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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Karen

Cindy (Mila Kunis) is at a guitar store trying to find a guitar for her dad. The two employees are completely engrossed by her and ignore other customers. She doesn’t seem to know a lot about guitars so they try to impress her by acting like guitar experts. She asks for a different color and they both go back to get it, leaving her alone with a guitar. She looks around then takes the guitar and drives off.

We see a building with the name Reynolds Extract on the front. Inside, machines are going and Joel (Jason Bateman), the manager, enters and greets his employees. He goes into his office and talks on the phone with Dean (Ben Affleck) about going to the bar where he works. We also find out that Joel hasn’t been laid in a month.

Step (Clifton Collins Jr.) is talking to a Latino worker, Hector (Javier Gutierrez) (who doesn’t seem to understand English), telling him that he started off in the same position but was much better. He says that he’s the best worker in the factory and he’s probably going to be a floor manager soon. Two women, Mary and Gabriella, see him talking and not working and complain that he’s holding up the assembly line. Another worker, Rory, comes over to Hector and tells him he should listen to his band, God’s Cock, play at a show. The women see the second guy and Mary says that she’s just going to sit there and not work either. The Gabriella asks if she’s going to shut off the machine and she says she’s not going to hold the line, but if they’re not going to do their jobs, she’s not going to do hers.

Joel is still on the phone and explains to Dean that if he’s not home by 8, she puts on sweatpants, and once the sweats are on, he doesn’t have a chance. He looks out his window and sees that Mary is just sitting there, letting the bottles drop on the floor. Step goes up to Mary and asks what she’s doing and she argues that he’s not doing his job either. Joel comes down and tries to calm everyone down. He explains to Mary that Hector’s new so it’ll take him some time to learn things and tells Step that if he wants to be a floor manager, he’s going to have to learn to deal with upset workers instead of yelling. Joel walks away and Mary complains that they always get the blame.

Joel is in his office talking to another manager, Brian (J.K. Simmons), who spent all morning teaching the Rory, who he calls “Boy Genius,” how to back up a forklift. We see the guy driving a forklift carrying a bunch of boxes of extract when he stops suddenly causing a bunch of the boxes to fall. He then talks about “Dinkus,” or Gabriella, who asked for days off. He told her she can have personal days when she fills out her time sheets correctly, which he promises Joel will never happen. Joel rushes out to beat the 8:00 sex deadline.

He drives into a gated community and the clock in his car turns to 7:54. He sees a neighbor, Nathan (David Koechner), and doesn’t want to be seen, but he notices him and waves him down. You can tell Joel doesn’t really like him, not just that he’s in a hurry. Joel stops the car and tells David that he’s in a hurry. However, David doesn’t seem to register that and asks what Joel’s doing on November 17. Joel tells him that they’ll be out of town. Nathan then remembers that he meant the 7th so Joel will definitely be in town then. Joel says yes. Nathan says that he and his wife, Leslie, are going to an annual dinner for charity and want to invite Joel and his wife, Suzie. Joel says it doesn’t sound like something that they would want to do b/c Suzie doesn’t like going to those types of things. Nathan comes up with the idea to buy them tickets anyway and Leslie and Joel can try to talk Suzie into going. As soon as Nathan gets up from leaning on Joel’s car, Joel speeds off. Joel gets into his garage and out of his car and Nathan comes walking into the garage and tells him that the tickets are $40, but the food is fantastic. Joel really wants to get inside his house and tells Nathan that they’ll talk about it later. Nathan asks why he’s going out of town and Joel says it’s for vacation. Nathan says that he and Leslie would love to go on vacation with Joel and Suzie. Joel says he has to go and starts closing the garage door and runs into the house. Nathan starts to walk away but turns around and calls for Joel, bending down as the garage door closes.

Joel is in his house when his wife enters tying the drawstring on her sweatpants. They talk about how Nathan and Leslie won’t shut up. Suzie says she’s afraid to go out onto the front yard b/c Nathan might be there. She reminisces about the time when they lived in a condo and they could go straight from the garage to the house without having to talk to anyone. Joel’s phone vibrates and he starts texting. She remembers that they need to hire a new pool cleaner b/c the one they have never checks the chlorine level. She turns around and sees Joel texting and Joel apologizes, explaining that a supplier has a new vanilla extract formula, which would mean Reynolds’ cookies and cream formula could work. He needs to get it before Weber, a competitor, so that he could be successful enough to sell the company. Joel asks Suzie if she remembers the logo she designed for him for the cookies and cream extract and tells her he has it framed in his office. She says she remembers and now she designs coupons. We see her handiwork on a computer. He asks if she wants to go up to the bedroom, but she says she’s tired and it’s the middle of the week. He says it’s not the middle of the week, it’s Monday. She yells “Shit!” and Joel is confused and asks what’s wrong. She forgot Dancing with the Stars was on and turns on the TV.

Joel is at the bar where Dean works, Sidelines at the Marriott. He’s telling Dean that he wants to put insulation in his bathroom b/c he doesn’t like being heard while he jacks off. Dean tells him he should just do it anywhere b/c he went from being a bartender to having his own business. Joel says that no one cares about extracts, especially not his wife and that the Rory probably gets laid more than he does. Dean tells him that Rory lives in a crappy apartment and Joel says he’d gladly live in a crappy apartment if the bathroom was next to the TV.

Cindy is at a pawn shop trying to sell the guitar she stole. She fakes tears and tells the worker that it belonged to her dead father, who left her with a bunch of bills. The worker tells her that she could get a lot more money for the guitar if she goes to the music store. She says she just wants to get it over with and the workers pulls money from his own pocket and gives it to her.

At the factory, Joel is looking out the window of his office when Brian walks in. Mary is sitting at her station not doing her job and Joel asks if they’re going to replace her with a robot. Brian says that they might not have to b/c a man from General Mills wants to buy them out and made an offer over market value. Joel is really happy and is beaming.

On the assembly line, Mary sees a bunch of workers just standing around and talking and she decides to just sit at her station and not work. The products get backed up on the assembly belt, but they keep coming so some of the products fall off the belt onto the floor. Joel sees this from his office window. The following is in slow motion: A worker carrying boxes of extract doesn’t see the spill and slips on it. The Rory is driving the forklift with several boxes of extract and swerves so he won’t hit the guy who slipped. A block of boxes of extract fall from the forklift and falls on a part of a machine and breaks it. A piece of the machine flies off and hits Step in the groin. Mary shakes her head.

An emergency medical helicopter is in front of the factory and Step is wheeled out on a gurney. Mary says that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention.

Joel is on the phone at Sidelines getting an update on Step. He tells Dean that Step definitely lost one of them, but they might be able to reattach the other one. Joel doesn’t understand how this happened b/c they have such a good safety record and comply with all the safety codes. Dean asks if Joel has insurance and Joel says he does and that he’ll probably get a huge settlement. They then go on to talk about how fragile their balls are, just hanging there in a sack one moment and then cut off forever the next. He tells Dean that he and Suzie have sex maybe once every three months. Dean says he has a solution for Joel’s sexual frustration – Xanax. Joel says Xanax is for anxiety, but Dean says it’s good for all psychological problems b/c it makes you feel good. Dean says he takes it for head colds. Joel declines his offer to get him some. Dean also suggests codeine cough syrup.

Cindy is in her car looking through her various drivers licenses. She sees on a newspaper a picture of Step on a gurney and reads the article, which says something about a large settlement and a million dollars.

She’s on a pay phone and asks the operator for Step’s address; however, the address is unlisted.

Joel and Brian are in the office and Brian is telling Joel that the guys from General Mills heard about the accident and are worried b/c if the bill is more than the insurance settlement, it could be a serious liability. Joel asks how Step is doing and Brian says he’s better and that he’s not going to sue the company.

Brian tells Joel that “Dinkus” asked for a raise. Joel tells Brian that he calls everybody Dinkus so he doesn’t know who he’s talking about. Brian says he’s talking about forklift Dinkus and Joel says that’s Boy Genius. Brian says that he told Boy Genius that he almost killed Dinkus. Joel says that Brian should learn the employees’ names. Brian says that if the deal goes through, he won’t have to.

Brian introduces Joel to the new temps, Cindy and Victor. Joel shakes their hands and goes back in his office. Brian takes Victor down to the floor, but Cindy sneaks off and follows Joel. She acts really impressed that he’s the owner and founder of the company. He bites and starts telling her how he got the company started. When he was younger, his mother would make root beer cookies and he noticed that the cookie dough tasted better than the cookies themselves. He discovered that a lot of the flavor in root beer extract evaporates when cooked. In college, he found a synthetic flavor that didn’t evaporate as easily and made his company based on that. Cindy looks really interest in his story and nods her head while he talks. When he finishes she says that he must be really rich, to which he replies he has a 7 series BMW. She looks through his rolodex and says he knows a lot of people. She comes upon Step’s card with his address. She laughs and says it’s cute how his 6 looks like 8 or the other way around, trying to figure out what Step’s address is.

Before he can answer, Dean walks in asking if Joel wants to hit some golf balls. He sees Cindy and introduces himself and she leaves. Dean goes to the window to look at Cindy as she goes down the stairs to the work floor. Joel explains that she was sent over from Job One, a hiring agency. Dean says he needs to give them a call b/c he hasn’t seen anyone near that hot working at Reynolds Extract. Joel says that hot girls need jobs too, and Dean says most temps look like winos or guys. Joel tells Dean that he thinks she was flirting with him. Dean says yeah b/c he’s the king/ruler of the company so he can have anyone he wants down on the floor. Joel looks out his window b/c something is happening on the floor.

Mary is stomping around and yelling that someone stole her purse. She accuses Hector and Brian comes over and tells her to calm down. She says she’s going to call the police. Brian says he speaks the language and will talk to him. He asks Hector if he knows where her “purso” is. Joel comes over and asks how Mary knows her purse was stolen. She says b/c it’s gone and he asks what it looks like. She describes it and we see Cindy going through that purse in her car. She opens the wallet and takes out all the cash. She also has Step’s address that she pulled from the rolodex.

Cindy pulls up to the address on the card and sees Step limping out of the house and getting into his car. She follows him to the market and gets behind him in line with a bottle of soda. He tells her she can go in front of him if that’s all she has. She mentions she works at Reynolds Extract and he says he works there too. He tells her she was the fastest sorter there and was going to be a floor manager. She introduces herself.

Joel walks into his house to see Suzie asleep on the couch. He goes to Sideline and tells Dean that he and Suzie have turned into one of those brother-sister couples. He says he can’t get Cindy out of his mind and when is he ever going to meet a girl that pretty that’s into food flavoring. He tells Dean that she practically asked him out, giving her number and asking if he wanted to go see Rory play. Dean asks what Joel’s going to do and Joel says nothing b/c he can’t cheat on Suzie. Dean suggests if Suzie cheated on Joel, then Joel could cheat on Suzie with a clear conscious. He says Joel should hire a gigolo to have an affair with Suzie. He knows a regular named Brad who is a gigolo. Joel jokingly says that he’ll try some Xanax, and Dean pulls out a box full of different pills and Joel gives it back saying it was a joke. Dean pushes it toward him and Joel finally takes it to shut Dean up, and then asks what the pill is supposed to do.

Cindy and Step are sitting in the back of his pick up truck talking about his accident. She tries to convince him to sue so that it will never happen to another worker again. She already got him a lawyer – Joe Adler from the picture from a bus stop bench. Step kisses Cindy and she reminds him that he can’t get aroused until after the trial.

Back at the bar, Dean realizes that he gave Joel Ritalin or Special K, not Xanax. Joel is very relaxed and brings up the gigolo. He asks if it’s morally wrong and Dean says no b/c she has a choice. If she doesn’t do anything, then that’s that, but if she does, then she’s the one that’s morally wrong and he has a free pass. He says that Brad can pretend to be the new pool cleaner and see what happens. Joel says that they need a new pool cleaner and Dean says that it’s a sign and goes to call Brad.

Joel, Dean and Brad are in the back negotiating Brad’s fee. Dean wants 10% of Brad’s fee b/c he set up the whole thing. Brad asks if Joel’s going to watch and Joel says that he’s not even going to be there and that they already went over this. Dean explains that Brad is going to go there pretending to be the new pool cleaner and attempt to seduce Joel’s wife and if doesn’t work, he will just clean the pool and leave. Brad asks if Joel will try to touch him and Dean explains the situation again. Brad finally gets it and is excited and doesn’t pay attention to Joel when he says that Suzie might not go for it. Brad asks if Joel can spread the word about him to other lonely housewives so he can quit his landscaping job b/c he hates landscaping and loves getting laid. The three leave the bar and Brad is still talking about how much he likes getting laid. Dean shakes his hand and leaves with Joel in another direction.

Dean offers to drive Joel home b/c he’s drunk and high. Joel asks if he’s sure about Brad b/c he’s not that smart and Dean says what can you expect from a whore?

At work the next day, Joel is in the kitchen taking Alka Seltzer when Cindy walks in. She says he must have had one of those nights and where was she while he was having fun. Joel suddenly realizes what he’s done and walks away to call Dean to stop Brad. He’s pretty upset and Dean tries to calm him down. Dean finds out that he doesn’t actually have Brad’s number and that the guy who gave him the number doesn’t have a phone. Joel asks for Brad’s last name, but Dean only remembers that it was a Mexican name. Joel says Brad had blond hair and blue eyes, why would he have a Mexican last name? Dean says he thought it was strange too but he doesn’t judge. He thinks it might have been Lopez or Sanchez or Gutierrez. Joel decides to go home and stop Brad himself. As he’s walking out, Brian walks in and says he needs to talk to him about Step, but Joel says not now and leaves. As he’s walking down the stairs, his assistant yells that Brad Chavez is on the phone. Joel turns around and gets the phone.

In his office, he picks up the phone and Brad says that Suzie totally went for it. Joel says Brad wasn’t even supposed to be there for another 45 minutes and Brad says he had forgotten what time they said and he was so excited that he just went there. Brad says it was easy. Joel says he wants to hear everything. Scene of what happened with Brad’s voiceover: Brad is in the back pretending to clean the pool and Suzie is sunbathing and he strikes up a conversation. He flirts with her and tells her that she looks so young to be living in a house that nice. She giggles and plays with her hair. He asks her for some sunscreen. Back to Brad on the phone - he says asking for sunscreen was pretty smart b/c then she would ask him to rub some on her instead of him asking right out if he could rub some on her. Back to pool scene – Brad is rubbing sunscreen on her back and says once he started doing that the rest was pretty easy. Joel stops him and Brad asks him to refer him to other people or he’s available to do his wife again. Joel hangs up.

Joel drives home and Nathan chases him down. Joel says he’s really busy and Nathan says he won’t take long. He says he bought the tickets for the dinner and that they ended up being $55 each. Joel tells him that he said they didn’t want to go and Nathan says Suzie won’t be uncomfortable at all. Joel says that that’s not the problem and drives off.

At the dinner table, Joel is eating angrily. Suzie says that they should go on vacation to the Caribbean, to which Joel replies that he hates the Caribbean b/c it sucks. He says he doesn’t feel good and gets up to go to bed.

At work, he sees Cindy working and they wave. Rory is telling Cindy about the five bands that he’s in. Mary says Cindy’s so nice and she wishes they would hire more people like her. She also heard that another wallet was stolen and that Hector was the last person in the locker room. Rory comes over to Mary and Gabriella and asks if they heard the rumor that Joel’s going to sell the company. They say he’s probably going to make billions. Rory gets upset b/c he thinks he does all the work and Joel’s going to get all the money. He says they should do something but doesn’t suggest anything and walks away.

In the office, Brian comes in and says Step doesn’t want to settle anymore and he might have talked to a lawyer. He also says that General Mills won’t want to go through with the deal until the situation is settled. Joel says not to worry and that Step is probably just trying to get attention.

Joel is driving home and Nathan flags him down and Joel says he can’t talk. Nathan says he noticed the new pool cleaner today and if he’s any good. Joel says the pool cleaner came yesterday and Nathan says no, today. Joel asks him to describe him and Nathan describes Brad. Joel asks if Nathan is positive that he saw him today and Nathan says yes and Joel drives off.

Joel calls Brad and asks what he was doing at his house today. Brad says not to worry b/c he’s not going to charge him this time. He figured they already had sex so what’s the big deal. Joel says he’ll pay him b/c he doesn’t want him to have sex with his wife for free and never to come to his house ever again. He walks into the room where his wife is and Suzie asks if he wants to do something like go to 7 eleven. Joel grabs his jacket and says he has to go watch Rory’s band play and quickly walks out.

Rory is playing the guitar and the band is just screaming into the mic death metal style. Joel gets out of his car and sees Cindy before he gets back in his car and drives away.

Joel is watching TV at Sideline and a commercial for Joe Adler is playing. Dean brings over a beer and asks why he’s so upset b/c before, when they were hatching the plan; Joel said it wouldn’t bother him if Suzie cheated on him. Joel says he didn’t think about it long enough and he’s upset that Brad didn’t have to try so hard to get Suzie in bed. He complains that women say they want a guy that’s smart and funny but end up just laughing at what the good looking, stupid guy says. He tells Dean that Brad was back today and that he’s going to pay him. Dean tries to figure out where he’s going to get his 10% from. Dean tells Joel to call Cindy and Joel says he doesn’t know. Dean suggests smoking pot to relieve stress.

They go to Dean’s friend, Willie’s, house. Dean is rambling about nothing while lighting a six foot bong for Willie and Joel is just watching. Willie lets out a long breath and a stream of smoke leaves his mouth. He offers the bong to Joel who declines and asks for a beer. Dean tells Willie that Joel thinks he gets paranoid when he smokes. Willie yells at Joel to smoke and Joel gives in. Joel looks around and Willie jumps up and scares him and laughs. Dean says Joel should call Cindy. Willie asks what she looks like and Joel says brown hair, pretty, working class. Willie asks if that means slutty and Joel says yes. Joel calls her and it’s busy. Willie offers to dial and mid dial, he tells Joel that he’s getting a busy signal b/c he’s dialing Willie’s number from Willie’s phone. Joel thinks Willie’s trying to get him paranoid when Cindy walks in the door and calls Willie “baby.” Dean excuses himself and leaves. Willie stands over Joel like he’s going to beat him up.

Joel tries to sneak into his bedroom but makes a lot of noise, waking Suzie up. She turns on the light and sees Joel’s bruised and bloodied face and asks what happened in a worried voice. He tells her he’s fine and he just got his ass kicked by some guy at Sideline. She says he should go to the hospital and he says he just wants to go to sleep.

At work, his assistant gives him his messages and asks what happened to his face. He mumbles something about a car door and walks out. Brian walks into his office and asks if he’s talked to Step. Joel replies that he’s not returning his calls. Brian says that’s a problem b/c he has Joe Adler. Brian asks about his face and Joel says he fell down some stairs. Brian says they need to hire new people b/c Cindy’s quitting. He mentions that she’s been going out with Step and Joel is shocked. He looks out the window at Cindy as Brian says he wants to fire Hector b/c of the stolen purse and wallet. Joel is still looking at Cindy and starts to put two and two together. Joel says not to fire Hector. He tells his assistant that he’s going to go home early.

Joel’s driving home when he sees Brad driving and he pulls up in front of Brad and asks what he’s doing at his house. He threatens Brad by saying Brad’s face will look worse than his face if he’s ever at his house again. Brad says that he and Suzie are in love. Joel calls him a piece of ass and that he’s going to tell Suzie that he only had sex with her for money. Brad begs him not to but Joel blows him off and speeds home.

Joel storms into the house and his wife is surprised that he’s home early. He looks out at the pool and asks how the pool cleaner is. She asks what he means and he says is he doing a good job b/c he’s looking at the pool and it looks very dirty so he’s going to fire him. Suzie asks if he’s feeling all right and if he needs to see a doctor. He says he’s fine and storms off.

Joel drives to Step’s house and Step invites him in. Joel asks him about Cindy and Step says that they might even get married after the lawsuit. He warns him that he should be careful with Cindy. He also tells Step that if he goes through with the lawsuit, the company will go bankrupt and a lot of people will lose their jobs and be mad at Step.

Brad is at Suzie’s house trying to kiss her, but she tells him that they need to stop. Brad confesses his love to Suzie, but Suzie says she loves Joel and she wants to make her marriage work. Brad says it doesn’t mean that they can’t still see each other and Suzie says that’s exactly what it means. Brad asks why and asks if he can see her tomorrow or the following days. She says no and tells him to leave and he says he’ll call her tomorrow.

At the factory, Joe Adler is telling his team that he should fire them b/c they laughed at him for buying bus bench ads but Step is a great client. He explains that a man with no balls is not a man and the jury won’t be able to empathize, but a man with one ball is still a man and his ball is hanging by a thread. Brian and Joel meet with Step’s lawyers.

Down on the floor, the workers think that Joel and Brian are meeting with the people from General Mills. Rory gathers the factory workers and says that if they’re going to cash out and leave him jobless, he should get some of the money. One of the workers suggest going on strike until Joel and Brian gave them stocks in the company before selling to General Mills. If the workers go on strike, General Mills won’t buy Reynolds Extracts so they would have to give the workers stock.

Back in the office, Adler shows them the amount it would take to settle. Joel says they don’t have that kind of money. Adler suggests liquidating all his assets and Joel says he won’t give up the company he built from the ground. Adler says his client gave up his testicles. He says he’ll drop the case if Joel slams his testicles in the door and will call it even.

On the floor, the workers are still speculating about what’s going on in the office. They decide to stage a walk out.

In the office, Adler is still going on about slamming Joel’s balls in the door. Joel finally gets fed up and says Adler can slam his own balls in the door. Adler asks if Joel just threatened him. Brian and Joel leave the office to calm down and Joel decides to leave.

He walks down the stairs and all of his workers are gathered at the bottom of the stairs. Rory struggles to tell Joel that the workers want a piece of the General Mills buy out. Joel stops him and goes off telling them that they can have the whole company and buy a new conveyor belt and deal with the lawsuit but to be careful b/c Adler might slam their balls in the door and walks out. The workers go back to work.

Joel is watching TV at home when Suzie enters and tells him that he’s been busy at work for the past two years and she’s been working at home. He interrupts her and asks if she’s trying to tell him that she had sex with the pool cleaner. He tells her that he hired him to have sex her b/c he wanted to have an affair and not feel guilty. She gets upset and asks if Brad has been getting paid all fifteen times. Joel is shocked b/c it hasn’t even been fifteen days. She then realizes that Joel wanted to have an affair with another woman. He tells her that he didn’t. They both want to leave and when Suzie opens the door, Nathan is there. She says it’s not a good time and he should come by tomorrow. He asks her to have a check for $110 ready as she closes the door.

Joel drives to a motel and watches TV. He walks out of the room and sees Cindy walk into a room with a bag of groceries. He goes to her room and she’s surprised to see him. She invites him in and apologizes for Willie and explains that’s why she had to move out. He notices Mary’s bag in the room. He asks if that’s Mary’s purse and she says no that’s her bag. She tries to change the subject by asking how people are at work. He goes to get the bag and accuses Cindy of stealing it. She denies it and says it’s her bag. He points out the teddy bear keychain that Mary described earlier. He then asks her what she’s doing with Step. He knows that she’s the reason why Step is going through with the lawsuit and explains how much work he put into building the company. He grabs the purse and tells her that if it really is her purse, she can call the police and tell them that he stole it. He’s about to walk out the door when he changes his mind and decides to call the police and tell them that she stole it.

He picks up the phone and she asks him not to b/c she’s on probation and she’ll go to jail for a really long time if he calls the police. She says she’ll talk to Step and have him drop the lawsuit and he asks how he can trust her. She says he can keep the bag and if Step doesn’t drop the lawsuit, he can turn her in. He asks for the other worker’s wallet that was stolen. She starts to cry and he tells her to stop trying to manipulate him. He’s about to walk out the door but can’t b/c he feels bad. He sits next to her and she hugs him and starts kissing him.

He wakes up in her room and she’s gone. He panics and grabs his pants and gets his wallet to find all his money is still there. He looks over at the desk and Mary’s purse and Silvia’s wallet are there. He goes back to sleep.

At the factory, Mary comments on how Joel hasn’t been at work all morning and Gabriella says if they’re late, they get in trouble. Joel drops Mary’s purse next to her and tells her that Cindy stole it, but Mary doesn’t believe him.

At Step’s house, Step’s brother asks if Step has heard from Cindy b/c it’s been three days since she borrowed his truck. Step says that she wouldn’t steal from him.

At the factory, Brian tells Joel that Step is there to see him, but he wants to see him alone at the loading dock. Step tells Joel that he’s tired of dealing Adler and he just wants his old life back. He wants to go back to work and realizes that if he bankrupts the company, there won’t be another job for him. Joel says he doesn’t have to bankrupt the company. Step says if Joel sells the company, the new company won’t want an employee with one ball, but Joel says they can’t ask that. Joel realizes that he doesn’t really want to sell the place and won’t have to if there’s no lawsuit. Step agrees under one condition – he becomes floor manager.

Step and Joel walk into the factory and Joel gathers the workers. He tells them he decided not to sell the company and that Step is the new floor manager. He says if anyone doesn’t like that, they can go work at Gem Co, a competing company. He reminds them that at Gem Co, the owner doesn’t know the workers’ names and they won’t even meet him. Brian asks if he’s really not selling and Joel says no so he better start learning their names.

Mary and Gabriella are on the line talking as usual when Step yells at them to stop talking and get back to work.

Joel is at Sideline and a commercial for Adler is on. Brad walks in and says Joel doesn’t have to worry about him and Suzie anymore b/c she loves Joel. Joel asks why Brad was so hung up on Suzie and he says sex isn’t the same as love. Brad says he quit his landscaping job and he’s not cut out to be a gigolo and asks if there’s a job opening at the extract plant. Joel says he’s not going to give him a job and Brad walks away. Joel changes his mind and tells him to come by the office and fill out an application.

Dean walks over and says he might be to blame for the mess and that some people, like Joel, aren’t meant to do drugs b/c they make bad decisions.

At the house, Suzie is cleaning the pool. Nathan walks in and asks for the check. Suzie tells him that they’re not going. Nathan gets mad and says they should have told him before he bought the tickets. She says no one agreed to go and Nathan says it sounded like they were going to go and now he bought non refundable tickets. He says he wishes they were clearer with him. Suzie decides to be clear and says if they say “I don’t think so” or “I’m not sure” or close the door in his face, it means no. She also tells him that they don’t like him b/c he’s dull, he talks too much, he never listens, he’s always in their yard, and calls him the worst neighbor in the world. He then collapses.

Nathan is in a casket at his wake. Suzie and Joel sit separately. They meet at the funeral and Suzie says she thinks she might have killed him. Joel tries to console her and find out that both of them agreed to go to the charity dinner b/c they felt so bad. She asks him about the woman he wanted to have an affair with. He tells her she was a criminal drifter. He also tells her he hired Brad for the factory b/c he felt sorry for him. They say they’ll see each other at the dinner and Joel is about to walk away but turns around and asks if they should just take one car. She agrees and they talk about how it was the longest they’ve seen Nathan with his mouth shut.

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