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The story takes place in New York City in 1962. We have a young writer, Barbara Novak, just moving to NYC to promote her new book Down With Love. At first it meets with some reservations, so a plan is devised for her to meet with Catcher Block, writer for a men's magazine. He's a total playboy, and of course her book is the original feminist movement, showing women how to be equal with men, by getting rid of love.

Catcher thinks she must be some ugly spinster, so blows her off completely, cancelling all their meetings and postponing them. Barbara finally overhears two stewardesses talking about their rendezvous with Catcher, and realizes he's been blowing her off to go on dates. The deal is off, and Barbara's book soars by having the "theme song" sung on the Ed Sullivan Show. It is now that Catcher sees she's not some ugly spinster, but a rather gorgeous blonde. He decides to sort of get back at her by writing some huge expose on her, revealing why she's so down with love in the first place. He plans to woo her under an assumed identity, make her fall in love with him, and get the confession on tape to bury her.

His plan seems to be working marvellously, as eventually she does admit she loves him. However, it is then that the plot takes a rather interesting twist. It turns out Barbara Novak doesn't exist. She was using that name to get Catcher to fall in love with her. She used to be his secretary, and was madly in love with him. She knew she'd never really have his attention until he stopped being such a playboy and was able to fall in love with her. So, the joke was really on him the whole time, as she knew exactly what he'd be up to, expose and all.

At first, it appears to be it, they'll be together forever. Nope! He still wants to do the expose on her, and settle down in the suburbs. It is then that she, the last woman in America, becomes a down with love gal. She doesn't want to settle down in the suburbs and be a housewife. Sure she wants to get married, but she still wants her career as a writer. She says no to his marriage proposal and leaves.

Later, she creates a magazine to rival Catcher's and puts them out of business, since all the secretaries now want to go work for Novak. He decides a way to win her back, by writing an expose on himself instead. Since she won't give him the time of day, he applies to be her secretary. Since they're an equal opportunity employer, she has to see him. He gives her his application and his expose, explaining that he loves her and understands her need to be a career woman as well as a wife.

She is still upset so she refuses to read it, at least until he's left. When he goes to the elevator to leave, surprise! There she is, in the elevator. And the two live happily ever after.


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