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The movie opens with Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) racing down a winding coastal road. They pull up to a hospital where two nuns come running out. Elena (Elsa Pataky) follows them. She informs Brian that it's time. He goes inside, and Dom tells him on his way in "Remember, once this happens, our old life is over." Mia (Jordanna Brewster) is inside giving birth to their first child.

Cut to Moscow: Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and his new partner, Riley (Gina Carano) are casing a crime scene where a military convoy was attacked and taken apart in 90 seconds. Hobbs remarks that there is only one team who could do something like this. The duo is informed that they caught one, and he is in the DSS building, in custody. Hobbs interrogates the guy and gets the info he needs.

The next scene is Dom and Elena in bed together. Dom wakes up and goes outside to cook. He is surprised to be greeted by Hobbs, who has tracked Torretto down and found him. He tells him about the heist, and Dom says they retired. Hobbs tells him he knows he didn't do it, but Dom is going to beg him to help catch the team that did. Hobbs passes Dom an envelope and says, "These photos were taken a week ago." Dom opens the folder and inside is a picture of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). Shocked, Dom says it's not possible, He goes out front to meet up with Hobbs and tells him he's going to do it alone. Hobbs says that the guys they are after are the cream of the crop, and that alone, Dom will lose. He says, "I need your team."

Roman (Tyrese Gibson) is shown on a plane with a group of models. It's clear that he owns the plane, and is living in luxury after the Rio heist. Next up we see Tej (Ludacris) at an ATM. A couple of guys give him a hard time about not sharing his money, and he says it doesn't grow on trees. He then presses a button on the ATM and it explodes, to which he says, "It rains from the sky" as money litters the ground. We then see Gisele (Gal Gadot) and Han (Sung Kang) sitting down in a busy market place to eat. They are discussing retiring from running, and settling down in one place together. Gisele suggests Tokyo. Just then, a team of cops burst into the alley from both sides, and surround them. The two stand there with guns blazing. The female officer throws a phone to Han, who picks it up and says,"Dom?" Roman and Tej get the calls next. Everybody is in.

Brian and Mia are sitting outside of their house, playing with their new baby, Jack. Dom pulls up and makes a joke about the baby being a Torretto, and giving him a toy muscle car. Mia takes Jack inside for his nap, and Brian and Dom are left outside to talk. Dom shows Brian the picture, and Brian is skeptical saying, "Letty is dead Dom." Dom wants to know for sure, and Brian tells him he's going with him.

We see the team coming together in London, inside a base; going over all the cool new weapons and gadgets they have. Roman makes a crack about smelling baby oil as Hobbs and Riley come in to inform them of the mission. The target is Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), and his plan is to steal military computer chips that would disable all the satellites in orbit; causing mass destruction. The loss of life would be unthinkable. Hobbs needs their help to catch Shaw, and in turn, Letty. Brian says that they all want full pardons, in exchange for their help.

The police are moving in on Shaw, without the help of Dom, Hobbs and the team, who are watching from a building across the street. They notice the streets are too quiet. The man who was in custody earlier in the film, has now been released and goes down in to the hideout to talk with Shaw. Shaw gives him a big bag of money and gets in to his custom car. He tells the guy, "consider it an advance on the next job." As Shaw drives away, we see a bomb in the bag, and it goes off, setting off a chain reaction, blowing up the entire base of operations. Hobbs, Dom, and Riley scramble to go after Shaw, while the rest of the team is off to the DSS building to go after Shaw's team. A sniper starts firing at the team. Gisele is almost hit, but Han saves her at the last second. A huge chase ensues through the streets of London. Roman and Tej are taken out. Dom notices a car and follows it. It turns out to be Letty. They both stop and get out; Letty looks right at Dom, and shoots him in the shoulder.

Back at the base, the team is recuperating from the chase. Dom is pulling a bullet out of his shoulder and Brian says, "Maybe the Letty we knew is gone Dom." Dom says "You don't turn your back on family, even when they do."

We see Shaw and his team talking, going over the group that just almost caught them. One of the guys in the group pulls out a picture of Dom and Letty sitting together. Letty looks at the photo and says that she has no idea who the guy in the picture is.

The next day, the team breaks off into groups to do recon work. Han, Roman, Gisele and Riley go to investigate the custom cars. Hobbs and Tej go to get "fast cars," and Brian and Dom track the bullet lodged in Dom's shoulder to a local pawn shop. Everything is going smoothly for Gisele and Riley until the guy they are talking to secretly calls Shaw on the phone, who is listening in and sends his goons to take care of it. Letty and Jah (Joe Talsim) show up with another guy and start shooting up the office. Riley chases after Letty, and Giselle stays with the thug in the office as he lays dying; his last words are "Braga" (the villain from Fast and Furious 4). Han and Roman are after Jah, and they get into a big fight with him. Jah basically destroys both of them and then just walks away. At the same time, Riley and Letty get in to a huge chick fight, as well. Letty gets the best of Riley and makes her way on to a train as it takes off.

Back at the base, the group is told by Gisele about Braga. Brian begins to blame himself for what happened to Letty, because he was the one who put her undercover in Bragas' crew in the first place. He manages to sneak himself back in to the USA with the help of his old FBI buddy Stasiak (Shea Whigam) who is helping in exchange for getting credit when they take down Shaw. Brian is in a maximum security prison, sitting in his cell at night, and is greeted by Braga (John Ortiz), who tells him (after a quick fight) that you don't get close to Shaw unless he wants you to.

Dom finds his way in to a street race, against Letty. The two of them race and come to a warehouse. They stop and talk for a few minutes. Dom is trying his best to help Letty remember who she is; by telling her where she got each one of her scars. She can't remember him, and tells him she has to go. As she drives off, Shaw pulls up. He tells Dom a story about his brother and his "code" that he lives by, and that Dom's "code" about family is what's holding him back. Dom tells him not to threaten his family. Both men have snipers with the scopes placed on each others chests. They both head off in different directions.

Back in London, the team finds out that Shaw plans to steal his next chip from a base in Spain. They intend to get there first and stop him. Hobbs and Riley are already there, while the team is packing up their base of operations. Brian arrives just in time, and the group tells him what they are going to do. Brian senses something is off and remembers what Braga told him about not getting close to Shaw unless he wants you to.

Once in Spain, the team realizes that Shaw isn't going to go after the base, but rather, the convoy that is moving the chip. This turns out to be true. They hijack the truck and drive a tank right out of the front of it. Jah, Letty and Shaw are in the tank; while the rest of the team are in trucks. Roman, Brian and Dom are driving cars, with Han and Gisele on motorcycles in pursuit of the bad guys. Gisele gets close to the truck, but it rams her off her bike, with Han again coming in to make the save. Shaw is getting reckless, and is intentionally driving over cars and killing people to draw attention. Dom tells Roman to distract him, and keep the focus off the pedestrians. Roman gets right under him, and is almost crushed by the tank. He anchors his car to the front of the tank and manages to jump on to Brian's car at the last moment. Shaw tells Letty to go outside and remove the cable that is anchoring Romans car to the tank. At the last second, the car pulls the tank, and it flips, just as Letty jumps off the roof and is caught by Dom, and are magically saved by landing on the hood of a nearby car. The tank is over turned, and Shaw is caught.

The team is celebrating, and Hobbs goes in to talk to Shaw. He brings him out to Dom and says, "You need to hear this". We cut to Mia and Elena, who are being hunted by two of Shaws thugs. He tells the team that if they don't let him go, he will kill Mia. Hobbs forces the base's General to let him go, and informs Dom and the team that when he walks, unfortunately, so do their pardons. Shaw walks out with Jah, and says, "Are you coming darling?" Letty tells him no, she's staying. Riley turns around and says, "Of course, babe." Turns out, she was working with Shaw the entire time. The group knows they can't let Shaw get away, and go after him as soon as he gets in his car. Shaw has a plane waiting for him, which is also carrying Mia and Shaws goons. Brian, Letty and Dom follow his car right on to the plane, while Gisele and Han go under one wing. Roman, Tej and Hobbs go under the other wing. Each group armed with the harpoon guns again. On the plane, it's Letty vs Riley, Dom vs the muscle of Shaw's group, and Brian vs Shaw, who is chasing after Mia. Hobbs tells Roman to get close and starts to climb up the plane to make his way inside. Brian gets Mia, and drives the car right out of the open back door.

Outside, Shaws' thugs in trucks start to come for Roman and Tej, and Gisele and Han. Gisele managed to get her harpoon in to the wing, preventing it from taking off, but picking their car up in the process. She and Han are fighting thugs on the roof of the cars, and Gisele is knocked off the back and is hanging on. Han grabs her hand to save her, but one of the bad guys is approaching from behind. Gisele lets her grip go as she whips out her gun, sacrificing herself to save Han. Inside the plane, Letty shoots Riley with one of the harpoon guns, and tells her, "Wrong team, bitch," before knocking her off the plane. Hobbs and Dom are now left to take on Shaw and his muscle. They take them down, and the three good guys are all about to jump out of the plane, one by one, into Roman and Tej's car. Hobbs and Letty go, and Dom catches Shaw trying to escape with the chip, so he goes after him. They fight again, and it ends with Dom throwing Shaw out of the plane, killing him. The team manages to bring the plane down from the outside; using all the harpoon guns. Dom is still inside.

The plane crashes down and explodes, but not before Dom drives his car straight out of the front, through the explosion. The car flips over and over and is engulfed in flames. The team is standing around looking for Dom, and Mia asks Han where Gisele is, and he breaks down and cries. Brian goes over to comfort him. Letty is frantic and looking for Dom, who comes walking out of the fire with chip in his hand. He passes it to Hobbs who tells him to name his price. Dom says "1327".

Turns out, 1327 is the address of their old house in Los Angeles. The whole group is sitting around in the backyard BBQing just like old times. Tej asks Han why he needs to go to Tokyo, and he just says that it's something he has to do.

The film ends with them all sitting around the table, with Roman saying grace.

POST CREDITS: TOKYO. A man is seen sitting in his car, listening to a police scanner talking about a Mazda Rx7 involved in a high speed chase through the city streets. We see the driver of the car is Han. (This is the scene from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift) The mysterious man takes off through the alleys, trying to catch up to Han and his car. Han turns a corner and broadsided by the man, flipping over. The mysterious driver of the other car steps out. It's Ian Shaw (Jason Statham)! He picks up a phone and dials. He says, "Dominic Torretto, you don't know me yet, but you're about to." Han's car explodes and he dies, and the screen goes black.

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