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MADRID, SPAIN – William Shaw (Henry Cavill) arrives in Spain, but his luggage hasn’t. He calls his assistant, Sally, back in San Francisco to tell her to pick up the luggage as he intends to be back before they can send them to Spain. He exits into the main lobby where his father, Martin (Bruce Willis) waits. They awkwardly exchange pleasantries before driving off.

During their drive, Martin talks about his mundane work at the U.S. Embassy when Will receives a phone call back from San Francisco. The news isn’t good, and it shows on his face, but all Will tells Martin is that he chose a bad week to take a vacation. When they arrive at the Marina where the Shaw’s boat is anchored, Will is greeted by his mother, his brother, Josh (Rafi Gavron), and his brother’s girlfriend, Dara (Emma Hamilton).

Martin goes onto the boat leaving Will to talk with Josh and Dara. Josh asks how Will’s ride with “Godzilla” went and comforts Will with the knowledge that they will only have to deal with Martin for a week. That night, the family has dinner together. Josh and Will explain that because of Martin’s work the family moved around a lot, never staying in one place for too long and getting accustomed with really weird local sports. When Martin tries to tell Dara a story about Will’s first time spear fishing. Will has a freak out and tells them that his company has gone bankrupt.

The next morning, Martin sails the boat out so that the family can fish together in the bay. Will is preoccupied with his phone, and the situation with his company while Martin tries to fix the sails on the boat. One of the mechanisms spins out of control and is just about to smash into Dara’s face when Will pulls her down, hitting her head off the boat. Martin climbs down and angrily throws Will’s phone into the ocean. Will grabs clothes, throws them in a bag, and dives into the water in order to buy some antiseptic for Dara.

Martin notices a motor boat speeding around the bay and circling the boat, tensing up uneasily.

When Will returns from the pharmacy, he cannot see the boat in the bay. He goes around asking beach goers if they saw where the boat went, even going so far as to swim out into the bay to find it. Finally, he goes on a long hike around the other end of the bay and finds the boat abandoned in an alcove. Swimming out, he finds the boat empty and ransacked with all the equipment and radios destroyed.

Will barges into the local police station where the Chief of Police immediately pulls him aside. He makes a phone call and demands that Will take him to the boat. At the beach, a man named Zahir introduces himself and claims to know where Will’s family is. He invites Will to come, but when Will resists, the officers try to take him by force. He steals a police car and attempts to escape, only to be rammed off the road and into a tree. Before the corrupt officers can kill him, Martin appears and drags him to a waiting car.

On the road, Martin confesses to Will that he doesn’t work for the U.S. Embassy but for a special branch of the CIA. Zahir kidnapped their family because Martin stole a briefcase he took while on assignment. He calls an old friend, Jean Carrack (Sigourney Weaver), and tells her that they need to meet.

At the meeting site, Will stays in the car while Martin approaches Jean. Jean tells him that the briefcase was given to the higher ups and is gone. But something doesn’t sound right, and Martin only gets agitated by her lies. As he turns to leave, a sniper guns down Martin. Will is attacked by one of Carrack’s men and he narrowly escapes into the crowd. The Man chases him through the city until the Police get involved, and Will disappears.

Will hides Martin’s gun in a trash bin and approaches the U.S. Embassy. The Diplomat who greets him explains that with a local arrest warrant out for murder, he is disinclined to believe Will’s story. Ultimately, his request is rejected. A phone call informs the Diplomat that someone is here to see to see Will – Jean and one of Martin’s contacts named Diego. He gets into a car with them and drives away, despite his suspicions.

Jean gets right to the point: she wants to help Will, but she needs him to tell her what Martin shared with him. Will fakes a panic attack so that Diego will pull over the car. Once free, Will throws Diego to the ground and bolts. Diego tries to pursue, but Jean tells him to forget Will. Will runs straight back to the Embassy and recovers Martin’s gun.

Will hides in a public restroom and goes through his pockets, only to find his father’s cell phone was slipped into his pocket. Confused, he rifles through the contact list and sees Diego’s name comes up several times. He calls the number, but it goes straight to voicemail.

He sees a bus outside and tries to board it, but the driver tells him that without money he cannot stay on. Will is about to yell when a kind woman behind him pays his fare. He thanks her and takes a seat. A few moments pass before Will gets a call from an unlisted number. Zahir demands to speak to a man named Tom, and that he will trade the family for the briefcase. Will explains the situation and demands to talk to his mother. His mother asks for Martin, but Will tells her that he’s dead, and listens to her wails on the other side of the phone. Zahir gives him a time, and a place for the swap, leaving Will to ponder his next move. He calls Diego’s number and this time a young woman answers the phone, and she gives Will directions to Diego’s office.

Entering the office, he finds Lucia sitting behind the desk nervously. She stands up and grabs a letter opener just as Diego springs from the next room to attack Will. Lucia drives the letter opener into Diego’s back as Will slams him into a wall to prevent himself from being shot. Diego bleeds out and dies in front of the two. Lucia freaks out and asks why Will wants to hurt her and her uncle. She tells him that Diego told her to come with him or else her uncle would be killed. Will asks her to take him to her uncle.

Arriving at her uncle’s apartment they find him dead. Jean and her hitman, Gorman, were lying in wait. Jean and Will have a tense conversation. Gorman draws his gun and is about to fire when Lucia fires scatter shots across the room. Jean and Gorman pursue the pair through the apartment, driving them to the roof. Will rips out an antenna cable and lowers Lucia to the ground. He jumps off the roof with the wire tied around his waist as Gorman bursts through, firing shots wildly. Will is hit, and collapses on the ground. A crowd gathers and Jean approaches him just as Lucia arrives on her motorcycle and drives him away.

Lucia drags him to a nightclub where her friend works as a bartender. A medical student, she uses vodka to sterilize the wound and her hands. She studies the wound and sees that the bullet went straight through. Using a blow torch to heat up a spoon, she cauterizes the wound. Will screams from the pain and passes out.

When he comes to, Lucia is looking through his phone. She asks him why she has a picture of “Tom” which is actually Martin. Will tells her that Tom was an alias and that it’s his father, Martin Shaw. She is surprised, and Will asks if they were close. She tells them that they were friends before they were anything else. He bluntly asks her if she was his father’s lover, but Lucia says that she is actually Martin’s daughter.

Will leaves the safety of the club to meet with Zahir. Zahir and his men take him to a garage and beat him mercilessly for information on Tom’s whereabouts. Finally accepting that he’s dead, Zahir shows Will his family. He points out that if he really wanted to kill them, he’d put them out in the open for Jean and Gorman to hunt them down and butcher them for information. All this time, Zahir had believed that Tom/Martin was the corrupt agent who stole the case from the Mossad but now that he has seen Jean’s work he knows that she was the one who wanted to sell the contents of the case.

Zahir tells Will that he must lure Jean out into the open. Will returns to the club and tells Lucia that he needs one of her credit cards. Lucia gives him a card and a few hours later, Gorman arrives. The bouncers at the club subdue him and torture him for information. Will has them leave Gorman alone for a while and let him cut his ropes and escape.

They follow Gorman back to Jean who is in an underground parking lot making the trade-off. Will leads Zahir and his men to the car park. Will wants to go with them, but Zahir tells him that his place is in the car. Jean hears their whispers and immediately begins gunning down her buyers. She and Gorman grab the bag, and the money and Gorman gets into a car to try and escape with the case. Will pursues him up several levels before jumping into the car and recovering the case. One of Zahir’s men shoots Gorman in the chest right before Lucia drives her car right into Gorman’s.

Gorman dies, and Jean arrives in her car to take the case back. She sees Gorman’s body and fires at Will, angered by the death of her companion. She escapes forcing Will and Lucia to chase after her in their car. They race through the city until Jean pulls a maneuver and ends up behind them. She drives her car right into Will’s flipping it. Will collapses as he drags himself from the car. Jean exits her vehicle and mocks Will as he struggles to reach his father’s gun. Just as she lifts her gun, a single bullet rips through her chest killing her. Zahir walks up with his surviving men, and they take the case.

Will takes Lucia to the hospital. Zahir takes Will to his family and they visit Lucia in the hospital, introducing themselves. A CIA Agent (Colm Meaney) arrives, thanks Will for clearing Martin’s name and offers Will a job. Will leaves for San Francisco to start a new company while Zahir and his men are arrested by the CIA on charges of murder and espionage.

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