The film opens at chicken farm, run by Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy. Mrs. Tweedy is a very hateful human. If the chickens don't produce eggs like she wants, an egg a day, she kills and eats them. Most of the Chickens put up with these conditions but one named Ginger is continually trying to escape.

She tries escaping in Human disguise, digging under the fence and even tunneling like in THE GREAT ESCAPE. All these attempts fail.

A chicken named Rocky flies over the fence and lands in the Chicken yard damaging his wing. He has with him half of a poster showing him flying through the air. Ginger sees him as their method of escape. She wants Rocky to teach them to fly. Rocky is a little hesitant but Ginger turns on the charm and convinces him to stay.

Rocky puts the chickens through and exercise program to strengthen their wings, trying to get the chickens to fly but none of them succeed. Mr. Tweedy occasionally sees the chickens exercising and knows they are up to something but Mrs. Tweedy won't believe him.

The egg business is not doing well so she buys a machine that makes chicken pot pies. To test it out, the Tweedy's select Ginger and carry her off to throw into the machine. Rocky realizes that he has to save her and escapes out of the yard and goes to the barn where Ginger is going to be killed. Rocky and Ginger end up in the machine, and after a wild series of close escapes, they damage the machine, buying the chickens more time.

One night after his wing is well; the chickens ask Rocky to demonstrate his flying abilities. The next morning, the chickens find Rocky gone. He has left the missing portion of the poster showing him being shot out of a cannon. It seems he really can't fly after all.

The chickens nearly give up hope but Ginger talks to the head Rooster who was in the Royal Air Force. They convince him to help design a plane. They are still going to fly out of the chicken farm. It turns out though, that the head Rooster was only a passenger in the plane but he agrees to help them put together an airplane.

The night of the escape arrives, just as the Chicken Pie Machine is back in working order. The chickens roll out their airplane with flapping wings readying it for takeoff, just as the Tweedy's discover them.

Rocky's love for Ginger has brought him back, just at the right time. The plane takes off with Rocky's help and Mrs. Tweedy dangling from a string of lights hanging below the plane. Ginger climbs down the string of lights, pulls out a pair of plastic scissors and cuts the cord. Mrs. Tweedy falls right into the pressure outlet of the pie machine. The pressure builds up, the pie machine explodes throwing gravy everywhere. Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy are covered in it. The Chickens fly off to safety.

The last scenes show the chickens in a nature preserve with lots of little chicks running around, including Rocky and Ginger's baby chicks.

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Mel Gibson is the voice of Rocky, the lone free ranger
Miranda Richardson is the voice of Mrs. Tweedy
Julia Sawalha is the voice of Ginger
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