts his finger again, he panics. He tells everyone the bridge is about to collapse and grabs Molly. They are let off the bus and Dennis tells Peter to go after them. Candice soon follows.

Peter tries to talk to Sam but then they all see the bridge coming apart, they follow him. So do the people on the bus who get out. Dennis, Olivia, Nathan and Issac (who was warned this time) get off the bus and away from the bridge before it collapsed. All in all eight survive, while the rest of their group and countless others perish.

Sam is interviewed by FBI Agent Block (Courtney B. Vance) who finds Sam's answer of "I saw it happen" not very convincing, and starts to think he was involved. He interviews Molly and Peter who deny Sam did anything wrong. Another agent comes in and tells Block that high winds and structural instability were the reported caused for the bridge collapsing. They let the survivors go.

Several days later, the eight go to a funeral service for the coworkers they lost. Dennis gives a speech and accidentally names Issac as one of the dead, which makes the others laugh. The group leave and as they pass a strange man,  William Bludworth (Tony Todd, returning from parts 1 & 2) tells Sam, "Death doesn't like to be cheated."

The next day, Candice is waiting for Peter at her gym practice. She is really nervous and doesn't want to go in, but Peter tells her everything will be fine and the championship is just a week away. Peter kisses her and calms her down. She goes into practice while Peter watches. Candice talks her coach about the AC not working but the coach says they are working on it. We see a technician restart the large AC and it roars to life. Thing is, it's not properly secured and is leaking coolant. Nearby, they put a smaller fan with a frayed wire and turned it on.

Candice gets on a balance beam and begins to work on her flips and moves while the large AC drops a small but sharp tack sharp side up on the beam. Candice unknowingly dodges it and jumps down. Meanwhile the large AC had been dripping water near the fan with a frayed wire, but she winds up dropping a towel between water and wire stopping that trap. She goes to work on the poles, which unknown to others, had been becoming slowly unscrewed. Candice starts to flip around on poles as another girl works on the balance beam. The other girl steps on the tack and falls, toppling the large jar of talcum powder which sprays into the fan, blurring Candice's vision. She attempts to dismount, landing horribly, bending her spine back the wrong way, killing her. Peter watches in shock.

Sam comes to comfort Peter and Peter cannot understand why it happened. Candice had been a gymnast for 15 years and she could do that stuff without thinking about it. Sam sees Bludworth but Peter wants to go home. Sam looks again but Bludworth is gone.

The next day at work, Sam and Molly talk about how it is so quiet in the office since no one is here. Peter went to work as well, and Sam says it was because he needed a distraction.

Issac goes around the desks of the deceased coworkers and steals pocket change and other knick knacks from their stuff. In one desk, he finds a gift certificate for a massage parlour and smiles, leaving.

Nathan comes in, saying he need to get away from Roy. He brought a six pack to share, but Peter offers his bottle of liquor so he wouldn't have to drink it alone. They begin to toast to having a second chance. However, a sad, depressed Peter cannot understand how Candice could of died. Sam saved Molly, but he didn't save Candice. Peter throws his glass in anger and leaves. Dennis, who saw the whole thing, and tells Block what he saw. Block is at the gym where Candice died. He asks a tech to explain what happened but the tech scoffs, saying he cannot explain how it did happen.

Issac goes to the massage parlour and implies he's looking for something erotic. The receptionist is disgusted by his pig headed nature, saying they are a family business. Issac presses further, and the receptionist smiles and tells him he knows just what he needs. He is taken to a room and lays down. A woman comes in and starts to massage. However, when he opens his eyes, it is a much older woman who freaks him out. She begins to roughly put his spine back in alignment which he does admit make him feel better. The rough moments make the massage table start to come apart.

The woman then starts fitting him with acupuncture needles and tells him to sleep for 30 minutes and she will be back. As she closes the door, some aroma candles break off embers and fall into some papers. They catch on fire, something Issac notices. He tries to scream but no one hears him. He tries to get off the table but it collapses throwing him to the floor and a bottle of alcohol spilling on the ground. His body is bloodied for pierced needles jutting in wrong direction. His phone vibrates which is next to candle. The candle is pushed off and ignites the alcohol. Issac thinks he is doomed but the alcohol quickly burns out. Thinking he is out of the woods, another shelf collapses, bringing a Buddha statue with it that crushes his head.

Molly, Sam, and Peter find out about Issac's death and go to the scene. "How can someone die during a massage?" Molly disbelievingly inquires. Sam sees Bludworth and confronts him about what he said. Bludworth says he has seen this before; the lucky few that shouldn't of survived. Then one by one they are taken by death. Sam asks if there is any way to stop it. Bludworth demurs that by taking a life of someone else, the deceased would take their place and they would get the years the other person would have lived. Peter is intrigued and asks if that is true. Bludworth neither confirms or denies it. Sam asks who is he. Bludworth says he is there when death comes and he picks up the pieces, showing his coroner jacket.

That night, Sam goes to see Molly. He asks why she wanted to break up with him, and she reveals that she didn't want him to give up his cooking internship in Paris because that is what he loves. Sam tells her that doesn't matter as long as is he with the person he loves, which is her.

The next morning, Sam has been up for hours. Molly asks him what is wrong, and Sam says he spent the night thinking of the premonition. They all had an order to how they died. Candice was first, then Issac. They are being killed in the order they would of died. Sam realizes who is next.

Olivia is at the eye doctor to get laser eye surgery. She goes into the operating room and notices some teddy bears which the doctor says it is for their younger scared patients and sometimes their older ones. Olivia takes a bear and squeezes it tightly as she is fitted for laser eye surgery. The doctor puts her head in a vise and places a eye opener device to keep her eye open. Olivia is squeezing the bear so hard she pops out one of its eyes.  The doctor realizes he has an incomplete file and leaves her for a moment.

Outside the room a cup of water on top of a cooler falls, short circuiting a wall surge protecting which just so happens is keyed to the very room Olivia is in. It cuts on the laser machine and spins it to well beyond safe levels. Olivia realizes this and reaches for the emergency shut off and it falls, turning the machine on instead. The laser begins to cut into her eye. She uses her hand to deflect so it cuts into her hand instead. She barely is able to get out.

Sam and Molly arrive and tell the doctor she might be in danger. They hear Olivia scream and look for her. They find her with her eye singed shut from the trauma screams. She stumbles, blind, and her foot slips on the bear eye, causing her to stumble out the window several stories down onto a car. Her eye detaches, rolls a few feet, then is squashed by a car.

Block tells Sam and Molly that a pattern is forming and he wants to know why they are dying. Sam tells him they should of died on the bridge and that "something" is collecting them. Block is curious, but hesitant to give the theory credence.

Peter talks to Dennis. Dennis reveals that they, the salesman, are being liquidated by the company. Peter doesn't care about his job and tries to tell Dennis that death is coming for them, and it is "kill or be killed." He tells Dennis he warned him. Dennis calls Block and tells him what Peter said.

Nathan meanwhile is at work looking at time cards when he finds Roy who wrote "FUCK YOU" on it. He calls him up and Roy is mad because his hours were cut. Nathan tells him all hours were cut and he needs to calm down. Roy wont calm down and Nathan senses something bad is about to happen. He tries to warn Roy but he won't listen. A crane collapses, breaking through the floor and taking Ray with it as it plummets towards some sharp points where they placed large paper rolls. The crane stops and some blood flows making you thinking maybe Roy cut his hands bad by grabbing the wires. Nope. Roy was killed, hooked through the chin by the crane.

Sam, Molly, and Peter come to the factory floor and find out Roy died but Nathan didn't. Peter asks him if he pushed Roy in the way of the accident. Nathan is not sure but finally admits that he died. Peter says it skipped him, that he got Roy's life. Nathan asks how will he know. Dennis comes down and asks what happened just as Nathan asks who is next on the list. A large wrench, that Roy had placed right next to a spinning wheel, falls on it and rockets towards Dennis. It hits him in the face and cuts into him where his eyes would of been. "DENNIS!" Sam screams, covered in blood. "It was Dennis." he says. "No shit." says Nathan.

Sam goes back to work at his night job at the restaurant, nearly having a close call with a meat grinder, but wisely turns the power off. He gets through the service with no problems. He talks to his boss saying he wants to accept the internship if it is still available. His boss said it is his. Sam asks if it is all right if he cooks for Molly and the boss agrees, as long as he picks up afterwards.

Molly comes and he makes her a dessert dish and tells her he accepted the internship and he wants her to come with him. They kiss and hear a knock at the door. It is a frazzled Peter who asks to be let in. Sam says sure and lets him in. Agent Block is nearby, staking them out.

Peter sits down and has a glass of wine. He begins to talk about what Bludworth said and how he looked around today and saw countless opportunities to kill someone to steal their life. But he couldn't do it in the end. None of the people he would of choose deserved to die. Candice didn't deserve to die, or Issac, or any the others. So if they didn't deserve to die, why did Molly deserve to live? Horror washes over Sam and Molly's faces as they realize what he is inferring. Peter pulls out a gun and aims it at Molly. Sam kicks up the table and the shot goes wide, missing.

Block hears the shot and calls for backup.

Sam and Molly run into the kitchen with Peter not far behind. Sam tries to fight Peter but Peter knocks him out after a long struggle. A large kitchen knife swivels around and falls off the table. It misses Sam by inches. Peter smirks and screams to Molly it wasn't his turn yet. Molly hides and grabs a knife. A figure approaches her. It's Block. Molly tries to explain what happened, but Block is shot and killed by Peter. He got his life back. Molly tells him to go since he has won, but Peter says he just killed a federal agent and he will not spend the rest of his newly gained life in prison.

Peter intends to kill them both. Molly is able to disarm Peter and his gun roasts on a open flame. They struggle some more, and Peter has her in a choke hold. He is just about to kill her when he is suddenly stabbed by Sam with a sharp kitchen prod used for cooking chickens in the oven. Sam hugs Molly and figures that since Peter killed Block and he killed Peter, that means he got Block's life. Since Molly never died on the bridge, that means they are both safe. The gun goes off at the oven, but it breaks a glass instead, scaring them.

Sam and Molly board a plane for Paris. They are just about settled when they see a commotion on the other side of the plane. Alex Browning (Dewon Sawa's character from FD1) and his friends being taken off the plane. Uh oh. The entire movie has NOT been taking place in the present day but the year 2000. Sam shakes it off and the plane takes off. Sam hears another passenger ask a flight attendant why the kids got kicked off. The flight attendant scoffs saying the kid had "a vision." Sam puts on his headphones and hears "Dust in the Wind." He is so startled that he cuts his finger. He realizes they are not safe. And they won't get away this time.

Flight 180 begins to explode and fall apart. The plane breaks open on their side and Molly is starting to be sucked out. Sam tries to hold on but loses his grip. Molly is cut in two by the plane's wing. Sam screams in absolute horror as the plan continues to explode. A giant fireball cooks his entire body and the plane blows up throwing wreckage for miles.

Meanwhile Nathan is at a bar, having a makeshift wake for Roy (not realizing his friends are dead). A friend of Roy said it was bound to happen sooner or later. Nathan asks why, and the guy reveals they did and autopsy and Roy had a embolism that could of killed him any day. Nathan realizes he is not safe as he thought. He hadn't cheated death. "Life's a bitch eh?" the guy says and moves away, just as the wreckage from Flight 180 crashes through the bar and kills Nathan.

The end credits show a "best of" montage of the best kills from the series.

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