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The Fighting Temptations offers a hilarious and realistic glimpse of small town, southern life and the powerful influence of the church on the local community. Featuring some of the greatest musical talents of today including Faith Evans, Montell Jordan, Angie Stone, Rapper T-Bone, the O'Jays, Melba Moore, and Gospel singer Shirley Caesar, this is the feel-good movie of the year.

Darren Hill (Cuba Gooding Jr) is a talented Ad Executive at a prestigious firm. Unfortunately, he has a history of financial problems which causes creditors to chase him - even at work. Darren's secretary does a good job of trying to cover for him but Darren's issues are getting out of hand. On day, Darren's Boss discovers Darren lied on his resume about his credentials and the Boss fires him.

Just when Darren thinks his problems couldn't become worse, Darren receives a letter saying his beloved Aunt Sally in Georgia has died. Darren has been named in the will and he decides to go to Georgia.

While traveling back to Georgia, Darren has some funny and heartbreaking memories. Darren remembers he attended the local Georgia church with Lilly (singer Beyonce). When both of them were around 5 years old, they shared candy on the steps of the church. Darren always asked Lilly to be his girlfriend. Lilly always accepted the candy but said "no" to Darren - she's in love with singer Michael Jackson and wants to marry Michael someday.

Darren also remembers his mother who was a member of the local Georgia church. Darren's mother (Faith Evans) sang secular music (which was frowned upon by the deeply religious congregation). Darren's mother was asked to make a choice - church music or secular music. She chose to sing in nightclubs and died several years later in exile - after being forced to leave the church by Paulina (LaTanya Richardson). Paulina is the sister of the Minister and the church bully.

All of these elements come together when Darren arrives in Georgia for the reading of the will. The will says that Darren must enter a choir in the local gospel competition called the Gospel Explosion. Unfortunately, Aunt Lilly's church only has 3 singers so Darren must go recruit more members.

Darren's efforts to assemble a choir are hilarious. He visits the local prison and finds rappers; the local nightclub and finds Lilly; and recruits a mountain man named "Scooter" to play the church organ.

The choir has its share of ups and downs. Paulina, the church bully, discovers Darren's secret (why he left New York fleeing from creditors) and tells the other choir members. Darren admits his mistakes and asks for forgiveness. The choir members reconcile. Paulina is also exposed as less-than-perfect. For years, Paulina has told church members she was a widow. Truthfully, Paulina nagged her husband so much, he ran off with another woman.

The choir goes on to win the Gospel Explosion and Darren asks Lilly to marry him.

This time Lilly says "yes". Michael Jackson is no longer the man she's waiting for...


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