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Tagline: When someone you love dies... are they gone forever?

Dr. Joe Darrow (Kevin Costner) is being contacted by his late wife through patients with near death experiences. As the movie begins, we see a pregnant (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) Dr. Emily Darrow apparently die in a bus accident in Venezuela.

His wife loved dragonflies. After her death he begins to see dragonflies everywhere. Are they trying to tell him something?

The rest of the movie involves Dr. Joe Darrow learning from patients who have all had near-death experiences that his wife is trying to tell him something. The patients all come back telling him they met his wife in the rainbow in the mist. They have trouble remembering the message because it was loud in the rainbow - but, he is supposed to go to the rainbow. The patients (pediatric cancer patients) come back from almost dying and begin drawing a squiggly cross from their experience, telling Joe that is where the rainbow is.

Dr. Darrow ends up seeing the squiggly cross design on a map for a white water rafting trip he is planning to go on.

He learns the design is the cartographic symbol for a waterfall. He looks through photos of his wife in Venezuela and bingo, there she is, by a waterfall and a rainbow has formed from the mist. So, off to Venezuela he goes

He is led to a mass grave, where natives buried the dead from the bus accident -- but they are unmarked. He continues on to the village itself (by the waterfall), where he shows pictures of his wife to the natives. A tribe elder emerges from her hut and says she remembers his wife, she had came to help the village and then the river brought her back to them (after her accident, her body was pulled from the river). The elder said they were unable to save her body; however, they were able to save her spirit. She leads Dr. Darrow to another hut and we see his baby laying in a basket - alive and well.

Cuts to a few years later, back in the states, Dr. Darrow playing with his now toddler aged daughter, rolling in the leaves.


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