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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Horror Freak who says... "This was a great way to start the summer movie season. The action in this movie is mindblowing."

The movie starts out with three climatologists Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid), Jason (Dash Mihok) and Frank (Jay O Sanders) collecting ice samples. Jack lets Jason drill for some deep ice samples. Frank tells Jack that Jason isn't experienced enough to use it. After a few minutes of drilling, Jason screws up the drill and this causes a thick sheet of ice to crack. This sets off a chain reaction and more ice caves in. Jack runs and tries to save the drill but it falls hundreds of feet. On the other side of the ice is a collection of ice samples. Jack jumps across a gap and gets the samples.shelf He goes to jump back and barely makes it. The ice breaks even more and Jack falls.

His two buddies catch him and pull him up.

We cut to Jack giving a speech in New Deli India. Its snowing which is pretty odd. His speech is about how global warming is a serious problem. He says that they need to act now or it will be too late. Vice President Becker steps in and tells Jack that it is all nonsense. He says that global warming isn't as serious as people think. He also says that they don't need to worry about it for another 200 years. Once the speech is over, a man named Terry Rapson (Ian Holm) tells Jack that his speech was excellent and that there should be more climatologists like Jack. (This proves that Jack is very dedicated to his work and never takes breaks)

We next see Jack back at his home in Washington D.C. He lives a few blocks away from his wife Lucy (Sela Ward) and 17-year old son Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal). He calls Lucy and Lucy says that Sam has a big day tomorrow. He is leaving on an airplane to go to NYC for a school science competition. Jack says that he will drive Sam to the airport. Sam doubts that theory because his dad is always working and never has any family time.

Later that night at Jacks house, Its 3AM and he gets a call from Rapson (who is in Scotland working in his science lab). He tells Jack that one of his co-workers noticed a 12 degree drop in ocean temp around the Atlantic Ocean. Rapson also says that its been raining and flooding in Scotland for a few days (that's unusual for Scotland) Jack jumps out of bed and logs onto his computer. He types in a bunch of scientific calculations. Rapson does the same thing and they compare data. After a while of calculations, they come up with a theory that within 16 weeks earth will be a new ice age.(kinda hard to believe that within a matter of minutes the two men can figure out the world will end within 16 weeks...but ok)

The next morning, we see Jack at his office telling his co-workers about the research he and Rapson did. Jack checks the time and remembers that he has to drive his son to the airport. Jack drives to the house and picks up Sam. On the way to the airport Sam and Jack argue about how Jack needs to move back into the house with his son and wife. Jack says that he is wrapped up in work lately and cant take time off. They finally arrive at the airport and he drops Sam off.

We cut to Lucy in a hospital. She is a doctor who specializes in cancer. She visits a young kids who is reading a book. The kid asks Lucy if she will read along with him. We cut to Sam on the airplane. He is very nervous and keeps shoving candy in his mouth. His two best friends Laura (Emmy Rossum) and Brian (Arjay Smith) tell him to calm down and everything is going to be fine. The plane starts to shake and everyone freaks out. Sam starts yelling and we see a food cart go flying down the aisle nearly killing Sam and the lady flight attendant.

We next see Jack at work and a new worker comes in. A Japanese women by the name of Janet. Shes really smart and a big help to Jack. Jack explains to her that within 16 weeks earth will be a new ice age . He says that the storm will be in the shape of three big hurricanes (this is where Jack explains the stages of the storm) He says that in the beginning of the storm things will get hot enough to melt the polar ice caps. It will get hot in America as well. Once the polar ice caps melt, all the water will flow down to north America. This will cause extreme flooding. In conclusion, once all the water is settled it will begin to freeze. It will get so cold that people would freeze within a matter of seconds. We cut to Japan where Major chunks are falling from the sky. One man is talking on his cell phone. We hear his wife yapping away and a block of ice falls and kills him.

We cut to L.A California where we see three large twisters ripping apart the city (the twisters are forming due to the hot weather and this indicates that the big storm is just beginning) A man in a helicopter is narrating to a news station. He said that down below on the streets people are taking pictures. We see on the streets a fat guy get into his car but a bus gets slammed into it. We next cut to a reporter named Tommy. He is in his car driving down the highway. The twister is so close that cars come flying at his car. But somehow Tommy dodges all the cars and continues driving. He arrives at a street and gets out of the car with his camera man. He explains how dangerous the twister is behind him and that he should probably leave. He turns around and a big sign smacks right into him (very cool and intense scene. The whole audience screamed and gasped)

Next we see Sam and his friends at the competition. His school is doing very well. Shortly after a few rounds the teens go out to party. The three friends have drinks and meet a new friend from another school by the name of JD(Austin Nichols). That night the three go back to JD's fancy hotel room. Brian walks over to one of the hotel room windows and notices that its been raining hard for three days now. The next morning Sam calls his dad. Jack says that a major storm is coming and that he needs to stay inside. Sam says that he will try and get home as soon as he can. (This will be hard because all the airports in NYC have been shut down) Sam hangs up and notices that the streets have 3-inches of water on them. JD says that he needs to get to Pennsylvania to pick up his little brother from boarding school. The four kids go outside and call a cab. JD says that once they pick up the little brother they can drive back home to Washington D.C. Well that's a bad idea since streets are ! so flooded that traffic is backed up for miles. Sam says that they should just wait inside JD's hotel room until the storm dies down. JD says no and that they should keep walking until they reach some dry land. Well once the kids start walking we see a wall of water flowing towards NYC.

The wall is so high that it reaches over the statue of liberty. JD and Brian run for the library along with hundreds of other people. Sam starts to run but turns around and notices that Laura's foot got stuck in between two cars. Sam runs back to get her and they run into the library. Once the water passes the library all the people inside calm down. A police officer seems to be taking control of everything. He says that everyone should try and use there cell phones and remain dry. Sam and his three friends run to the top floor and see a very large ship pass down the street. It finally comes to a stop right in front of the library. A few hours pass and we see that it is now snowing. All the water has frozen up. The police officer says that everyone should go outside because the water should be frozen enough so that they can walk on it. Sam says that they should stay inside. The police officer asks Sam to explain. Sam says that his dad is a climatologist and that it will get so cold it will freeze people in seconds. Most of the people ignore Sam and start walking outside to look for any sign of life. Sam, his three friends, a women, a homeless man and two librarians decide to stay in the library. Sam thanks them for listening to him.

We cut to Jack arriving at the hospital. He goes to greet his wife. He gets a call from Sam who is on a pay phone in the library main lobby. Jack says that he will come for him and his friends. He also says to stay put and burn anything they can to stay warm. Sam agrees and hangs up the phone. Since the pay phone Sam was on was halfway under water. Sam nearly freezes to death. The small group go to the top floor in the library and start to burn books and chairs. Cut back to Jack who decides to take a truck with his two buddies (Jason and Frank). Just before leaving, Jack says goodbye to Lucy and Janet. Janet says that in Mexico there are base camps where all survivors are going. She and Lucy will be there. Jack hugs Janet. He gets in the car and sets off.

Cut back to the library, Laura's cut on her leg is getting worse. She will need medicine. JD says that on the ship right in front of the library there should be medicine. JD, Sam and Brain decide to go. Once they go outside and they arrive on the ship, Sam realizes that a big cage door is open. He looks on the door and it says "Wolves". Sam says that they better move fast. The three come across a medical room. Brian finds the medicine. Just as they are leaving they come across a pack of wolves. Sam says he will distract the wolves while Brian and JD try and leave. Sam runs down a hallway and he locks the wolves in a room. The three finally leave. We notice that it is getting so cold things are starting to freeze up (the eye of the storm is right above NYC, it is 150 degrees below zero) They run into the library and the freezing floor is chasing them. They close and lock the doors to the room.

Back to Jack and his friends, there truck slams into a big metal sign. They continue on foot. The ice they are walking on is above a shopping mall. The ice breaks below Franks feet and he is now standing on the glass. Well the glass breaks and Frank falls in. Jack tries to pull Frank up but Frank says that the glass will break even more. Frank decides to let go and he falls to his death. Jason and Jack continue on foot. We cut back to the hospital which is being evacuated. An ambulance is suppose to be coming for Lucy's cancer patient. It is a little late but it drives them to the bases in Mexico. Back to Jack and Jason. Jason passes out for some odd reason. Jack realizes that the eye of the storm is now passing over him so things are beginning to freeze within a matter of seconds. Jack drags Jason and they break into a food store. Jack sets up a tent for the two and decide to sleep.

Next we see Sam and Laura talking. They are talking about family vacations. This leads to them kissing. Later on, Jack and Jason make it to NYC. At first they cant find the library due to the piles of snow, but Jason finally spots it. The two run inside and come across Sam and the group. Sam and Jack hug. Jack calls his friends back at his office (they didn't leave for the base camps in Mexico yet) The friends send a helicopter for the survivors. We next see a view from a space station in space. The people are looking down and they see that the storm is now passing and should be over soon. Cut back to the helicopters. Jack and the survivors climb in and fly away to the base camps. As they fly away we see other helicopters landing on rooftops of buildings (other people must have survived the storm as well)

We cut to Vice President Becker giving a speech on TV. He is saying that all the northern states are completely frozen. Along with all of Europe. The storm has officially passed and it is all over. He also says some shocking news. He says that the president died in a plane accident on the way to the base camps. He says that Mexico was nice enough to give land to all the American survivors. Roll credits.....


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