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Tobey Maguire plays an orphan named HOMER, growing up in an orphanage run by Dr. LARCH (Michael Caine). Dr Larch is addicted to breathing in ether. He teaches Homer everything he knows about medicine, but mostly about delivering babies and performing abortions. (It's 1943 and abortions are illegal.) Homer hates everything about abortions but Dr Larch proves to him that it is better for someone to come to him rather than perform one themselves or have some back alley guy do one..

Charlize Theron shows up at the orphanage with her boyfriend Wally to have an abortion. Homer decides that he must move on and runs off with Charlize and Wally.

Homer ends up picking apples with other migrant workers at Wally's mothers apple farm. Wally goes back to the war and is later shot down and paralyzed.

While Wally is away, Homer and Charlize have a year long fling. It seems that Charlize just can't stand to be alone.

When the migrant workers return for work the next year, one of them, ROSE, (Erykah Badu) is pregnant. We find out that her father is the father and the last thing she wants is to keep the baby.

If only there were someone on the farm who knew how to perform an abortion....

Homer breaks out the medicine bag that Dr Larch sent him and performs the abortion.

A week or so later, Rose kills her father and runs away. We're not sure whether or not he was trying to sleep with her again when she killed him.

Homer gets a letter that Dr Larch overdosed on ether and died. It seems that he never got over Homer leaving.

He returns to the orphanage as the new doctor in charge.

The cider house that the migrant workers stayed in had a list of rules that meant nothing to the workers, only to people that never lived in the house. It was a big scene when Homer burnt them. To be honest, I couldn't figure out the significance. Obviously it was big or they wouldn't have named the movie after them.

If you think you understand the meaning, please e-mail me.

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Dr Larch and Homer, the orphan that will later take Michael Caines place as the head doctor.
Erykah Badu:
Pregnant with her dad's baby. Kills him towards the end of the film
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While her husband is fighting the war, Charlize and Homer, have a year long fling.