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Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra
1st Season
Jennifer Garner


movie trailer ( - quicktime)

NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Brentage5000. who also spoiled Daredevil. He reminds us that "...this is NOT a sequel to "Daredevil" and outside of the Elektra character, there is no connection to the "Daredevil" movie."

The movie starts with Stick (Terence Stamp) telling us how for many years, there has been a secret war waged in the shadows between those who have extraordinary gifts. Furthermore, he informs us that both sides are always seeking something called "The Treasure," which will tip the balance in the war for whoever finds it.

NOTE: The entire next 5 minute scene can be watched online here.

From here, we go to a mansion in some jungle country somewhere where we see a man named DeMarco (Jason Issacs, in an uncredited and unrecognizable cameo) being guarded against assassination by a huge security detail. When the team leader, Bauer (no "24" jokes please), asks DeMarco who he thinks is after him, DeMarco answers, "Her Elektra." Bauer laughs and says that she's an urban legend and that she died years ago...but is shut up when the security starts falling all over the place. DeMarco says that before Elektra kills you, she whispers in your ear, and suddenly Bauer hears her outside the door. He fires his gun and goes out, but is quickly overwhelmed by Elektra. Elektra (Jennifer Garner) goes inside and tells DeMarco from across the room, "...death's not that bad." He asks how she knows, and she whispers in his ear, "I died once too." He turns around to fire a hidden pistol at her, but she's back across the room and flinging a sai through the back of the chair, killing him.

Elsewhere, we see a man named Roshi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), the head of the criminal organization "The Hand," in a meeting with two guys when his son Kurigi (Will Yun Lee) comes in with two other guys named Tatoo (Chris Ackerman), who's covered with a bunch of exotic tatoos of different animals, and Stone (Bob Sapp), who is roughly the same size and shape as a small mountain. Roshi informs Kurigi that he is less than thrilled over Elektra's success, and Kurigi says he'll take care of it. Meanwhile, over in New York, we see Elektra tirelessly scrubbing her floor when her manager McCabe (Colin Cunningham) stops by with payment for the DeMarco job. He gives it to her but says that the body count was unusually high and she might be getting a little sloppy. Regardless, he gives her her next assignment, which takes her to an island off the coast of Washington, where she's to set up shop and await further instruction...something she's not too thrilled about, since she doesn't do waiting very well.

On the way to her latest job, Elektra remembers the road that brought her here. We see her in the ambulance from the end of Daredevil (okay, one tiny connection, but that's it, I swear). Next, we see her body lying in Stick's cabin where he rubs his hands together, holds them over her chest, concentrates, and brings her back to life. From there we see her training with Stick, but he says that she isn't getting it and casts her out, depite her protests that she has nowhere else to go (kinda touching). Anyway, Elektra arrives at her rented-out house and begins setting everything up in a surprisingly anal fashion (re: no piles anywhere, easy access to everything). We later see her swimming in the lake the house sits on when she flasbacks to her childhood with her dad trying to make her strong (e.g.: "Keep treading water using only your legs for five more minutes.") and her mom trying to get him to ease up a little.

Later, after the swim, Elektra is back in the house when she hears someone sneaking around. She grabs a box cutter and starts hunting around upstairs. She sees somone dart for the front door but pins the culprit to the wall by their coat sleeve...and this is how she meets Abby Miller (Kirsten Prout) who seems immediately taken with Elektra, although Elektra could care less about her. She makes Abby give back her necklace and then Abby heads home. That night, Elektra has a dream about finding her dead mother being attacked by some kind of ghostly demon shape. She wakes up and goes through a heavy workout routine, at one point calling McCabe to give him an ultimatum: "If I don't have a name soon, I'm walking." A day or two after this, Elektra is approached by Abby's dad Mark (Goran Visjnic), who apologizes for his daughter trying to steal Elektra's necklace, but Elektra gives him the arctic shoulder. The next day, Elektra is meditating on the beach when she sees Abby standing behind her. Abby says that her dad asked her to invite Elektra to Christmas dinner. After some convincing, Elektra says yes.

Over at the Miller household, Abby tells her father (who, it turns out, did NOT ask Abby to invite Elektra) Elektra's name, and over dinner we learn that Abby is home-schooled due to, as she puts it to a shocked Mark and Elektra, "...problems with authority and putting up with bullshit." We also learn that Abby has a very special bracelet (very, very important) which, according to Elektra, is of a kind that was given to the greatest of warriors in Indonesia a long time ago. The only trip is during dinner Abby starts to say something about where they were from but after a look from Mark, she changes her remark to "...Baltimore." After dinner, we see Mark and Elektra on the porch where he says that Abby's mother died in a car crash.

The next day, Elektra wakes up from another nightmare/memory of her mother dying to a phone call from McCabe. He says that she has a delivery. She looks and sees an envelope at her front door. He points out that it's a double, which means she gets paid twice as much as the original set rate. She says that she'll call him when it's done and then goes to get ready to take out the targets -- Abby and Mark. She sets up a bow and arrow to take them out from across the bay, but at the last minute, she finds that she can't do it and calls McCabe back saying that there's too many variables and not enough background. We later see Elektra standing on a dock where she is passed by members of The Hand. Elektra realizes what this means and that night goes over to the Miller house just in time to take out their would be killers, who happen to disappear in a puff of green light and smoke when they die (pretty cool, actually). When Roshi realizes that the Miller's are still alive and that Elektra is helping them, he sends Kirigi and his friends -- Tattoo, whose tattoos come alive; Stone; Meizumi (Hiro Kanagawa); and Typhoid Mary (Natassia Malthe), who infects and kills whatever she touches -- after them.

Meanwhile, Elektra and the Millers are in the city with Elektra trying to find Stick via McCabe. Eventually she finds him in a pool hall but instead of getting his help she just gets her ass handed to her. Regardless, she leaves the Millers with him but on her way out is followed by Abby. Abby tries to get Elektra to stay with them but Elektra refuses...until she notices a certain eagle drawing on the wall behind the Millers. Realizing that this means Kirigi and his crew aren't far behind, they get out of there while the eagle returns to Tattoo and lets him know where they are. Tattoo tells Kirigi, and he tells Tattoo to keep an eye on them, making Kirigi send the eagle out again.

Back with Elektra, we see her complaining that she is now a soccer mom, thanks in no small part to Abby's constant questioning her career and popping of bubble gum. Eventually they get to McCabes house, where he reluctantly agrees to put them up. After they arrive, we see Mark and Abby talking and Abby says that she wants to stop running and tell Elektra her secret, but Mark cautions her that Elektra doesn't really know her and vice-versa. Abby's simple response is that Elektra is her friend. Later, we see Elektra and Mark talking on the front porch when Elektra warns Mark that she's not a good person to get involved with. He says okay, but kisses her anyway. He apologizes, but she just smiles and says, "Yeah, I hated it too."

The next day, Abby is being her usual overperky self and trying to play with Elektra's sais (despite Elektra's objections) when Elektra asks if Abby wants to learn something really difficult. Abby says okay, and Elektra tells her about kimagori, which allows you to see into the future. To use it, though, you have to sit very still and be very quiet...something which Elektra does immediately but Abby can't manage for more than two seconds. Eventually, she starts trying to wake up Elektra, but ends up getting screamed at by her instead...seems she was just faking. Mark comes in to see what's happening but before he finds out, McCabe comes in to shoot at a certain eagle that has been hanging around for the past day or two. He then tells Elektra and the Millers to take a tunnel out to the orchard behind his house while he holds off Kirigi and his crew, which he does...for about thirty seconds, which is just long enough for Kirigi to discover where Elektra and the Millers are and kill McCabe as a bonus.

Meanwhile, Elektra and the Millers are running all-out in the forest behind the orchard. Stone and Tattoo start looking for them, with Tattoo using a bear tattoo and Stone opting for the more traditional, do-it-yourself way. Elektra gets a flash of Stone coming and quickly hides the Millers in a dead tree trunk before climbing up into a tree. She sneaks up behind stone, stabs him with a sai...and watches as the blade beautifully breaks off of the sai. Stone chases Elektra back up the tree but Elektra tricks him into knocking the tree onto him, killing him. By now the others have arrived and Elektra is about to be attacked by Meizumi when Abby breaks loose from Mark, rips off her bracelet...and proceeds to charge it up and kill Meizumi with it. As Elektra stares in shock at this warrior unleashed, Typhoid Mary comes up and kisses Elektra full on the lips, poisoning her. Before things can go any further, Stick and some ninjas of his come up and declare this battle over. Kirigi and his forces flee, and Stick just tells Elektra to relax. She dreams of seeing the demon that killed her mother and of seeing the coroner come to take her away when she suddenly awakes and--

We find ourselves now at Stick's training compound in Japan. Elektra follows the sounds of fighting and sees that Stick is instructing Abby how to fight, telling her to anticipate her enemy's position rather than waste time looking for him. Elktra watches this and accuses Stick of making this whole thing of kicking her out and then the things involving the Millers as some sort of test for her. He admits it, saying that the best lessons are the ones that are lived rather than the ones that are taught. Later, we see Abby playing with Elektra's sais (well, not playing, but y'know...) when she hears Elektra coming up, counting her steps (she does this sometimes -- an explanation is never really given). Abby quickly puts the sais back and hides behind the door, but Elektra still knows she's there. They talk a little and fight a little (physically), and Abby tearfully tells Elektra that she just wants to be a normal kid, despite Elektra's words that if she keeps training, Abby will soon be much better than her.

That night, Elektra is out walking the compound when she gets a psychic flash of Kirigi. They agree that it's time to end this by battle for the fate of Abby. Kirigi tells her to come to the place where it began, and she heads for her old childhood home/mansion (which is for some reason less than six hours walk from the training camp). She changes into her fighting outfit (the red thing) and heads there. When she arrives, she remembers the old mom-being-killed memory again, only now she remembers that the demon who killed her mother was Kirigi. She wanders into one room with a candle and flicks a bunch of switches. She grabs a candle on her way out and as she's exiting, a bunch of Hand soldiers come in through the window. She casually tosses the candle at them, and the room goes up in flames from the gas. Outside, Kirigi smiles with approval and heads inside just as Abby wakes up at the camp and realizes Elektra isn't there.

Back in the mansion, Elektra has entered a room filled with furniture draped with white sheets. Suddenly the sheets start flying everywhere and put her on her guard. Kirigi comes out and the two battle it out, but just as Kirigi is about to kill Elektra, Abby shows up and she starts fighting Kirigi. Before she can get beaten though, Elektra comes to and saves her, taking time to call her annoying. Abby returns the favor and they run outside and into a hedge maze. While in there they're seperated due to some snake tattoos from Tattoo that pin Abby down. Elektra realizes that they're seperated and takes care of Tattoo, but while she's doing that, Typhoid Mary is with Abby. Abby tries to use her bracelet on her, but Mary uses her power to destroy it and takes Abby down. She tells Abby that she was a treasure once and will keep Abby's death between the two of them. Meanwhile, Elektra and Kirigi have found each other and are battling it out. Elektra evntually stabs him through the chest and sends his dissipating body down an old well. Elektra quickly looks up and sends a sai sailing end over end through the maze until it strikes Typhoid Mary in the back, killing her. Elektra runs for where Abby's body lies and tries to wake her. She carries the body inside and keeps trying, but realizes that Abby is dead. While crying -- her first real show of emotion in a long time -- she remembers the night she died and was resurrected by Stick. She rubs her hand together as he did, concentrates, holds her hands over Abby's chest, presses down...and manages to bring Abby back to life. The two stare at each other and instead of speaking, just hold each other for a time.

A few days later, we see Abby and Mark settling in nicely in the old mansion. Abby seems to be recovering nicely and has enough spunk in her to express her displeasure at Elektra's leaving. Elektra sits on the bed so Abby can reach her and is told by Abby, "You saved my life." Elektra smiles and replies in a barely-holding-back-tears voice, "You saved my life." She kisses Abby, gets up, and turns to Mark. She kisses him quickly, but then apologizes. He just laughs and says, "Yeah, I hated it too." She says goodbye to the Millers and heads outside to find Stick. She says that she doesn't want Abby to turn out like her, but Stick says, "Why not? You didn't turn out so bad." Elektra smiles and notes, as Stick did to her once, that the second life is never quite like the first. "No," agrees Stick. Elektra turns and walks out as Stick goes on. "Sometimes," he says, "'s better."

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