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NOTE: This spoiler sent in by Naoto who says "Daniel Craig brings a new level of "manliness" to the James Bond character and you can see how he morphs from gruff to classic Bond from beginning to the end of the movie"

The movie begins in the Czech Republic where James Bond has tracked an MI6 agent who was selling information to enemies for a profit.  They chat about what it takes to be a Double O agent (2 Kills) and Bond basically tells him his contact died, "Not so well" and then the double agent is then shot and killed which makes two... The contact who was beaten up had his gun knocked away and after getting beaten up, he was going to shoot Bond who picks up the gun that got away, twirls around and it's the classic "looking through the barrel of the gun" scene and enter the credits...

We next are in Uganda where a terrorist group is meeting with "Le Chiffre" who is a private banker to terrorist groups around the world and the broker for the deal is Mr. White (IMPORTANT LATER), taking their money and investing it and manipulating stocks so they get a 100% return on the investment.  The terrorists agree to allow the money to be taken and the scene then cuts to Madagascar where some twit of an agent who is under 007 is monitoring a terrorist who is gambling on a match between a Cobra and a Mongoose... the twit agent is exposed after the terrorist gets a cell call and the chase is on... 007 chases this guy through a construction zone and their climbing rigs and jumping off cranes and they finally end the chase at an Embassy where Bond catches him but not before being surrounded by armed guards... one quick shot and 007 takes everyone out, shoots the terrorist and steals the backpack he was carrying.  Searching through the backpack, he finds a cell phone and a bomb but throws the bomb away and pockets the cell phone.

Back at MI6, M is furious that 007 was caught on tape at the Embassy in the sequence mentioned above in Madagascar.  007 broke into M's house and hacked her clearance so he can trace where the cell phone call originated from and when M enters she's startled but knows that 007 is up to something and as he leaves, she tells him never to break into her place again.  The call was originated in the Bahamas (Nassau) and so Bond goes to the Bahamas to find out who made the call and why.  He ends up finding a middle man who was working for Le Chiffre and that he was hired to find someone who could carry out a task for Le Chiffre.  Bond does everything (and the middle man's wife) to get information about the middle man and follows him to Miami where he confronts the middle man after seeing him put a bag away for someone to pick up later. (By the way, this guy is totally pissed at Bond because he loses money and his beautiful car to Bond in a poker game in the Bahamas) the middle man is killed by Bond but the bag goes missing and Bond follows the man hired for the job to the airport.  Basically Le Chiffre hired the middle man to hire this guy who is going to blow up a prototype for the largest aircraft in the world thus making the company bankrupt and gaining financially through the terrorists investments... Bond foils the plot and Le Chiffre loses over $100 Million dollars which makes him marked man because the terrorists lose their investment... so to make a quick buck through poker playing, he sets up the high stakes match in Montenegro for 10 players with entry fees at $10 Million each + a $5 Million buy back should they lose all their money.

M is taking 007 through a crime scene where the middle man's wife was found dead... they learn of the poker game and M sends in 007 because he's the best poker player in the service.  M also implants a homing device on 007 so she can track him anywhere.  The British Government will be putting up the money and we are introduced to Vesper Lynd who is the government agent who is going to monitor Bond and give a go, no-go should he lose the money.  They talk on the train about each other and it's obvious that it's leading up to something.  Upon arriving they are to pose as a married couple and ,meet Mathis who is the contact in Montenegro and the one who makes sure that Bond is taken care of.  The Poker game is on.  Each poker player has their money in a Swiss bank in Escrow while they play and each one has a password to keep the money secured... Vesper has the account number but only 007 knows the password.  On the first hand, 007 loses a chunk of cash to figure out how Le Chiffre bluffs and Vesper is not at all amused.  After a bit, they take a 1 hour break where Le Chiffre goes back to his room only to be confronted by the terrorists from the beginning of the movie demanding their money back and as 007 and Vesper followed them, the terrorists leave but not before trying to kill Bond and Vesper they saw spying on them... Bond takes them both out and Vesper is clearly traumatized by all this killing.  Mathis then sets up a man to take the fall for the dead bodies by placing them in the trunk. (Like I said, he does everything so that Bond is clear from any wrong doing... he is VERY well connected)

The next day, during the poker game, Bond loses all his money to Le Chiffre and admits to Vesper that he made a mistake... Vesper won't give him the buy back money saying he's going to lose it and so 007 goes after Le Chiffre but not before being stopped by one of the other poker players who was sent by the CIA to this poker match to catch Le Chiffre.  The American CIA guy tells 007 that he'll put up the money because he knows Bond can beat him... all he wants is to be able to take Le Chiffre back to Langley with him... Bond asks where the money goes and the CIA guy quips, "Keep it, it's not like we need it".  Bond begins to win again and again and one of Le Chiffre's hench woman spikes Bond's martini with a heart attack inducing drug, Bond goes to his car distressed and going into Cardiac arrest and is about to use the defibulator when the connection isn't plugged in and just when we think he's about to die, Vesper comes in and saves him... Bond goes back and wins the poker game and Le Chiffre is troubled by this.  After dinner, Vesper is kidnapped by Le Chiffre faking a call to her from Mathis and Bond realizes this and the car chase is on.  Le Chiffre drops Vespers body on the road and at the last minute when 007 realizes that, he rolls his car and is knocked out.  Le Chiffre and his cronies take him, remove his homing implant and take him to a submarine or something like that and they cut a hole in a chair, strip him down and sit him in the chair so his testes are hanging down... Le Chiffre starts to torture Bond because he wants the password so he can take the money... 007 makes jokes during his torture complaining about an itch on his testes and when Le Chiffre bats him from under, he tells him that once he's out, he can tell people that Le Chiffre scratched his balls for him... it was classic James Bond during this.  While the torture is going a man comes in and Le Chiffre thinks it's a terrorist group and begs him to let him get he money but he shoots Le Chiffre in the head and it seems to be the contact person that 007 met in Montenegro, Mathis.  Bond is knocked out.

Bond wakes up in a hospital bed and then again outside in a wheel chair and it's Mathis asking Bond about the money but since Bond was on to him, he called in for reinforcements because he's too out of it physically to do anything but MI6 agents come in and tazer Mathis and take him away.  Vesper visits Bond and they confess their love for each other and the Swiss banker from the poker game shows up and Bond gives the password which Vesper types in for him... the password was VESPER.  Bond is really in love and resigns from the service to go away with Vesper around the world and so they end up in Venice, Italy where Vesper says she'll get the money and Bond get the supplies for the trip.  When M phones 007 about his resignation, she says that they need to talk about the money being returned to the British government first, which tips off 007 that Vesper was using him all along.  007 follows Vesper to the people wanting the money but she feels guilty about this whole thing... in the gun fight that follows, Vesper is locked in an elevator and as Bond is fighting, he blows up the flotation device the building is using to stay afloat and the building sinks along with Vesper... Still in love with her, 007 tries to save her but fails and the money is taken by none other than Mr. White, the broker from the beginning of the movie.  As 007 reflects upon his experience with M, she quips that he doesn't trust anyone anymore to which 007 agrees and she says that he, "learned his lesson" and is a true Double 0 Agent who can't let personal feelings get in the way of things... She summons him back but then asks if Bond needs more time to which he quips, "The job is done and the bitch is dead." At which point he looks at Vesper's cell phone which reads a phone number and the name, Mr. White.  It turns out that Vesper was blackmailed by Le Chiffre who had her husband/fiance/boyfriend hostage and so she went along with the whole thing... but in the end, she loved 007 and so helped him get the bad guy.

The final scene is Mr. White arriving at some Castle location and receiving a call from 007 and when Mr. White asks who this is, he's shot and manages to crawl to some steps at the castle he was at and standing before him is 007 answering him, "the name's Bond, James Bond". 

Cut out to black and the 007 music kicks in.

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Newly assigned to 00 status, James Bond (Daniel Craig) beats Le Chiffre at the high-stakes poker match, thus robbing him of the funds he needs to pay back the terrorists whose money he has lost.  This was done so that Le Chiffre would be forced to accept immunity and help from MI-6 in exchange for his information.  Le Chiffre has Vesper Lynn (Eva Green) kidnapped and then captures Bond too, torturing him.  Bond's life is unexpectedly spared when one of Le Chiffre's clients comes and kills him, leaving Bond alive.

Bond decides to retire while he still has a soul and as he and Vesper are in love, he resigns and decides to leave with her.  Only it turns out that she was being blackmailed from the start (boyfriend being held captive) and she steals the money from the poker match.  James follows her and during the ensuing gun battle with the men she gives the money to, she lets herself drown.  M informs a bitter James that Vesper must have made a deal with the men who left him alive to give them all the money in exchange for his life.  James tracks down the man who was blackmailing her and after shooting him but leaving him alive for the moment, he introduces himself as "Bond, James Bond" for the first time.

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