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The film begins as we see an elaborate truck hijacking involving 3 or 4 souped up Honda Civics and a semi carrying electronic equipment. One of the Honda's races in front of the truck, pops off it's sunroof and launches a grappling hook of some kind into the truck's windshield. The windshield is pulled off and another hook is fired inside the cab where the hijackers climb inside and overtake the truck driver (all this while still going 70 mph down the road).

We then cut to the empty parking lot of Dodger Stadium where Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) is testing out his high performance car. He's not happy with it and decides he needs more NOS (nitrous oxide).

We next see him at an old diner where he's been going everyday for the last few weeks for lunch. He is slowly befriending the waitress whose brother is Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), head of the local street racers.

Some of Vin's street racing gang members don't like Paul hanging around the diner so he gets beat up. Vin stops the beating but tells Paul to stay away.

That night there is a major street race about to happen. Everyone is waiting for the local hero, Vin to show up and when he does, the race is ready. Paul shows up too with his now NOS'ed up car and offers Vin his car title if he loses.

Vin accepts and the race begins between four cars. Paul slowly takes the lead but at the last second, Vin hits his NOS turbo's and overtakes him. He has just won Paul's car.

Suddenly one of Vin's buddies hears on his scanner that the police are coming and everyone drives off in different directions.

Eventually, the police catch up with Vin who is now on foot but out of nowhere, Paul shows up, tells Vin to get in and races away from the police. In all the confusion, they end up in a rival Asian racing gang area who show up on motorcycles. Vin and Paul agree to leave but just before they do the Asian gang shoots up Paul's car, destroying it.

We then learn all about the "Race Wars" coming up in a few days. This is a legitimate race where street racers from all over the country compete.

We also discover that Paul is an undercover cop, trying to solve the truck hijacking spree in southern California.

Paul sneaks into the Asian gang garage and discovers cases and cases of electronic equipment. The swat team storm the house of the Gang leader only to find non-stolen property.

Paul is given 36 hours to solve the case

The Race War begins but the only real excitement is when Vin's somewhat brilliant yet mentally challenged mechanic, takes his dad's souped up Jetta and challenges the Asian gang leader to a race for car titles. The Asian wins and the panicked mechanic, instead of giving up his dad's car, drives away.

Meanwhile, we learn for sure that Vin and his gang are involved in the hijackings and in fact, are headed off for another one that night.

Paul confesses to Vin's sister that he is falling in love with her and that he is a cop. Paul has become close friends now with Vin and wants to stop the hijacking .

Paul heads out with Vin's sister to try to find Vin and use Vin's cell phone to trace his whereabouts. They discover where he is and will get there in about 40 minutes.

The hijacking isn't going so well. Seems the truckers are onto the gang now so the truck that they picked out, unfortunately has a driver with a shotgun. He starts shooting at the Honda's and the drivers and in fact, has Vin's main henchman, stuck on the side of the truck, while barreling down the freeway.

Paul arrives just in time, frees the henchman and crashes onto the side of the road.

The man needs instant medical assistance so Paul calls in a medi-vac, using his police credentials.

Vin sees that Paul is actually a cop and drives off in disgust.

Paul heads to Vin's house but when he arrives, Vin is about to leave to find his mechanic who drive off during the race war. Just before he leaves, the mechanic shows up and apologizes. Too late as the Asian gang show up on motorcycles and fire machine guns into the mechanic's Jetta, killing the mechanic.

Vin and Paul take off after the motorcycles and a small chase begins. It finally ends with the gang crashing their bikes as Paul makes sure someone calls 911 to help him. He's still after Vin.

They finally meet up with each other at a stop light. Vin explains to Paul that this is where he raced as a kid. A quarter mile down the road are train tracks which make a perfect finish line.

The race is on...

A train is coming and now the race isn't between each other but between the two of them and the train. They cross the tracks just a split second before the train. As Vin looks over to Paul, he doesn't see a truck and crashes his car into it.

Paul pulls him out of the accident but hears the police coming.

Paul gives Vin the keys to his car so Vin can escape from the police, (after all, Vin won his car earlier in the movie).

The movie ends as we see Vin tearing out of the scene with the sound of police sirens approaching.


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Vin Diesel:
Plays Dominic Toretto pictured here with his gang, including undercover cop - Brian O'Conner.
Paul Walker:
Plays Brian O'Conner who slowly falls in love with Vin's sister.
Vin Diesel with his girlfriend, Michelle Rodriguez
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