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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Dan.

The movie opens as we see Bert Rodriguez (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), operator of the Latin world’s numero uno source for breaking, sexy news. He is filming his video blog in his parent’s basement, telling us of the legend of Elektra Luxx (Carla Gugino), winner of five consecutive Fox of the Year awards. We learn of her high profile affair with rock star Nick Chapel. We see clips from her films and learn how she mastered the “look into the camera” technique, breaking the fourth wall in such films as, “2 Nymphomaniac Twin Sisters,” and, “Natural Born Killer Naturals.” His mother calls down, a running gag, and he frustratedly ventures on.

Credits roll and we cut to Electra, now a retired porn star, teaching a class at the local community center on how to act like a porn star in bed. The class is made up of mostly housewives. She gives tips on not scrunching your face, giving constant encouragement and so on.

After class, Cora, comes in, wanting Elektra's help. Cora is a flight attendant who claims that she accidentally killed Nick Chapel. He died in the airplane lavatory when he banged his head while she was “pleasing him.”

The two of them go to a bar to discuss the situation over drinks. She gives Electra a file containing 15 unpublished songs, all pertaining to Electra. Electra goes on about how generous this is and if there is anything she needs, name it. There is one thing she says. Seduce her fiancée. She feels so insanely guilty about cheating on her husband with Nick Chapel that it’s the only way that will ease her conscience.

The plan is for the flight attendant to walk in and catch her husband Ben and Elektra in the act. She will forgive him, and all will be good. Case closed. Elektra won’t even consider it, she’s not in that line of work any longer and besides, she’s a mother to be. Cora apologizes and passes out drunk, too many martinis.

Elektra drags her to her car and while doing so, runs into her friend Holly who is leaving for Mexico with her best friend for the weekend. Holly is a pretty dim-witted person. She asks Electra if she retired because of her, and the scene they had together. Electra tells her it had nothing to do with her… she’s pregnant. Holly asks, “Is it yours?” Electra tells her to have fun in Mexico and Holly says, it’s not a romantic weekend, just she and her best friend… and then mumbles, who she wants to get closer with.

Cut back to Bert Rodriguez and his video blog: This time while filming, his sister interrupts and makes him look at the comments on his blog. Turns out she posted photos of herself on his blog and the comments are encouraging. He is pretty upset that his little sister is doing this but she claims that his blog has potential but he needs to take it to the next level. She is doing him a favor, She reminds him that this is what he told Trixie, a checkout girl he wanted to pose for photos. Bert claims he wanted Trixie because she’s Swedish and eroticism is in their blood.

Back at Cora’s apartment, Cora is fully clothed, laying in the bathtub with the shower running, trying to sober up. Elektra leaves once she knows that Cora is OK. She passes a photo of the Virgin Mary on the wall and asks, “What are you looking at?” On her way downstairs, she sees Cora’s husband entering the apartment. She pauses and debates it for a while, and then decides to set the plan in action. She talks her way in. One thing leads to another, and they have sex, with Electra constantly waiting for Cora to enter. She never does. Elektra finally gets Cora to come out and Cora starts freaking out because she has no idea who this guy is. It’s not her fiancee. Turns out, he’s Dellwood Butterworth, and he’s been hired by Nick Chapel‘s band to find the missing lyrics. He grabs the folder of lyrics and tells Elektra that she can keep one song if she has coffee with him.

Cut to a scene with Holly’s best friend, Bambi, giving her a lap-dance. Just as they are about to kiss, Holly wakes up from the dream. She and Bambi are in Mexico and Bambi has set up a dinner with clients who have a lot of money. Holly is in rare dim-witted form (think Britney, from GLEE).

Back to the coffee shop with Elektra and Dellwood. We learn all about Dellwood’s private eye background. He specializes in rock bands. Elektra picks a song from the file and thanks him. She leaves.

Elektra goes back to her apartment and gets stuck on an elevator with a naked guy who just got in a fight with his wife. He jokes that this situation is like a bad porno. Time passes, and he’s telling a long story about how he met his wife. They discuss love. Elektra tells him that she has a twin sister who is in jail. We see a quick scene of Elektra talking with her sister Celia in jail, both concerned about each other’s well-being.

Next thing we know, the power comes on in the elevator. The naked guy uses Elektra’s phone to call a locksmith and while inside, tries to make a move on her. She tells him to go back to his wife.

Back to Bert Rodrigez' basement. His sister is doing a, sort of, sexy dance for the camera. Bert walks in and freaks out.

In Mexico, Holly and Bambi meet the clients for dinner. Holly is on a dim-witted role and Bambi says that she’s just making jokes. Holly tells a story about Bambi’s grandmother in Venezuela. We cut to a black and white video of how a general captured her grandmother’s husband and wouldn’t let him out until she slept with him. She refused. He then tortured her brother, but she still refused. Eventually, after six weeks, she kills the general. The next day she was arrested and killed by a firing squad.

Cut to a song and dance scene of Elektra performing on stage, singing, “All I want to do is fall in love.” It’s just a dream as suddenly Elektra is woken up by Cora on the phone, telling her that Benjamin is on his way up. Cora had confessed everything to him, but she went overboard and said that Elektra had blackmailed her. She is begging her to go along with it. Elektra lets Benjamin in, and he just questions what kind of person she is. He hands her an envelope and says you will never get another penny from them. It only had about $140 in it along with a note, saying again, “What kind of person are you?” Elektra lays in bed crying. She pulls a box from under her bed, filled with old photos of her innocent, happier times. One photo even has her wearing a virgin Mary shirt. Finally, she pulls out a photo of her and Nick, and we hear a news report saying that the world is shocked by the news of Nick Chapel being found dead in an airplane lavatory.

Taking a bath, Elektra is startled by the Virgin Mary (Julianne Moore) standing in front of her. Mary reminds her that she used to talk to her every night in her prayers. Mary says that she will answer any question she has. Elektra asks if her baby will be healthy. Mary says, “She’s perfectly healthy.” Mary came to give her a message. Something good is going to happen to her, today. Elektra cries that she had such high hopes for her life. Mary tells her that a person is worth what their heart is worth. Next thing you know, Mary is gone.

Back to Bert. He’s talking about shocks to different generations. Among them, the assassination of a beloved president. For the next generation it was the killing of a peace-loving musician. For the next it was the suicide of a musician. But for his generation, it was the shocking retirement of Elektra Luxx from the adult film industry. His mother calls down to say the checkout girl is here. Trixie (Malin Akerman) comes down stairs. She has brought professionally done test pin-up shots. Bert is a little flustered and Trixie makes her move. She places his hand on her breast and confesses that she only comes there to see him, not to become a pin-up. The photos are just for him. Bert becomes faint and passes out. Trixie holds him and professes her love for him while he is passed out.

Back in Mexico, Bambi and Holly are in the bathroom and Bambi is furious with how Holly is behaving. They discuss their friendship and Holly finally says that she’s in love with Bambi. Not an “I like you love” but she is actually in love with her. Holly says she dreams about having sex with her, every night. They discuss what this means, they both need men too but ultimately, Holly wants Bambi. They have a passionate kiss in the bathroom.

Back at Elektra’s apartment, a neighbor girl, Charlotte shows up. Elektra is going to babysit. They discuss life and growing up. Elektra tells henot to worry about peaking in high school because if you do, you’re done. One of Elektra’s students knocks on the door. Elektra knows her as Mrs Linbrook (Kathleen Quinlan), but the Charlotte recognizes her as Rebecca Lindberg, a mystery writer. Turns out she is taking Elektra’s class in order to write a character based on her but the more she learned about her, she decided to change the topic entirely. She wants to write, with Elektra, a self help book that actually helps. Her publisher liked the idea so much that he has given Elektra an advance. She says that something good has happened to you today, (Just like Mary said). Rebecca decided to change the name of the book from, “How to act like a porn star in bed” to “Woman in Ecstacy.

Next we see, what looks like Elektra lecturing back at class, but as the camera pulls back we see it is a book reading and signing. She and Rebecca are a huge hit. Bert shows up to have a poster signed, and they discuss his website. He’s there with Trixie and is so proud of Elektra. Suddenly, Elektra’s water breaks. Bert picks up Elektra and says, “Let’s go get this baby born” and they run out of the bookstore.

Roll credits…

After the credits, we see a very campy trailer of Elektra’s final role in, “Even Reverse Cowgirls Get the Blues”

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