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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Aaron.

The high towers of Gotham come into our view, we close in on a window, and a man inside blasts it out. The man holds a silenced pistol; he shoots canisters to the roof across the way. He and another man are wearing clown masks, and they slide down the rope from the canister and end up on the rooftop of the other building. A man stands with his clown mask in hand, and duffel bag around his shoulder, a car comes for him and he gets in, putting on the mask. His back is too us the entire time. He gets in, and they are off to the bank, they get out, go in and fire into the air in the bank. They hold several bank employees at gunpoint asking for money. The two henchmen on the roof try to disable the bank’s silent alarm from reaching the police, when done, the henchmen shoots the other one in the back. He picks up his duffel bag and then walks down a stairwell. We see a henchman at the very large vault. Trying to spin it open, the other henchmen comes in. They refer that this is a mob bank, and that they guess the joker is as crazy as people say. The guy at the vault asks where the alarm guy was; he gets shot by the other henchman who opens the vault door. In the main section of the bank, the henchmen who got in the car messes with his duffel bag, then puts it around his shoulder. Another henchmen tapes grenades to people’s hands. The henchman in the vault grabs piles of money like a kid in a candy store, and shoves them into his duffel bag. He walks out, and puts the bags by the wall. The henchmen who got in the car hears a click, he turns, the other henchmen points a gun at him, saying he bet the joker told him to kill him when he loaded the cash. The henchman says, “I killed the bus driver”, and right then a bus crashes through a wall and hits the other henchmen. A clown mask wearing man jumps out of the bus, loads money. He asks where the other guys went, and is shot by an automatic by the other henchmen. The henchman gets in the bus, but the bank manager lies on the floor in pain, asking what the man believes in. The henchman walks over to him, and puts a grenade in his mouth and says, “I believe, whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you……stranger”. He smiles and takes off his mask, it is THE JOKER.

He walks away, into the bus and drives out onto the street, blending in with other buses.

At night now, we see the bat signal up in the sky, at Lieutenant Gordon’s (Gary Oldman) unit, Detective Ramirez asks Wuertz, a man who works there too, if they have found who batman was yet, and he says it’s ongoing. We see something on the wall that says Batman Suspects, and among them are Elvis, The Abominable Snowman, and Abraham Lincoln. She joins Gordon on the balcony, she asks why batman hasn’t come, he says “Hopefully…because he’s busy”. We then see a SUV in a parking garage, out steps The Chechen, he tells a person that his business is repeat costumers, and someone emerges from the back of a van, Scarecrow. He tells him that if he doesn’t like what he has he can buy from someone else. Something caught The Chechen’s attention. Batman, or “Fake Batman”. The fake batman shoots above The Chechen’s head. Dogs come and attack fake batman but not before Scarecrow sprays his psychotic medicine at him. The real batman then comes in the Bat Mobile, he shoots what looks like a torpedo at the stairwell, and it explodes. Batman emerges and catches Scarecrow attempting to ride off in his van. Batman jumps on the side of the van, attempting to cut a hole in it, he does, but is blasted into a concrete pole by something. He sees the van going down the parking garage, and jumps onto it, smashing the windows, and leaving them to the cops.

The next day, Alfred (Michael Caine) sees Bruce stitching himself up from the night before. Bruce sees the new DA Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) on a TV screen, with Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gylenhaal) coming out of a taxi. Alfred tells Bruce to know his limits; Bruce then says Batman has no limits. In a courtroom, Rachel waits as Harvey Dent then comes in, and he is sorry he is late. Salvatore Maroni (Eric Roberts) says that he thought the DA just played golf with the mayor. Dent jokingly says “Tee-off’s 1:30”. Dent is then stating that Maroni is the head of the new Falconi Crime Family. The defendant says no, and Dent says they have a sworn statement. The defendant pulls a gun on Dent, Dent just punches him, and he takes the gun, takes out the bullets, and sets it in front of Maroni. Dent says that if Maroni wants to kill a public servant, he recommends that he buy an American gun. Rachel and Harvey walk out and Rachel states that the fact that they tried to kill him means they are getting to them. Rachel wants to take the day off with him, but Dent says he has to meet Gordon. Gordon is in Dent’s office, and they talk about Maroni and his mob. Dent appears to be agitated with Gordon and says he doesn’t like Gordon’s unit. After some talking, Gordon agrees to let Dent in on the plan for stopping the mob.

At Wayne Enterprises, Lau, a businessman, says that if he teamed up with Wayne enterprises, it would be a powerhouse. Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) thanks Lau. After Lau is gone, he tells Bruce that he thinks Lau’s company is doing something illegal, Bruce already knew, and tells him to cancel the deal. Colman Reece, who works for Wayne Enterprises says that that was embarrassing, referring to Bruce sleeping during the meeting.

At a fancy restaurant, Harvey and Rachel sit. They see Bruce who comes with a date. They talk about Gotham no longer needing Batman, and how he is considered a vigilante. Rachel looks at Bruce; since she knows he is Batman they sort of have a silent moment together. Harvey says Gotham appointed Batman, and that people either die heroes, or live long enough to see themselves become the villain. Bruce says he will throw Dent a fundraiser.

Meanwhile, at a meeting somewhere with the mob, The Chechen, Maroni, and member of the mob Gambol, sit with other mob members. Lau appears on a TV, saying he moved their deposits, but 68 Million dollars was stolen from their mob bank earlier, and that the cops knew it was a mob bank because of the marked bills left. Lau says he moved the money and is half way to Hong Kong, far from Dent’s jurisdiction and that the Chinese will not turn in one of their own. The joker comes in and laughs, Gambol signals a guard to come get the joker, but the joker slams the guard into a pencil, which we can’t really see, but the joker says “Ta-Da!”. The joker says that the mob is afraid of Batman, and he is willing to kill Batman for half of the pot of money. They laugh at him and he says that Dent has no jurisdiction and that Lau will squeal on the mob.

He leaves his card, a joker card, and then leaves, but not before almost blowing the place up. Dent, Gordon, and Batman are on a rooftop, needing Lau back in Gotham, they know he is with the mob. Batman says he will go get Lau. Gambol plays pool when some men come in saying they killed the joker and the body is here. Gambol starts to speak but the joker thrusts himself up towards him, telling him his scar story. He says “Why So Serious?” He then kills, or maybe knocks out, Gambol, but it isn’t shown on screen. The joker then says he needs members on his team, he chops the pool stick in half, and gives it to the guys, and tells them to make it fast. On that note, he leaves.

Lucius arrives in Hong Kong, telling Lau the deal is off because they can’t afford to be seen with his company. Lau is angry and says a phone call would have been better. Lucius takes a digital image with his phone, and gives it to Bruce, its sonar. Batman then is on a gigantic tower, after shooting time bombs at a building, he drops down at incredible speeds, and jumps into the glass, some men shoot at him, but Batman grabs Lau. The time bomb explodes, and a balloon type thing goes up and hits a plane, launching Lau and Batman onto it. Lau is then outside Gordon’s unit. Rachel is interrogating him. He says he won’t give her the money, but he will give all his clients names. Gordon and Dent then go to the mayor of Gotham’s office. He tells Gordon and another man to get out, and tells Dent to get ready, because the people love him, and if he makes a mistake. The mayor’s words stopped there or around there, because something comes flying in and bangs into the window. It’s fake batman; only, he is hanging and has the joker make up on him. He is hoisted down with a card in his hand; it’s a joker and says, “Will the real batman please stand up?”

As Bruce and Alfred get ready for Harvey Dent’s fundraiser, they see something on TV saying “Batman Dead?” The reporter says the image is disturbing; he cuts to a video of when fake batman was still alive, the joker then turns the hand held camera to himself. Saying every day batman doesn’t turn himself in, people will die. He says starting tonight, he means Dent at his fundraiser. The joker laughs and it cuts to static. Now we are at Dent’s fundraiser, he meets Alfred, Dent asks if Rachel has had any psychotic boyfriends, and Alfred says “Oh you have no idea”. Bruce Wayne then comes, he says he believes in Harvey Dent, and says he is the bright future of Gotham. Bruce then goes to a balcony, Rachel joins him, and Bruce says that the day Gotham no longer needs Batman is coming. He says Harvey is the new her of Gotham, Harvey steps on the balcony and asks to barrow Rachel.

At Gordon’s unit, Ramirez comes with DNA. She says it belongs to Judge Cirilo, Harvey Dent, and Commissioner Lowe. Gordon tells her that he thinks that’s who the joker is targeting, and tells her to put all of them in protective custody.

Some men come to Judge Cirilo’s door and give her an envelope. She gets in her car, and reads it. It says “Up”. She looks up and her car explodes, with joker cards falling everywhere. Gordon goes to Commissioner Lowe’s office, saying the joker made a threat against his life. Lowe takes a drink of what we think was poison and Gordon couldn’t stop him fast enough. Lowe collapses, trying to breathe.

Back at the party, Bruce knocks Dent unconscious saying that the joker is coming for him. He puts Dent in a protective space, and is off. The joker comes in the party. Asking where Harvey is. Rachel says something, and the joker goes to her. Telling her she looks nervous, he tells her another scar story, different from before. Bruce, now in the batman costume, emerges, punching the joker and he goes down, but his henchmen grab batman and the joker grabs Rachel, he shoots out a window, pulling her to the edge of it. Batman tells him to let her go, and he says “Very poor choice of words”, and then literally lets her go off the building. Batman catches her and they land on a car, he says Harvey is safe.

Harvey then goes to Lau’s cell, telling him to go to County (the prison in Gotham, other than Arkham Asylum). Batman, Gordon, and Ramirez go to an apartment, and find to guys the joker killed, Gordon picks up the next day’s paper, and sees that his next target is the mayor.

The next day at the funeral in the streets of downtown Gotham for Lowe, Bruce goes to Randolph Apartments on a motorcycle, with an address Alfred gave him. The joker might be at the address with is 1502. Bruce goes in and finds nothing but men tied to a pole, Bruce asks what happened and they said they got their weapons and uniforms taken. Bruce goes to the window, which has a telescope, a gun, and a timer, the timer goes off and the blinds shoot up. Police shoot at the window; Bruce gets out of the way. They have a gun salute for the mayor, and one of the soldiers is the joker without makeup, he turns and shots the mayor but Gordon saves the mayor, but is shot in the back, dead. Dent goes into the back of a truck, and sees a man, who is wearing a uniform that says “Rachel Dawes.” Harvey knows she is now a target. He drives off and is then in some warehouse with the man. He points a gun at his head and has a coin in his hand. He asks him if he knows about the joker, He says if it lands on heads, he lives. But tails, he isn’t so lucky. He flips, its heads but he tries again, and this time batman catches it. He tells Dent that the man is a former patient at Arkham, in other words, mental. He says Dent will hold a press conference in the morning and batman will turn himself in.

Bruce then goes to his Penthouse and sees Rachel, she says Harvey called and said that Batman is turning himself in. He says he has no other choice. She says people won’t let them be together if he turns himself in. They kiss. We then see the press conference; Dent says that everything about the joker killings is being done. He also says the night is darkest just before the dawn, and he promises the dawn is coming. The crowd says batman should turn himself in, after cheers of “He should turn himself in!” we see Bruce at the press conference, he is about to step forward to turn himself in, but Dent says that he is batman. People look surprised and the cops take Dent away, Bruce is shocked. Rachel then goes to Alfred who says Bruce stood by, not doing anything. Alfred says that maybe Dent and Bruce believe batman stands for something more, and that the sacrifice Bruce is making is not being heroic, but something more. She gives Alfred a letter, and says goodbye to Alfred, they hug. She says to give it to Bruce when the time is right. Alfred asks how he will know; she says that it’s not sealed.

The cops take Dent away into the SWAT vehicle, Dent gives Rachel his coin and Rachel says he can’t leave his life up to chance, he says he is not. Then they are off. The Swat SUV then is on a bridge, being led by a helicopter. They go into a tunnel with other vehicles that are the same. The joker is in a truck; the side door up the trucks body opens, revealing the joker and his henchmen, shooting Dent’s truck. We see the joker then getting a rocket launcher after the cop in Dent’s truck said the joker would need something big to blow them up. He aims and fires, but Batman is there in the bat mobile, and swerves off. Dent’s vehicle and the joker’s truck (he is now driving), go out of the tunnel into Gotham’s city. Bruce ejects from the bat mobile now using the Bat Pod, he goes into a mall. The joker tells his henchmen on a roof across from each other to rack the oncoming helicopter up. They shoot canisters and the helicopter runs into it, hitting the ground and rolling into Dent’s car. Batman is going at high speeds in the mall and goes out a door, into an alley, and bursts through a wall, going full force at the joker’s oncoming truck. He goes under the truck with some string thing on the bat pod and makes the truck flip upside down. The joker crawls out, and shoots oncoming traffic. He sees batman coming full force at him on the bat pod. The joker screams, “Hit me!” but batman doesn’t have it in him, and swerves onto the ground off the bat pod. The joker is on top of batman, and then hears a click. He turns and sees someone pointing a gun at him. It is Gordon! He goes to Harvey’s truck and tells him they got the joker. Gordon goes to his house (a scene not mentioned earlier was when the cops told Gordon’s wife he was dead). He sees his wife; he says he couldn’t risk their safety. He goes into his son’s room, showing him he is ok, but gets a call from County. He heads into a dark room with a lamp on a table. The joker sits, being interrogated. Gordon said Harvey never made it home; the joker questions the loyalty of Gordon’s police officers, hinting they might work for Maroni. Gordon leaves, lights come on, revealing batman behind the joker, and he pushes the jokers face into the table, and punches his hand. After a long conversation with amazing dialogue, batman throws the joker against a wall; the joker says batman has to play his game if he wants to save one of them. The batman asks what he meant, and the joker says Dent is on 2552nd Street, and Rachel is on Avenue X. Batman storms out, Gordon asks him which one he is going for, and batman says “Rachel!” He goes on the Bat Pod, and Gordon and fellow police get in a cop car, headed to where they need to be.

We see Dent tied to an oil drum in a warehouse, a clock ticking down and a speakerphone with Rachel’s voice. We see her in another warehouse, telling Harvey that (after he proposed to her at the Fundraiser) that her answer is yes, but the cops said they would let their friends choose who lives. Dent is torn up inside we can see, he tries to free himself, but knocks over an oil drum, oil gets onto the side of his face. Back at Gordon’s Unit, or County, the joker says he wants his phone call, after holding a cop hostage; he gets another cop to give him his phone. He dials it, and cops in another room around a collapsed prisoner see a glow from the collapsed prisoner’s stomach, also, a contusion and a square object underneath his skin. The room explodes and the joker gets a key and sees Lau, terrified in his cell.

Batman arrives where Rachel should be but instead he finds Dent, meaning the joker switched the locations. He grabs Dent; he screams “No! Not me, why are you coming for me?” Batman takes him out of the building. Rachel hears him, and knows what’s coming. She starts to speak, but behind her an explosion that consumes her. Dent is outside of his building and it blows up too. From the oil on his face, the fire ignites on him, but batman rolls him in the wet pavement to stop more severe burning.

Gordon gets the news that the joker escaped with Lau. We then see the joker in the back of a car, but he sticks his head out of the window, feeling the wind. We hear a voice over from Rachel (it’s the letter), and she says she will marry Harvey Dent but if Bruce no longer needs batman she will be with him, but she is sure that day will not come. So she says if he loses her faith in her, not to lose faith in people. Bruce stands over the ruble where Rachel was, in the Batman suit, his head down in mourning. He goes into Dent’s hospital room, where he is all bandaged up; he gives Dent his coin, burned on one side.

Batman says, “I’m sorry Harvey”, then leaves. Bruce sits in his penthouse, batman suit on except for the head. Tears in his eyes, and he asks Alfred is he brought this (indicating the joker) on Rachel. He also says he was meant to inspire good, not madness. Alfred said Batman spat into the face of Gotham’s criminals, and he asks if he thought there were going to be causalities. Bruce says he let that murdering psychopath (The joker) blow batman half to hell. Bruce asks Alfred if he caught the bandit in Burma (earlier in the film). Alfred says yes, Bruce asks how. Alfred says, “We burned the forest down.” Gordon goes to Harvey’s hospital room, he asks Harvey which of his men he can trust, and Harvey asks Gordon if he remembers the name they had for him at Internal Affairs. Gordon says “Two Face, Harvey Two face.” Gordon apologizes about Rachel’s death but Harvey turns, we see the bandage is gone, he ripped it off earlier. He turns, and we see the whole left side of his face blackened and burned, his eyeball and his eye socket visible. Harvey says, “No…no you’re not…not yet.” Gordon leaves the room and sees Maroni; Maroni tells Gordon where the joker will be that afternoon.

We see the joker on a pile of money; more than a million dollars it looks like, and Lau is tied up by him at the top. The Chechen comes and his happy with the money. The joker tells The Chechen “I’m a guy of simple taste. I enjoy…dynamite…. and gun powder…. and gasoline” His henchmen pours gasoline on the money, the joker tells the Chechen that Gotham deserves a better class of criminal, and he will give it to them. He takes The Chechen’s cigar out of his mouth, and throws it on the money, instantly igniting it into flames, Lau gets burned but it doesn’t show it.

The Chechen is taken away by people, the joker calls a number but before that he says, “It’s not about money, it’s about…sending a message. Everything burns!” We see on GNN (Gotham News Network) Colman Reece and Mike Engul (a reporter). Reece is about to tell who batman is, but the joker calls in saying he doesn’t want Reece to spoil everything. He says if Reece isn’t dead in 60 minutes, he will blow up a hospital. Reece’s eyes go wide and the joker hangs up. Gordon sees this and sends tons of officers down to the nearest hospital, but the priority is Gotham General (hospital).

At Gotham General, we see tons of hospital staff, police officers, and everyone in a fast paced way getting the patients evacuated and onto wherever they need to be. Reece is being escorted out of a building by Gordon a man shoots at Reece through the glass, but Gordon and Reece duck, and get into a SUV while a cop follows, the man who shot is being held down on the ground by cops. They get into the SUV; Bruce Wayne gets in his Lamborghini and talks to Alfred via speaker (or something). Alfred says that the man inside the truck with Gordon has relatives in the hospital. Bruce says to send the info to Gordon. Gordon sees something on his cell phone saying “police with relatives in hospital, watch out, Berg. Gordon sees Berg in front of them in the car, he aims the gun at Reece, and Reece watches the gun, almost like he is looking back on his entire life. Berg shoots at Reece but Gordon saves him by making the gunpoint up at the roof. A man in a truck sees this and races his car to the car Reece is in, but Bruce makes his Lamborghini go in front of him, crashing the car, but saving Reece. The joker is in a nurse gown in Dent’s room, in short, he tells him that this is all Gordon’s fault. He takes a gun out, puts it in Dent’s hands, and the joker makes Dent point the gun at his own head. Dent shows him the heads tails, but when Dent turns it to tails, saying what it means he says, “You die.” The joker says “Oh, now we’re talking.”

Harvey flips it, it lands on…heads. The joker walks out of Harvey’s room, gets some lotion, takes out a detonator, and presses the button, the hospital explodes, Dent’s room too. The joker walks out of the hospital, seeing it didn’t all explode, he presses the detonator a few more times and it works, scaring him into the back of a bus. The bus rolls off while we see the whole hospital explode, and the floor’s collapse to the ground. Gordon is at the scene of Bruce’s crash, he hears the explosion in the west, realizing it was Gotham General. Medical response teams, fire fighters, and cops are at the hospital, which is now ruble. He is told that Dent is missing. Then we see Wuertz at a bar watching the explosion on TV, the bar is dead quiet. Someone comes in, it his Harvey! But he points a gun at Wuertz, his left side of his face still blackened. Harvey says he needs to know who picked Rachel up. Wuertz plays dumb, Dent spins the coin, and then we hear a gun shot. Maroni gets in his limo; Dent is there with a gun. He asks Maroni if he loves his wife. He flips the coin for Maroni, but before that Maroni said Ramirez was the one who picked up Rachel. Maroni is ok, it lands on heads. Harvey Dent flips again, he tells Maroni “You’re a lucky man…. but he’s not.” Maroni asks who, Dent, putting on his seat belt says “your driver”. Boom! The car then flips.

As Lucius watches something on TV, he is alerted that there is a break in at the R&D department of Wayne Enterprises. He goes to check it out, but sees on a massive screen consisting of small screens, his sonar concept. Lucius says that with half the city’s cell phone’s feeding images, all of Gotham can be seen on the sonar machine. Batman says he has no choice, Lucius says he will do it, but it is wrong, and says “But consider this my resignation, as long as this machine is at Wayne Enterprises, I won’t be.” Batman says, “When you’re finished, type in your name.” Fox sits down at the big screen. In a bar, Mike Engul is on TV, behind him, it says “Breaking News” in red lipstick. He reads some papers, the joker’s voice talking the same time Mike is, saying the same things. The papers say “What does it take to make you people want to join in? I’ve got to get you off the bench and in the game. Anyone who doesn’t want in, leave now.” The people start leaving the crowed bar but not before they hear something else “But the bridge and tunnel crowd are sure in for a surprise.” Mike sees “Haha” written on paper so he says it like that, but the joker turns the camera toward himself, laughing.

We see thousands of cars in one of Gotham’s streets, trying to get out of Gotham, and police are on a bridge, prisoners get loaded onto a boat, another boat with regular civilians. Gordon sits in the mayor’s office. The mayor asks if Harvey has been found, Gordon says no. It’s now night and we see the two ferries (the boats) in water, not far from Gotham. One boat has prisoners, the other has passengers. The power flickers on the boat, the D.O.T on one of the boats try to call in to the other boat. An officer walks down into the bottom of the boat, barrels are rigged to blow, and there is a box but it’s wrapped in gift-wrap. He brings it to the captain, they open it, and it’s a detonator. The captain says “why would they give us the detonator to our own bomb?’. The joker comes on the intercom, Fox sees him on the sonar, and tells batman via speaker or earpiece to go west to the Pruitt building. The joker says, “Tonight you’ll all be apart of a social experiment. Each of you has the detonator to blow up the other boat. Through the magic of diesel fuel and sodium nitrate, I’m ready to blow you all sky high. At midnight, I blow you all up; if however one of you presses the detonator to the other boat up I’ll let that boat live. So, who’s it gonna be? The sweet innocent civilian of Gotham or Harvey Dent’s most wanted scumbag collection. You choose, oh and you might wanna decide quickly because the people on the other boat may not be quite so noble.” This causes much argument on both votes. The civilian boat puts it to a vote.

Batman flies into Pruitt building, he sees the clowns; he tackles them but rips off a mask to reveal…Mike Engul. Ramirez is held at gunpoint by Dent, who forces her to call Gordon’s family, telling them to go to 2552nd street. She hangs up, Dent flips his coin, heads, and he punches Rameriz. Gordon receives a phone call from his wife, saying they're in trouble, meaning his family, he hears Dent’s voice and he asks wear his family is. Harvey says, “Where my family died.” He meant Rachel. The clowns are hostages. Batman, seeing in sonar vision sees everything above him, swat teams, doctors, the joker a few floors up looking out at the ferries. Batman tells Lucius that the doctors are the criminals and the clowns are the hostages. Batman goes up a floor and takes out the clowns, and sees the joker. The joker signals dogs at batman then hits him with a lead pipe. The joker blows out a window and locks batman in place beneath a metal pole. A man on the civilian’s ferry almost presses the button, but doesn’t. A prisoner on the prisoner’s ferry says, “You don’t want to die, but you don’t know how to take a life. Give it to me, you can tell them I took it by force. Give it to me, and I’ll do what you should’ve done, ten minutes ago.” The officer gives it to him; he throws it out the window. Some officers on the boat have a worried look on their face. The joker tells batman “if we don’t stop all this fighting we will miss the fireworks. And here we go!” he expects on of the boats to blow up, he looks at the clock, so do the passengers on their boat, sure enough, it’s midnight. The joker says “you can’t rely on anyone these days, gotta do everything yourself, don’t we!" It’s ok, I came prepared.” He has a detonator out, he tells batman “it’s a funny world we live in, speaking of which you know how I got these scars?” Batman says “no, but I know how you got these!” and launches something into the joker’s arm and chest, he gets yanked by batman off the edge of the building, he falls and falls, laughing, loving it. But then his leg stops, he looks up; batman pulls him up with a rope from a grappling hook. The joker says, “You truly are incorruptible, aren’t you? You won’t kill me out of some misplaced sense, of self righteousness, and I, won’t will you, because you’re just too much fun I think you and I are destined to do this forever!”

Batman says “you’ll be in a padded cell forever!” The joker says “Maybe we can share one, you know they’ll need more the rate this city’s inhabitants are losing their minds!” batman says “this city…just showed you, that it’s full of people ready to believe in good”. The joker says, “Until their spirit breaks completely, until they take a look, at the real Harvey Dent, and all the heroic things he’s done.” He says that he brought Harvey down to their level and that madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push. Batman leaves, and the joker is left on the rope, gliding away but the SWAT team comes in, pointing guns at him. He laughs wildly.

Gordon arrives at the warehouse on 2552nd street. It’s burned but somewhat still there. He sees his family and Dent emerges from the shadows. Knocking Gordon to the ground, Dent says Rachel died here. Gordon says he tried to save her. Dent says he didn’t, and Gordon says he couldn’t. Dent says yes he could’ve instead of doing his deal with the devil. Dent also asks if Gordon as ever had to lie to a loved one, telling them it’s going to be all right, when he knows it not. Dent says Gordon’s about to know what that feels like, and then Gordon can look Dent in the eye and tell him he is sorry. Gordon says, “You’re not going to hurt my family.” Dent says, “No…just the person you need most.” He points the gun at Gordon’s wife. Gordon says “Harvey, put-put the gun down Harvey.” He points it at his son and Gordon says “Stop pointing that gun at my family!” Dent says, “We have a winner”. He pulls Gordon’s son away, he looks at Gordon, then we hear a voice saying, “You don’t want to hurt the boy Harvey!” its batman. Dent says, “It’s not about what I want it’s about what’s fair! You though we can be decent men! In an indecent time! But you were wrong…the world is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Unbiased, Un prejudiced, fair.” Dent yells, “The joker chose me!” Batman says, “Because you were the best of us, he wanted to prove that even someone, as good as you, could fall.” Dent says “And he was right.” Batman says, “You’re the one pointing the gun Harvey, so point at the people, responsible.” Dent says “Fair enough, you first.” He flips the coin for batman, tails. He shoots batman in the gut, he falls. Dent says “My turn”. He points the gun to himself, heads. Dent says “Your turn Gordon.” Gordon pleads for Harvey to punish Gordon, not his son. Dent says, “Tell your son it’s going to be alright Gordon, lie…like I lied.” Gordon says, “It’s going to be alright son”. Dent flips the coin in the air and…he and Gordon’s son are knocked over the building’s ledge by a leaping batman. Gordon looks over the edge and sees his son saved by batman, Gordon lifts his son up to him, and batman falls through the floorboards to the ground below. Gordon rushes down to him, batman is hurting. Dent is on the ground, dead from the fall. Gordon says, “The joker won. Everything we fought for dies with Harvey’s reputation, the joker took the best of us and tore him down, and people will lose hope.” Batman says that the joker cannot win. He says, “Gotham needs its true hero.” Meaning batman will turn himself in. He turns Dent’s head to the good side. Gordon is shocked, he says he can’t. Batman says, “I’m whatever Gotham needs me to be, call it in.” He gets on his bat pod, Gordon’s son yells after batman, and asks Gordon “Why’s he running dad?” Gordon says, “Because we have to chase him.” K9’s come not to far away and run from the cops.

Gordon, in another scene smashes the Bat signal, till it is no more. He speaks at Dent’s funeral. Back to the scene here, where Gordon’s son says “He didn’t do anything wrong” (Batman). Gordon says “Because he is the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it, because he’s not our hero, He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector…a dark knight.”

Batman rides the bat pod into a blinding light in a tunnel.

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Lt. Gordon fakes his own death and comes back to save Batman from the Joker and gets promoted to Commissioner.

Rachel Dawes dies in an explosion set up by Joker's henchmen

Harvey Dent becomes Two Face in the same explosion

Dent goes on a warpath and kills everyone involved in Rachel's death

In the end, Joker goes to jail and Harvey Dent/Two Face falls to his death after being pushed by Batman

Batman truly becomes the "Dark Knight" of Gotham.

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