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Julia Roberts stars as ERIN BROCKOVICH, an out of work, foul mouthed, twice divorced mother of three. She has quite a cleavage and shows it off in almost every scene, looking more like her "Pretty Woman" character than a law clerk.

She talks her way into a job with Albert Finney's law firm after he loses a case with her. She was in a car accident and her wardrobe, attitude and language on the stand lost the case.

Julia is not liked by her coworkers because, to be honest, she is just a mean person. She gets assigned to do small tasks in the back office.

She needs to find a competent baby sitter and ends up using and falling in love with her new neighbor. He's an out of work biker that somehow seems happy to be a Mr. Mom. He finally gets tired of it later on in the movie and leaves.

One day Julia finds medical files mixed in with a real estate deal. To shut her up while he's on the phone, Finney lets her pursue it. Julia devotes the next week interviewing the residents and investigating the water of the small town involved in the case.

It turns out that the PG&E gas company has been polluting the town's water for many years causing all kinds of health problems.

Realizing this is such a big case, Finney hires Peter Coyote to help him with it. This really upsets Julia and she is more determined than ever to fight for the citizens. The biker comes back to help watch the kids as Julia is now is devoting her entire life to this case.

She meets a weird looking guy at a bar that she at first thinks is trying to pick her up, only to find out that he is a former employee of the gas company and has a lot of incriminating evidence. This is really all the evidence they need now.

We never see any big courtroom scenes in the movie. Julia goes to the lady in the original case and tells her that the 600 or so citizens won their case and that particular lady was awarded five of the 333 million that is to be divided up between the rest of the town.

As a bonus, Albert Finney gives Julia two million dollar check.

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Together, they win 333 million for the townspeople

They fall in love and he becomes "Mr Mom"
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