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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by ewhizkid who says... "Read the spoiler like a dialog, because that is what it is mostly. Open your mind. Now Enjoy"

The movie starts off with a celebration of Al Gore's Florida Victory. With him, his wife, Ben Affleck, and Stevie Wonder, and a whole lot of Floridans partying.

Moore comments that what if that last 4 years was just a dream.

Then he shows news reports of steadying state by state wins by Al Gore, but at Florida, Fox News changes its forecast to George Bush as the winning candidate. The rest of the newscasters follow suit and report the same thing.

Moore reveals a few things: The one who made the decision at Fox News to support George Bush was Bush's first cousin. Also, Bush's brother is governor of the said state.

After finally accepting the decision, Vice President Al Gore (President of the Senate), is set to ratify the election and opens the floor to anyone that may want to formally debate the election outcome before George Bush is named President.

A number of African American women step up, raising their objections, but are stopped because they have no signatures from even one of the Senate. Rules say that to make the objection, you need it in writing and 1 signature of the senate. "Not a single senator came to the aid of the African Americans. One after the other, they were told to sit down and shut up"

Footage of protesters of Bush is shown. Eggs are thrown at his car, and he wasn't getting out of the car as is the tradition. A protest of this kind had never before happened in U.S. history.

Bush's first few months of work didn't go too well. He lost republican control, approval ratings went down. So what did he do? He went on vacation. - A golf vacation.

In his first 8 months, he was on vacation 42% of the time.

August 8, 2001: When asked about the vacation, he says they don't understand the meaning of work, and that with the technology of today, it meant that he doesn't have to been in Washington to work.

When Michael Moore first meets him: Bush says that he should find some real work. Work for Bush: Being a cowboy, fishing, playing in the Ranch.

On September 10, 2001, he was with his brother in Florida, meeting important Floridians. He slept in a bed with fine french linens.

The credits begin and we see George Bush is having make up and his hair done. Other important personnel are getting theirs done too. (Powell, Rice, etc.). One most disturbing sites of the entire movie however is Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz licking his comb to slick down his hair.

Credits end and the screen goes black for about 20 seconds as we hear sounds of chaos, police sirens, and explosions, and the occasional "Oh my Gods"

People stare up, in shock.

They are witnessing 9/11.

Debris is falling down, masses fleeing.

"On September 11, 2001, nearly 3000 people were killed in the largest foreign attack on the U.S. ever. "

A friend, Bill Veans, of Moore died too.

"The targets were the financial and military headquarters of the United States"

As the attack took place, Bush was on his way to an elementary school.

Even when he was informed of the first place strike, he went to the photo opportunity in the elementary school.

When the second plane hit the tower, his staff stepped into the classroom, and told him his Nation was under attack.

He wasn't told to do anything, and the secret service did nothing, so he just sat there, and continued to read "My Pet Goat" with the children.

7 minutes pass, nobody did nothing.

Moore: Should Bush have spent more time in the office? Should he have discussed at least once the threat of terrorism? Shouldn't have cut the terrorism briefing. Or should have he paid more attention to the security briefing earlier that told him Osama Bin Laden was planning to attack the U.S.

The title of the report was: "Bin Laden determined to attack the United States"- too vague maybe?

Moore: It might have made some men jump, but Bush just went fishing.

As the minutes in the classroom went by, was he thinking "I've been hanging out with the wrong guys"?

Old footage from 1983 with Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein shaking hands.
Tabilan leaders visited his state, when he was governor.
The Saudis? "It was them, I think I'd better blame it on this guy"

The FAA closed all airplanes in the days following, even for his father's, the ex-President.

Ricky Martin couldn't fly to his concert either.

"Only the Bin Ladens could fly."

It turns out the White House approved the evacuation of the Bin Laden family and numerous other Saudis.

At least 12 private jets left the US. In all 120 people left.

Craig Unger, author of 'House of Bush, House of Saud' explains: the family rejected Osama, cutting off all relations to him (in 1994).

But in the summer of 2001, one of the Bin Laden sons got married in Afghanistan, and several family members were there: including Osama.

Larry King Live. Ambassador of Saudi is there:
We have about 24 members of the Bin Label family in the States, students mostly. His Majesty (of Saudi) felt it wasn't fair that they would be subjected to any harm. On the other hand, we understand high emotions. So they arranged with the FBI to get them out.

Interviewing ex-FBI head of the Al-Quaeda investigations, he said the procedure is to get them on record, not let them go.

Old TV show, Dragnet footage of investigations: Moore comments on the fact that to find a person, they will always ask the family. So why let them go?

Senator Byron Dorgan: "I think we need to know a lot more about that" We need an investigation.

The FBI guy: Try and imagine what happened to the people who jumped out of the WTC. Families were ruined. And he wouldn't lose sleep over asking the Bin Laden family for information.

"It made no sense"

"Imagine in the days after the Oklahoma city bombing. President Clinton arranging to make a trip out of the country for the McVay family? What do you think would have happened to Clinton, if that had been revealed?

Footage of colonials with torches.

Larry King asking the ambassador: It is ironic, Bin Laden thanked him for bringing the Americans in to help Afghanistan against Russia.

And now he may be responsible for the bombings.

"[Bin Laden] didn't impress me. He was a simple and quiet guy."

And his [Bin Laden's] family just happened to have a business relationship with the Bush family.

Moore in early 2004, in the speech during the New Hamshire Primary, called Bush a deserter for his days in the Texan National Guard.

The White house released his military records in hopes of disproving him. But Moore already had those records. Uncensored. Obtained in the early 2000.

There was a difference between the two: A name had been blacked out: In 1972, two airmen were suspended for failing to take their medical exam. One was George W. Bush. The other was James R. Bath.

In the 2004 copy of the military record, Bath's name was blacked out. Why? Perhaps it was because at one time, Bath was the Texas money manager for the Bin Ladens. Bush and Bath were good friends in the army.

When Bush's dad was the head of the CIA, Bath opened a new airplane business after selling a plane to Salem Bin Laden, heir to the second largest fortune in Saudi, the Saudi Bin Laden Group.

Bush emulated his father, and opened an oil business. Very good at drilling dry holes. So where did the money come from? His dad was rich, but he didn't give any. So were did Bush get his money? Bath invested in him.

Bin Laden had given money to Bath to invest in good places. Bath in turn invested in Bush.

Bush ran the business into the ground, like all his previous ventures. Until one of his companies was bought by Harkin Energy. He got a seat on their board. It was suspected that there was Saudi money in his businesses.

Why? Bush was on the board of directors when his father was President, so he got money.

1990, he was told not to sell even if there was stock loss. He sold.
The man who took the rap was Robert Jordan, and when Bush became president, Jordan became ambassador in Saudi Arabia.

Then, after that fiasco, Bush got to be on another board, thanks to his dads friends, The Carlyle Group. It invests in heavily government regulated industries like tele communications and healthcare, and defense. Both Bushes were in it. On the morning of September 11th, the group were holding a meeting in a hotel.

Since the group owned United Defense, September 11th guaranteed a good business year for them, builders of an armored tank. And the Saudis gained money for their investments.

When the Carlyle Group took United Defense public, they made a one day profit of 237 million.

George W. H. Bush was meeting with the Bin Laden family, before 9/11, but even when Osama was a wanted terrorist. H. Bush got more money as ex-President than any other ex-President before him. He had enormous reach in the White House.

The Carlyle group wasn't about conspiracy, it was about money. They made a lot of money.

Moore: Lets say the people of America pay you 400,000 dollars a year to be president. And another group pays you and your friends 1.4 billion over a number of years? Who's your daddy? That's how much the Saudis did over 3 decades.

1.4 buys not just a flights out of the country. It buys a lot of love.

Footage of the presidents shaking hands with important Saudis. Many many times.

The investigation should have been started immediately after 9/11. Bush says that it was important to not reveal how they collect information, when the congress wanted to start its own investigation. He also tried to stop independant investigation. A news reporter reports that in days after Pearl Harbor and Kennedy's assasination, there were many independant investigations.
The Bush white house censored 23 pages of information that the Congress had put together. Most of the information there was from the Saudi Arabia dealings.

Bush wouldn't testify before the commission.

A widow of 9/11 says bitterly that she needs to know what happened.

More than 500 members of 9/11 victims families filed suits against Saudis. The law firm chosen to defend the Saudis? James A. Baker's.

860 billion dollars in total invested in America by the Saudis. Moore talks about this when showing the Saudi embassy, next to the Watergate Hotel.
860 billion is 6 to 8% of the American economy.

The Saudis have about 1 trillion dollars in Americas banks. Moore questions what would happen if all that was simultaneously taken out on 1 day. It would be a huge blow to the economy.

Secret service asks him about his work, and asking him why he was standing in front of foreign embassy. Moore says that isn't it irregular for the Secret Service to guard foreign embassies? He says they don't usually do it. Moore asks if the Saudis have been giving them any trouble. The Secret Service guy mutters something, and Moore takes it for a 'Yes'.

The Saudi ambassador is the highest protected ambassador in the U.S. Price Bander was so close to the President, that they considered him family. They even had a nickname for him: Bandar Bush.

2 nights after 9/11, Bush invited Bander over for a private dinner to talk.
Even though 15 out of 19 men who made 9/11 were Saudis, the ambassador was casually dining with the President. What were they talking about?

Why would the Saudis block American investigators from questioning the families of the terrorists? Why did Saudi Arabia freeze the hijackers assets?

Moore questions what else they could have talked about.

In an televised interview of Howard Clarke, Clarke says that Bush specifically told his crew that they should look for Iraq involvement. Bush had planned something for Iraq long before 9/11. No other country was asked about. It was as Donald Rumsfeld said, there were no good targets in Afghanistan, so lets bomb Iraq. Clarke told him Iraq had nothing to do with this, and that didn't make much difference. The reason: Al-Queda was responsible, and they were in Afghanistan.

The Us began bombing Afghanistan 4 weeks after 9/11. Bush said it was because the Taliban harboured Bin Laden. He is shown saying "smoke him out" 4 times.

Bush didn't do much.

Clarke says only 11000 troops in Afghanistan. There are more police in Manhattan.
The troops didn't get to where Osama was for another two months. 2 Months?

Moore: He was given a 2 month head start? Or was the war on Afghanistan really about something else? Perhaps the answer was in Houston Texas.

when Bush was the governor of Texas, Taliban leaders flew to Texas to meet up. They were discussing building a pipe line through Afghanistan and to the Caspian sea. Who got the fuel at the Caspian sea? The group headed by Dick Cheney. Who else benefited? The #1 supporter of Bush: Ken Lay, of the Enron fame. Only the British press, BBC, covered this trip.

Moore shows this article:

Then in 2001, 5.5 months before 9/11, Bush welcomed a Taliban envoy to tour America, to show the good side of the Taliban too.

Moore: why did the Bush administrator let the Taliban envoy be in and around America when they knew that the Taliban bombed USS Coal and their African embassies?

9/11 put a stop to that.

After Afghanistan was invaded, a new leader was put up: Hamid Karzai. He was former adviser to UniCal. Another UniCal advisor was appointed envoy of the US there.

So, an agreement was formed to build a pipe line to channel natural gas was formed. The Taliban were forgotten. They got away.

A new war was made: against the American people, with the 'War on Terrorism'. News clips are shown about stories and warnings against bombs, bullet pens, poison, etc.

Congressman Jim McDermott (psychiatrist too): "You can make people do anything if they are afraid"

Make them afraid by making an aura of danger. Make them confused.

Rumsfeld is warning the people against terrorists. Bush promotes tourism, (Disney world, Florida, etc.).

Bush then says that he calls all nations to fight terrorism. Then he shows the camera his lovely golf drive.

Various money making products like an unbreakable safety box are shown. An emergency parachute is shown. The guy says "Its real easy to put on", but the woman demonstrating it has much difficulty.

In small towns, people are interviewed, showing some concern, but they are still doing their Christmas shopping.

Tappahannock, Virginia, was a place mentioned by terrorists, so they are concerned. Population: 2600. The mayor and the county sheriff are just not really concerned, because of a mistake with Rappahannock. No real terrorist targets in Tappahannock. Maybe the 7-11? no.

March 19th 2003, Bush invaded Iraq. Iraq never attack the Us. Iraq never threatened to attack the US. Iraq had not murdered a single American citizen.

Footage of a dead baby is shown. A man shouts 'what crime did this baby commit'

A young girl, age 20, was buried in rubble.

Some soldiers say:
"A lot of innocent civilians killed. When the American army came, we knew it wasn't easy. Pretty much shot at anything that moved"
"War happens, fight starts, we're pumped up, ready to go"
"Its the ultimate rush"
Then they talk about a little trick: connect their music player with the tank's radio broadcast, so they can listen in their helmets.

Footage of dead bodies carried away are shown. Then the roofs are on fire.
A song favorite is something about 'Burn mother f*cker, burn'.

"Who is the enemy?"
"All the smells from the rotting bodies, its a lot more gruesome than you think"
"Some artillery like Napalm; innocent women and children got hit them on the road. Little girls with their noses blown off, and husbands carrying their dead wives and things like that - that was extremely difficult to deal with, because, shoot, what the hell do we do now?"

A boy with multiple stitches on his head is shown.

Donald Rumsfeld talks about the improved advanced targeting capabilities. The background video is of mass bombings.

A woman shouts "They slaughter us. God destroy their houses"
The reporter asks if they killed civilians (in Arabic, of course), and the woman replies it was her uncle's house. "We are all civilians here. God help us. We had 5 funerals because of this bombing. Where are you God?"

Britney Spears says honestly that we should support our president and every decision that he makes and be faithful. She trusts Bush.

Moore: Majority of the Americans trusted Bush. And they had reason to. Bush had spent a better part of the year giving them reasons to attack Iraq.

Bush is giving a speech about Saddam Hussein: taken costly measures has obtained weapons of mass destruction.

Powell says that Saddam Hussein is determined to get his hands on a nuclear bomb.

Various instances of Bush saying 'nuclear weapon' are shown.

Powell shows a picture with yellow circles on domes saying 'Active chemical bunkers.

Bush says 'Chemical Weapons' a few time over. 'He's got em'.

Moore says that's not what the Bush Administration said when they first took office.

Powell in February 2001 says: He is not developing any weapons of mass destruction. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbors.

Then Bush says that Saddam protects terrorists, including members of the Al-Qaeda.

Footage of Bush saying 'Saddam' and 'Al-Qeada' almost synonymously are shown.

Rumsfled says that in time, terrorists with WMD's will deliver them to US cities.

Powells says again that 'what we are giving you are facts and solid intelligence"

Bush says Saddam "Hates America" "Hates freedom" "Tried to kill my dad".

McDermott says that they simply got people to believe there was a real threat, when in fact there wasn't one.

Rumsfeld: You get told everything, things happen, when in fact it doesn't happen; it doesn't seem to bother people.

Moore: Of course, The democrats where there to stop these falsehoods:

Senator Tom Daschle (Senate Democratic Leader) giving a speech: We will vote to give the President the authority he needs.

Bush: Lead a coalition of the willing will disarm those threats.

A reporter asks who is in the 'coalition of the willing'. Bush says you will find out who is in the 'coalition of the willing'.

In a mock advertisement, the countries in the Coalition of the willing are:
Costa Rica

Moore: Of course, none of these countries has an army, or for that matter, weapons, so it looked like we'd be doing most of the invading ourselves.

Then Romania (in the same mock ad) steps in. And Morocco.

Morocco wasn't officially in the coalition. But one report said they offered to send 2000 monkeys to detonate in land mines.

Netherlands. And Afghanistan.

Moore. Afghanistan? Oh yeah, they had an army: OUR Army. That's one way to build a coalition: keep invading countries.

So pretty much it was just the American Army in this coalition of willing.

The troops are rallying support. journalists are showing all these amazing feats done by the American Armies.

Then the reports switch to bias in the reports.

The story the media wasn't covering: the story of the dead ones. The government wouldn't allow any cameras to show the coffins coming home. That story is a downer.

Especially when you are getting ready for a party on a boat. Bush is on a boat, enjoying the photo ops.

Bush in his speech: Fellow American, major combat in Iraq has ended. We have prevailed.

Then more footage of bomb attacks and people carried off, bloody screaming, is shown.

Statistics of the number of troops dead are rising. 62, 384, 484, 500, 625,... greatest number of deaths since Vietnam.

Bush "There are some who feel like they can attack us there. My answer is 'Bring em on".

More footage of burning, blood and army id tags.

4th day: Street clashes.

Bush: They aren't happy they're occupied. I wouldn't be happy if I was occupied.

Report: Japanese troops kidnapped, threatening to kill unless Japan withdrew its troops.

Thomas Hamill is shown, restraint, told to say by force.

The troops never expected to stay this long. They don't know why they are there for so long.

Moore: War not going as planned, and they need more troops.

A report says that 3 times the current troop count would join in to 'pacify and rebuild the country'

The men would come from places all around the USA, where the only job was to join the army. Places like Moore's hometown: Flint, Michigan.

A guy he interviews says that he saw some buildings hit by bombs in Iraq, and he thought they look an awful lot like the some of the houses in Flint, and they'd never been in a war before. Most houses are abandoned.

The unemployment, at the end of January 04, the unemployment rate was 7%, but you should take into consideration that when your employment runs out, you are no longer counted. The woman estimates 50% are not working or underemployed.

The woman tells her story: She started at the same unemployment booth where the crowds are waiting. Now she's the executive assistant something to the director of the agency. Her mom asked why she was working for the underdog, and she said it was because it was these people who needed the help the most. She tells her children that the military is a good option; she can't afford them college.

The military could take them around the world, see new places, and it would pay for their education.
The military is an excellent option for the people of Flint.

At the Training Technology Centre, Moore asks if they have a family or friend in the army. All hands up. Overseas? A few. 2 out of the 3 are in Iraq.

A really cool looking ad of the Army National Guard says they need to serve 2 weeks in service, and they'll pay for your education (or something like that).

The ad finishes off with 'At the Army National Guard, You CAN".

A guy wants to join the Air Force.

A student talks about the recruiter: he was approached like he was being hired for a job, not joining the army. Even had a business card.

Marine Sergeants, recruiters in Flint Michigan are shown. They are looking at a man jogging. They don't go to the fancy mall. They go to the other mall. They walk up to two men, and talk about the fact that they can play basketball in the marines. David Robinson was once in the service.

They approach other such men, and ask them for what they like, and then tell them that there a a good chance of getting their goals through the marines: basketball, music, etc. Shaggy is cited as a former marine.

A man says he can't because he has wife and kids. "Even more reason to join".

Iraq, Christmas Eve:

"A little bit time to relax. "

"Everyone's a bit nervous."

"Everyone has the right to have weapons. Always be armed."

"Santa Claus is coming to town" plays in the background, as the army men drive silently into town in the darkness.

Inside a house, they are asking a woman where 'he' is. They pin him down to the ground and question him.

The woman says "What has he done? He's just a college student"

The guy talking about the army says that we must bring democracy to this country. We must show that we aren't here to rule Iraq.

The young woman clings on to the older one, who reassures the younger one "Don't be afraid. He's not going to hit you."

"What did he do?"

The soldiers tell them 'why don't you shut up'.

A man dressed in Santa talks to one of the soldiers. He replies: trying to keep the skies clear for you, Santa.

The woman who earlier was speaking of the unemployment is really patriotic, raising the flag up every day. She started when her daughter came back from Desert Storm. The whole family was in the army.

"This family, among millions, are the backbone of this country"

She hated the protestors, such as those of the Gulf War, etc. Always hated them.

It was like they were dishonored her son.

Then she understood that they weren't protesting the people. They were protesting the war.

The soldiers say that they are just doing their job.

A woman soldier says that she was told that she would most likely be hit sometime or the other.

A soldier says the younger recruits hate him and those of his age.

Moore switches to immoral behavior: it breeds immoral behavior.

When a president immoral behavior: sending otherwise good kids to war, based on a lie, this is what you get: Some younger (17-19 year olds) are around captured men on the ground.

"Ali still has a hard-on"

"You touched his dick"

Another soldier says, first they say they don't want you, and don't help. Then when something bad happens, they ask why you weren't there. I hate this country"

"A part of your soul is destroyed in destroying another life."

Cpl. Abdul Henderson, previously served in Iraq says, given the choice, he would not go back to Iraq. Why repercussion? Possible jail time. He would risk that. He would not let anyone send him back over there killing innocents when they pose no threat to me and my country.

Bush, in a speech: These are the Haves and Have Mores. Some people call you the elite. I call you my base.

Moore: Why Bush was busy taking care of his base, and professing his love for the troops, he proposed cutting combat soldiers pay by 33%, and assistance to their families by 60%. He opposed giving veterans a billion dollars more in health care benefits. And he supported closing veteran hospitals. He tried to double veteran drug costs, and opposed full benefits for part time reserves.

And when a Sergeant from Flint died, the army sent a check to his family, but they docked (cut off) the pay because he didn't do the last 5 days of May 2003 - Because he died.

At the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, soldiers wounded, amputated are shown talking about their being forgotten, and their pains, and how they got their pains.

One man decides to convert to Democrats.

The woman who talked about the unemployment talks about the conversation with her son, who was initially scared to go to Iraq. Then he told her that he knew he was going to Baghdad.

Channel surfing one night, the woman saw the report of a Black Hawk down.

Next morning the army called him.

They said 'Mother of Sergeant Michael..." and she dropped the telephone. They are in tears. She literally fell on the floor.

"Why did you have to take my son", she begged God.

Bush says he cannot imagine what its like to lose a son, father, brother or wife. "It pains me".

The woman shows a letter sent by her son.
He's sorry that he couldn't call. They took away the phone.
Its so cool that her grandson was born the same day I was"
How are you doing?
We're in the sand.
What's wrong with George. He's trying to be like his dad. I'm furious.
I hope they don't reelect that fool.
I miss you guys. Thanks for everything.
I look forward to letters from you guys.
We don't expect for anything to happen soon.
And I'll see my first nephew in a few days.
Keep sending mails. It makes the days easier.
I miss all of you guys.

The woman says A parent is not supposed to bury their child. Her husband says he also knows what its like, losing a son. He's really sorry for the other families too. For what have they died for?

Dave Lesar, the CEO of Halliburton:
Our boys are doing a great job. We're feeding the soldiers; we're rebuilding Iraq. We're serving the troops because of what we know, no who we know.

Spencer Abraham says that Halliburton is proud of what it does and he needs to make no apology.

Bush interrupts and says that this was done to divert attention from its lack of energy policies. And as secretary of energy said, , we were caught unawares.

A poster on a easel says "Building Iraq -->"

Microsoft, DHL and other corporations invited Halliburton to have a meeting to discuss how much money they could make from Iraq.

Michael Mele (US Army Corps of Engineers) says that they worked it out before the Invasion, the Liberation of Iraq, and they appreciated the interest. We need you.

Youssef Sleiman (Iraq Iniatives, Harris Corporation) speaks passionately about bringing small businesses to Iraq. Once that oil starts flowing, there is going to be a lot of money. 2nd Largest reserve.

Dr. Sam Kubba (American Iraqi Chamber of Congress) says he's been getting a lot of complaints from businesses. The lack of transparency and the corruption. The profits made by major companies is overwhelming. And then they subcontract it. And taxpayers are paying for that.

Youssef Sleiman then says "And its going to get better, with relationship, and the oil flows and the businesses increase. The good news is: whatever it costs, the government will pay you"

Sam Kubba: "War is always good for certain companies. The business of war"

George Sigalos (VP Halliburton) says he's very proud to support the US government, and the US military. And they are the heroes, which they are glad to support.

A Halliburton ad: "Supplies hot meals, supplies, clothing, and communications to our soldiers, so they can be a little closer to home.

A man on the telephone exclaims "It's a girl".

"Halliburton, Proud to serve our troops"

An old woman says she just read in the paper that Halliburton just got another contract. Yet another one, which is not being contested. It's too late after it was on the newspapers.


The US is now a major player in the Iraqi Oil business. American troops guard the oil fields as Texans oil men assess the potential.

"So its a safe environment to work it"

"A soldier asks for justification of the payments because the bus driver makes 10 times more for driving the same route over and over again than the soldier makes."

Gordon Bobbit (Kalmar RT Center) There is no other single area in the world with as much opportunity for new business as in Iraq.

Grant Haber (American Innovations) says that he is fully behind the President's decision, and the efforts and the lost lives had not been for nothing.

Sam Kubba says 'If it wasn't for the oil , nobody would be there. Nobody would worry about it"

Blain Ober (President of High Protection Company): The situation in Iraq is good for the business, bad for the people.

The old woman: In the news, they said Iraqi people are much much better, having gotten rid of Saddam? Will they be free? No, they will never be free, and we are the weapons of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The young men and women were killed unnecessary.;

Bush, in a speech: "They died in a just cause, for defending freedom, and they will not have died in vain"

The woman from Flint was coming to Washington DC to attend a jobs conference. On her break, she visited the White House.

A woman on the street (with a non-american accent) shouts with the woman around her: Bush is the terrorist. The woman from Flint weeps. She tells the other woman that he son is dead, and walks away.

The woman said the Flint woman should blame the Al-Qeada. They are ignorant.

It tougher than she thought it would be for her.

Moore says that it was hard watching people suffer. Out of the 553 members of the congress, only 1 had an enlisted son in Iraq.

Moore asked Corporal Henderson of Capital Hill to ask how many members of the congress they could convince their children to go to Iraq.

They step up to some congressmen and asks them to join the army. The first guy doesn't disagree, but walks away quickly. The rest walk away too, some ignoring him.

Of course, not a single member wanted to give up their child to Iraq.

Moore questions if Bush would.

Moore says he's always amazed that the people who have it the worst are the first to step up to defend the country. They serve, so that we don't have to. They give up their lives, so that we can be free. And all they ask for is that we never send them into harms way unless absolutely necessary.

Will they ever trust us again?

Bush says "He had used weapons"

Rumsfeld: "We know where they are. They are in the area of Tikrit and Baghdad, and east, west, south and north.

"The struggle can only end with their complete destruction."

Bush: "We wage a war to opposition itself. We did not seek it, but we will fight it.

Moore: George Orwell once wrote that its not a matter of whether a war is real or is not real. Victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won. It is mean to be continuous. Hierarchial society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. This new version is the past. And no different past could have happened. In principle, the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group on its own subjects. And its object is not victory over Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact.

Bush: "There's an old saying in Tennessee, I know it's in Texas, probably Tennessee, that says "Fool me once, shame on you." Bush, trying to remember the line... "It fooled me, it can't fool me again."

Moore: For Once, we agree.


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