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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by L. who says, "The film’s stories are all intertwined and scenes intercut with one another. Unfortunately, I can’t recall every editing choice so for simplicities sake, I broke down each story into chronological order – which robs part of the film’s beauty and doesn’t do it as much justice.

The stories are simple but the structure is divine. Your viewing experience will be MUCH different from this spoiler."

2346 A.D. A flickering campfire. Zachry (Tom Hanks), old and weathered with a long scar going over his left eye, sits by the fire speaks to someone we cannot see. He tells of how the wind carries voices which scream the stories of ancestors all tied up as one. He implores them to listen as he recounts how he met a devil named Old Georgie for the first time…


Adam Ewing (Jim Sturgess) walks along a beach on a Pacific Island. Ahead, Dr. Henry Goose (Tom Hanks) stands sifting through sand. Adam introduces himself and inquires as to Dr. Goose’s activities. Dr. Goose explains that the beach they stand on was once a banquet hall for cannibals. While the strong feasted on the weak, they spat out the teeth – which were left in the sand. Knowing that artisans pay handsomely for teeth to make dentures, Dr. Goose has been hard at work trying to amass a small fortune.

Later in the day, Adam meets with Reverend Gilles Horrox (Hugh Grant) and apologizes for his delay – Adam has been sick for some time and was lucky enough to convince Dr. Goose to treat his illness and accompany him back to San Francisco. He presents Horrox with contracts from Adam’s father-in-law, Haskell Moore, who has remained back in San Francisco. Horrox signs the contract gladly and assures Adam that the societies of the future need more men like Haskell Moore – men capable of speaking the truth. Adam takes the contract and locks it in his personal money chest; placing the key around his neck.

That evening, Dr. Goose and Adam dine with the Reverend and his wife. The conversation turns to the works of Haskell Moore. Dr. Goose is unfamiliar with Adam’s father-in-law’s work, so Horrox begins his explanation by stating that Moore’s work is about Progress. Adam explains that Moore believes that as societies develop they climb a ladder which will ultimately take them towards the heavens. The Anglo-Saxon, as the top rung, stand well above less refined races such as the Aboriginal, the Africans or the Moriori, the indigenous people of their current locale. Horrox states that when these groups “fall off the rung” it is of God’s Mercy. His wife, displeased with the conversation, asks Adam what Moore believes of women…but Adam simply states that Haskell Moore has been decidedly silent on the subject of women.

Adam and Dr. Goose walk around Horrox’s Plantation. Adam complains of the ungodly heat and sees slaves working tirelessly in the field. He asks Dr. Goose how they can stand it, but Dr. Goose says that they are bred like camels – to withstand the heat and survive on little water. Adam hears a noise and follows it, eventually arriving at a whipping post where all the slaves have gathered. The victim is being brutalized by the Whipping Master, and as he takes his beating, he looks at Adam…who promptly faints from the heat.

In Adam’s room, Dr. Goose presses a cool rag to Adam’s face. Adam asks what happened, and Dr. Goose tells him that he is afflicted by the Polynesian worm – which he has begun to treat. Adam confesses that when he was watching the whipping he could feel the lash. Dr. Goose dismisses it as merely the worm dying and secreting a hallucinogenic poison. Dr. Goose forces him to drink some drops from a vial to counteract the worm’s poison. They board the Prophetess – the ship which will take them to San Francisco.

Once the Captain learns of Adam’s illness, he has Adam’s cabins changed to a storage hold despite Dr. Goose’s objections that the worm is not contagious. As his body writhes in the night, he is haunted by visions and pains when he hears his named called out in the dark. He turns and sees the slave who was beaten approach, having decided to stowaway to escape the Plantation. The slave introduces himself as Autua (David Gyasi) and begs Adam to keep him safe. When Adam is unsure, Autua requests that Adam kill him. Adam relents and keeps his secret. After a while, Autua begs Adam for food. Adam sneaks him food from the evening’s meal and confesses that he was afraid Autua would eat him if he didn’t help. Autua jokes that “he doesn’t like white meat” and the two bond as Adam keeps him secret.

After a few days, Adam realizes he cannot keep Autua a secret much longer. He approaches Captain Molyneux (Jim Broadbent) to request that Autua be kept on as a work hand. When Autua is brought before Molyneux, the Captain asks if Autua knows how to set the sails as a linesman. Autua climbs the mast in a matter of seconds and sets to work – only for Molyneux to order his first mate to shoot Autua. Adam pushes the rifle away from Autua – the bullet missing him as he sets the sail within two minutes – in less time than it would take several members of the crew. Impressed, Molyneux gives Autua a spot on the crew.

Adam gets progressively sicker despite Dr. Goose’s treatment. He continues the drops but only seems to get worse. Autua takes care of Adam in the night, bringing him food and forcing him to eat – promising to save Adam’s life as Adam saved his. Adam’s hands swell and his ring finger turns a sickly blue as the ring cuts off circulation. Dr. Goose cuts off the ring and promises to have it repaired as he slips it into his coat pocket. He pats Adam’s shoulder and his hand lingers, fingering the chain that holds the key to Adam’s chest.

As his condition worsen, Dr. Goose explains that the worm is in its death throes and expelling as much poison as it can to kill Adam. He insists that Adam down the vial of medicine when there is a knock at the door: Autua – here to stay by Adam’s side. Dr. Goose tells Autua that the next few hours will determine whether Adam lives or dies. Autua does not leave so Dr. Goose screams that Adam doesn’t want Autua there – having insisted that Autua is a savage who makes Adam uncomfortable and scares him. Dr. Goose pushes Autua out of the room and turns back to Adam.

Dr. Goose explains that the world runs on the basic of principles: “the weak are meat and the strong do eat.” Knowing that Adam has a chest full of gold, Dr. Goose has been poisoning him in order to steal it – all he’s wanted was the chest the entire time. As he forces the vial of poison down Adam’s throat, Autua bursts back into the room and attacks Dr. Goose. Unfortunately, Dr. Goose gains the upper hand and begins choking the life out of Autua. Adam struggles to stand as Autua struggles to breathe. Managing to pick up his chest, Adam brings it down on Dr. Goose’s head and caves his skull in – saving Autua.

Dragging Adam onto the deck, Autua begins forcing him to drink salt water in order to expel the poison. Autua succeeds, saving Adam. A few days pass and Autua helps a weakened Adam to the deck and shows him the site of San Francisco bay – the home Adam was starting to fear he’d never see again.

Upon his arrival, he rushes home to see his wife, Tilda (Bae Doona). He kisses her passionately and tells her of his ordeal before they go pay a visit to Haskell Moore (Hugo Weaving). Adam presents the contract to Moore, but reconsiders – he cannot, in good conscience, allow Moore to sell slaves anymore after how Autua saved his life at sea. Tossing the contract into the fire, Moore roars that Adam has made a terrible mistake. Adam simply smiles and tells Moore that he is leaving with Tilda to assist the Abolitionists in the Northeast.


Robert Frobisher (Ben Wishaw) slides into the bathtub, holding a Luger pistol in his hand. A voiceover narrates that many consider suicide to be an act of courage – but Frobisher disagrees: it is an act of tremendous courage.

Cut to: A hotel manager knocking on the door of a suite. Frobisher jolts up from the bed, alarmed, followed quickly by his lover – Rufus Sixsmith (James D’Arcy). As the hotel manager demands to be let in, threatening to call Frobisher’s father, Frobisher casually begins putting on his clothes with a smug smirk. He holds up an ornate waistcoat questioningly and Sixsmith shakes his head in approval – giving Frobisher his waistcoat. Frobisher finishes getting dressed before jumping off the balcony to the ground below and dashing off to the train station.

On the train, Frobisher writes a letter to Sixsmith apologizing for his sudden departure – it was not the way he would have wanted to leave him. He explains his plan: he has been hired as the amanuensis (musical transcriber) for one of the greatest living composers of the era – Vyvyan Ayrs (Jim Broadbent).

Frobisher arrives in Belgium and heads straight to Ayrs’ chateau. Ayrs relays a composition that was in his head and Frobisher is unsure as to what key the song is as well as measures. He plays Ayrs’ composition – which upsets Ayrs because of how poorly it goes. He threatens to fire Frobisher when his wife, Jocasta (Halle Berry) arrives to take Ayrs away. Frobisher begins playing his own composition which strikes Jocasta as a beautiful piece. Ayrs smiles and goes “Yes! That’s my piece!”

Frobisher finds a copy of Adam Ewing’s Pacific Journal but cannot find the back half. He laments in a letter to Sixsmith that the back half of the copy is missing and that “an unfinished book as an unfinished love affair.” He informs Sixsmith that it is obvious that Dr. Goose is the vampire responsible for Adam’s illness but finds it sad that Adam fails to realize it. He ends the letter by explaining that he and Jocasta have begun having sex – a meaningless affair to stimulate some feeling in the dead house.

One evening the chateau is visited by Tadeusz Kesselring (Hugo Weaving), one of Ayrs’ contemporaries, and he listens to the latest compositions of Ayrs and Frobisher – praising them as being quite bold. That night during dinner, Tadeusz acts coldly towards Jocasta which leads her to leave the table in a hurry. Frobisher inquires about it from Ayrs and is berated as ignorant of the turmoil of the Jewish people in Germany – pointing out that Jocasta is a Jew.

Later on, Frobisher puts the finishing touches on his first independent composition – the Cloud Atlas Sextet – when Ayrs arrives in the study. Ayrs asks where Frobisher heard it, and Frobisher tells him that it was his composition as he imagined them meeting over and over through different lives. Ayrs insists that it is a composition that he heard in a dream and that he must have given it to Frobisher – that neither had any right to refer to it as “his” but instead as “theirs” in an effort to get Frobisher to give it to him for his own composition, Eternal Recurrence. Frobisher misreads the statement and assumes that it is a declaration of affection. As he leans in for a kiss, Ayrs bursts out laughing. Flustered, he says he will leave in the morning, but Ayrs forbids it – threatening to expose Frobisher to the musical world as a fraud, a deviant and a sodomite.

Trapped, Frobisher steals his musical composition notes and Ayrs’ Luger pistol and prepares to leave. When Ayrs gets in his way, Frobisher shoots him in the gut. However, the bullet fails to kill Ayrs and a manhunt ensues. Frobisher checks into a seedy motel in Bruges under the alias “Mr. Ewing.” He continues to write to Sixsmith until they cross paths in a store full of ceramics. Overjoyed, they make a mess, throwing the plates around and breaking everything. But in the end it is, but a dream and Sixsmith awakens on his boat as it docks in Bruges.

Two policemen scour a café searching for Frobisher, and when he returns to the hotel he is greeted by the Valet (Tom Hanks). The Valet tells Frobisher that the policemen were looking for him, but he lied to keep Frobisher as a customer. Expecting a bribe, the Valet is disappointed by Frobisher’s lack of money. Instead, he lusts for the ornate waistcoat that Sixsmith had given him.

The next morning, Frobisher sits atop the Bruges tower and watches the sun rise as he smokes a cigarette. He looks to his right and sees Sixsmith climbing the tower, searching. Frobisher watches him for as long as he dares before retreating down the steps and returning to the motel. Sixsmith is not far behind, but by the time he reaches the apartment, Frobisher is lowering himself into the tub.

Sixsmith starts ask the Valet if he has a customer in the building who resembles Frobisher but sees the waistcoat and knows. He rushes up the stairs as a gunshot rings out. Breaking into the room, he finds Frobisher’s body and caresses it in his arms.


Luisa Rey (Halle Berry) sits in a VW talking into a cassette tape wondering what could have been in Sixsmith’s report that would have been worth killing him for…and what the hell she’s doing investigating it. She pulls up to a nuclear plant and shows her press credentials which allows her to cut through a looming protest.

Earlier: Luisa leaves a ghastly party and winds up in an elevator with a now elderly Rufus Sixsmith. The elevator jams and the two are stuck together for some time. Sixsmith is at first guarded, but the two slowly open up to one another: Luisa’s father was a famous journalist, who Sixsmith has heard of despite his career as a nuclear physicist. Sixsmith tells Luisa about his niece, a physicist like himself before pausing. He asks to what lengths she would be willing to go to protect a source and Luisa confesses that she would put her life on the line for one. Sixsmith prepares to say something, but the elevator comes back on and the two ride it down to the lobby. As Sixsmith hails a cab, Luisa gives him her business card.

Sixsmith prepares for a flight, but a receptionist at the check in desk tells him that a union strike has grounded all flights out of the country. Sixsmith returns to his hotel room and begins rifling through his suitcase, finding an envelope full of Frobisher’s letters. Picking up the phone, Sixsmith calls Luisa and tells her that even though they’ve only just met he feels like he’s known her for far longer that he has before inviting her to his room to talk. He rereads them with a sigh before Bill Smoke (Hugo Weaving) steps into the room and shoots him in the head. Smoke adjusts the scene to make it look like a suicide and takes a folder from Sixsmith’s bag. Just then there is a knock at the door – it’s Luisa. She waits for a response, but as Smoke levels his pistol at the eye hole to fire, she gets spooked and walks away.

A few days later, she hears about Sixsmith’s death and decides to investigate. She visits the oil conglomeration Sixsmith was working for and meets the CEO, Lloyd Hooks (Hugh Grant). As he shows her around, he tells her that he’s not as versed in the scientific aspect of his business and introduces her to Joe Napier (Keith David), the chief of security. As Napier and Hooks go off to find a scientist to give Luisa the tour, Luisa sneaks into Sixsmith’s old office where she is found by Isaac Sachs (Tom Hanks).

Isaac brings her back to Hooks and Napier, claiming that he found her in the chemistry lab trying to find the bathroom. Hooks buys the excuse as Isaac and Luisa walk around the building. On their own, Isaac confesses that he feels crazy – but that he knows her from somewhere despite never having met before. He confesses that Sixsmith’s report was about a HYDRA nuclear reactor the company is developing – a fatal flaw in the nuclear reactor would cause a meltdown if it were built…a weakness which the company wants to exploit to prevent nuclear reactors from replacing oil as the premiere energy source in the country. Luisa asks for a copy of the report and tells Isaac that he should “do what he can’t not do.”

Luisa visits a record shop for a copy of a record that Sixsmith helped get published. She finds the Record Shop Owner (Ben Wishaw) listening to the record: The Cloud Atlas Sextet by Robert Frobisher. Luisa is entranced by it and insists that she has heard the record before, but the Owner tells her that’s impossible as there are only a handful of copies in existence.

Isaac boards a plane and writes a letter to Luisa about his feelings for her and the report. He notices Bill Smoke being let off the plane by a flight attendant before take-off. Once he finishes his letter, a briefcase on the plane explodes – killing everyone aboard. As Luisa drives down the highway, she sees a car behind her – it’s Smoke. She loses him for a moment and is confused as to how a car can just disappear – until his car slams right into the side of hers and sends her flying off the bridge. As her car sinks, the windshield explodes inward, and she begins to drown.

After a moment, she fights her way free and swims for the shore. She pulls herself out of the river and gets back to her apartment where her neighbor, Javier, sneaks her back into the building. She enters her apartment when Napier grabs her from behind and pushes her against the wall – gun to her head. He tells her that he just wants to talk and that he knew Luisa’s father, Lester, from their days in the war. He promises to help her and explains that Smoke is going to kill anyone connected to Sixsmith to keep the reactor expose a secret. Napier gives Luisa Sixsmith’s old suitcase, but it doesn’t have the report in it. The folder that Smoke found just contained a bunch of old letters. Javier returns to the apartment and absentmindedly begins coloring the folder with pencil lead – revealing a name and address of a letter written out before Sixsmith died.

Napier and Luisa formulate a plan to take out Smoke. Luisa goes about her daily routine with Smoke on her tail. As his car speeds up to run her down when she crosses the street, Napier drives his Dodge Charger out of an alley at the same time – ramming straight into Smoke’s car. Smoke pulls out a gun and fires at Napier but Napier ducks and returns fire. Smoke disappears and scrambles down the road towards another car as Napier grabs Luisa, and they retreat into the alley. Smoke’s new car speeds after them but Napier keeps firing his gun until Smoke crashes. Napier’s gun runs dry before he can kill Smoke and the pair is forced to run into an illegal sweatshop to hide.

In the building, the pair run into a Mexican Woman (Bea Doona) and her dog who doesn’t want anything to do with them. Luisa asks her in Spanish if there’s another exit, and the Mexican Woman shows them down a corridor as Smoke arrives in the building. After he asks her where the pair went, she responds only in Spanish. Annoyed that he can’t get an answer and her dog won’t shut up, Smoke kills the dog and calls the Mexican Woman a “fucking wetback.”

Smoke chases the pair through the factory until he corners them. As he’s about to shoot them, the Mexican woman appears out of nowhere with and beats Smoke to death with a wrench quipping that he “shouldn’t call her a fucking wetback.” Luisa and Napier track down Sixsmith’s niece, whom he mailed the report to, and she encourages them to take down the company that had her uncle killed. When Luisa gives her Sixsmith and Frobisher’s letters, she tears up a bit and thanks her.

After the expose is released, Javier visits Luisa in her apartment, and they have a celebratory toast. Javier tells her that the story could make for a great mystery novel and Luisa agrees.


Timothy Cavendish (Jim Broadbent) is a publisher who spends far more than he makes. His latest client is the insipid Dermot Hoggins (Tom Hanks), a British thug, whose book Knuckle Sandwich is critically savaged. At a literary awards party, Hoggins approaches the critic whose scorn he couldn’t shake and throws him out of a window. The ensuing publicity lands Knuckle Sandwich at the top of the charts, and while Hoggins is in jail, Cavendish sees no end in sight for the profits.

One day, a group of thugs associated with Hoggins arrive demanding his share. They tell Cavendish that he has two days to get $50K together. His accountant informs him that, after paying off all of Cavendish’s debts, Cavendish only has two thousand dollars to his name. Cavendish turns to his brother, Denholme (Hugh Grant), for assistance. While visiting he sees Denholme’s wife, Georgette (Ben Wishaw), with whom he had once had an unfortunate affair. Denholme hears Cavendish out before giving him an address for a hotel known as the Aurora house where Cavendish will be able to hide from the thugs.

Cavendish packs up his things, desperate for a new start, but finds himself reminiscing about “the one that got away” – a young woman named Ursula. He regrets not having returned to her after an awkward mishap where her parents walked in on them having sex – the embarrassment of falling out of a window naked and into a pile of bushes damn near killed him. He returns to her house and looks through the window where he sees Ursula (Susan Sarandon) and her daughters, wondering what his life would be like if he knocked on her door. Instead of finding out, Cavendish takes the train out to the Aurora House, reading Half-Life: A Luisa Rey Mystery novel on his way out into the country.

Arriving in the dead of night, Cavendish hurriedly signs the forms and is escorted to his room where he quickly falls asleep. When he comes to, he finds a woman, Nurse Noakes (Hugo Weaving), going through his things – taking away his keys and cellphone. Outraged, he demands she stop going through his things only to be smacked hard in the face. He returns the receptionist only to find out that he’s not in a hotel but a nursing home. Desperate to leave, he is told that he signed over his rights to the home and cannot leave the premises. When he attempts to, an orderly subdues him and drags him back to his room.

Outraged, Cavendish sneaks into the receptionist’s area at night while the receptionist is on a smoking break and calls Denholme. Denholme, pissed about his wife’s affair, thinks that the Aurora house will be a fitting punishment – saying that if there is justice in this world a delightful scenario will play out involving Cavendish, Nurse Noakes and a broom handle in Cavendish’s ass. Denholme hangs up the phone, only for Cavendish to turn around and find Nurse Noakes behind him.

Over the next few weeks, Cavendish finds several co-conspirators and begins to plan an escape from the institution. Cavendish steals a cellphone and impersonates an orderly to inform the family of a set of visitors that their elderly relative is probably going to die and that he made several important changes to his will prior to falling into a coma. When the family members arrive in their car, one member of the conspiracy ties the gates so that they won’t close.

Cavendish makes his bed look as if there is someone still sleeping in it and slips across the hall into another patient’s room. This man has dementia but is lucid enough to tell Cavendish that he doesn’t want to stay in the home anymore. Cavendish has another member lure Noakes into Cavendish’s room on the report of a heart attack. Cavendish charges from across the hall, tackling her into the room and locking her in.

The group hustles out the front door and into the car of the visiting relatives. They scramble to find the keys as the family, the orderly, the receptionist and Noakes return to the car. After finding the keys and starting the engine, the escapees start to drive off when the old man from across the hall appears at the entrance with his coat and belongings in a bag. Cavendish decides to go back for him and drives the car over the lawn. The orderly shuts the gates while the old man gets in and so Cavendish rams the gates open, thrilled to be free.

The group of four conspirators goes to a pub where Scottish football fans have gathered to watch a football match. As they enjoy their pints, Noakes and the family arrive to capture the escapees. The old man that Cavendish rescued yells at the football fans, and tells them that as a Scot, he is in need of assistance, as Noakes and her followers want to take away his freedom. Highlander (Jim Sturgess), the ginger leader of the Hooligans, punches on of the family members in the face and the bar erupts in a riot – which allows the escapees to stay free.

A few months pass and Cavendish types up the whole ordeal as his first novel as he looks out at the street and relishes his freedom. After a moment, Ursula joins him in the study and kisses him on the cheek.


Sonmi-451 (Bea Doona) is escorted into a cell by several guards who place her at a table opposite the Archivist, Wing-027 (James D’Arcy). The Archivist asks Sonmi-451 about how this all started. Sonmi-451 tells him that it started with her friend, Yoona-939, a fabricant (person grown in a test tube).

Sonmi-451 and Yoona-939 worked at Papa Song’s diner. They, along with many other fabricants, are put to sleep every night and awoken every morning – their only purpose in life is to serve the consumers. A key part of their uniforms are collars which cannot be taken off, which keeps them under the control of Seer Rhee (Hugh Grant). One night, Sonmi-451 is released from her bed box early and sneaks out into the diner where she sees Rhee gorging on “Soap” – an artificially produced food source – while having sex with Yoona-939.

After Rhee passes out, Yoona-939 shows Sonmi-451 the lost and found where they huddle together and watch a forgotten holographic film projector which plays a portion of an old movie, The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish, where Timothy Cavendish (Tom Hanks) stands up to the receptionist and demands that he will not allow his liberties to be stripped of him before attempting to leave Aurora House. However, the film cuts out – playing on a loop. Yoona-939 tells Sonmi-451 that it will be their secret.

One day, a customer sneaks up behind Yoona-939 and pours mustard along the back of her uniform, pantomiming ejaculation. Instead of simply smiling, Yoona-939 assaults the customer. She then attempts to escape using his consumer card at the elevator, but before she can Rhee takes out a device for her collar, which fires a sharp blade through her jugular – killing her instantly in front of Sonmi-451. She watches in horror as people casually come out to clean the mess.

A few nights later, Sonmi-451’s door is unlocked once more - only this time, she doesn’t know how it could have opened. Walking around, she sees a mysterious figure standing over the body of Seer Rhee, whose mouth is now covered in white foam. The figure turns around and tells her not to be afraid – introducing himself as Hae-Joo Chang (Jim Sturgess). When Sonmi-451 asks what happened to Rhee, Chang kicks a bottle of Soap and says that Rhee had an overdose. Chang offers to take her away, and Sonmi-451 hesitates for a moment. Recovering Yoona-939’s projector, she leaves with Chang.

Chang takes Sonmi-451 to an underground doctor (Halle Berry) who goes to work removing the collar from around Sonmi-451’s neck. Afterwards, she is shown her new living quarters. He gives her a wardrobe and fixes Yoona-939’s projector so that she can see the rest of the video. One night, while Chang is asleep on the floor, Sonmi-451 presses her head against Chang’s heart to listen to his heartbeat. As an artificially created fabricant, it would be taboo for Chang and Sonmi-451 to even touch, but she feels the heart beating slower than her own.

Sonmi-451 learns that Chang is a member of a rebellion against the established government in Neo Seoul. Soldiers arrive intent on capturing or killing the pair. As they begin to breach the door, Chang opens a window and creates an artificial bridge to the next building. As he leads her across, soldiers pour into the room and begin firing out onto the bridge. Chang kills many of the soldiers, but in the end loses his balance and falls far below.

Boardman Mephi (Hugo Weaving) interrogates Sonmi-451 about Chang and his activities; intent on finding out exactly Chang wanted with a fabricant as she is just one of many clones. Chang, meanwhile, has infiltrated the building dressed as a guard and, once Mephi has departed, kills the others to break Sonmi-451 out once again. As they are pursued into an underwater tunnel, Chang activates a bomb which floods the tunnel and kills the soldiers in pursuit as the pair escapes through an access tunnel.

Chang introduces Sonmi-451 to General An-Kor Apis (Keith David) who tells Sonmi-451 that she must become the figurehead for their resistance by showing that fabricants have every bit as much intelligence and feeling as pure borns. Their society is run by the corrupt, and she doesn’t even know the worst part of the situation. Shown around the slums, she sees many fabricants clones like herself working as prostitutes. Finally, she is shown what really happens when a fabricant’s contract is fulfilled: instead of being freed to live among the consumers, they are killed, and their bodies are broken down to make Soap – they are feeding themselves to the masses.

Outraged, Sonmi-451 agrees to help their cause. The night before, she sneaks into Chang’s bedroom and rests her head against his chest to listen to his heartbeat again. Chang awakens and the pair has sex. Afterwards, thoughts lingering on the revelations she has experienced, she concludes that their lives are not their own and that they have a service to others. The next day, the resistance fighters hijack a satellite station at the peak of a mountain. Sonmi-451 broadcasts the manifesto into the stars – reaching Earth’s colonies on other planets and alerting the government to the breach.

The resistance fighters are all killed, including Chang. Sonmi-451 is taken captive and brought before the Archivist for processing. He asks why she would go on a mission she knew would be doomed to fail – knowing that she and Chang would be killed. Sonmi-451 simply replies that death is but a doorway – when one closes another will open. The Archivist is clearly moved by her story.

Sonmi-451 is lead into the execution chamber and is watched by a crowd which includes the Archivist and Mephi. She smiles as a helmet is placed to her head and a hole is punctured through her forehead – killing her instantly.


180 Years after the fall of civilization. In the wilderness, a younger Zachry (Tom Hanks) and Adam (Jim Sturgess), Zachry’s brother in law, rest in a clearing along with Adam’s son. Zachry wanders off and finds a precious blue and green stone. Moments later, Adam and his son begin calling to him as they are surrounded by the cannibalistic Kona tribe, led by their Chief (Hugh Grant). Adam calls out to Zachry for help as his son is shot through the back with an arrow, but Zachry stays out of sight, having a hallucination of a green man who calls himself “Old Georgie” and encourages Zachry to save himself. The Kona Chief slits Adam’s throat and licks the blood of his blade.

Months, maybe years pass. Zachry hasn’t been the same since the experience, and it’s been noticed by his sister (Bae Doona) and his sister’s daughter. The blue and green stone now sits on a necklace on his neck. One day, while sitting with his niece and looking out at the ocean from a cliff, he sees a high-tech ship arriving at the shore. Meronym (Halle Berry), a visitor from a group of technologically enlightened nomads, arrives with a mission: she wants to journey to the highest cliff of a forbidden mountain.

Zachry is not pleased that Meronym has elected to stay with him and his sister but doesn’t vocalize his displeasure directly. That night, he has a nightmare involving Old Georgie and awakens in a huff. He walks around the hut and sees Meronym giving herself an injection that heals a cut she received. Saying nothing, Zachry returns to bed.

The next day, Zachry  pays a visit to Abbess (Susan Sarandon), a shaman. She gives him a prophecy about his journey with Meronym and how they will stay safe but gives him a cryptic warning – “don’t you go slit that throat.”

Meronym approaches Zachry as he herds his sheep to request assistance in her journey, but Zachry tells her that the mountain is forbidden – a haunted place where his people would not be under the protection of their deity, Sonmi-451. Zachry senses that something is amiss and remembers part of Abbess’ prophecy – grabbing Meronym and pulling her off the road as the Kona Chief and his men race over a nearby bridge. The Kona Chief pauses, as if sensing their presence, but moves on.

Zachry’s niece is stung by a poisonous sea creature, and the situation is dire. Desperate, Zachry approaches Meronym with a deal: He will help her journey to the mountain if she uses her medicine to save his niece. Meronym agrees and gives Zachry the medical injections to save the girl.

Their journey takes them up to the mountain where they find the old satellite station that Sonmi-451 used to relay her message. Meronym explains that Sonmi-451 was not a goddess and that her tale was a sad one. Because the planet is dying, Meronym insists that their only hope would be to reach out into the stars and pray for assistance from one of the colonies that had been established so many years before. As she begins her transmission, Old Georgie appears. He tells Zachry that Meronym is lying about her intentions and that Zachry has to kill her. Pulling out his knife, he prepares to stab her but at the last minute resists – driving the knife into a holographic disc that has appeared nearby – startling Meronym. She finishes the transmission and tells Zachry that time will tell if she has succeeded.

As they journey back, Meronym asks Zachry if he would like to come with her. Zachry insists that he has a home here, even if it is dying. But on the way back, smoke plumes can be seen from Zachry’s village. Zachry rushes on ahead – horrified. He finds his entire village dead. Sneaking into his old hut, he finds the Kona Chief asleep – mouth covered with the blood of his last meal. Zachry takes out his knife and drives it into the Chief’s throat out of anger…right as he hears the whimpers of a Zachry’s niece. Zachry pulls aside a table cloth and finds her crouched beneath it. He grabs her, and they prepare to leave when the remaining members of the Kona tribe arrive. The second in command finds the Chief dead and sees Zachry fleeing the scene.

Giving chase, Zachry has another hallucination of Old Georgie as he arrives in the place where Adam and his son were killed. Zachry chooses to fight the Kona despite the odds and tells his niece to run. Unsheathing his blade, he is surrounded…when Meronym appears where Old Georgie stood and fires a pistol at the Kona. She takes an arrow to the leg and Zachry is cut above his eye, but together, they kill the remaining Kona and escape back to Meronym’s ship.

Zachry’s eye is treated by Meronym’s crew, and Zachry’s niece asks if they can go with Meronym. Having nothing left to call home, Zachry agrees.

2346 – Elderly Zachry finishes his story, and it’s revealed his audience is a group of children. An older Meronym calls them in for bed, but a young girl comes and nestles next to Zachry. She asks him to point out Earth to her, and he raises his finger pointing up at a blue sparkle in the sky. She asks if Zachry loves Meronym all these years later and Zachry smiles, claiming that Meronym was the best thing that ever happened to him.

The End.

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