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NOTE: This loooong spoiler was sent in by brentage5000 who says... "Okay, this spoiler (which is a long one – you may want to get comfortable or just print it out to make things easier on yourself) will be interrupted at some points by appearances by Daredevil makers (creators, writers, etc.). You'll see what I mean... "

The film starts in an alley in Hell's Kitchen. Police helicopters are flying around the neighborhood, looking for someone. The camera finds a church and slowly zooms up to the cross on top. Halfway there, we see a drip of blood flowing down towards the street. Finally, at the top, we see Daredevil (Ben Affleck), hugging the cross and catching his breath. Daredevil goes inside the church and slowly lowers himself down to the altar floor, but just as he gets there, he loses his grip on his billy club and falls to the floor, followed by his billy club.

On the floor, Daredevil tries to crawl around and hide behind the pulpit, but is stopped by the priest, Father Everett (Derrick O'Conner) (Reference: Bill Everett, co-creator of Daredevil). Everett puts Daredevil's head in his lap, takes off the mask, and sees...Matt Murdock, member of his parish, pro-bono lawyer, and blind man. In narration, we hear Matt say, "They say when you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes, and it's true - even for a blind man."

Flashback to young Matt (Scott Terra) getting beat up in an alley. The bullies are saying that his Dad, Jack "The Devil" Murdock (David Keith), a former boxer, is washed-up and is working for a local gangster, known as Fallon. Scott runs home, and finds his Dad, almost passed out and watching a boxing match. Matt gets his dad in bed, and Jack tells Matt to be a doctor or lawyer, and to keep hitting his books, and nothing but the books.

A few days later, Matt is skateboarding down the docks to show Jack his report card (straight As). He stops as he hears some people arguing. One of them says, "Fallon says you're all out of time." Matt looks and sees some big guy holding another smaller one against a wall. Matt calls out, "Dad?" and yup, it's his Dad. Matt throws his board down and runs, dropping his report card. He comes zipping out of the alley he was in and almost gets hit by a loader. The loader misses him but rips open a barrel of toxic waste, the stream of which hits Matt right in the eyes, blinding him.

After a really cool bit where we see all sorts of lightning connections happening across Matt’s DNA strand (I guess), Matt wakes up in a hospital to a giant banging, like someone is launching a missile every five seconds right next to you. Matt sits bolt upright in his bed, screaming, but the sounds keep repeating, and we IV drip letting out some fluid. Matt crawls to the floor and starts hearing people running by, cars on the street, and all other things, letting out sound waves so that he can, in effect, see them. At first it overwhelms him, but he adjusts. Later, his dad comes in and says how sorry he is. Matt just hugs him and says that it's okay.

The next sequence is a bunch of clips, showing Matt and Jack adjusting. Jack gets back into boxing, taking on a bunch of fights and winning all of them, while Matt learns about Braille and, more importantly, how to use his new senses (there's also a guest shot of Stan Lee in here as an old man who Matt saves from getting run over by a bus). He even manages to get some revenge upon the bullies that beat him up earlier. Things are going good until one night when Jack is in a locker room and is approached by Fallon, his former boss. Fallon wants Jack to throw the fight, but Jack says that he doesn't work for Fallon. Fallon laughs and says he never stopped. "(Frank) Miller (Ref: writer who brought Daredevil out of comic oblivion), (David) Mack (Ref: Former Daredevil artist), (Brian Michael) Bendis (Ref: Current Daredevil Writer) think you won those fights on your own?" He goes onto say that if Jack doesn't throw the fight, then Matt will pay the price.

At the fight, Jack is taking a beating, and he gets knocked down. Fallon smiles at him, but Matt, who is right behind Fallon, keeps shouting at him to get up, which he does. The other fighter, some guy named Romita (Ref: Former Daredevil artist), goes down quick, and Matt climbs into the ring to celebrate. Afterwards, Matt is wearing Jack's robe, waiting for Jack. Jack comes down some steps, but a bunch of thugs are waiting for him. They rough him up bad, and then a really big guy gets out of a limo and starts beating Jack bad, which Matt hears. The big guy drops a rose onto Jack (important) and then leaves. Matt gets to his Dad and starts trying to feel Jack's face, which now resembles Macaroni Salad. Matt starts crying and says, "I can't see you, Dad. I can't see you." As he's crying, Matt picks up the rose and crushes it in his hands.

Fast forward twenty or so years. We see the fully-grown Matt waking up in some sort of sensory deprivation tank. Then we see Matt in court. The case he's on is a woman, Angela Sutton, who's accusing a man, Jose Quesada (Paul Ben-Victor)(Ref: EIC at Marvel Comics), of sexually abusing her (which he did). His partner, Foggy Nelson (Jon Favreau), is going through some photos of Sutton's first night at the hospital. They're pretty bad. On the stand, Quesada tells Matt that everything was consensual, but Matt hears Quesada's heart skip a beat and knows he's lying. Matt says, "For your sake I hope justice is found here...before justice finds you." Justice isn't found, though, and Quesada walks. Foggy asks Matt if he wants to go get drunk tonight and feel better, but Matt says that he has to work. We then see Matt stripping off the lawyer garb and putting on his Daredevil outfit (more like the X-Men outfits than the Spider-Man one). He pushes a switch on his cane, and it transforms into his billy club (Important). Then he leaps out the window and is off to Josie's Bar.

In Josie's Bar, Quesada is celebrating his acquittal. As he's passing out beers, one of them points out Daredevil, lurking in the rafters. Quesada asks Daredevil who he is, and Daredevil looks at Quesada and says, "Justice." Then he looses his billy club at Quesada, breaking his jaw, and proceeds to rip the joint up. After he's done, the place is a mess, the juke is ruined, and both pool tables are aflame. Daredevil hears Quesada outside, and follows him into the subway. While Quesada is loading a gun, a train comes, momentarily overwhelming Daredevil's senses. He fixes that by banging his club against the wall, sending out some echoes to clear things up. This works, and he gets the drop on Quesada, ultimately knocking him onto the tracks, dislocating his arm. He bends over and says, "That light at the end of the tunnel? It's not heaven. It's the C Train!" The train comes up and....

.... we see New York Post reporter Ben Urich (Joe Pantoliano) entering the subway. He goes down and starts asking the lead detective at the crime scene, Nick Manolis (Lennie Loftin), if Daredevil was connected to this. Manolis denies it. Urich throws his cigarette down onto the floor, and it hits some gas, which lights up to reveal a flaming double D. Urich just looks at Manolis and says, "Got it."

For his part, Matt/Daredevil arrives back at his apartment. He goes in and takes off the outfit, revealing a huge number of scars on his back. He showers, and while in the shower, he pulls out a tooth that was knocked loose. He gets out of the shower, and goes into his tank. Next time we see him, he is in a confession booth talking to Father Everett, who seems to know who he is. When asked why he does this, Matt just says it's because no one else can. Later, Matt and Foggy are at a table in a deli somewhere. Foggy is reading an article about Daredevil, but Matt is playing the skeptic. They somehow get to talking about alligators in the sewers (Foggy believes; Matt doesn’t), and Foggy ends up sneaking some mustard into Matt's coffee (that is, when Matt asks for the cream, Foggy gives him the mustard, which he squeezes in as if he was trying to get every last drop out of it). However, they stop when Matt smells something, just as the most beautiful woman Foggy's ever seen (Jennifer Garner) walks in. Foggy gives a slightly skewed (re: woefully inaccurate) description of her to Matt, who switches the coffees while Foggy is looking after her. Then, Matt heads over to meet the mystery girl. He goes over to her looking for honey, and he gets it right as Foggy’s finding out about the coffee switch (He spits it out, which makes the girl go, “Friend of yours?” Matt, naturally, says, “You know, I’ve never seen him before.”) He gives her his name, and she just shakes his hand and leaves, but when he says he didn't get her name, she says, "I didn't give it." Matt follows her outside, and they start doing some sparring in a nearby playground (physical, natch). After the woman beats Matt, she gives him her name -- Elektra Natchios.

Meanwhile, in the main part of the city, Wilson Fisk, also known as the Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan) is looking out over the city from his 200th floor window at Fiskcorp. His aide, Wesley Owen Welch (Leland Orser) comes in with a newspaper that has a headline regarding the myth that there may be a Kingpin and tells him that somebody was talking. Fisk shrugs it off and goes to a meeting with Elektra's father, Nikolas Natchios (Erick Avari). Natchios figures that things are getting risky, and he wants Fisk to buy him out. Fisk just smiles and says to Natchios, "How's your daughter?" Next, we see Fisk and Wesley walking down a hall. Fisk wants Wesley to create a paper trail leading back to Natchios that would implicate him as the Kingpin. Then he says, "Get me Bullseye."

Cut to a pub in London. There we see Bullseye (Colin Farrell) throwing darts, five of which hit the mark. The sixth one, instead of going in, impales a dart that's already in the bulls-eye (And this is while drinking a beer and looking sideways). Bullseye holds out his hand to some guy, who forks over a 20. As Bullseye is leaving, the guy yells out, "Irish piece of shit." Bullseye stops and takes off his hat, revealing a target scar pressed into his bald forehead. He turns around and stares at the guy, reaching into his coat and pulling out...a paper clip. The pub crowd laughs while Bullseye straightens the clip (and some others) out. While they're laughing, Bullseye throws the clip at the man, and hits him in the Adam's apple. The others hit right around it, killing him. Bullseye then smiles at the crowd and walks out.

Back in New York (Hell's Kitchen, to be exact), Matt and Elektra are walking the streets. She tells him that when she was growing up, her father had her training under a different sensei every year since she was five years old. Matt says, "Sounds like he wanted you to become a warrior." She says, "No, just not a victim." They continue walking, and he warns her about a crack in the sidewalk. When she asks how he did that, he tells her it's just learning how to defend yourself when you're blind in the kitchen. A cab almost hits them as they step off the sidewalk, and Matt says, "See that? He just ran through a red light."

Over the Atlantic, Bullseye is experiencing the ultimate mid-air passenger problem: an annoying old lady next to him who won't SHUT UP!!! He tries to turn the volume on his Discman up, but that doesn't work much. His next tactic is opening his little bag of peanuts. He takes one out, lines it up, and bounces if off of the seat in front of the lady and into her throat, suffocating her. After she's done choking, Bullseye smells the death of her, reveling in the silence. He sits back and pushes her head off of his shoulder. A stewardess comes up, and she sees that the old lady has fallen asleep. She asks if Bullseye needs anything, and he says, "More peanuts, please."

At a courthouse somewhere, Foggy is pressing Matt for details about his encounter with Elektra. Matt tells Foggy her name (“Sounds like a Mexican appetizer” says Foggy), and who she is – namely, the daughter of a billionaire. Foggy advises Matt to marry Elektra immediately, and Matt says he’ll take it under advisement. That night, Matt is out as Daredevil again, chasing after a man he saw/heard beating someone. He chases the man into an apartment. The man says, “This is the Kingpin’s territory, now, bub!” and gets whaled on. Daredevil stops whaling, and hears crying. He looks and sees (?) a kid sitting there, scared out of his mind. “I’m not the bad guy,” he tells the kid. He’s still saying that to himself long after he’s left the apartment.

Next morning, Matt wakes up in his tank. He gets out and turns on a Nickelback CD at full volume. He goes about picking out his outfit with Braille tags and folding his money. He heads for the office he shares with Foggy, and when he gets there, the secretary, Karen Page (Ellen Pompeo) gives him an invitation to a ball that he got, looking like she wants to go with him. Naturally, Foggy charges in, claiming that he can’t wait to go, which pisses Karen off. Matt goes into his office and starts printing out some stuff on a blind printer that prints in Braille and says that he’s not going. Foggy starts playing with a nerf basketball while saying that it’s about Elektra – her father owns the hotel the ball is at, and that’s why Matt got invited. Matt says that Elektra is out of his league. Foggy grins skeptically and says, “You know, I’ve always wondered what happens to that lie detector of yours when it detects your own bullshit. Must really bury the needle, huh?” He passes the ball to Matt, who smiles slightly and gets a nothing but net shot.

That night, Matt is walking home when he smells Elektra behind him. They go up to the rooftop of Matt’s building, where Elektra tells Matt about how her mother died in front of her when she was a little girl after he feels a good-luck-charm necklace with her name on it that Elektra’s mother gave to her just before she died (“Do they come in Braille?” he asks – that’s important). She turns to go, but Matt stops her, saying it’s about to rain, the air pressure just dropped, and some other stuff he couldn’t possibly know. He says that, “When it rains, it’s like a blanket on the world, and I can almost see again.” (important) She stops, and it does rain, and he does see her. They kiss, but Matt hears someone getting mugged. He starts to leave, but Elektra stops him. “Stay with me,” she says, and he does. They go into Matt’s apartment, having sex on his bed (yes, he has a bed too). Next morning, he wakes up to find her gone. Instead, he finds another invitation to the ball.

That night, Matt and Foggy are at the ball. Foggy is hyped up over the opportunity to finally get some rich clients who can pay their bills with money. After they get there, they meet Urich. Foggy asks him about alligators in the sewer, but Urich debunks the myth. Matt displays skepticism about the Kingpin, saying that one man controlling all the crime in New York is hard to believe in. Urich shrugs and says, “Yeah, but, so does a vigilante who dresses up in red.” He then gives Matt his card, saying that Matt should call him sometime. However, he “accidentally” knocks Matt’s cane out of his hand. Picking it up, he says, “Cool color” (it’s red and white – important), to which Matt says, “I wouldn’t know.” Urich leaves them just as Foggy sees Fisk coming down the stairs. They go over and Foggy introduces himself and Matt, but Matt says they won’t work together because they only represent innocent clients. Fisk looks closely at Matt, says, “Nobody’s innocent,” and leaves. Foggy looks exasperated, and the next part goes like this:

Foggy: You know, Matt, I just wish that…that…(sees Elektra in a shimmering silver gown)…that I could lend you my eyes for tonight. Matt: It’s like that, huh? Foggy: Yeah, it’s like that.

Foggy asks Matt if he wants him to help him up there, but Matt is already on his way up, fighting a bunch of odors that keep getting in his way and making him lose track of Elektra. He finds her though, and they go down to dance. She starts crying and says that whenever something good happens, she gets scared. He says that nothing bad will happen (funny side note: While they were going down, Foggy was next to a statue with the head of an eagle and the chest of a woman. He had his hand on the head, took it off to wave someone, and put it back down…on the breast). While the dancing and stone-breast-touching was going on, Natchios is sitting at a table watching Matt and Elektra dance. Fisk comes up behind him and says that he hasn’t seen her smile like that since before her mother died. Natchios says, “Why must you bring that up?” Fisk smiles and says, “Just saying goodbye, old friend” and put a rose in Natchios’ pocket. Natchios takes the rose out and leaves, accompanied by his bodyguards.

On the dance floor, Elektra sees her father leaving. She heads out, followed closely by Matt, and asks her father what is going on. He doesn’t answer, and she gets into the limo with him. Matt tries to follow, but one of the bodyguards blocks him. The limo pulls away, and Matt is left there, slightly confused. A few blocks away, a man with a pen sticking out of his forehead falls to the ground. Behind him, Bullseye is driving the man’s motorcycle away. Back in the city, Elektra demands that her father tell her what is going on, but he just says, “New York is not safe tonight.” He says this just as Bullseye kills the driver and the other guard with two throwing stars that he had hidden on his belt. The limo crashes into a newspaper delivery truck while Bullseye stops the bike in a skid, just as Daredevil lands in front of him (the set-up from left to right is now limo, Daredevil, Bullseye). Bullseye nods with a smile at Daredevil then throws a star at him. Daredevil ducks the star, causing Bullseye to go, “I missed. I never miss!” Bullseye and Daredevil head for each other, Bullseye on the bike and Daredevil running. Daredevil knocks Bullseye off of the bike, but Bullseye manages to grab Daredevil’s billy club. He throws it just before the motorcycle explodes against the limo, which knocks Daredevil’s senses out of whack, meaning that he misses the billy club. The club sails through the air and into Natchios’ heart. Bullseye grins and departs, leaving Daredevil standing there. Elektra sees the red billy club sticking out of her father’s chest, grabs a nearby gun, and starts shooting at Daredevil, who makes his escape. Later, Manolis and his crew are at the scene when Urich pulls up. Urich gets out of his car, and Manolis asks him if he’s happy that he has his story now. Urich doesn’t say anything, but he watches while someone bags up Daredevil’s club.

A few days later, Elektra and Matt are at a funeral for Natchios. Elektra seems kind of dead, especially in her eyes (impressive to see that) and Matt tries to comfort her, telling her that he knows how she feels. She says that he’s wrong, and she wants revenge. He says (stupidly), “You won’t get it that way.” It starts to rain, and Matt gets a glimpse of her face through his radar before she puts up her umbrella, cutting herself off. She says goodbye to Matt, and her limo drives away. Behind them, Fisk, who was putting a rose on Natchios’ coffin, sees this and laughs to himself.

Later that night, we see Urich at a morgue somewhere, talking to forensics assistant Jack Kirby (Kevin Smith, a former Daredevil writer who also wrote [or is writing] the current Daredevil miniseries ‘The Target’)(reference: Jack Kirby is viewed by many as the greatest comic artist of all time). Kirby shows Urich a switch he found on Daredevil’s club that, when rotated, changes the club to a red-and-white cane. Kirby says, “You told me to keep my eye out for anything weird. This is some pretty weird shit right here, huh?” Urich looks at the cane – Matt’s cane, he realizes – and says, “You have no idea.”

The next day, Fisk is walking into his office where Bullseye is waiting for him. Fisk asks how Bullseye got past his security. Bullseye laughs and says, “You mean that guy?” and points out the corpse of Fisk’s former security guy. When Fisk asks if that was necessary, Bullseye laughs and says, “No…but it was fun.” Fisk shrugs and says that Bullseye has done a good job, but when he mentions Daredevil, Bullseye goes, “He…made me…MISS.” Fisk tells Bullseye not to have too much pride, but Bullseye says that he’s going to kill Daredevil. Fisk says okay, but tells Bullseye to pay a visit to Elektra first. Meanwhile, Matt is walking home when he encounters Ben Urich. Urich warns Matt that when Kingpin kills someone, he makes it a clean sweep, killing that person’s family too, meaning that he (Urich) thinks Elektra might be in trouble. Than he basically implies that he knows who Matt is, and that Matt should find Elektra and watch over her.

That night, we see Elektra doing some training exercise with her Sais where she tears apart some bags that she rigged to fall down from the ceiling. She slaughters them in good fashion while “Bring Me To Life” (by Evanescence) plays. When the final bag falls, we see a devil painted onto it. Elektra twirls one of her Sais and throws it straight at this last bag, impaling it dead center. At the same time, we see Matt strapping on his Daredevil uniform. He goes out, determined to find Elektra before Bullseye can. At one point, he is on the roof of a building somewhere where some laundry has been set out to dry. While he’s hunting, a bunch of pigeons fly up, obscuring his senses and letting Elektra get the drop on him. She starts tearing into him, despite his pleas that he didn’t kill her father and his telling her that it was Bullseye. Ultimately, Elektra gets Daredevil against a wall and thrusts one of the Sais through his left shoulder. She pulls it out, and he falls down, bleeding badly. Elektra rips off his mask, but when she sees that it’s Matt, she realizes her mistake. Just then, she hears Bullseye applauding, whistling, and calling for her. Matt begs her not to give in and go after Bullseye, but she puts Matt’s mask back on him and heads for Bullseye. When she sees Bullseye, she tries to impale him on one of her Sais (even though he’s two rooftops away), but he catches it and manages to thrust it through one of her hands instead. Despite the hand, Elektra keeps fighting, but Bullseye wins in the end, slicing her throat with a playing card (but not too badly, I think) and impaling her on one of the Sais. He walks over to her body and puts a rose on it just as Daredevil finally gets over to her. Bullseye leaves, and Elektra apologizes to Matt/Daredevil right before he hears her heartbeat stop. He wants to stay there and grieve over her, but the cops – led by Manolis – are coming, and he has to leave. The cops bust onto the rooftop, and they see Elektra’s body lying there.

While the cops are discovering Elektra’s body, Daredevil is in the church with Father Everett. Everett tries to comfort him, but is interrupted by a throwing star from Bullseye (don’t worry, it didn’t hit him – Bullseye was just giving the priest a warning shot; guess he’s a little religious). Daredevil tells the father to run, which he does. Daredevil and Bullseye start fighting while the police are setting up outside. They start clambering around on the organ pipes, and Bullseye throws some stars at him, but Daredevil blocks them all. Not one to be outdone, Bullseye breaks a window and starts throwing shards of glass, but they all miss too. Bullseye leaps up onto some pipes, but he breaks some going up, and they hit others going down, and this pretty much overwhelms Daredevil temporarily. Bullseye grabs a nearby candelabra and starts smashing it against the pipes, making it into a spear. He tries to impale Daredevil on it, but Daredevil stops him long enough for a nervous sniper to fire a shot through a window and through Bullseye’s hands. Bullseye begs for mercy, but instead of showing him mercy, all Daredevil does is throw him out the window and down to the street, where he crash lands on Urich’s just-arrived car. Urich looks up – along with everyone else – and sees Daredevil utter a single word – “Bullseye.” – before heading for Fiskcorp.

Over at Fiskcorp, Wesley comes up behind Fisk and tells him that there’s a problem with Bullseye. Fisk tells Wesley to get out and to send the guards home. After a while, Daredevil finds his way into Fisk’s office. They stand there talking for a minute, and then Daredevil launches his billy-club at Fisk. For his part, Fisk blocks the club with his diamond headed cane. The hook end of the club wraps around the cane, and Fisk yanks Daredevil towards him, dispatching him quickly. Fisk takes off Daredevil’s mask, and sees “the blind lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen.” Matt asks why Fisk killed the only two people he ever loved (the rose thing, remember? – that means Fisk was the reason that limo was weighted down the night Matt’s father was killed, and that he killed Jack), and Fisk says it was just business – his dad was supposed to throw that fight, and Elektra was in the wrong family at the wrong time. Fisk then moves as if to bash Daredevil’s head in, but then Matt figures out that the walls have water flowing through them, so he breaks one of them open, letting him “see” Fisk. He manages to break Fisk’s knees, and tells Fisk that the word is out on the Kingpin and that he’s going to jail. Later, Matt is standing over the theatre where his dad was killed, and he drops a rose over the side of the roof in tribute to his father.

A few days later, Matt and Foggy are again in the diner where Matt met Elektra. Foggy is reading about Fisk’s arrest, and reads, “Despite the lack of eyewitnesses, police believe the vigilante Daredevil is the one who brought the crime syndicate down.” Matt says that there were no eyewitnesses, so he still doesn’t believe. I included this part, because it’s funny.

Matt: Wait a minute, didn’t you hear that? No eyewitnesses. Foggy: It’s in black and white. How can you still be a skeptic? Matt: If there’s no eyewitnesses. I mean, Bigfoot has eyewitnesses. The alligators in the sewer have eyewitnesses— Foggy: Oh, the alligators in the sewer? So you’re saying there are alligators in the sewer, now? Matt: No, I didn’t say that. I said—

As he’s saying this, a woman Matt thinks smells like Elektra walks in, but it isn’t Elektra. Foggy asks if he’s okay, and Matt steps out for some air. Matt heads for his apartment and gets there, but he stops when he hears a tinkling sound coming from the rooftop. He heads for the roof, where he once asked Elektra about a Braille good-luck-charm, and finds the tinkling coming from a necklace hanging from a water tower. He feels the necklace, and he finds that it has Elektra’s name on it, only now it’s in Braille. He looks around and doesn’t smell her, but all the same, he smiles, and once again has faith and, more importantly, hope that someday, he and Elektra will meet again.

That night, we see Urich at his computer in the offices of the New York Post. He is typing up his final draft of the article that would tell the truth about Matt and Daredevil to the world. He finishes typing, and we see him just stare at the screen for a minute, his finger hovering over the print and delete keys. After a second, his finger comes down – on the delete key. The words Urich has typed begin disappearing from the screen, and he grabs his coat and goes outside. He looks up and sees Daredevil looking at him from a rooftop across the street. Urich smiles at Daredevil and says to him, “Go get ‘em, Matt.” Daredevil smiles back, turns, and begins running across the rooftops. We then hear Matt saying, “I prowl the rooftops and alleyways at night, searching for justice. Blind justice. A guardian devil.”

The credits start rolling for a little bit, but they stop after a minute. We then see a man in a full-body cast in a hospital somewhere. A fly is buzzing around the man’s face, which is only revealed through the eyes, a slit for the nose, and a mouth that is wired shut due to a broken jaw. The fly stops on the man’s nose, but he stares rabidly at it, telling it to leave. It does, and the man starts reaching for a hypodermic needle on a nearby table. He gets it, and neatly pins the fly to a wall. The man smiles and says a single word: “Bullseye.”


P. P. S. – Since we’re at the end, I feel no qualms about now telling you that Elektra is alive and is slated to star in her own spin-off movie in 2004 or 2005.


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