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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by PB who says, "Very cute movie, well made (stop animation is AMAZING), but no real strong plot. Definitely more of an adults movie than kids- some pretty funny jokes."

The movie opens with Mr. Fox (George Clooney) waiting for his wife, Felicity Fox (Meryl Streep) to return for a visit to the doctor. She meets up with him and tells him that her recent stomach issues are nothing. Returning to their home, they decide to cut through a squab farm despite Mrs. Fox's hesitancy. In a cute sequence, they manage to sneak in and into the squab house and are just about to escape when Mr. Fox notices a fox trap. After explaining to Mrs. Fox why when he triggers the trap they'll be fine, he pulls the lever only to have a steel cage fall down on top of them. It is at that moment that Mrs. Fox tells Mr. Fox that she is pregnant and that she wants him to quit his job stealing poultry.

Flash-forward several years, and Mr. Fox is writing a column for the local newspaper. He and his wife and son, Ash (Jason Schwartzman), live underground, a fact, which Mr. Fox bemoans. Ash is going through his adolescent years and clearly resents that his father is so "fantastic," and wants to live up to his expectations and be seen as an athlete. The Foxes remind Ash that his cousin, Kristofferson (Eric Anderson) is coming to stay with them, which Ash is not happy about.

Mr. Fox decides that it's time to move his family above ground. Mr. Fox goes to check out new homes and while visiting a tree catches site of a chicken farm nearby, immediately selling him on the house. We also meet Kylie, who is the tree's superintendent and a little bit of a space cadet.

We next see Mr. Fox meeting with his lawyer, Badger (Bill Murray), who explains that the house Mr. Fox wants is not in a good neighborhood. Boggis, Bunce and Bean- three of the meanest farmers in the area, live nearby making it an undesirable place. Can't remember the exact professions of each- but one is a chicken farmer, the other is a duck/game farmer (who likes to eat donuts filled with duck liver), and the last has a penchant for hard cider. After a quick (rather adorable) fight sequence, Mr. Fox tells Badger he wants to buy it anyway.

Mr. Fox and his family move into the tree and cousin Kristofferson (who likes to meditate and is taller/more attractive than Ash), comes to stay with them. During this time, Mr. Fox decides to have one last hurrah and visit the local chicken farm. He recruits Kylie as his partner in crime and sets off, confessing during conversation en route to the farm to Kylie that he has a phobia of wolves. After drugging the farmer's beagles with laced blueberries (beagles love blueberries), they manage to steal the chickens and get back safely. Even though he had promised his wife he would stop his life of crime, Mr. Fox then embarks on a mission to the 2nd farm where he steals a large quantity of smoked meat. He then decides to break into Bean's cellar for cider and recruits Kristofferson to go with them (even though he dismisses Ash's attempt to come along). At some point during this sequence of events, we see Ash and Kristofferson not getting along- Kristofferson is not only better at Whackbat (a sort of cricket game involving a burning pine cone), but he also starts going steady with Ash's lab partner.

Mr. Fox and crew break into the cellar successfully only to have a run in with Rat (Willem Dafoe) who is Bean's security guard. Rat and Mr. Fox tussle after Rat calls Mrs. Fox the town tramp, only to have their fight broken up when Mrs. and Mr. Bean go down to the cellar to get some cider. They flee successfully only to be discovered by Mrs. F (who had suspected something was up the whole time), when they return home. Mr. Fox promises not to do it again. At this point, Boggis, Bunce & Bean are pissed off that someone has been breaking into the farms and they suspect Mr. Fox. They hold a stakeout outside of Mr. Fox's home and catch him sneaking out to rob them again. After a brief shoot out, during which Mr. Fox's tail is shot off, they decide they have had enough and are going to dig up the tree.

That night in bed Mrs. Fox and Mr. Fox have some words which make it clear that she resents the fact that he never listens to her and always does what he wants, only to be interrupted by the sound of earth movers digging into their home. The Fox Family and Kylie dig their way to safety as you see BB&B dynamite the tree. Underground, they meet up with Badger and a contingent of unhappy forest creatures that have been forced underground because of BB&B and Mr. Fox's actions. They are clearly unhappy- but rally together and with the help of Mr. Fox dig under the storehouses of BB&B to get the provision they need to not be starved out.

During this time, Ash decides to prove himself to his father by stealing back Mr. Fox's tail, which Bean has been wearing as a necktie. He and Kristofferson break into the kitchen of Mrs. Bean where they are distracted by a plate of freshly baked cookies. Unfortunately, Mrs. Bean catches them and while Ash manages to escape, Kristofferson is not so lucky. Meanwhile, underground the animals are about to sit down to a feast when Mr. Fox announces a toast and begins to give a self-aggrandizing speech. However, he is interrupted by a sudden tidal wave of cider-- BB&B have decided to flood the animals out. When all of the animals finally wash up in the sewer system, they realized they are trapped and Ash and Kristofferson are missing. Ash makes it back and explains that Kristofferson has been taken which clearly upsets Mr. Fox who has begun to realize that he is to fault for the entire situation. After a heartfelt conversation with his wife and son, he decides to turn himself in.

At this time, Rat returns and explains that BB&B are holding Kristofferson for ransom in exchange for Mr. Fox. Mrs. Fox and Ash attack him only to be captured and saved by Mr. Fox who hearing the scuffle has returned. He and Rat fight, ending with Rat being electrocuted. With his last dying breath, Rat and Mr. Fox make peace and Rat reveals the location of Kristofferson- the attic of Mr. Bean's annex. Mr. Fox decides that instead of turning himself in, he will attempt to save Kristofferson with the help of the other animals. After rallying the troops, he sends a note to BB&B to meet him at the sewer exit. At the appointed date and time you see that snipers surround the area and clearly a show down is about to happen. Mr. Fox opens the sewer cover- but instead of emerging, fire bombs the area with blazing pinecones (a la Whackbat). He and Kylie jump into a mini motorcycle & sidecar and head off to Mr. Bean's annex, discovering that Ash has tagged along with them.

They arrive at the annex only to be cornered by the rabies afflicted beagle, Spitz. Realizing that they forgot any drugged blueberries, Mr. Fox stays behind to distract the dog while Ash and Kylie go to rescue Kristofferson. They locate him in the attic and Ash (because he's small) is able to slide down to him. After a few kung-fu moves, he knocks the milk crate that Kristofferson is being held captive in to the ground, freeing him. Ash and Kristofferson have a heart to heart convo and make peace with each other. They exit to the roof and are joined by Mr. Fox when they discover that BB&B have surrounded the exit. They start getting shot at when Ash saves the day by using his Whackbat skills to knock open a door and set Spitz loose on BB&B and their men. Mr. Fox and crew flee in their motorcar back to the other animals-- only to stop along the way when they see a wolf in the distance. Mr. Fox makes a speech and confronts his phobia of wolves, waving to it before it heads off into the distance.

You then see the animals pretty unhappy still living underground. Mr. Fox gathers his family and Kylie and tells them he has something important to show them- he has discovered an underground entrance to a grocery store. They head up to the store and are seen celebrating-- now the other animals won't have to go hungry. Mrs. Fox also tells Mr. Fox that she is pregnant again. Mr. Fox makes another speech about the error of his ways and how important his friends & family are before they continue to party.

As the movie ends, we see that they are in a supermarket owned by none other than Boggis, Bunce & Bean.

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