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Jesse and Chester wake up one morning too wasted to remember what happened the night before. Their house is full of pudding containers. They get a call from their girlfriends (the twins) who are pretty pissed at them for trashing their house the night before.

Jesse and Chester decide that it will be okay after they give the girls their 1 year anniversary present. They left it in their car. When they go outside they discover that their car is missing. Jesse asks Chester.... "Dude, where's my car?"

They slowly start to retrace their steps from the night before and slowly they learn that among other things, they were given $200,000 from a transsexual stripper to hide, they leased a fancy car, got tattoos, won a years supply of pudding from a putt putt course and last but most importantly, given the "The Continuum Transfunctioner", a device from outer space that has the power to destroy the universe.

They meet a group of leather clad girls who want the device but the guys don't know what they're talking about because the device is actually disguised as a Rubick's cube. The girls offer sexual favors for it but the guys really don't know where it is.

Two nordic guys are also after it but Jesse and Chester really don't have a clue that the cube is actually the device everyone's looking for.

Another group of UFO cultists claim they have intercepted space transmissions and are after the two so they can save the universe. They in fact, capture the guys girlfriends (the twins) and hold them hostage until the guys give them the Continuum Transfunctioner.

The whole movie ends up at a putt putt course where everyone meets. The Rubicks cube is revealed to be the transformer and it is accidentally engaged and the universe is about to come to an end.

The Nordic guys and the leather girls both claim they can stop it. The guys ask a question that only someone that was with them last night would know...

What score did they get on the last hole of the Putt Putt game the night before. The Nordic guys answer, a hole in one.

Jesse says that's right and hands the transfunctioner to them and they disengage the device. Chester asks Jesse how he knew that they were right and Jesse shows him a sign above that says, hit a hole in one and receive a years supply of pudding.

Now the leather girls are pissed and they kind of morph into one huge amazon woman and goes after Chester and Jesse, demanding the transfunctioner. They get chased all through the Putt Putt course finally ending with Chester hitting a button that shoots and kills the amazon girl. The Universe is saved. The Nordic guys zap everyone with a device that makes them forget everything (kind of like the thing from MEN IN BLACK)

The next day when the guys give the girls their present, they discover a present from the nordic guys as appreciation for what they did the night before. It's two necklaces that when put on the twins, enlarge the girls breasts...

They all go out to the car but can only see a mail truck. Once again, Jesse asks, "Dude, where's my car?" The mail truck leaves revealing the dudes old beat up Renault. Everyone gets in and they drive away....

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The Dudes (Ashton Kutcher, left, and Seann William Scott) search for the missing car