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The film starts out with baby Buddy (who later grows up to be Will Ferrell) is in an orphan house and is just going to bed on x-mas eve. Santa comes down the chimney and goes to eat some cookies and buddy crawls out of his bed into Santa's toy bag.

30 years later

Buddy (Will Ferrell) is all grown up and lives in the north pole and makes toys. He is the tallest of all the elfs which becomes a problem. Papa elf (Bob Newhart) finally gets enough courage to tell buddy that he really isn't an elf. Buddy is just a human and should leave the north pole to find his real family. Buddy agrees and decides to go and find his father since his mother died when Buddy was little.

Buddy figures out that his dad, Walter (James Caan) lives in NYC. Buddy leaves the north pole as soon as he can to find his father. After a long journey Buddy finally reaches NYC.

Papa Elf gave buddy a snow globe which has the empire state building inside so Buddy decides to look for the Empire State Building where he believes his father works. Buddy goes inside the building looking everywhere. He finds an office and asks for his dad. Walter's office is on another floor and Buddy goes inside and sees his dad. Buddy is all excited to see his father but Walter doesn't think that Buddy is his real son. Walter and Buddy get a DNA test and the results reveal that Buddy really is Walter's son.

Walter takes Buddy back to his house where Walter has a wife (Emily) and a son (Michael). The family sits down to dinner and Emily asks Buddy if he would like to stay with them in their apartment. Buddy agrees. The next day Buddy wanders into the mall and sees an x-mas store which draws Buddy's attention. Buddy steps inside and the boss of the store thinks Buddy is an elf who helps out with the store while "Santa" visits the store so children can see him. Buddy wanders around the store and meets Jovie (Zooey Deschanel).

The two talk and get to know each other. Buddy is rambling on about random x-mas things and mentions signing and Jovie said that she hates singing and she is embarrassed to sing in front of people.

Early before the store opens Buddy sneaks in to decorate it. When the store opens everyone is amazed at the work that Buddy has done. The boss says that Santa is coming and Buddy gets all excited and claims that he knows Santa. (Obviously know one believes him) When Santa comes Buddy notices that its not the real Santa and Buddy gets fired from the store after buddy yells at the Santa and the two got into a big fight.

Buddy decides to pick up Michael from school and takes him around central park, making snowballs. Buddy takes Michael into the store and meets Jovie. Michael tells Buddy that he should ask Jovie out to dinner. Buddy does and Jovie says that she is excited.

The next night Buddy goes to pick up Jovie to go out to have some fun. The two have a great evening and Jovie says that she would love to do it again soon. Buddy goes to Walter's office to help out but Walter gets so mad that he yells at Buddy to leave and never come back. Buddy gets very upset and decides to go back to the North Pole.

Buddy leaves a note in Michael's room saying that he is going for good. Michael gets really upset and runs to Walter's office to try and tell Walter. Michael tells Walter that he feels that he doesn't have a dad because he is always working and never home. Walter feels upset and decides to help Michael look for Buddy. Buddy is wandering around central park and sees Santa flying towards NYC (because its x-mas eve). Santa's sled breaks down because the sled runs on x-mas spirit and the motor is shot .

Buddy helps Santa to try and fix the sled. Michael and Walter meet up with him and also help Santa with the sled.

The news comes to central park because people have been saying that they thought they saw something up in the sky. The news reporter is all sarcastic about it being the real Santa. Jovie sees this on TV and goes down to central park. Jovie meets up with Buddy and he explains why the sled isn't running and why it is broken. Jovie gets an idea to bring back x-mas spirit. Jovie starts singing x-mas songs in front of central park and all the people including the news starts singing, giving Santa's sled just enough power to run. Walter decides that he wants Buddy to stay in NYC.

We later see Buddy, Jovie, Walter, Emily and Michael in their house celebrating x-mas.

We also learn that Jovie and Buddy get married and have a baby. Buddy and Jovie visit the north pole once in a while..

nice happy ending.....


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