"Legend tells of three magic diamonds that, if in the wrong hands, can be united to create a force powerful enough to freeze the sun. When the evil sorcerer Zeebad escapes from his ancient prison, he vows to exact revenge by deep-freezing the earth forever. Determined to save the world, a fellowship of four unlikely heroes band together to foil Zeebad's villainous plot. Led by the candy-loving mutt Doogal, friends Dylan, Brian, and Ermintrude all embark on an epic adventure to save the world. In order to find the diamonds before Zeebad, they must climb icy mountains, navigate fiery pits of molten lava, sail across vast oceans and pass through a booby-trapped temple guarded by an army of ninja skeleton warriors. Along the way they learn that the most powerful weapon is their friendship - which even Zeebad?s evil magic cannot destroy. "

Desperate Housewives
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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Jack Cool Dude.

The film starts off with a small springy thing called Zebedee (Ian McKellen) in a brief battle with his enemy, Zeebad (Jon Stewart). We find out that this is all in Zebedee's dream.

Cut to a small village with inhabitants including Doogal the dog (Daniel Tay), his best friend Florence (Kylie Minogue), Dylan the rabbit (Jimmy Fallon), Brian the snail (William H. Macy) and Ermintrude the cow (Whoppi Goldberg).

Ermintrude is holding a concert (she is absolutely terrible at opera singing (important)) and Doogal is rushing to the candy shop before it closes. He gets spotted by Florence, who thinks he was coming for the concert. The opera begins. The audience isn't very impressed. The only one who semms to enjoy it is Brian, who has a crush on Ermintrude. Doogal sees that the candy shop has closed and the candyman is going away. Doogal puts a tack in the middle of the road, causing the passing candyman to have a pucture. Doogal says if he brings him a whole load of candy, he might be able to help him with his puncture. The candyman asks Doogal to guard the candy on the bike. Just before he can help himself to the candy on the bike, Doogal accidentally starts the bike and it goes on a rampage. It then crash lands on top of the nearby roundabout, which causes it to go round and round very fast. The insides are starting to freeze up. Then all of a sudden, someone breaks loose and flies off into the sky. It is Zeebad!

The roundabout is now completely frozen and mist starts to arise from the top. Florence and others are trapped in the frozen roundabout. Doogal, Brian, Dyland and Ermintrude decide to call their friend Zebedee. When he finds out what has happened, Zebedee is shocked that his old enemy Zeebad has escaped.

Cut to the middle of nowhere where there is only but a moose (Kevin Smith). Zeebad lands in this area and turns the moose into a blue colour. Zeebad notices that a toy, lifeless soldier from the roundabout has followed him. He decides to make this soldier his evil henchman, so he brings him to luife. We find out that his name is Soldier Sam (Bill Hader). Zeebad tells him that his mission is to help Zeebad recover three magical diamonds. Zeebad gets a glimpse of where our good guys are and he and Soldier Sam go back to his lair to plan an attack.

Cut back to the roundabout, hwere Zebedee tells our four heroes that by recovering three diamonds, our heroes will be able to put Zeebad back in the roundabout. But if Zeebad finds them first, he will use them to freeze the sun, enabling nothing to grow, not even grass. Zebedee tells them that he will remain behind to guard one of the diamonds that is already on the roundabout. He gives them a map to find the other two. One problem remains: how do they get there? Zebedee supplies an answer: by pressing a button on a box, a train (Chevy Chase) instantly appears. Zebedee gives the box to Dylan to look after. The friends begin their journey.

After hours on Train, they decide to set up camp. They all decide that Doogal should guard them during the night. However, Doogal is captured by Zeebad.

The next morning Dylan, Ermintrude, Brian and Train are searching for the missing Doogal. The moose from earlier, who saw Doogal being captured, shows them where Doogal is. Meanwhile, at Zeebad's lair, a captured Doogal spills that the others have a map showing them where the other diamonds are. The friends find Doogal and when Zeebad isn't looking, they set him free. Zeebad eventually notices that Doogal has escaped and tries to stop them, to no avail.

Zeebad finds the friends just outside his lair. Doogal, Dylan, Brian and Ermintrude call Zebedee who instantly appears. A big fight then commences with Zeebad vs. Zebedee. Zebedee is eventually frozen onto the edge opf the cliff, the cliff breaks and Zebedee falls to his death (or so it seems). The others are saddened by the death of their friend Zebedee. But Doogal remains strong and decides to carry on to the first location of the diamond: a huge volcano.

The bridge to get across is very rickety but they make it to the other side - and the first diamond. There is an image of Florencre and the others back at the roundabout in the diamond. They are starting to freeze. The image dissapears. Then out of nowhere, Zeebad and Soldier Sam arrive and take the diamond and the map. The gang realizes that Doogal told Zeebad they have a map. Zeebad and Soldier Sam destroy the bridge so they can't get across. Dylan presses the button on the box that Zebedee gave him and the passenger train turns into a boat. Dylan then uses the tents to create a hot air balloon with the guys in the boat.

One night later, the balloon arrives at a tropical island. Zeebad and Soldier Sam find a cave with lots of booby traps. This is the place where the next diamond is. They spot the friends and decide to let them clear the way so they can safely enter. When the friends reach the cave, Brian goes in and dodges all of the booby traps without even noticing.

Meanwhile, back at the entrance, Train decides to go into the cave... only for him to fall through the floor just seconds after he entered.

The others have entered a strange, Egyptian-like room. Doogal sits on a chair in the middle of the room to eat some candy. He presses a button and... the diamond appears! But then, alarm beans appear. Ermintrude, however, can get past the lasers without even touching them. But Doogal's candy drops out of hid mouth and hits the laser beams. Then, skeleton ninjas appear and it looks like the friends are done for. But Dylan's impressive self-defense moves beat the skeleton ninjas.

Meanwhile, Train has survived his fall and is journeying through the underground tunnels. Back in the room, the bones from the skeletons have all come together to make a huge ninja. Doogal saves the day when he presses another button which sends the big ninja down a black hole. The friends go to grab the diamond but it's gone! Zeebad has gotten it and is now demanding to know where the third diamond is. Doogal presses another button and Zeebad and Soldier Sam go down a black hole. The friends have to get back to the roundabout as fast as they can. Dylan leans on a button that opens a door which leads them to Train.

Everything is going smoothly when the huge skeleton ninja comes back for them but the huge ninja is thrown off the train when it hits a piece of wood. They come out of the tunnel only to find that Zeebad and Soldier Sam have a train of their own. A big roller-coaster-esque chase ensures. Dylan accidentally prepells Brian into the air who lands on Zeebad's train. He accidentally blurts out that they are going to the roundabout and Zeebad is now confident that he will find the third diamond there. The others rescue Brian from the train, which explodes after Soldier Sam puts on too much pressure. The friends reach the end of the tracks which sends Train going into the air. When they land, they find out that Brian accidentally let loose that they are heading for the roundabout. They go back to Train, but Train has broken its wheels. They now have to make it by foot, abandoning Train in the process.

Meanwhile, Zeebad has survived the explosion and finds that Soldier Sam need medical attention. He dismisses him from henchman duty and abandons him.

Back with the friends, they aren't doing so good. They are in a snow storm and are going around in circles. They are exhausted and all go to sleep.

The next morning, they find that they are just outside the village, which has been completely frozen over. Meanwhile, Zeebad has made it to the roundabout but can't find the diamond. Soldier Sam then appears on the moose and charges at him becuase he was on the roundabout and it's time for him to take up responsibility. But before Soldier Sam can touch Zeebad, he freezes the moose which sends Soldier Sam flying. Zeebad fires at Soldier Sam's chest, which bursts open. There, to his surprise, Zeebad finds that the thrid diamond was in Soldier Sam's chest all along. He takes it and Soldier Sam becomes inanimate. Now that Zeebad has all three diamonds, he can now freeze the sun.

The friends have made it to the roundabout, only to find that Zeebad has all three diamonds and can now freeze the sun, which he does. The children in the roundabout are frozen stiff and Florence looks like she's frozen to death. It looks like the friends are done for but Dylan throws a snow ball at Zeebad, who throws a ice bolt at Ermintrude's tail in return. She screams and because it's high-pitched, some of the ice on the roundabout starts to break. Doogal and Brian tell her to sing as loud as she can, which she does. This breaks all the ice on the roundabout and the ice on the moose too.

They throw Brian in the air and one of the diamonds falls in Dylan's direction, who hits it into the roundabout. That's one of three. Brian goes into the air again and Ermintrude kicks it into the roundabout. That's two of three. Brian lands in Zeebad's arms and curls into his shell. The third diamond just drops in Doogal's presence. Zeebad rolls Brian's shell in the diamond's direction, which sends it flying. Just before the diamond touches the ground, Zeebad gets it. Dylan uses Zebedee's magic box. He presses the button but nothing happens. Just then, Train appears and runs over Zeebad and the diamond goes into the air again. The diamond is about to hit the ground and it looks like Zeebad will get it but Doogal just pushes it into the roundabout. That's all of the diamonds and everything starts to melt. Zeebad tries to escape but is pulled into the roundabout.

We then see that Zebedee survived his fall earlier on after all and is able to break free from the ice.

The friends are celebratin g their victory when Doogal realises that Florence is missing. She is still at the roundabout and still not moving. Doogal emotionally licks her face but then she comes back to life. When Florence asks where Zebedee is, everyone thinks he's still dead. But then, Zebedee appears and makes everything turn into Spring. Everyone suggests that they go on the roundabout but they find it isn't working. Zebedee says that the roundabout is still missing something - Soldier Sam. Zebedee puts the diamond back in Soldier Sam's chest and turns him into a small toy again. He places him on top of the roundabout and it starts to work.

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In the end, (almost) everyone is happy:
1) Doogal and Florence are together again
2) Ermintrude and Brian are supposedly together
3) Dylan is himself again: lazy and sleepy.
4) The moose is turned back to his normal colour thanks to Zebedee

1) Zeebad is trapped inside the volcano
2) The candyman from the beginning is quite mad at Doogal.

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