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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by: breadfan87

Dungeons and Dragons is the story of an empress, Thora Birch, who is striving to grant equality to all people of the land. Mages and commoners are separated, and the mages are considered the superior of the two.

Thora is struggling to end this separation but is opposed by an extremely powerful mage called Profion played by Jeremy Irons. He wants to take over the kingdom by taking the power of the scepter that the empress carries by her side. He is tricking the council of the land to believe that she is dangerous and should relinquish her scepter to their control. He plans to destroy the council as soon as this is done.

The power the scepter holds is to control dragons, so it is a powerful item to have.

One night, 2 thieves (Marlon Wayans, and Justin Whalin) break into a giant castle when an apprentice mage named Marina (Zoe Mclellan) catches them in the act. She captures them with a spell, and is talking to them about how stupid they are when she hears a noise from her elder's room. She runs in, with the 2 thieves in tow, only to see her master being killed. The man killing him is Jeremy Irons' right hand man, Damador (Bruce Payne).

Damador is looking for a map which leads to another powerful scepter called the rod of savril, which controls Red Dragons. Marina uses a spell to escape the castle and it transports them to the streets where they meet a dwarf who follows them on their journey for no apparent reason.

Their quest is now to find the Rod of Savril, and use it to fight Jeremy Irons and bring peace to the land. The story progresses and they do fantasy type stuff, and then they have the map which leads to the Rod of Savril taken from them by Damador.

They sneak into the castle where Damador is staying and try to steal the map back, only to have Marlon Wayans die tragically as they try to escape. They do get the map though, and the lone surviving thief, named Ridley (and still played by Justin Whalin), is still intent on getting the Rod. The map leads them to a cave and discover that only Ridley can enter. He goes in, gets the rod from a skeleton guy who has guarded it for years, and comes back out. When he gets out of the cave, he sees that his friends are all being held by Damador, that sneaky bastard.

Ridley is told to give over the rod and they will be set free, so he of course does. When the obvious happens and Damador orders them all to be killed, they all start fighting back and escape.

Damador opens a portal to where Jeremy Irons is and Ridley is the only one to follow him. They are transported into the middle of a giant battle where the empress is using her scepter to control dragons and try to overthrow Jeremy Irons and his followers.

Damador gives Jeremy Irons the Rod of Savril and he uses it to summon hundreds of really bad looking red dragons. A giant battle begins with countless dragons battling it out.

Ridley sneaks up behind Damador, and they have a big sword fight, as the battle of dragons continues. He eventually kills Damador, and sets his sights on Jeremy Irons.

The empress, meanwhile, is riding a dragon and slowly making her way to the tower that Jeremy Irons is on. Irons and Ridley duke it out for a little bit, and Jeremy Irons is the more powerful of the two, and has Ridley at his mercy. Just as he is about to stike the final blow however, Ridley's friends come and stop Jeremy Irons. He knocks them down one by one and is again making his way over to kill Ridley, when the empress appears and uses her rod to get a dragon to kill Jeremy Irons.

The movie closes as the band of heroes pay their last respects to the dead thief, who was named Snails by the way. A magical item they had picked up starts glowing and his name disappears from his tombstone (a rock actually). One of them says for Ridley not to question his gift, and that he will see his friend soon. Everyone puts their hands over the magical object, and they disappear into shining lights and fly into the distance, whatever that visual is supposed to mean.

So, in conclusion, if this sounds complicated and convoluted, it's because it was.

SPOILED BY: breadfan87

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Bruce Payne as Damador
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