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Samuel L. Jackson is Gibson. He is a down and out business man with a wife and 2 kids living in New York. Ben Affleck is Gavin. He is a wealthy lawyer working in a law firm. Apparently, there was a rich man who was a client with this law firm, and on his death bed, Affleck convinced him to sign a Power of Appointment document (IMPORTANT) to have this firm control his money and not let his granddaughter mess with it. The inheritance is $100 million. This money is to be used to finance a music foundation.

The movie starts with Affleck going to the courthouse. He has to provide the Power of Appointment papers and some other papers to verify the firm as being the new owner of the $100 million. Jackson has just got a really big loan to buy a house and convince the kids and wife to take him back and stay in New York. On the way to their respective courtrooms, they hit each other and crash.

Through the shuffle of insurance papers, the IMPORTANT Power of Appointment paper accidentally gets into Jackson's hands.

Affleck drives off immediately and Jackson is left with no ride. Jackson gets to the courtoom 20 minutes late and the judge has already started the case and has awarded full custody to Jackson's wife. The thing is, Jackson never got a chance to tell the judge and his wife that he got a house for them to stay at. In Affleck's case, he has all the papers except the Power of Appointment document. The judge says Affleck has until the end of the day to retreive it.

Affleck finds Jackson, but he will not give him back the papers. Next, Affleck goes to a friend that has connections, and ,through hacking the system, destroys Jackson's credit so he can't get a loan for the house. Thing is, Jackson has already told his wife of the house and the wife has agreed to stay if he got the house. In return, Jackson makes threats of destroying the papers. Jackson tells Affleck to meet him in the courtoom in 1 hr to give him back the Power of Appointment if he gets his credit back. After 30 minutes, Jackson checks his credit and its still not there. So he sabotages Affleck's Benz and unscrews the wheels. On the highway to go to the courtroom, Affleck crashes and almost dies. He walks out. He goes to the school where Jackson's son attends and tells the teacher that Jackson is coming and is a lunatic. Then he calls Jackson from a payphone, pretends he is a school principal, and tells him that one of his kids are hurt. Enraged, Jackson storms into the school. Since the teacher is under the assumption Jackson is a lunatic, he has him arrested.

The day is late, and the courts are closed. We learn however, that the owner of the firm (also Affleck's father in law) has taken a sheet from the will that had the rich guy's signature on it and attached it to a photocopied Power of Appointment and submitted it before the day was done. Affleck still feels horrible because he knows the owner was gonna steal 1.5 million from the fund. Affleck's wife (also the owner's daughter obivously) calls Affleck and tells him they need to talk. Since Affleck is cheating, we think she is gonna break it up and makes a giant speech about honesty. She then, outta nowhere, tells Affleck to accept the fraudulent letter and not inform the courts of the fraud. Affleck's conscience is telling him to reveal the fraudulent Power of Appointment. The day is over.

Affleck and Jackson meet in a building. Affleck's life has been turned around by this corruption, Jackson's wife is enraged (from the school incidence) and will leave to Oregon where she threatens that with sole custody, Jackson will never see his kids again. Affleck is rich and gets Jackson that loan. Jackson gives Affleck that Power of Appointmet, which obviously isn't needed anymore. However, if Affleck gives the real Power of Appointment to the judge, the owners will get busted for submitting the fake one. (there can't be 2, right?) Affleck also has 5 minutes with Jackson's wife and smooths out everything between Jackson and her. Affleck plans to use the Power of Appointment document to keep his boss in check. Jackson's wife finally accepts him and they get together again.

Everyone is happy. =)


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