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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Spectre.

We open to a car being driven. In the back seat, Mr. Peters (Christopher McDonald) is speaking to his daughter, Elena. Mr. Peters tells her that he understands that this is going to be a sad day for her (they are going to her mother’s funeral), but he is going to be there for her, and he will never leave. Elena asks if he promises that. Just as he is about to respond, their car is hit by another.

As the title credits roll, we see news footage detailing the murder spree of The Collector (Randall Archer). He is a serial killer who has no pattern that targets all demographics: men, women, and children, leaving nothing but destruction in his wake. What makes him special is that he takes one of his victims alive to be part of his “collection.” The news reports that there is over fifty people missing, including Arkin O’Brien, the protagonist of the previous movie. A police commissioner promises that they will hunt this killer down and bring him to justice.

We cut to a now teenaged Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick). She is placing her hearing aid into her ear as she gets a call from Brian (William Peltz), her boyfriend. Brian tells her that he has to bail on their date, claiming he has to work late. She tells him that it is okay, and they exchange I love you’s. Hanging up the phone, Elena then gets a call from her best friend, Missy (Johanna Braddy), who is with her brother, Josh (Michael Nardelli). Missy tells her to get ready since they are going to a party. Elena tries to decline, but when she sees them outside, she tells them to give her five minutes.

Elena quickly gets dressed, and on the way out, sees her father asleep in a chair from a night of drinking. We can tell he has been previously injured, most likely by the car accident. She pulls up a blanket onto his body and kisses his forehead before heading out.

Elena, Missy, and Josh head to an exclusive club in the middle of nowhere and enter using the password, “Nevermore.” Inside they find a bumping nightclub with numerous dancing people and a great techno DJ. The three begin to dance and drink. Missy begins to make out with a random guy and Elena, being a good friend, pulls her away before she gets into trouble. Going further into the crowd, Elena sees something. Looking closer, she realizes it is Brian…who happens to be kissing another girl. He’s cheating on her. When Brian sees her, he shrugs and gives her a “What did you expect?” look. Elena responds by sucker punching him, breaking his nose. Missy smiles and gives him the finger, following Elena into the crowd.

The Collector watches Elena from the rafters, eyeing her closely. It appears he has found his trophy.

Elena is crushed by Brian’s betrayal and walks down a corridor, trying to get away from him. She walks off, and Missy can’t find her. Elena goes into a room, where she finds a large red trunk.

Meanwhile, Josh is out on the dance floor making out with a girl. In the rafters, The Collector is watching, waiting to strike.

Elena sees the trunk then hears something moving inside. She cautiously opens it, only to have a person fly out of it. That person is Arkin O’Brien (Josh Stewart). Arkin is bloody and incoherent, and pleads for Elena’s help. She is freaked out by his appearance. Suddenly, Arkin tells her to watch out and pushes her out of the way. We see why. A crossbow planted in the vent just shot off an arrow that would have killed her. Unfortunately, that trap has set off every other trap in the club including the main attraction, a rolling, rotating cycle of blades in the main dance floor.

As Brian is tending to his broken nose, he notices the blades and promptly freaks out. He tries to warn people to no avail. The blades cause a wave of destruction, eviscerating everyone in their path (at least 40 to 50 people), including Josh.

In the hallway were Elena came to escape, there are other trip wires. Brian and others try to escape down the hallway, but set them off, throwing out large blades that stab Brian and another partygoer to death.

Arkin pleads for help, but Elena runs, desperate to find her friends. Missy and a few others try to escape down another hallway, but steel doors surround her and a dozen others in a cage. The Collector is on top and presses a switch that pushes the roof down. He intends to compress them to mush. Elena sees this and must watch in horror as her best friend and many others are crushed to death. The Collector looks at Elena. She runs back the way she came.

Arkin is pulling wood planks off the window when he sees Elena. The Collector shows up behind her and takes her, stuffing her into one of his boxes. Arkin feels there is nothing he can do for her, so he takes Brian's dead body and uses it as a shield to crash through the window. They hit a parked car hard, and Arkin bounces off, breaking his arm in the process. He staggers off.

Cut to Arkin in the hospital getting treatment. The surgery team notices cuts on his arm, noting they are self inflicted. Cops bust in and handcuff Arkin, considering he is the only living witness to The Collector’s crimes (and because he has a previous criminal record).

Arkin dreams of The Collector torturing him.

Arkin wakes up to find his wife, Lisa (Navi Rawat), at his bedside. They kiss and Lisa says that she was so afraid that she would never see him again (the solving of her loan shark predicament from the previous film is never explained). Arkin sees some flowers on the nearby desk and asks about them. Lisa says they aren’t from her, and notices a note. It says “For the Collection” with the inside says “Can’t wait to meet the family.” Arkin realizes in horror that The Collector intends to punish his escape by going after his wife and daughter. He quickly tells Lisa to leave and go to her mother’s and don’t tell anyone where she is going. Lisa, though frightened, listens to him and leaves.

Later that night, Arkin is visited by a man, Lucello (Lee Tergesen), who asks about Elena. Arkin says she was still alive when he escaped, and that she is most likely The Collector’s trophy now. Lucello says he works for her father, who will do anything to get her back. Lucello tells Arkin he needs his help.

Lucello calls Mr. Peters and tells him Arkin will help. Mr. Peters pleads with Lucello to bring her back, as she is all he has left. Lucello tells him that he has been with his family for years, and he will not fail him. Lucello will bring her home.

We then see a flashback of the crash. Mr. Peters crawled out of the car, but suffered a badly broken leg in the process (explaining his need of a cane). Elena was still stuck in the car when it began to catch fire. Lucello was the one who got her out alive. He feels loyal to Elena as if she was his own daughter.

Elena wakes up in her trunk. She is unable to get out, but can see a small sliver of the outside due to a hole in the trunk. She sees a man in a straight jacket, chained to a table, screaming for help. The Collector comes in and injects him with a drug then cuts out his tongue. He then proceeds to staple a mask to the man’s face, before apparently leaving. Elena continues to look just as The Collector stares back in the box at her, startling her.

Arkin briefs Lucello and his squad of mercenaries: Wally (Andre Royo), Dre (Tim Griffin), Paz (Shannon Kane), and Lin (Brandon Molale). Arkin has promised to tell them what they are up against, get them to the location, and get them in. In return, Mr. Peters has implied to smooth things over with the police and help Arkin out of his other troubles. Arkin explains he tried to make himself a map to the place by measuring distance via cuts on his arms. He will use that to get them there. Arkin urges the group to use the utmost caution.

“You better be prepared, man. Bring everything you got. Because if he catches you, he's gonna make you wish you were dead. Not gonna walk in there like this is Sunday dinner, because this is his house, and he will cut your balls off and feed 'em to you,” Arkin says forebodingly.

Using the cuts on his arm, Arkin directs them to an old abandoned hotel.

Meanwhile, Elena uses her bra strap to unlatch her trunk. She looks around for a way out. She hears tapping in another trunk. She opens it to find the person already dead, the tapping just an involuntary reaction the body was doing. She hears The Collector coming, so she hides behind some shelves. He comes in and sees she has escaped. To coax her out, he unleashes several spiders. Elena is forced to have them crawl over her as she tries not to scream.

Down at the entrance, Arkin picks the lock for Lucello, only to be told that he will be leading them in, as he is the only one who has seen the inside and lived. Arkin balks, saying that wasn’t the deal. Lucello tells him that it is the same deal, just altered. Besides, he left Elena once already; does he want to live with the guilt of leaving her again. Arkin pauses for a moment then agrees, seeing he has no real choice in the matter. Arkin and the mercenaries head inside while Lin stays outside. However, in picking the lock, Arkin has set off an alarm. The Collector forgets his pursuit of Elena and goes to handle his new problem. Elena kicks off the spiders, and finds a grate to crawl through.

Arkin is leading the group through the building. When he requests a weapon, Lucello gives him a penlight instead.

Lin is waiting outside when he is ambushed from behind by The Collector. The killer stabs him to death.

Arkin and the team hear the radio cut out, but they don’t have time to check it out. They are suddenly attack by a deranged person who tackles Arkin. Paz puts a bullet in the person’s head and pulls Arkin up. Investigating further, they realize it was a Collector victim. Arkin explains the ones that displease him the most, The Collector drugs to the point of madness and uses them as crazed foot soldiers for his games. Arkin and the team are rushed by many more of the zombie-like victims released by The Collector who found them. Lucello and his team open fire, killing several. Arkin even kills one by stabbing them in the face with his pen light. They get into another room and board the door, shocked by what they have already witnessed.

Elena finds the other side of her vent to find a makeup room with a trunk. Hearing someone inside, she tells the person inside she can let her out, but only if she is quiet. She opens it to find Abby (Erin Way), who has been made up like a China doll. Abby explains The Collector did it to her and “he likes her.” Elena tells her that they can escape, but they have to be quiet. Abby follows her.

Arkin and the group are walking down a hallway when they see a man coming towards them. They tell him to stop. The man is crying and pleading when they hear beeping. The killer put an explosive around his neck. The poor boy explodes, shocking the group. In the process, Dre sets off a trap that causes several metal spikes to shoot down and skewer him in several places, killing him. Arkin uses this distraction to move ahead without Lucello and his mercenaries.

Arkin finds himself in a room with a flickering light. Behind him, The Collector is ready to strike. But Arkin sees his reflection in a photo and uses the light to his advantage and escapes before The Collector can hurt him.

Abby and Elena are still looking for a way out when Abby notices Elena’s hearing aid. Abby freaks out, saying that Elena has a weakness, and she will not survive. Abby screams that “he was testing her,” and screams. The Collector finds them, and Elena runs as Abby crouches in a submissive position. The Collector gives chase to Elena, and she hides on top of some pipes in a room. Just as it appears The Collector is going to find her, she escapes into another vent.

Arkin is still trying to dodge the mercenaries and The Collector, and looks for his way out. He nearly gets killed by a blade trap, but pulls back just in time. He finds a chute that falls down into a pit filled with corpses. Having no choice, he gets inside and holds the door as Wally looks for him. Arkin climbs back out and continues on.

Elena gets out of her latest air vent and tries to adjust her hearing aid which is acting up. She accidentally drops it, only to find it landed on top of a bear trap. Elena grabs for it carefully and is able to grab it just as the trap snaps shut, scaring her. She cautiously moves down the hallway, dodging the rest of the traps. She finds a room with a fan that is exposed to the outside. Two men are outside near a fire bin. She tries to call out to no avail. They can’t hear her.

Meanwhile, Arkin journeys deeper into The Collector’s lair. He sees numerous skeletons and sewn-together bodies in large glass aquariums. He hears a woman call out. Arkin finds a woman crucified to the wall, begging for help. Arkin hears The Collector coming and has to hide. The Collector comes up to the woman and quickly slits her throat with the horrified Arkin unable to do anything. He grabs a pin from the cloth the killer covered the woman with and uses it to pick a lock.

Going further, Arkin sees the door for the main room when he is knocked out from behind. It is Lucello and the surviving members of his team, Wally and Paz. Arkin sees The Collector in the rafters preparing a sharp hook and tries to warn them, but they aren’t willing to listen, given he tried to bail on them. The Collector hooks Wally through the mouth and yanks him up hard. Paz tries to react but sets off a trap that hooks her leg, and she is dragged away from the room. Lucello and Arkin give chase but lose her. Arkin tells him that the killer is picking them off one by one, and if they don’t start working together, they will both die. Abby shows up out of the blue. She tells them that she knows where Elena is.

As they move via Abby’s direction, they can hear Paz being tortured. She has been hung up by The Collector, and he cuts her face with razor blades. Abby directs them to where Elena is, but Arkin walks in the direction of Paz’s screams. Lucello stops him and says his mission is to save Elena. Arkin asks him if he can hear Paz screaming, and tells him to stop denying that doesn’t bother him. They decide to take a small detour to find Paz. Lucello tells Arkin to stay put with Abby as he investigates a corridor with many mannequins. As he gets closer, Arkin notices a cable feed that goes across the floor. He starts to suspect a trap.

Meanwhile, not far from them, Elena hears Paz screaming as well.

Lucello walks into the mannequin room only to find Lin’s dead body and a speaker projecting Paz’s screams.

Elena finds the room where Paz is, and helps her down. Lucello hears this as Lin’s body starts beeping. Lucello runs as bombs start exploding. Arkin kicks out a double sided mirror and pulls Abby to safety. Lucello barely gets in too. They continue to follow the speaker wire to Paz where Lucello is reunited with Elena. Elena hugs Lucello, happy to see a friendly face, and tells him that she might know a way out.

Seeing the vent, Arkin says he has a plan, but he needs Lucello’s gun. Lucello balks at giving up his last two rounds, but Arkin says he needs to start trusting him. Lucello agrees to hand it over. Arkin shoots one of the men outside, wounding him so the police and ambulances will show up. When they do, he uses the last round to shoot at a cop car so they will send for backup. Lucello says he is smart.

As the cops come, The Collector panics and reaches for a machine gun he stole from the mercenaries.

Abby then turns on the group, locking the door with them stuck in the room, and starts screaming and waving at the camera to get The Collector’s attention. Being his captive so long has afflicted Abby with Stockholm syndrome. Paz tries to shut her up, but Abby says The Collector will kill them all. Paz punches her, and Abby steps on some planted nails. Those nails set off a mechanized iron maiden that takes her and stabs her from all sides, killing her.

The Collector barges in via another door, and on seeing Abby dead, sets two dogs on the group and shoots his machine gun at them. Arkin and Lucello kill the dogs, but Elena is recaptured in the confusion. Lucello tells Paz and Arkin to save Elena, as he got his hand stuck to a nail trap that will set off a large bear trap hanging over his head. As they leave, Lucello eyes one the dead dogs.

Arkin and Paz find Elena strapped to a table and untie her, only for her to say it is a trap. Suddenly a steel cage slides down around them, trapping them. The Collector shows up and silently taunts them. Arkin is enraged and tells the killer to come in and kill him like a man. The Collector instead sets fire to a fuse that is connected to a large collection of flammable barrels. He then starts pouring gas over everything, intending to destroy all the evidence and start anew.

Paz tries to unlatch the door with a knife Arkin gives her, but she drops it. Having little time, Arkin breaks off his cast and tells them to break his arm again so he can slide it through the metal mesh. Though hesitant, Elena finally complies and breaks it. Arkin slides his arm through (even having to break it more), and unlocks the door. Paz quickly sets his arm and puts him in a makeshift sling.

Arkin directs Paz and Elena down the chute he went down earlier.

The fuse that The Collector lit meets the barrels and explodes, making a bigger fire. The police finally notice and contact the fire department.

Back in the aquarium trophy room, Paz and Elena are shocked by what they see. The Collector quickly jumps up behind them and kills Paz with a double knife stab into her shoulder blades. Arkin tries to fight him but has only one good arm. Elena tries to help but is quickly knocked out. Just as The Collector is about to kill Arkin, Lucello surprises them all by showing up, alive, having used a dead dog to take his place in the bear trap.

Lucello and The Collector get into a knife fight. They take turns stabbing each other until The Collector gets the drop on Lucello and stabs him. Elena sees this and cries in horror. Lucello directs Arkin to kill The Collector, as the killer stabs him a few more times until Lucello dies. Arkin starts beating up The Collector and retains the upper hand, despite at one point being stabbed through both cheeks. Arkin eventually throws The Collector down the body chute where corpses have been soaked in gasoline. Arkin takes a piece of his shirt and lights it, dropping it on The Collector, setting him on fire.

Arkin tries to get back to Elena as Elena has gotten the attention of the firemen so they will cut through to the door. However, an expanse of fire divides the two. Arkin collapses to the ground, tired and beaten, ready to accept his fate knowing he did the right thing. However, Elena, who has just lost a father figure, refuses to let him die too and grabs a wooden beam. She then smashes several of the aquariums, their water splashing out the fire, saving Arkin. The Firefighters break through, saving them both.

Elena and Arkin receive medical treatment. Mr. Peters arrives walking with a cane (from the car accident), and his daughter tearfully embraces him. Mr. Peters looks at Arkin and gives him a silent thank you, and we are left to assume Mr. Peters will live up to his side of the bargain. Arkin hears about the bodies being counted. He sees the trunks, and finds one with The Collector’s burnt mask but no body. Arkin knows it isn’t over.

An undisclosed amount of time later, we see a man enter a home. It is The Collector. He turns on the radio and listens to news reporters talk about him. Though they may not know his full identity yet, they know he came from a family where his father killed every other member of the family, performed taxidermy on the bodies, and ate Thanksgiving dinner as the boy watched, being the sole survivor (explaining his MO of taking one victim alive). Suddenly he hears the radio change to rock. He opens a switchblade and goes back downstairs, and turns off the radio. Looking into the dining room, he sees a trunk, just like he uses. A gun cocks behind him. It is Arkin. Arkin explains that he had to look up every taxidermist in the area, finding fourteen. “You were number twelve,” Arkin says, telling him to turn around. The Collector asks if Arkin is here to kill him. Arkin tells him no, that would be too easy for him. Arkin plans to torture him the same way he did to Arkin and the other victims, then kill him so he can’t do it to anyone else. The Collector tries to strike Arkin, but Arkin punches him, kicking him into the trunk. Arkin slams the trunk door into The Collector’s hands (mirroring what The Collector did to him previously). Arkin finally shuts the door on The Collector, ready to get his revenge.

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Despite all the mercernaries being killed, Arkin (Josh Stewart) is able to save Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick) from The Collector thanks to the help of a dying Lucello (Lee Tergesen). They are rescued by the fire department and Elena is reunited with her father, Mr. Peters (Christopher McDonald) who we are left to assume will hold up his end of the bargain with Arkin. Arkin discovers The Collector got away despite being set on fire by him.

Some time later, Arkin tracks down The Collector and traps him in one of his own trunks intending to torture him the same way he did to Arkin, and then kill him so he can't hurt anyone else ever again.


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