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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Brian.

The movie opens on the last scene of "Fast and Furious". Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), sitting in a courtroom, is sentenced to 25 years to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker) and Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) are saddened by the news. Dominic is loaded onto a prison bus, bound for the penitentiary. As the bus makes it's way along the highway three black sports cars appear behind it, being driven by Brian, Mia, Leo (Tego Calderon) and Santos (Don Omar). The three cars surround the bus, causing it to jackknife and roll several times. News reporters swarm the scene, stating that miraculously none on the bus were injured and that the only prisoner missing is Dominic. Dom, Brian, and Mia are federal fugitives.

Cut to Rio de Janeiro; present day. Brian and Mia drive up through a favela, on their way to a meeting. They stop the car, get out, and make their trek up through the favela, suddenly finding themselves surrounded by armed thugs. Just as Brian suggests they turn around and go Vince (Matt Schulze), Brian's main antagonist in the first film, appears. The armed thugs lower their weapons as the three make their way into Vince's home. Vince divulges that after the events of the first film, he fled Los Angeles, and headed into South America. He drifted for many years until he met his girlfriend, and mother to his child, Rosa. Mia ravenously eats her food and lovingly holds Vince's baby, but suddenly feels nauseous, and runs to the bathroom. It is revealed to Rosa that Mia is pregnant with Brian's child. Vince tells Mia and Brian of a job he has lined up, which the two eagerly accept. Later than evening Dom arrives, and Vince, happy to see him, invites him to participate in the job as well.

Mia and Brian are on a train passing through the desert. Mia flips through a travel magazine, pointing out locations such as Tokyo, Moscow and Goa: all countries without US extradition. The ticket taker passes through their train car, prompting Brian and Mia to get to their feet. Mia distracts the ticket-taker as Brian duplicates the man's electronic keycard, and they make their way to the rear cars of the train. Brian notices a trio of Federal agents (badges and all) sitting in one of the passenger cars. Using the forged card Brian and Mia make it to the rear most train cars where they discover three pristine supercars: a Pantera, a Ford GT, and a Corvette. Brian snatches the car keys and notices that each has been tagged with a "DEA" keychain and infers that the cars have been seized by the US government from a drug smuggler. At that moment an all terrain flat bed truck appears behind the train. Men with plasma torches appear on the flat-bed and begin cutting a large hole in the side of the second-to-last train car. Through the hole steps Dominic, Vince, Zizi (Michael Irby) and Zizi's crew. The team first attaches a pulley to the Pantera, and with Vince behind the wheel, the car is yanked out through the hole onto the back of the flat bed and then lowered to the ground. Vince takes off in the Pantera and heads north. One of Zizi's men goes to hop into the GT, but Mia beats him to it. Dom whispers to Mia that there's been a change of plans. The same process is repeated with the GT only Mia, now on the dirt, turns around and heads south. Zizi is angered by this betrayal and begins shooting at Brian and Dom. Brian jumps from the train car, onto the back of the flatbed. Dom trades blows with Zizi and his crew, jumps behind the wheel of the Corvette and drives it out the side of the train. During the commotion the three DEA agents arrive only to be shot down by Zizi. Brian almost manages to wrestle the wheel away from the flatbed's driver, but accidentally crashes into the side of the train instead. Brian holds on for dear life, and seeing a bridge and ravine up ahead, pleads for Dom to save him. Dom pulls up along the side of the train, and Brian leaps from the wrecked flatbed onto the Corvette moments before both men, and the car, careen over a cliff. The three land safely in the water below, only moments before they're surrounded by the rest of Zizi's men.

Brian and Dom find themselves chained up in a garage owned by Zizi's boss, Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida). Reyes demands to know where Mia has taken his GT. Brian and Dom tell him nothing. Reyes and Zizi leave, telling their men to torture the truth out of Brian and Dom. Brian and Dom quickly free themselves and dispatch their torturers. Mia anxiously waits for Dom and Brian in a garage, with the GT, in the favela. She hears a footsteps and hides and is relieved to see that it is Brian and Dom. Dom realizes that they have the upper-hand of Reyes, and that there must be something valuable in the car. The three disassemble the GT, and come up empty. Vince arrives, angering Brian, who is convinced that Vince was behind the betrayal. Dom calms Brian down insisting that Vince is family and that he would never betray them.

That evening a military cargo jet arrives in Rio. On it is federal fugitive manhunter Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and his black ops team, all tasked with apprehending Toretto, Brian, and Mia. They've brought with them numerous armored SUVs, including a Gurkha LAPV. He is greeted by Rio's Chief of Police Almeida (Joseph Melendez) who offers his services as a translator. Hobbs doesn't accept the offer, and insists that his translator be a specific street cop named Elena (Elsa Pataky). When asked why, Hobbs responds "Because she has a nice smile." Hobbs meets with Elena and reveals that he chose her as his translator because she is one of the few incorruptible cops in Rio, which is motivated by the death of her husband, who was also a policeman before he was killed on her doorstep. Hobbs and his team are well aware of the train robbery. They followed Vince's tire tracks until they met a highway and disappeared, and they followed Mia's until her tire tracks disappeared into the favela. Elena, familiar with the favela, tells Hobbs that she can find those tracks and the GT.

While the others sleep Vince quietly sneaks into the garage and grabs the GT's GPS. He fumbles around the back and pops out a computer chip which he nearly pockets until Dom appears, and demands to know why Vince has betrayed them. Vince pleads for forgiveness and ultimately leaves without the chip. Dom, Brian and Mia insert the chip into the back of the GPS and find it filled with a list of addresses, quantities and dates. Brian theorizes that these dates signify the locations of Reyes' money laundering houses and the amount of cash at every house, amounting to over $100 million. Dom hatches a plan to steal the money from Reyes, but first, they're going to need a team. Right then two teams of armed men are closing in on Dom, Brian, and Mia. One team lead by Zizi, and the other lead by Hobbs. Brian and Mia head one direction while Dom heads another. Elena appears ahead of Dom, her gun drawn on him. He scoops her out of the way, saving her from being shot by Zizi's men. During the scuffle Dom's rosary, which once belonged to Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) falls to the ground. Hobbs manages to take out many of Zizi's men but cannot apprehend Dom, Mia or Brian. Hobbs and his team make it up to the garage, where they find the GT. He orders them to disassemble and reassemble it, and to find out what was so important about it. Elena picks up Dom's rosary and wears it around her neck. Dom, Brian and Mia regroup at the bottom of the favela. Brian suggests that they all split up, until Mia tells Brian that they can't separate because they're family, and she's pregnant.

One-by-one the perfect crew arrives in Rio: Roman (Tyrese Gibson), from the second film; Tej (Ludacris), from the second film; Han (Sung Kang), from the third film; Gisele (Gal Gadot), from the fourth film; and Leo and Santos, both from the fourth film. Dom explains that they intend to net $100 million, which will be split evenly amongst the group. The group heads to one of Reyes' laundering houses. They break in, subdue the guards and money-counters and burn a large palette of cash in front of them. They reveal their faces to the guards, and Dom tells them to tell Reyes that they are coming. Reyes learns of this immediately and tells Zizi to collect all the cash within the hour. The team, stationed outside of each laundering house, follows the money as it is quickly moved to a central location. The team arrives at that location and are shocked to see that it is Rio's central police station. Inside Reyes brokers with the corrupt Police Commissioner to have his $100 million kept in a large vault inside the station's evidence room. Back at Hobbs' HQ, a traffic camera has flagged an image of Dom's black Charger being driven by Dom and co-piloted by Han. Hobbs orders his team to cross reference Dom's charger with Satellite imagery and to find out if any of Dom's former associates have recently entered the country. Almost immediately Roman, Tej, Leo, Santo, Gisele, and Han's faces appears on his screen.

The team first needs to know what kind of vault they're dealing with. Roman, donning Brian's FBI badge, carries an evidence box into the police station. He asks the officer behind the counter to store his evidence in their vault. The officer reluctantly agrees and stacks the box on a shelf, and leaves. From a distance Tej, manning a remote control, pushes the box off the shelf revealing a remote control car, and video camera, hidden within the box. He drives the car around until the vault is visible. He makes note of it's size and security measures, pointing out that the vault is armed with a biometric palm scanner, which is only accessible by Reyes. Leo and Santos, dressed as janitors, sneak into the police station. They stuff a small pipe-bomb into the building's main plumbing and explosively overflow all the building's toilets. They enter the bathroom, still dressed as janitors and drill a hole in one of the bathroom walls where they gain access to the building's security video-feed. Back at the team's HQ, they make a plan to race into the police headquarters, avoid the cameras, and then sneak into the vault, but they need a really fast car to do it. Han and Gisele, tasked with getting Reyes' palm-print, monitor him eating lunch at a beach-side restaurant, flanked by numerous security guards. Gisele, dressed in a bikini, approaches Reyes, who in-turn puts his hands all over her. The two return to the hideout, She passes her bikini-bottom to Tej, who scans it with a UV light, revealing Reyes' palm-print. At the HQ Leo and Santos receive a massive package: an exact replica of the the police station's vault, meant for Tej to practice on.

Dom and Brian, under the cover of nightfall, take the Charger to an underground street race, where they look for the fastest car they can find. They find a blue Porsche, owned by the man in charge of the street race, and they are challenged to a pink-slip challenge. Dom and Brian return to the HQ with the Blue Porsche and attempt to beat the eye of the police station's security cameras, but are unsuccessful at every attempt. Every team member tries to beat the camera, but nobody manages to do it. Mia, who has been running intel for their operation is shocked to find that the entire team has been black-listed by Hobbs. Dom looks for a way to use this to his advantage.

Hobbs' team is suddenly inundated by sightings of Toretto's black Charger at a downtown street race. Hobbs' team, in their armored cars, makes it's way to the street race where they find Dom, Brian, Mia, and the rest of the team with the blue Porsche ring leader. Hobbs attempts to apprehend Dom right then and there, but is stopped as hundreds of street racer handguns are drawn on him and his team. Dom notices Letty's missing rosary, which he thought was lost, hanging around Elena's neck. They hastily retreat to their armored vehicles and take off, not noticing that Tej had used the opportunity to mount a tracking beacon on Hobbs' big armored truck.

Dom and the team now realize that the only way they'll be able to beat the Police station's security cameras is to drive invisible cars. Dom smiles and realizes that he knows where he can find them. Dom, Brian, Han, and Roman stealthily make their way into the Police station parking lot, which is filled with black and white police Chargers. They steal four, and on their way back to the hideout, they engage in a million-dollar quarter mile. Dom is in the lead with Brian following close behind. At the last second Dom lets off the accelerator and allows an oblivious Brian to win.

That evening Elena returns home. She takes off her uniform and handgun, passes a small memorial for her husband, and does not notice until the last second that Dom is there. He pins her against a wall and takes back the rosary. She realizes that he too has lost someone he loved. Dom leaves. Back at the hideout the team prepares for the operation. Vince returns and pleads for forgiveness from Dom. Dom hugs Vince and forgives him. Dom invites Vince to be a part of the team, which he accepts. The next day Mia is monitoring Tej's tracking bug, placed on Hobbs' truck. Hobbs is on the complete other side of the city, and now is the best time to run the operation. Dom announces this fact and everyone gets ready to go. Han and Roman, dressed as cops, jump into their police chargers and take off. Just then Hobbs, in his truck, appears, and totals Dom's classic black Charger. Hobbs found the tracking device and planted it on a dummy-car. Brian and Mia attempt to flee and Dom and Hobbs have a violent, bloody fist-fight. Dom bests Hobbs, but is forced to give up as Hobbs' men have their guns drawn on him, Vince, Brian and Mia.

Hobbs' trucks drive in a convoy, heading to the airport. Dom, Brian, Mia and Vince sit cuffed in the back of the truck. Hobbs and Elena sit in the front. The convoy is suddenly attacked by Zizi and his men. During the commotion Hobbs' men are gunned down one-by-one. Dom and Brian plead with Elena to free them. Outside Hobbs is trying to fend off Zizi's men, but is blown off his feet by an exploding truck. Hobbs is about to be shot by Zizi's men when Dom, Brian and Vince appear, guns drawn, and they take out Zizi's men. Zizi flees once again. Elena gets behind the wheel of Hobbs' armored truck, and everybody, including Hobbs, piles into the back. Everybody is okay, except for Vince, who has a severe wound in his abdomen. Vince tells Dom how his son's name is "Nico" short for "Dominico", and that he named him after Dom. Dom says he will see his son. Vince dies. They make their way back to the hideout where most of the team insists that the next course of action is fleeing the country. Dom disagrees, insisting that they have to complete the job. The other team members explain that Reyes has tripled the police station's security detail and that pursuing the plan, as-is, is a suicide mission. Hobbs pipes up, saying that he will help them complete their mission as long as it means he can kill the man who killed his team.

At the police station Reyes and Commissioner Almeida ensure that the vault is secure and guarded. Outside three cars approach the station: Hobbs' truck being driven by him and Elena and two police Chargers painted matte black being driven by Dom and Brian. Using Hobbs' LAPV as a battering ram they crash their way into the evidence room. Dom and Brian spin the Chargers around and hook tow cables to the front of the vault. They gun their engines simultaneously and pull the vault free from the wall, dragging it through the streets of Rio. Mia, back at the hideout, monitors police frequencies and gives Dom and Brian directions to avoid roadblocks. Brian and Dom use the vault as a weapon and destroy wave after wave of police cruisers. Mia pipes in "You've got ten seconds of freedom!" The two cars pass beneath an overpass, pass a garbage truck and continue their journey to their escape route: a very long bridge. Brian realizes that by towing the vault they will soon be overtaken by the dozen police cruisers behind them, and they'll have to ditch the vault to survive. Dom agrees and blows Brian's tow-cable, and tells him that this was always the plan, to let Brian survive and be the family man. Dom, now the sole vault-tugger spins around and heads directly for the police. Using the vault as a morning star he takes out all the oncoming police cruisers, until all that is left is him in one car and Reyes and Zizi in the other. Dom guns the car, spins the wheel, sends the vault smashing onto the top of Reyes SUV, and jumps from the Charger before it too lands on Reyes' car. Dom gets to his feet and stands beside the vault, which teeters over the edge of the bridge. Zizi appears, injured but alive. He aims his gun at Dom, and is shot by Brian, who suddenly appears. Brian jokes with Dom that "he made a call." Hobbs and Elena appear moments later. Hobbs steps out of his LAPV just as the still-living Reyes crawls from the wreckage of his own SUV. Hobbs instantly draws his revolver and shoots Reyes three times, killing him. The four stand beside the vault. Hobbs holsters his weapon and vows that he will arrest Toretto, but just not today. He tells Dom that he can't take any of the money and that he'll give him a 24 hour head start, ending with "I'll see you soon" to which Dom responds "No you won't." Brian and Dom jump into Brian's Charger and take off down the bridge. Hobbs examines the bank vault, and notices the slightly-open door. He moves around to the opening, opens the door and peers inside to find a plastic-wrapped interior, fresh from the factory. Via flashback we see Leo, Santos and Gisele dressed in sanitation uniforms driving a garbage truck. Just as Mia says "You've got ten seconds of freedom!" Dom and Brian load Reyes' vault into the back of the garbage truck and swap it for Tej's duplicate which had been mounted on the front of the truck, all within ten seconds.

Back at the hideout Tej carefully takes Reyes' hand-print, procured by Gisele, and opens the vault, which overflows with cash. Back at Vince's apartment, Rosa and Nico walk in to see a four-foot tall pile of cash (Vince's share) with a hand-written note from "Uncle Dom". Leo and Santos take their money to Monaco where we watch each bet all ten million on a roulette wheel. One puts all the money on black, the other on red. In Berlin Han and Gisele race along the Autobahn, kissing as he drives. She asks where he intends to go next. "Tokyo?" He responds by saying "I'll get there eventually." With his money Tej opens a modest mechanic's shop in Florida. Roman arrives at the shop, dressed in an expensive suit and driving a car of which only four exist. He brags to Tej who laughs as two girls pull up in the same car. In Goa, Brian and Mia walk hand in hand along the beach. Mia's pregnancy is very far along. Dom arrives in a black Dodge Challenger. Elena is with him. Brian challenges Dom to another quarter mile, since Dom let him win in Rio. The movie ends with the two racing one another.

In a post-credit scene Hobbs, hunched over a case-file is interrupted by Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes), from the second film, who tells him of a heist that recently took place in Berlin. Hobbs reacts dismissively, saying that he's only interested in cases that deal with Toretto. She pursues the subject, saying that he ought to be interested in this case anyway. She opens the file, revealing a surveillance photo of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and asks if Hobbs believes in ghosts.

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