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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Andreah.

The movie starts with Sharon Stone's character Leah Tilson getting out of bed on a busy new york morning at 4:30 a.m. Her husband Cooper played by Dennis Quaid who's still sleeping reminds her to reset the alarm. Next shes on an airplane all dressed like an executive talking business with her boss. He tells her he'll give her a promotion if she spends night with him. Cooper awakens startled as he's overslept, and rushes for the kids to get ready for school. There is a teenage daughter named kristin played by the girl from Panic Room and a boy named Ryan who is around 8 years old. They are dressed in uniforms and are worried about being late. On the way to school, they are in a traffic jam when Coopers cell phone rings and its his Leah. Things are very hectic with horns blasting from the cars behind them and the kids are fighting while Coopers trying to talk on the phone. The kids decide to just walk to school when the Ryan runs into the street and gets hit by the SUV behind them that was honking and swerved around them. Later that evening Leah returned home and was comforted that their son was okay and they made a decision to get out of the city.

The family is driving down a dusty road in their SUV and stop at a country gas station. A provocatively dressed Ruby played by Julliette Lewis comes out and refills the tank. Cooper gets out to walk around and eyes ruby a little bit. The kids all ask questions about how many houses they have to look at. Ruby asks where they're from and where they are going, they say they are looking for Cold Creek manor and did she know where its at. Ruby looks a little puzzled and worried and says down the road about 1 mile. When they get to the house its all boarded and locked up but they find a way i the property and take a look around for curiosity.

The house is huge! Its an old brick mansion with overgrown shrubs and trees and a broken down pool filled with old rainwater. They find a way inside the house and look around. Everything from the previous owners has been left behind, beds unmade and dishes in the sink. There are also lots of family photos and books and some weird tools in cabinets. They are startled in their snooping by the local sheriff. The Tilsons apologize and they are on their way, the sheriff commented she didn't know the house was on the market. The Tilson family buy the place.

Next we see the family is moving in and rummaging through the things they want to keep and the things they don't. Obviously they bought the place with all the contents. There are pawnbrokers outside with them offering prices for the furniture and etc. Cooper has started a collection of the things he's found, such as old newspaper clippings about the house, the people who lived there and the properties history. He's a documentary filmmaker and has a very high tech macintosh computer to do all his movie editing and etc. He makes copies of everything digitally. He also found some photos of a young boy and a teenage daughter and woman. There is also pictures of the woman topless. He hides these from Leah. Ryan finds the boys room who used to live there and looks around. he finds a camouflaged hat in the closet and a silk baseball style coat with the name Grady on it. he puts both on. He also finds the boys construction paper book with a scary poem that says something like, "Hammerhead will bash in your face and throw you down devils throat" Thats written in kids handwriting. Ryan reads it over and over. The Tilsons later go to the local diner for lunch where Ruby is waiting on the family. There, they befriend the owners of the diner/bar named the Pinski's who have a daughter the same age as Kristen who loves horses.

As the family is settling in, they give Kristin a pony for her birthday and she is very happy. All seem to be doing well. Until Ryan sees a stranger snooping around Coopers den looking at all the clippings on the wall and messing with the computer. Ryan runs and tells his dad that there's a weird man looking through his things. Cooper runs in and we meet Dale Massie who explains that he used to live there and this was his house until his wife and kids left him and he was bankrupt. Dale is scummy looking and wears a truckers hat and is unshaven and dirty. Dale eats dinner with the Tilsons, he's very loud and noisy and burps, the Tilsons are disgusted. Dale says he doesn't want anything, but help. He just got released from prison and is looking to better himself and would appreciate a job, and maybe he could start on getting the pool working again, as it used to be a beautiful pool. They reluctantly agree. Kristin comments Dale creeps her out. We then see that Dale has a sexual relationship with Ruby and he is rough with her.

Within a few days they are working on the pool and Dale needs some money for parts, he goes into the den and asks Cooper for money. Cooper asks him about the weird looking tools in the cabinet and Dale tells him they are used for hitting the sheep on the head and killing them. Cooper says there is one missing, and Dale agrees that there is, he also sees that Cooper has found the nude photos and he's not pleased, but walks away. The pool is all fixed up now and the kids are out swimming. Dale is constantly walking around with his shirt off and is very muscular, tanned and sweaty. He watches from behind the bushes as Leah and the kids are swimming. Later on we hear the kids screaming and Cooper running to the pool and he finds Dale has caught a snake that slithered in. The kids think its cool that he's not afraid as Cooper flinches when Dale shows it to him.

Cooper sees the sheriff and asks why Dale was in jail and what happened to Dale's dad. She says Dale ran some people off the road and was convicted of manslaughter 3 years ago and that his dad lives in a nursing home. We see that Ruby is with the Sheriff and calls her "sis". Ruby also says that Dales dad was an asshole and deserved to die. Cooper goes to the nursing home and tells the nurse that he's there making a documentary of Cold Creek Manor. We meet Theodore Massie, Dales father who is talking in his sleep. He is very old & frail with a thick white beard and obviously demented. While talking in his sleep he says, "Dale, go fix the gate you good for nothin rotten little bastard!" Cooper tells him to wake up and that he's not Dale. Cooper explains who is and that he wants to ask a few questions. The old man wakes up and tells him that Cold Creek Manor used to have 20,000 sheep until hoof and mouth disease wiped them all out. He also tells Cooper that Dale didn't have the guts to kill the sheep and he was weak and that he was weak because his mother was a whore and that because of him the wife and kids were all gone. Then he started to get angry and Cooper left, the whole time, all of this was being videotaped. The nurse then told the old man that the man bought his house and the old man was shocked by the news. At the house the kids take the pony for a ride and play hide and seek. Ryan is constantly repeating the same creepy poem he read in the book and starts acting and dressing more and more like the boy we saw in the photos. Kristin hides in the woods and finds a piece of wood on the ground with the word "EVIL" carved out. She gets scared and runs out of the woods with Ryan.

The next morning, everything is normal. The family wakes up and goes about their business, but the house is filled with snakes. All different species all over the house, under beds and in the closets, even on the ceilings. No one notices at first, but the dad gets bit by one and everyone freaks out.

They run to the roof screaming and we see Dale drives up in his pick-up. He helps remove the snakes and assures them, they are all out. All of the Family except Cooper is grateful to Dale, and Cooper obviously doesn't trust him. The family is inside having lunch when we see Dale talking to some of the other hired help outside. He looks pissed and comes in and tells Cooper, that a real man would have fired him face to face. That night, Dale goes to Pinski's to buy milk and sees Dale and Ruby inside. The owner tells him that it would be a good idea if Cooper bought everyone a round of drinks to save face. He reluctantly agrees and a very drunk Ruby comes up to him and orders 4 shots and they do them together. Dales in the back playing pool eyeing Cooper. Ruby whispers in Cooper ear and tells him not to fuck with Dale because he's a bad motherfucker, then licks his ear. Then Dale comes up to Cooper and they do a shot together. Cooper tells him he knows he put the snakes in the house, Dale denies it but tells him to get the fuck out of his house. Cooper yells at dale and tells him if he ever messes with his house or threatens his family, that he will kill him. The Sheriff is in the store and hears this. Dale sees her and asks if she heard the threat. Dale goes back to playing pool and him and Ruby get into an fight and he punches her in the face. Cooper runs over to help and they get into a fight. The Sheriff runs over and pulls her gun out on Dale as Ruby tells her to relax, nothing happened as her nose is bleeding. Dale leaves, then Cooper leaves. Cooper is now drunk and is driving home on a dirt road. Dale starts his pick-up behind him and is chasing him down the road, along the way something jumps out in front of Coopers SUV and he hits it. he stops and sees a family of deer.

He continues home and Dale stops following. when he wakes up, the family sees the SUV is all dented and bloody and Cooper explains about the deer.

Then Kristin screams that something is in the pool. They all run and see that her pony is floating in the pool and its filled with blood. Kristin freaks out and thinks her drunk dad ran over her horse. Cooper calms her down and the family agrees that Dale is the one who did it. In town, Dale runs into his dads nurse and he asks how his dad is. The nurse says he's fine, but not happy knowing that someone else bought the house, Dale freaks out knowing that Cooper went to see his dad. Dale makes a visit to the nursing home. His dad asks if he fixed the gate and Dale says yes. The dad calls him a worthless liar and son of a whore. The dad says that Dale lost the family house because he's garbage and that he couldn't even keep his wife and the kids. he says that Dale couldn't even have his won kids because he was such a failure. Dale starts crying and asks him to stop, but the old man keeps going on. Dale gets a washcloth and suffocates his dad while he says through clenched teeth that his wife was whore and fucked everyone in town and he had to kill them.

The family goes to dinner at the Pinskis and Dale walks in and interrupts them to start a fight. He tells all the locals in the diner that the Tilsons stole his property and etc. He then tells Cooper he wants his house back or else! The family is freaked out when Ruby comes up and tells Leah that Cooper hit on her and she wants to start a fight with Leah. Dale says he doesn't have beef with the wife or kids, just Cooper. On the way out, Ryan yells at Dale the scary poem from the book, "Hammerhead will bash your skull and send you to devils throat!" dale is stunned and taken aback and stops his threatening. Cooper decides the kids have to leave to be safe and go back to the city and why did Leah agree to come to the country anyway. She admits that her boss wanted to sleep with her. She would have done it too, but Ryan almost got run over. The kids and wife leave. as he's seeing them out in the driveway he finds a plastic blue thing. he picks it up and investigates it. Its a retainer from the teenage girl who used to live there and there is also 4 or 5 teeth in it. He comes to the conclusion that Dales wife and kids didn't leave him, but that they were murdered. He finds some maps of the property and goes on a search. In the woods he finds an old rusted car and takes the license plates. He brings all his clues including the tape of Theodore Massie saying that Dale made the kids go away to the Sheriff. She takes everything he's said and given her to heart but admits that although dale is a jerk, he wouldn't commit murder and none of this wouldn't hold up in court, but she will give Cooper his own walkie-talkie with a private line.

Later that night, there is a storm and he calls up Leah and asks her to ask Ryan where he learned that poem he screamed at Dale then the phone goes dead. The kids overhear the conversation and they show Leah the book by the kid Grady. We then see the Sheriff is in her office talking on the phone when Cooper calls her and tells her he might have found more evidence. All the lights go out in the house as Cooper is digging for more clues in the basement. He hears someone approaching and punches blindly in the dark. He hit Leah. She wakes up and he apologizes. She tells him she knows what and where Devils throat is. Next scene is Ruby at the sheriffs station looking for her sister. The secretary says she must have stepped out and to just wait for her.

Now the storm is really going full force, and Leah and Cooper are in the woods, where they find a well. They tie the video camera to a rope and lower it into the well. When it comes up it clearly shows videotape of human remains. They freak out and call the sheriff, but no one answers. As Ruby is waiting for her sister the sheriff, she notices something odd in her office and takes a closer look to find the sheriff on the floor twitching and bleeding. As Cooper is trying to get a good reception on the walkie talkie, Leah is at the well and sees Dale dressed as the sheriff and he pushes her into the well. She drops in and sees the bodies. Cooper hears the screaming and runs to rescue. He pulls her out of the well. Leah reminds him that Dale is still out there.

They run to the house where the lights are out and hide from Dale. Dale starts bashing all the windows and has the missing sheep hammer in his hands. He chases them around the house up to the roof.

Its raining hard now, and Cooper and Dale are fighting. Dale screams that he wants his house back and he that they were going to go into devils throat like the rest of them. Cooper and Leah fight back and Cooper gets the hammer and smashes Dale's nuts, he then gets the okay from Leah to hit him again. Dale falls through the glass skylight and onto the living room floor dead.

We now see the Tilson family playing in the pool. The house and yard are all fixed up. Ruby is putting flowers on Dale's headstone in the family cemetery in Cold Creek Manor and Leah is looking out the window smiling.


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