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NOTE: This spoiler was written by Nash.

The film starts with Brian (Kevin Hart), the undertaker, delivering Aaron’s (Chris Rock) father’s body to the house.  It is the family house where Aaron lives with his wife, Michelle (Regina Hall) and his mother Cynthia (Loretta Devine).  Aaron asks who is in the coffin.  Brian thinks he means who he was as a person but it turns out it’s the wrong body.  It is a Chinese man.  They take the body back.

Norman (Tracy Morgan) and Derek (Luke Wilson) are driving on the way to the funeral.  Neither of them are related but they are close family friends.  Norman complains about a rash he has on his wrist.  Aaron goes to tell Michelle that they brought the wrong body.  Aaron is nervous about giving the eulogy even though his younger brother is the writer in the family.  Aaron has written a book but won’t show it to anyone.

Elaine (Zoe Saldana) is Aaron’s cousin and is stuck in traffic with her boyfriend Oscar (James Marsden).  He is nervous about going to another family function since her dad doesn’t seem to like him at all.  Back at the house, they have finally delivered the right body.  Brian harasses Aaron about his older relatives including his mother, obviously hoping to get their future business.  This irritates Aaron.  He calls Norman to pick up Uncle Russell (Danny Glover).  Aaron and Michelle talk to and try to comfort Cynthia.  She obviously has a favorite and it’s her brother and she says grandchildren would make this all so much easier.  Aaron and Michelle are trying to conceive.  Throughout the film, she tells him that she’s ovulating and to have sex with her which he finds inappropriate.

Norman and Derek arrive at the retirement home to pick up Uncle Russell.  He swears at them and Derek offers him the front seat.  Jeff (Columbus Short) is Elaine’s brother.  He is talking about pills over the phone as he plays video games.  Elaine and Oscar arrive to pick him up and she yells at him to dress properly.  Elaine tries to calm down Oscar so she gives him a bottle of pills nearby thinking they are Valium.  Jeff is ready and they all leave for the funeral.  Aaron’s brother Ryan (Martin Lawrence) finally arrives.  Cynthia becomes very excited and knocks over Michelle.  Ryan is a very successful writer in New York.  He talks about his flight in first class and makes an improper joke about death, throwing Cynthia into a tizzy and running upstairs.  Michelle goes to check on her.

Oscar is acting very strangely and asks if there’s a dog in the car, confusing Jeff and Elaine.  Ryan and Aaron talk about the money Ryan owes him for the funeral.  Ryan says he can’t pay, despite his success.  Norman tries to park in a space near the house but Elaine comes in and steals the space.  He has to go and park incredibly far.  Derek and Elaine used to date and are wondering who the guy with Elaine is and gets out of the car.  Norman has to park very far from the house and has to roll Uncle Russell in his wheelchair all the way back to the house.  Outside the house, Oscar is saying very strange things about the green outside and how he feels like he is inside a lime.

Inside, Aaron notices a little person at the funeral acting very suspiciously and wondering who he is.  Aaron is angry with Ryan about making him pay for the entire funeral and Ryan says he will pay him back later.  Reverend Davis (Keith David) comes by and is excited to hear Ryan’s eulogy.  He is a fan of his work.  He is disappointed when he learns that Aaron is the only one who will be speaking for their father since he is the oldest.  Their father’s brother Duncan (Ron Glass), who is also Elaine and Jeff’s father, arrives and says hello to Cynthia.  They talk a bit about their children.

Ryan sees a beautiful young woman sitting at the funeral.  Her name is Martina (Regine Nehy) and is not directly related to them, as Ryan finds out from someone else.  She has also just turned 18 last week.  He goes over and hits on her before Aaron can ask him to help with his eulogy.  As Aaron goes over the eulogy, the little person introduces himself as Frank (Peter Dinklage) but before he can say what he wants, Michelle asks Aaron over and wants to talk to him.  She wants to have sex and tells him that she is not wearing panties.  He tells her to please put on some panties for his father’s funeral.

Jeff tells Elaine that the Valium that she gave Oscar was not Valium but a very strong type of Acid.  Duncan says hello to his Elaine and Jeff and Derek is with him.  They are very good friends who do business together and play golf together.  Elaine is concerned about Oscar while Derek tells her he knows about their engagement.  He wants her back.  Norman finally gets Uncle Russell to the house and struggles to get him up the stairs.  He is exhausted and collapses on the chair.  Now that Uncle Russell has arrived, the service starts.  During the service, Norman argues with Elaine about taking the parking space but Aaron tells them to “act right”.  Aaron gives his eulogy and it is obviously not going well.  It is dull and passionless.  He talks about the year that his father was born and awkwardly sings “Shortnin’ Bread”.  Oscar is tripping out during the funeral and thinks the coffin is moving and that someone is alive inside.  He causes a big commotion and the body ends up falling out of the coffin upsetting everyone.  Aaron goes out and yells at Elaine and Oscar for ruining the funeral.  Uncle Russell watches Ryan hit on Martina and tells him his book was a bunch of bullshit.

Norman talks with Derek about his rash on his wrist.  Derek tells him to talk to Duncan since he’s a doctor.  Elaine tries to calm Oscar down as he continues to trip and say strange things.  She tells him about the Acid he accidentally took.  Norman talks with Duncan and wants to know what his rash is.  He tells him it’s a pigment mutation.  Norman is afraid it means he’s going to “Hulk out” like the Incredible Hulk.  Duncan tells him that it’s more like an allergic reaction, possibly to nuts.  Meanwhile, Jeff realizes he has lost the pill bottle with the acid.  Oscar locks himself in the bathroom after he finds out about the acid and won’t let Elaine in.

Frank asks Aaron if they can talk privately.  Frank reveals to him that he was in a homosexual relationship with his father.  He has pictures of them having sex and other activities.  Upon this revelation, Aaron notices the statues all around his father’s study of naked men wrestling.  Frank says his father promised that he would take care of him but he is not in the will.  He blackmails Aaron for $30,000 in exchange for not showing everyone the pictures and revealing their relationship.  Aaron tells him he will be right back.  A couple of his father’s friends tell him about the time his father talked them all into skinny-dipping.  He goes to find Ryan.  Meanwhile, Derek is still trying to get with Elaine as she waits outside the bathroom door for Oscar.  He says he can get Usher tickets for after the funeral if she wants but she outright rejects him.

Ryan is outside hitting on Martina still and talks about taking her back to New York.  Aaron interrupts and fills him in on the information to Ryan’s shock.  Derek and Norman are sitting at the kitchen table eating cake.  Norman isn’t sure if he should eat the cake if it’s got nuts in it in case he’s allergic and asks Derek to check for him.  He refuses.  Uncle Russell asks for food and they leave the table.  He takes their cake and he says it tastes like it’s got nuts.  Meanwhile, Jeff is frantically looking for his lost pill bottle.  Norman goes outside to talk to Cynthia and talks about how good her husband looked despite being dead on the floor.  This disturbs her and she walks away.  Norman looks on the ground and finds Jeff’s missing pill bottle.

Aaron tells Ryan that he should pay Frank but Ryan says he can’t.  Ryan is bankrupt right now and tied up in investments and has to wait for his next advance and tells Aaron to pay.  He has been living at home so he should have plenty of money saved up.  Aaron says that their dad has been retired for five years so he has been the one paying the bills.  His wife wants to move out but now that he has to pay Frank, now they can’t.  Aaron and Ryan go back to Frank and tell him that they will pay.  Frank has been reading Aaron’s book, which was out on the coffee table.  Aaron is angry with this but both Ryan and Frank agree that it is a coffee table rule.  If it’s on the table, anyone can read it.  Frank continues to disparage the book, angering Aaron as he’s writing the check.  He decides not to pay him and rips up the check.  As Frank goes to the door to show everyone the pictures, Ryan ambushes him and tackles him to the ground.  Aaron sticks his tie into Frank’s mouth.  Norman comes in and they tell him that Frank is having a seizure and he goes over to help.  He gives him some of the “valium” that he found outside as Ryan and Aaron are tying him up.  Jeff comes in and wonders why they are tying Frank up if he’s having a seizure.  Norman tells him that he gave Frank some Valium.  Aaron and Ryan take Norman and Jeff into the bathroom and tell them the situation.  Then, Jeff tells them that the “valium” they gave him is actually a very special mix of Acid.  Norman gave him four or five pills.  Jeff says that might kill him depending on certain factors.  Meanwhile, Oscar gets naked in the bathroom and goes out the window onto the roof.

Norman and Jeff stay in the room to watch Frank while Aaron and Ryan go outside to figure out what to do next.  Reverend Davis complains about the long wait to start the service again and asks him when they can start.  He tells him five minutes.  Aaron tells him this several times throughout the movie.  Derek makes another go at flirting with Elaine but she is not having it.  She says they had a couple of wild months but overall it was nothing.  Oscar is kind and generous while Derek is the exact opposite.  Later, Derek gets advice from Uncle Russell about how to get Elaine back.  Uncle Russell tells him that women like a man who can control her.  He tells Derek he should take her by the shoulders and kiss her forcefully.

Uncle Russell has to go to the bathroom, but the only bathroom downstairs is in the study where Frank is tied up.  Uncle Russell bangs on the door and Norman and Jeff don’t know what to do so they throw Frank behind the couch and Jeff jumps over with him.  Meanwhile, Aaron and Ryan have a discussion about responsibility and how Ryan left once he got rich and famous while Aaron stuck around with the family and took care of everyone.  Ryan says that Aaron is just jealous that he never got a book published.  They start fighting.  Michelle comes in and breaks up the fight.  Aaron fills in Michelle on the Frank situation.  Norman helps Uncle Russell get on the toilet but his hand gets stuck.  Uncle Russell ends up pooping on Norman’s hand and he freaks out.  Jeff comes into the bathroom and screams as he sees Norman’s poop covered hand.  He goes to the sink to wash it but it ends up getting poop all over the place including the mirror, his face, his shirt, and even a little in his mouth.  Meanwhile, Frank has gotten free and starts dancing on the couch.  Frank falls and crashes his head into the table.  Uncle Russell has fallen asleep on the toilet.  Norman and Jeff check on Frank and they end up thinking that he is dead.

Michelle gets angry with Aaron that Frank has read his novel-in-progress when he has never showed it to her.  Aaron and Ryan come back into the study to find that Frank is dead.  They then plan on putting Frank inside the coffin with their father.  Derek makes another go at winning Elaine back. He sees Oscar outside the window and tells her about it.  When she refuses his advances again and tries to check on Oscar, he forces himself on her just like Uncle Russell said to.  Oscar sees this and thinks that they are getting together and he threatens to jump.  Elaine punches Derek and goes up on the roof to stop him.  Aaron and Jeff go outside to see what the commotion is about.  Aaron decides this is the perfect time to get Frank into the coffin since everybody is distracted outside.  As Aaron and Ryan take Frank and put him inside the coffin, Norman keeps watch and keeps Reverend Davis out of the room.  As Aaron and Ryan put Frank into the coffin, they have another conversation about Aaron’s jealousy and the different paths of their lives.  Ryan tells him that maybe he was more spontaneous that he would be a better writer.

Elaine tries to explain what happened but he is still tripping and doesn’t believe her.  Then she says how much she cares for him and reveals that they are having a baby.  He thinks she means he is pregnant but she corrects him.  He then announces it to everyone down on the ground.  Duncan chastises Derek for missing his chance.  Oscar slips and is about to fall off the roof but Jeff runs up and smashes through the bathroom door.  He goes to the window and grabs Oscar and pulls him into the window.  Oscar’s genitals are very obviously in Jeff’s face.  Duncan congratulates Elaine and then tells Oscar to never see his daughter again.  Elaine stands up to her father and tells him that this is her life and she will be with whoever she wants.

The service is about to start again.  Aaron goes to get Uncle Russell off the toilet.  He thought he saw a dead man earlier but they tell him he was just hallucinating.  Derek talks to Norman and says he is happy that Elaine is going to be a mother and tells him what a horrible father he would be.  He tells him he is going to go wait in the car.  The service starts up again and Aaron starts the same eulogy once again but then the coffin starts moving.  Frank bursts out of the coffin.  He is alive and screaming.  He trips and tries to run out as Norman tackles him to the ground.  The compromising pictures are dropped for everyone to see including Cynthia.  She is shocked and goes and tries to beat up Frank.  As the entire room is in a commotion and Oscar gleefully notes that he was right that the coffin was moving, Aaron yells over the entire crowd, which stops them into a stand still.  He continues his eulogy except this time it is not what he has written.  It is spontaneous and off the cuff just like Ryan told him.  He talks about the great respect he had for the man and he was about chasing your dreams.  He was a kind, gentle man who never judged anyone.  It is a heartfelt and emotional speech and everyone loves it.

Some time later, after everyone has left, Ryan is about to leave and has his suitcases by the door.  Ryan says Cynthia is still shocked about the revelation about their father and Frank but she will be OK.  Ryan complements Aaron’s eulogy.  Aaron tells him that after he gives his novel to Michelle to read, he will mail a copy to Ryan next week.  Ryan walks outside and Martina is going to give Ryan a ride outside in a fancy red sports car.  Aaron and Michelle are about to get to work on making a baby after such a long, hectic day.  However, Michelle tells him that Uncle Russell was a bit agitated so she gave him some “valium” that she found. 

The film ends with a shot of Uncle Russell naked on the roof.

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