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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Jeremy.

A man named Darcy (Dominic Cooper) is sitting in a car cradling his baby. He's talking to Victor (Colin Farrell), telling him that people need to make connections and bonds with others since life's not worth living alone. He goes to his wife and puts their baby in a stroller.

The men get called to the home of their employer, Alphonse (Terrence Howard). Inside a fridge is the corpse of their friend Paul, who had been strangled to death. Alphonse scolds the maid for not having the alarm on. With Paul is a note that reads "719 - soon you'll realize...", and hidden in his mouth is a small piece of paper. It's a part of a photo, and there are other pieces missing.

Alphonse and his men go down to a drug ring and find a man named Harry (Andrew Stewart-Jones). They interrupt him during sex with a hooker and send her out after paying her. Alphonse suspects Harry of killing Paul, especially considering Harry writes the number 7 with a dash through it, just like on the note. Harry tells Alphonse he can't kill him, but Alphonse responds by shooting him in the head. A shootout occurs, and Alphonse runs to a room where he's cornered by two thugs. Victor, who was hiding in an air vent, shoots both of them dead.

We meet Beatrice (Noomi Rapace), sitting in a hospital, getting bandages removed. She has several scars on her face. The nurse asks her if she's okay to drive home, and she nods as tears stream down her cheeks.

That night, Victor starts vacuuming his home, and as he steps outside, he finds Beatrice looking at him from the building across the street. They wave at each other and go back into their homes. Beatrice's mother, Valentine (Isabelle Huppert), tells her she should introduce herself to him.

Victor finds a note in his mailbox from Beatrice with her number. He calls her and they set up a meeting.

The two go to dinner. It's quiet at first, so Beatrice tries to get to know Victor better. He says he works as an engineer and that he's Hungarian. She worked as a beautician and got her scars as the result of a car accident. She tells Victor she has something to show him.

Victor drives her to the home of a stranger. She tells him she saw him kill a man in his own apartment and shows him a video she caught on her phone. The man is Paul. Beatrice wants Victor to kill the man who hit her car and scarred her. Victor refuses but Beatrice threatens to call the police and tell them how he killed Paul. He pulls his gun on her, and she tells him to shoot, but he accidentally fires and is forced to drive away. She continues egging him on, but they eventually stop, and she gets out of the car. She goes home that night and plays music while looking over newspaper articles of her accident.

Victor is later seen purchasing a gun from a man named Gregor (F. Murray Abraham). Gregor reminds him that he told him he wanted to get close to his target but hasn't made his move yet.

Victor goes to a sewer where he is keeping an Albanian man named Alex blindfolded and tied to a chair. He gives him water and some food and leaves him as he pleads to let him go.

At home, Victor watches a video of his wife and daughter. He was filming and telling his daughter to smile bigger.

Alphonse meets with a man named Lon Gordon (Armand Assante) over his belief that Harry was trying to kill him. He is given the other half of the note he found on Paul, so the message reads "719 - soon you'll realize, this is not the 7".

At the same time, Victor is on the roof of a building, setting up a rifle for his target. He shoots his guy just as Alphonse and company are leaving the restaurant. His men chase Victor down, still unaware of his identity and get him in a building. He manages to throw one goon out the window and hang him by the neck while also killing another man. He escapes with Beatrice driving a getaway car. Darcy catches up to the car to find the two of them kissing, and he is none the wiser. Victor leaves with Darcy and is informed of the situation.

Beatrice walks home and is taunted by a group of kids who call her a monster. Even the word is scribbled on the front door of her apartment. Victor goes to visit her and meets her mother. He leaves and she gives him a pack of cookies.

At Alphonse's home, he has his men open his mailbox in case there's any surprise. Instead, there is just a recording of a little girl's voice saying "I learned to tie my shoelaces". He finds more picture cut-outs in there.

Beatrice goes to visit Victor in his home. She asks him if he has any progress on her own target, and he says he's working on it. When she's not looking, he hides the picture of the Albanian man he's holding hostage. They have a smoke and Victor opens up to her. His real name is Laszlo Kerick, and he came from Hungary with his wife while working as an engineer. Alphonse and his men were controlling the building he lived in with his family. They fired a few rounds to scare the tenants out, but they hit his daughter and killed her in her sleep. A couple months later, they came after him and his wife and believed they killed both of them. Ever since then, Victor has been planning his revenge against Alphonse. Beatrice gives him a rabbit's foot that she keeps as a good luck charm.

Meanwhile, Darcy continues his own investigation as to who is targeting Alphonse.

Beatrice happens upon Victor as he is talking to Gregor over the phone. We learn that Gregor was Victor's wife's uncle, and he fears he will lose Victor as he did his niece and her child. Beatrice also learns of Victor's plan - he wants to lure Alphonse and his men, along with some Albanians who were involved in the shooting, to a warehouse where Alphonse usually goes to, and he plans to blow them all up. Beatrice takes her rabbit's foot back and leaves.

Sometime later, Victor visits Alphonse in his home. He has determined that whoever is targeting him was somebody from the shooting. He muses on whatever this man is thinking about, wondering if he is guessing what Alphonse is planning. He tells Victor he's the only person he trusts after he saved him at Harry's. Of course, he thinks it would be something if Victor happened to be the one who ends up killing him.

Victor goes down to the sewer to meet with Alex, still tied up. He records a video of him addressing his brother, Ilir, telling him he is beneath the warehouse belonging to Alphonse. Victor removes his blindfold after the video is over, and the man recognizes him, believing he had killed him. Victor sets a bunch of rats loose on the man, who screams in fear, but Victor shoots him to put him out of his misery.

He goes to a park and watches some kids play. He gets a call from Darcy who tells him he knows about Laszlo Kerick, but not that it's Victor.

Beatrice is leaving her house wearing a pretty white dress, but the scumbag neighborhood kids run up to her and continue taunting her while throwing rocks at her head. They give her a nasty gash on her head, and she's forced to go back inside.

Victor goes to visit her, but she doesn't tell him what really happened. He invites her out for dinner that night, and she goes to change. He hands Valentine the tupperware that had the cookies she gave him. He says they were good, but she says it was Beatrice who made them, and she was afraid he'd judge her cooking.

He drives Beatrice to a nearby bar where the drunk driver who hit her is at. Victor hands her an envelope with the video card and asks her to deliver it to Alphonse. He goes out and finds the man. He appears to strangle him, but it quickly cuts to him returning to the car.

Alphonse and his men go to a cemetery where they find the graves of Victor's wife and child. One goon realizes that his wife was killed on June 17, and that tomorrow will be the two year anniversary of her murder.

Alphonse calls Ilir, and they both reveal that they have been receiving different pieces of photos, along with some photos that have eyes crossed out. They set up a meeting.

The next morning, Victor leaves a note for Beatrice. Turns out he didn't kill the drunk driver, and it's proven when she sees the man who walks out of his home with a broken arm. She talks with Victor over the phone while he's waiting by the warehouse and reveals she took out the video card from the package and put in her rabbit's foot. She realizes they both did these things out of love for each other.

Darcy goes to Victor's apartment and breaks in. He finds the room behind his fridge where he's been keeping pictures of Alphonse and his men, including Darcy. He's put the pieces together.

Beatrice comes to the apartment but runs when she sees Darcy. He chases her, and Victor, still on the phone, can hear the commotion. Darcy tells him he knows Victor is Laszlo Kerick, and he tells him to go to Alphonse's home.

Darcy takes Beatrice to Alphonse's home, where all his men and the Albanians are gathered. They open the package with the rabbit's foot and assault Beatrice. Darcy brings the final pieces of the photo together, revealing a picture of Victor and his family. The villains know everything now. Alphonse calls Victor, who crashes through the house, hitting some men and bringing some down to the basement.

A showdown occurs, with Alphonse's men firing at Victor, but Victor manages to shoot his way through the goons. He even has a few bombs with him that he throws at the men. At one point, Victor has Darcy cornered, but he gets out and leaves him.

Alphonse and Ilir take Beatrice upstairs while they try shooting at Victor. She hides in a closet and takes out her video card as she finds a laptop. She gets caught by Ilir, who sees the tape playing on the computer. Since the tape makes it look like Alphonse had kidnapped Alex, Ilir raises his gun to Alphonse, who angrily yells at him to lower the gun, and the two end up shooting and killing each other. Victor finds Beatrice and takes her out.

As the two are leaving, Darcy comes out and points his gun at them. He asks Victor if he didn't kill him because he has a wife and kid. Victor replies that it's because they've got him. He and Beatrice leave Darcy alone.

The film ends with Victor and Beatrice leaving on a train and sharing one last kiss.

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