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Christina Ricci
The Opposite of Sex
Christina Ricci


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889.

The movie starts off with two girls at a nighttime carnival. Jenny (Mya) and Becky (Shannon Elizabeth) They're both bored and they go to a psychic named Zela (Porsia De Rossi) Jenny says that Becky is in a bad relationship and needs to get out. Zela freaks out and grabs onto Jenny. "I see so much blood over all of you and your friend. Beware of the moon" Jenny and Becky are both freaked out. As they leave Becky yells out "Ya know you really shouldn't lie to people and say horrible things like that!"

Later on that night, we meet Jimmy Hudson (Jesse Eisenberg) He's a nerdy high school kid taking his dog named Zipper for a walk. As he is walking along town, he comes across a girl he likes named Brooke (Kristina Anapau) Brooke doesn't recognize him. Jimmy says that they're both in Government Math and other classes together for years. They start to talk, but three rude popular guys, led by Bo (Milo Ventimiglia) come up. Bo harasses Jimmy and starts to make fun of him thinking that he's gay and a wimp.

We next meet Ellie Hudson (Christina Ricci) who is just getting off work. She works as a personal assistant on the Craig Kilborn show. She enters her club that she owns and is due to open soon. It's called Tinsel and it's just getting some last minute modeling taken care of. Ellie meets her boyfriend Jake (Joshua Jackson), who also owns the club. Jake shows Ellie around. The club has a gothic, classic horror movie setting which is pretty cool. Jake says he won't be going to the opening of the club because he's too nervous and just wants to stay home that night, Ellie offers to stay with him, but he tells her that he needs some space and he'll call her in a couple days.

Ellie gets a call on her cell from her brother Jimmy. He says that he is waiting for her to pick him up and is getting annoyed. We cut to Ellie, Jimmy and their dog Zipper in the car driving down a quiet road. "I waited over and hour for you to pick me up" Jimmy says. Ellie replies "Yea, well most teenagers have friends who will give them a lift home" Suddenly, out of nowhere, some wild animal runs across their windshield, causing them to spin out of control and slam into another car. The other car goes flying and rolls down a cliff (Pretty cool effects)

Ellie and Jimmy are fine and yes, so is Zipper. Jimmy calls for help on Ellie's cell, while Ellie goes down the cliff to check on the other car. Becky is inside and she is trapped hanging upside down. Jimmy comes running down the cliff and says help is on the way. Becky freaks out and says she smells gas but Ellie tries to calm her down. Jimmy climbs through the car and gets Becky free. "You people better have good insurance and you better not have hit a dog!" Becky yells out.

Suddenly, the wild animal (at this point we all know its a werewolf) comes crashing through the windshield and drags Becky out by her neck. Jimmy and Ellie grab onto Becky, and she is being pulled into the woods. The werewolf manages to scratch Ellie and Jimmy causing them to let go of Becky (they've been cursed) Becky at this point is nowhere to be found but obviously is dead. Help arrives and Ellie explains that it was some type of large dog or mountain lion. Jimmy, says it was a werewolf of some type, but of course no one believes him.

Jimmy opens the car door to check on Zipper and Zipper growls and bites his hand. Ellie and Jimmy go home. They enter the house, Ellie locks the front door. Ellie offers to talk to Jimmy, but Jimmy declines and runs into his room. Ellie goes over and looks at a picture of her and her brother with their parents. It turns out that their parents died not too long ago. Ellie is the older sister and has to take care of Jimmy.

Cut to Jimmy up in his room, he is online looking up things about Werewolves. He finds out that a pentagram is the mark of the werewolf. Cut to Ellie and she is in bed. She wakes up and goes downstairs, only to find the front door unlocked and wide open. She turns around and runs into Jake.

Jake says that he is sorry for the way he left off with Ellie. They begin to kiss and Ellie swings her head around and takes a big chunk out of Jake's neck. Ellie wakes up in her bed (the whole thing with Jake was just a dream) We cut to Jimmy who wakes up naked out front. He gets dressed and meets Ellie in the kitchen. They start to talk and Jimmy talks about werewolves and how him and Ellie could be cursed. Ellie, in denial says its nothing to be worried about.

Later on that morning, we see Ellie at work. She runs into Joanie (Judy Greer) who is an annoying blonde with demands. She makes comments that Ellie is wearing all the wrong clothes and needs to redo her hair. Joanie says that Scott Baio will be appearing on the Craig Kilborn show in a few nights and she needs Ellie to meet up with Scott at the big party tonight.

Joanie then continues making fun of Ellie saying that her boyfriend Jake is a loser and needs to find a real girlfriend. Here we meet Ellie's work friend Kyle (Michael Rosenbaum) Kyle tells Ellie to just ignore Joanie. She's nothing to worry about.

Ellie and Kyle walk into her office and start to talk about the work party tonight. Ellie says that she smells something good and walks into the coffee room. She sniffs around until she find her coworker in the kitchen with a bad bloody nose. This grosses her out and she panics.

We cut to Jimmy at school. He meets up with Brooke at a soda machine. Brooke needs change for a dollar so her and Jimmy exchange but he tells Brooke to keep the dollar. Bo and his two idiot friends come up and once again Bo calls him gay again and Jimmy basically says "takes one to know one". There is a wrestling try-out poster on the soda machine and Bo challenges Jimmy to try out, saying that he might like the male-to-male contact. Jimmy comments that Bo must love it because he's been the captain for two years

We go back to Ellie at work. Kyle makes another comment on how attractive he thinks she looks today. In the lobby, there's a bunch of psychics for the Craig Kilborn show. Zela is one of them. She goes up to Ellie and says that something is wrong. Zela says that Ellie has been cursed. The only way to be un-cursed is to kill the person who started it all (the main werewolf)

That night we see Jimmy on the couch reading about werewolves. He looks at his hand and finds black marks. He takes a black marker and connects the dots, making a pentagram. Ellie walks in and the two talk. Jimmy says the only way to kill the beast is with silver. Ellie doesn't believe him and she walks over to a silver picture frame and touches it. Nothing happens.

Ellie leaves home and goes to the party. She meets Jake there and they talk. Jake says that he loves Ellie and doesn't want to lose her. Jenny and Joanie show up. They are both attracted to him. Ellie walks away in disgust. Jenny says that Becky has been all broken up that he hasn't called her in a few days. Jake says he isn't interested in Becky anymore, he's with Ellie now.

Ellie runs into Scott Baio and Joanie. Joanie reminds Ellie what they talked about earlier this morning. Scott and Ellie sit down and talk. Ellie tells Scott that he will be going on the Kilborn show 3rd, right after Carrot Top. Scott doesn't like this but he decides to touch Ellie's leg which causes her to leave. She runs into her boyfriend and Jake and is annoyed when all his ex's continue to hit on him. She leaves to go home. We quickly cut to Jimmy at home. He goes over to the same silver picture frame and finds a sticker on the back that says 'Stainless Steel'

We cut to Jenny in the parking garage. She goes over to her car an hears some creepy noises. As Jenny is trying to unlock her car door, she is pulled away from her car and thrown into the air. She hits the ground hard. She hides behind a hummer. She looks under the car and sees that the beast is on the other side of the car. The beast pops out and chases Jenny. She runs for the elevator as the beast hops over cars. She manages to get herself inside the elevator safely.

Jenny tries to use the phone but the beast rips through the elevator, disconnecting the phone. Jenny is trapped. The beast stares at her in the face and the screen fades to black as we hear Jenny screaming.

The next day we cut to Jimmy in gym class. He tries out for the wrestling team. The coach laughs (because he thinks Jimmy is a wimp) Jimmy fights one kid and Jimmy wins (due to his werewolf powers) Everyone is surprised, especially Brooke who is in the audience. He then fights Bo and kicks his butt.

We go to Ellie at work. She runs into Joanie who harasses her. Ellie runs into the bathroom. The nose bleeding women from earlier comes in. Ellie runs into a stall and locks it. Ellie is breathing Heavy and her hands are becoming sweaty. The women offers help but Ellie pulls open the door and we see that Ellie's face is a little hairy and her eyes are yellow.

Later on, Ellie goes to leave work. She gets into her car and Jake shows up. He says that he knows Ellie is cursed and so is he. She's a little freaked out and Jake breaks the window and we see a pentagram on Jake's hand. Jake tells Ellie to calm down. He says that he learned to control his powers and he loves being cursed. Since they are both cursed they can be together. However he says there is another wolf and it's trying to kill him; they need to stay together to fight it. Ellie gets scared and drives off.

We cut to Jimmy at home. Bo knocks on the door and says that he needs to talk. "Jimmy, you're right, it takes one to know one. I guess you figured out that I'm gay because you are too" Bo goes to kiss Jimmy but Jimmy backs off. Jimmy says "yea I understand and all but now is not a good time...I'm happy for you...yay! go gay! see ya later" Jimmy slams the door and goes to check on Zipper. Zipper pops out and he is a werewolf (Zipper got cursed when he bit Jimmy's hand at the scene of the accident)

Zipper chases Jimmy around the house and Jimmy runs outside and finds Bo on his porch still. Bo once again says that he wants to talk things out but Zipper comes crashing through the window and chases the two into Bo's car. Jimmy says that he is a werewolf and has been cursed. He tells Bo to drive to Tinsel to find Ellie (It's the grand opening of Ellie's club) Jimmy uses Bo's cell phone and calls Ellie. He tells Ellie he is going to the club and he wants her to meet them there. Ellie agrees.

Bo and Jimmy arrive at the club and look for Ellie, instead they find Jake and they hide within the club. They decide to hide in the mirror maze. Ellie shows up and searches for them in the mirror maze. Of course Ellie can't find Bo or Jimmy. Ellie runs into Jake. Jake says he wants to talk. All of a sudden a werewolf comes crashing through the mirrors and slashes Jake across the chest. Ellie runs out of the maze. She tells everyone to leave the club. Bo and Jimmy are still inside. The werewolf chases Bo and slashes him pretty bad. Jimmy manages to escape and meets up with Ellie.

Everyone in the club is gone and Ellie and Jimmy search for the beast. They figure that they have to kill it because Ellie thinks it's the main werewolf who started the curse. As they are searching, they find Kyle and for a second they think Kyle is the main werewolf. The wolf pops out and kills Kyle. The wolf transforms into its normal self. It turns out to be Joanie. Joanie goes to attack Ellie and Jimmy but Jake comes out and saves them. Ellie and Jimmy hide.

Jake and Joanie talk. Joanie says that since they're both cursed they can be together. Jake declines so Joanie slashes him once again. Joanie finds Ellie and Jimmy and goes to kill them but the cops show up and shoot the crap out of Joanie, killing her. Jimmy and Ellie go to find Bo, who is fine. Jake is nowhere to be found.

Ellie and Jimmy arrive home and assume it's all over because they killed Joanie who they thought started the curse. They start to clean up their house and weird things start happening to them. Black veins come out of Ellie's neck and black veins come out of Jimmy's stomach. They are still cursed. Therefore this means Joanie was NOT the main wolf.

Jake shows up and tells Ellie that since he can't be with her, he is going to have to kill her and Jimmy. Before he attacks them, he says that he was born cursed and learned to control it. They begin to fight. After a long battle, Jimmy pins Jake to the floor and Ellie stabs Jake in the heart with a silver knife. Jake dies and his body burns up. Jake was the main werewolf.

Finally it's all over and Ellie and Jimmy aren't cursed anymore. Brooke rings the doorbell with Bo. Jimmy and Brooke start to kiss and go off.

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