"From director Tony Scott and inspired by a real-life story, Keira Knightley stars as Domino Harvey, who rejected her privileged Beverly Hills lifestyle as the daughter of a famous actor (Lawrence Harvey) and a Ford agency model to become a bounty hunter in pursuit of society's nastiest criminals. The film features a diverse supporting cast including Lucy Liu, Christopher Walken, Mena Suvari, Mickey Rourke, Jacqueline Bisset and Delroy Lindo."

Desperate Housewives
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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by OrkOrk who says..."This movie is typical Tony Scott, extremely fast-paced and hard to follow at times, but overall a good movie."

The movie starts off with Domino Harvey (Keira Knightley) being interrogated by FBI psychologist Tayrn Miles (Lucy Liu).  Miles wants Domino to tell her everything, otherwise she won't be able to help her, and Domino will have to go to jail for an extended period of time.  Miles begins by giving Domino the facts that the FBI has.  There was an armored car, carrying $10 million dollars that was hijacked.  It belonged to a rich owner of the hotel The Stratosphere in Las Vegas.  They recovered the car, but the money is no where to be found.  Domino tells Miles that they have located the money at the Fenders barnyard.

Flashback shows and introduces the trio of bounty hunters as they approach the Fenders barnyard in a RV.  The bounty hunters are Ed (Mickey Rourke), Choco, and Domino.  Domino describes Ed as the father that she never had since her biological father, the actor Laurence Harvey, died when she was 10.  Choco is an experienced bounty hunter who likes to speak in Spanish because he thinks Los Angeles chicks dig guys who speak Spanish.  As they enter the beat up trailer where they believe the money is located, we see a shotgun fight ensue.  A woman inside, who they call Edna, is furiously guarding the money, and she sends out her pitbull at the bounty hunters, who is quickly finished off by Ed.  Domino tells Edna to drop the weapon, because they have her son.  Edna does not believe them, so Ed tells Choco to go get the "evidence."

Choco goes back to the RV, and we are introduced to their Afghan driver, Alf.  There are a few other people in the RV, all handcuffed to a pole.  Choco yells at Alf in a middle eastern language and Alf just seems ignorant and yells back.  Choco then goes to the back and grabs something.  When Choco returns to the trailer, he throws something at Edna, and it turns out to be her son Locus's right arm.  They tell her that the combination to the freezer where the $10 million is kept is tattooed on the arm, and that Edna has 10 minutes to open the lock, before they pop a round of shells into Locus's head.  Then we see Edna starting to unlock the freezer.  Cut into the intro credits...and back to the present.

Miles wants Domino to start from the beginning, how did she become a bounty hunter, etc.  Domino then begins, flash back to when she was a little kid, everything seemed to be going really well for her.  We see her playing at a fair with her dad, and her dad wins her a goldfish.  Then we see Domino and her mother at her dad's funeral, and her life basically goes downhill from here.  Her mom wanted to marry another rich man, and sent Domino to a boarding school.  We see at the boarding school, Domino's goldfish died, and Domino thus learned a lesson to never get too attached to anyone/anything, so it is less painful when they/it is taken away from her.  We see Domino going through high school and college, and she just always seems to be sitting alone, smoking by herself.  She gets really good at using weapons, particularly the nunchucks.  She joined a sorority in college, and her life as she knew changed when she was hazed by a sorority sister.  The sorority sister apparently made fun of Domino's figure, commenting on how its like a 10 year old boys body.  Domino then proceeded to punch the sister right in the nose, while throwing down a nose job comment (hilarious).  Domino got expelled from college the next week.  One day, while she's sitting on the street, she sees a newspaper ad about a bounty hunter seminar that costs only $99, so she decides to give it a try.

So Domino goes to the building where the seminar is held, and has to sign in at the front desk.  The person sitting at the front desk is Choco (but Domino doesn't know him yet), and he asks her for the 99$.  She pays and proceeds to the seminar, where Claremont Williams (Delroy Lindo), a bail-bondsman is giving a speech on collecting, etc.  Claremont calls for a break, and tells them they will continue on to bounty hunter training, and Ed will give them the details, when they come back.  As the audience files out, we see some of them harass Domino a bit for being a female bounty hunter, Domino basically tells them to F* off.  As the audience are generally just milling about, we see that Claremont and Ed meet up with Choco at the front desk, count the money they had made, and are ready to split and make off.  As Choco is climbing out of a bathroom window, he trips an alarm.   Domino hears the alarm, sees Choco escaping, and proceeds to climb out on to the fire escape in the back alley to catch him.  We see Ed now, driving a car in the back alley, picks up Choco, and prepares to pull away, when Domino jumps down right in front of the car.  She takes out a knife from her belt and throws it directly at the front windshield.  Ed and Choco gets out of the car, and Ed asks her what the hell she's doing.  Domino says she wants a job as a bounty hunter, and that she is experienced in combat.  Ed decides to let Domino have a go.

We cut to her first assignment, where they are supposed to pick up Hector, a guy who skipped his trial hearing.  They approach Hector's house, and Ed slips a woman $200 who then tells them where Hector is.  As they approach the location that the woman referred to, we realize that the bounty hunters have been scammed.  Hector already left the house, and the bounty hunters were about to face a room full of gang people.  They kick down the door, and are surrounded by a room full of gang people pointing shotguns to their heads.  At this point in the interrogation, Domino goes into her whole flip-a-coin ordeal, where "heads you live, and tails you die."  The flashback proceeds to show the three of them getting killed by the gang etc.  But then it rewinds and goes back to Domino saying that god has flipped the coin, and that it was heads for her, so they lived.  The flash back now shows the three of them still getting surrounded, but Domino walks to the middle of the room, picks up a joint, smokes it, and tells the gang leader that all they want is Hector.  She tells the leader if he would tell them where Hector is, she'll give him a lap dance.  The leader thinks she's bulls*ting, but then Domino begins to take off her clothes and proceeds to give him a lap dance (bra/panties on, but still hot as hell).  They then get the info about Hector and accomplish their mission.

Cut back to the interrogation, Miles wants to know how the plot to hijack the armored car began.  Domino says it all began at the Los Angeles DMV, where a kid Francis is telling a DMV teller Lateesha to have 4 id's ready for him.  Apparently, Lateesha does offer people fake id's as a side job.  Lateesha gives Francis some attitude, and Francis says she doesn't know who she is dealing with, and that he can make her job go away at the snap of a finger.  Lateesha then obliges, and Francis leaves. (we don't know who Francis is at this point, nor do we know what he's doing w/ the 4 id's).  Then it cuts to Claremont talking to the bounty hunters, having some sort of a general meeting, who they need to catch next, etc.  We find out that Claremont has several mistresses, and that Lateesha is one of them.  Next there is a series of scenes where we see the bonding between Ed and Domino, and Choco is seemingly getting jealous of their relationship.

The next few scenes may not be in the correct order, but the general plot goes as follows:

Domino's mother is not happy about her daughter having a job as a bounty hunter, but nevertheless because she wants to make money, she signed up with a reality TV producer, Mark Heiss (Christopher Walken, as always, an awesome actor), to produce a series about the bounty hunters, and to increase the amount of viewers, they would have 2 celebrities from the hit show Beverly Hills 90210 following them around.  At the meeting between the bounty hunters and Heiss, we see that Domino's mother is very selfish and wants the majority of the air time to be about Domino, but Ed says that there would be no deal if the air time is not split evenly among the three of them.  Domino agrees with Ed, and signs the deal.  Subsequently, they then cut to the bounty hunters meeting the 2 celebrities and having a general introduction.  We see Ed sees the 2 kids as being spoiled brats and are basically worthless.

During this time, Lateesha appears on an episode of Jerry Springer, where she is touted as the youngest grandmother in the United States.  She goes on to call herself "Blacktino" and having an argument with a member of the audience who is of mixed ethnicity, and calls her a "Chinegro" (chinese-black mix), shouting and fighting ensues (the regular Jerry Springer fare) and Lateesha goes out to bring out her float-chart of all the ethnicity's that should be added (extremely hilarious).  We then see Claremont talking to Lateesha about seeing her on Jerry Springer, and the reason Lateesha went on was to maybe get some air time and publicity, in order to get some extra income if picked up by producers.  Apparently, Lateesha's granddaughter has a rare blood disease, where her white blood cells are diminishing, and they don't have the $300,000 needed to see the doctor.

This is where things start getting complicated.  So Claremont needs the $300,000 to save his granddaughter, so he decides to do a fake hijacking.  When Lateesha returns to DMV, she is called in by her boss, who says he saw her on Springer, and proceeds to fire her and tells her that there are FBI agents waiting to talk to her.  They tell her that they knew about her side gig of making fake id's, but they will not delve further into that situation if she helps them on their case.  Which is about Francis.  We now know that Francis is the son of the infamous L.A. mobster Anthony Cigluitti, and the FBI wants to know what Francis is going to do with the fake id's, so Lateesha just blurts out that they are planning on hijacking an armored car carrying $10 million dollars of the rich hotel owner, Burke Beckett.

We cut to the hijacking, where 4 people dressed as 4 first ladies (barbara bush, hilary clinton, etc) are moving the money from the armored truck to a van, and driving off with it, along with the driver, Locus Fender.  Burke sees all of this on security video tape, and he gets a call from Claremont.  Claremont tells him he heard about his lost money, and that he has trained bounty hunters who will retrieve his money along with the 4 "first ladies" for a fee of $300,000.  Claremont tells Burke if he can't locate the money, he'll pay for it out of his own insurance, Burke agrees to the deal.  (There is then some sort of side deal going on between Burke's assistant and Anthony Cigluitti, about making the connection between the mob and the hotel owner, which would be the crime of the century, it is too complicated, and I think it has little relevance).  Claremont tells Burke he would deliver the 4 first ladies along with the $10 mil to the DMV in Needles, CA.

Claremont then tells the bounty hunters the four people they need to arrest, namely Francis and the other three people that wanted the fake id's.  One of them is a DJ, another is a sex-aholic, and the last two are Francis, and his brother, Charles.  During this time, the reality TV people constantly follow the bounty hunters around filming for the show, and Heiss gives many funny remarks about the bounty hunters as they proceed from arrest to arrest.  The bounty hunters manage to catch all four of them, but find no money.  Regardless, they follow Claremont's orders and deliver them to Burke and his henchmen at  the DMV at Needles.  During all of this, Domino is suspicious about the validity of those 4 people, because they all do not have arrest records.  We also find out sometime that their driver, Alf, is an expert at using explosives.

Cut to the van with the 4 "first ladies" they actually turn out to be Lateesha and her friends (presumably Claremont's mistresses as well), and they stop at a gas station.  Locus gets out of the van to buy some stuff, while he is in the shop, the 4 first ladies receive a call from Claremont telling them to abort the mission, and that he's picking them up now. (Claremont doesn't know that they already hijacked the money).  Apparently, Claremont just found out that 2 of the four people he delivered to Burke were Cigluitti's sons.  The 4 first ladies scramble out of the van and escape with Claremont, while Locus is left bewildered about why they left the money.

After delivering the 4 people to Burke, the bounty hunters and the TV people stop by at a rural hotel.  The two celebrities decide that want to go to a strip club.  We now see Choco approaching Domino, speaking to her in Spanish, and Domino tells him to leave, saying he's not cute at all speaking in Spanish, and she can't understand him etc.  Choco leaves pissed off, goes downstairs to Ed's room, where he's watching a porno.  Choco smashes the TV and gets into a fight with Ed, obviously over his jealously about Domino.  Ed basically tells him that Domino means nothing to him more than a kid, and that he got over women a long time ago (presumably a death of his lover?).  Domino then receives a call from Claremont, saying they have to go find the money now, because he's now f*ed with Cigluitti, and that they would all be in deep shit if he doesn't get the money.  (b/c Burke supposedly will kill Cigluitti's sons, in which case Cigluitti will retaliate at Burke, and then Claremont won't get his $300,000 from Burke in the end).

Domino thus goes rounding up the gang, and they proceed to leave.  Domino also tells Alf to go get all the film that the TV people has recorded over the past few days, to erase all evidence, when Alf returns to the RV empty handed, Domino asks him where the tapes are, and Alf just scrambles to the drivers seat and drive away.  We see the television crews RV getting blown up along with all the video tapes.  The bounty hunters know that Locus has the money, so they go look for him at the local strip joint.  They locate him and proceed to take him away, as we see the 2 celebrities from 90210 are also there, Ed mentions to Domino to take them as "celebrity hostages" as people will refrain from killing people in front of celebrities because it gathers too much attention.  Cut to the bounty hunters driving towards the Fender barnyard, we see the celebrities and Locus being handcuffed to a pole in the RV.  Claremont is talking to Domino on the phone, and tells her that the combination for the safe is located on Locus's right arm, and that they have to "take of the shirt on his right arm" in order to open the safe.  But the reception is really bad out in the rural country, and all Domino heard is to "take off his... right arm."  Ed asks Domino what Claremont said, she repeats it, and Choco grabs a shotgun and proceeds to blow off Locus's arm.   They approach the Fender barnyard, where the movie began.

Cut back to the interrogation, Domino makes a passing remark about how Miles is a lesbian, to which Miles gives no comment.  We also see that after Burke receives the 4 people, he was about to kill them, but realizes that they know nothing about the hijacking, so they just buried them half way in the dirt, and left them alive.  The FBI later found the 4 of them alive, but decided to keep it a secret from Anthony Cigluitti, so that Cigluitti would seek revenge against Burke, thus scoring their biggest case of the century.

Back to the barnyard, Edna finally manages to get the safe open, and the bounty hunters leave Locus with Edna and make off with the money, but not before Ed requests a pot of coffee from Edna.  We see Edna putting several spoonfuls of some hallucinogen in the coffee.  As the bounty hunters and Alf drink the coffee, they all start hallucinating, and Alf crashes the RV.  Everyone makes out alive, but the drug is still in effect.  We see Choco finally has the nerves to tell Domino he loves her, and they begin to make out (hot).  As they lay on the side of a road, a mysterious preacher drives by, and tells them about salvation, etc.  He recognizes Domino, and tells her that her mission in life is to save a girl, and that they need to bring the money to Las Vegas and return it to Burke now in order to save the little girl (it's Lateesha's granddaughter he's talking about here).  So they all hitch a ride with the preacher to Vegas, and check into a hotel.  Claremont sees the bounty hunters have arrived and arranges a meeting with Burke to meet at the top of the Stratosphere hotel at 7pm to return the money.  The FBI picks up on this phone call and alerts Anthony Cigluitti.  Next, we see Lateesha and her friends knocking on the door of the bounty hunters suite.  Lateesha tells Domino that she needs $300,000 from them now, or it'll be too late to save the child.  Domino realizes that her mission is to save the child, so she bangs on Alf's door (Alf is guarding all the money) and tells him to take out $300,000.  Lateesha takes the money, thanks Domino, and leaves.  We also see flashes of Alf putting C4 in the money bags.

At 7, the bounty hunters set off along with the celebrity hostages to meet with Burke.  Burke sees them at the top floor of his hotel, he recognizes the celebrities, and acknowledging that killing people in front of celebrities would be a bad idea, tells them to leave, and the celebrities finally gain their freedom.  Burke then tells the bounty hunters how pissed off he is at them that they duped him, and that he wants the money now.  Domino tells him his money is all there, minus the $300,000 Claremont's fee.  But then Alf tells them all that the money is no longer there, he already gave the money to his friends and they are planning on shipping it to Afghanistan to help the poor people over there, and in the money bags are tons of C4 explosives, and at a touch of his remote control, they'll all die.  As Burke/his henchmen are at a faceoff with the bounty hunters, we see Anthony Cigluitti and his men come charging in.  Cigluitti accuses Burke of killing his sons, and before Burke could respond, they open fire.  Chaos ensues. Everyone is getting shot. The bounty hunters and Alf manage to drag the C4 with them towards the elevators, and they all have been shot multiple times (except Domino). Ed, Choco, and Domino manage to get in the elevator, Domino urges Alf to come, but he can't make it.  Alf finally says a sentence in English, he tells Domino that he'll make everything OK.  The elevator door shuts, and they start descending quickly.  The mobster/henchmen locate Alf, and are ready to shoot him.  Alf keeps on looking a the elevator display, seeing that it has finally reached around the 20th floor, before he depresses the remote control button, and the entire top floor blows up.  The elevator cables snap, and as the elevator is falling, Ed screams this is a good day to die, and we see Domino drifting back towards that "heads you live, tails you die" vision, and she says that she has been chosen to live.

Back to the interrogation room, apparently Miles is satisfied with the answers that Domino has given, so the FBI lets her go, and Miles suggest that Domino retire from bounty hunting.  In the end, we see Domino swimming in a pool at her mother's house, and that she is finally starting to warm up to her mother again.  We then hear the voice over from Domino "in this world, there are 3 kinds of people, the rich, the poor, and the people in between."  We see children in Afghanistan opening up boxes that contains the millions of dollars that Alf sent back. 

Roll Credits.

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