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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Joanna.

Armando Alvarez (Ferrell) is a cattle herder on his father’s ranch. He talks to his other ranch workers about how much he cares for it and how one day it will belong to his brother and him. He races them to the house and on the way they see a drug dealer murdering people in a field. Instead of helping or reporting this, they hide, and continue their race home, as the man who was murdered’s body is dragged by the car.

By the time he finally gets home, his father is mad that it took him so long because there is so much work to do. He apologizes for yelling at him, and Armando asks to help. His father tells him that he is like his mother – kind hearted, but not intelligent, and he needs someone who is smart to run the ranch.

Armando’s brother, the intelligent Raul (Diego Luna), arrives to the delight of everyone. Papa has no qualms about insulting Armando in front of him. He brings with him Miss Sonia Lopez. Armando starts to tell them about the drug dealer and how he killed a man, and Papa is upset he wasn’t told. Sonia comes in and insults Armando more, but jokingly, saying how he doesn’t even seem to like women. He says this isn’t true and says the woman for him must love the ranch more than anything in the world. Sonia is taken aback by his description, and just then Raul asks his father for his permission to get married. Papa is thrilled by this. And although they all toast to them, there is a standoff of the eyes between the three of them (Raul, Armando, and Sonia).

The next day, all the ranch hands are talking to Armando about the upcoming wedding and ask him if he is jealous of Raul. He denies it, but says he is concerned, while they talk and laugh about hot she is. Of course, she shows up. Armando asks her if she wants to ride one of the horses and they go off together and talk. She reveals she was abused as a child by her uncle after her father was murdered, and left home at a young age. They ride off to a beautiful place called “The Pond of the Seven Tears.” He used to swim there as a child. He tells her it was where his mother was killed, and we see a flashback scene of him and his parents there. His father went off for a minute and bandits came. Armando tried to save his mother but killed his mother by accident. They argue a few minutes after that she thinks that he believes she is shallow, and they hear a gunshot. They run off and find a man lying dying. Sonia cares for him, but he dies. Armando once again accuses her of not really loving Raul, and they fight. She tells Armando that Raul is not so innocent.

Armando goes with his ranch friends to find Raul. Armando sees him and asks him if it is true he is in the drug business. He tells him that he brought shame to the family, and Raul says no, he is saving the family. Raul tells him that he doesn’t sell drugs to their people, just Americans. If they are that stupid, let them. Men suddenly show up and talk to Raul. It is the drug lord Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal). Onza threatens them. He talks to Armando and says what Raul is doing is very dangerous for his family. After he leaves, Raul tells Armando to leave, as Mexico is no place for cowards.

Back home, Armando is playing music around a campfire with his friends. They see a white lion, which is supposedly very rare, and they want to shoot him, but Armando tells him no, it is a bad omen.

The next day they are driving again when they see police. They try to speak to him in Spanish, but it’s not that great. Officer Parker (Offerman) tells him that he knows Raul is a drug dealer and wants his help. He threatens him for his help. The friends get out of the car, but they see the guns on the cops. They say he’ll squeal because they know he’s a coward.

The next scene is the dinner in celebration of Raul and Sonia. There is a big dinner with all of the family. At the toast, Armando does not partake until yelled at by his father, and he reveals that Raul will destroy the family. Papa tells Armando he does not want him at the wedding the next day. Sonia goes after him and tells him that La Onza is her uncle. The next day at the wedding, La Onza’s men come in and shoot/blow everyone up.

We see La Onza on the phone with the police – he is paying them to kill them and be on his side. Armando’s friend finds him and tells him that his father is dying. Papa apologizes to him for how he treated him all those years and then he dies. Everything is playing out how Parker wants. He knows Raul will take his revenge.

Back at the house, in their grief, Armando and Sonia talk passionately. Raul told her that everything would be different at the ranch. As they talk, they get more intimate, and kiss, eventually making love outside by their campfire.

In the morning, Onza finds them with his people. Armando begs them to leave him alone, but they decide to kill him instead. They admit that they are the ones that killed his mother, and one of the cops said if he would’ve let him rape her, she wouldn’t have died. They shoot him 3 times in the chest instead of one for good measure. Onza says let the coyotes eat him – they need to save bullets for Raul.

At the house, Raul is snorting cocaine. Sonia has been kidnapped. A coyote is about to attack Armando, but the white lion attacks the coyote instead, saving him, like he did. He begins to speak, revealing him as the Jaguar King of the city and says that Armando’s journey has just begun. He has visions flash before his eyes, some real, some fake. He yells that he is “ARMANDO ALVAREZ” and he will not be taken advantage of. He returns home and updates Raul on the situation. Raul gathers his people and goes on a rant about how they will kill Onza.

Sonia tells Onza that Armando will come for her – the wind is telling her that he is still alive. All the men show up, and the battle ensues. Armando tells Onza he will not leave until he has Sonia. Raul is dying and asks Armando for a cigarette. Armando gives him one that he rolled, which looks ridiculous. Raul tells him that Sonia loves him, and their father would have loved to see it. Armando runs into the house, and Onza drops her off the balcony. Armando catches her, but just then Onza starts to shoot him. Armando shoots first and kills Onza. As Onza lies dying, he says that when he thought this moment would happen, there would be news cameras and a lot of people there…but no. He is alone.

Outside, the police are there to arrest Armando for murder. Armando shoots the cop instead for the murder of his mother. Parker pulls out his gun, and it is revealed that Armando does actually speak English. From behind we see the other cop who shoots Parker dead. He says that not all Americans are bad, and Armando says that not all Mexicans are drug dealers, and they return home, while the white lion laughs.


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