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NOTE: This is spoiler #62 sent in by Brentage500 who adds " certain points in the movie, there were little chapter titles for each section. I put them in the appropriate spots, and there will be a better explanation later."

We begin by seeing a gloved pair of hand fiddle with an IV. The hands adjust something on a shower, and a girl wakes up crying. She pleads with her captor for release, but is naturally ignored. He starts pumping a yellow liquid from some strange vat into her, and she screams in pain. He turns a nozzle, and more of the yellow liquid -- some kind of acid -- sprays out of the shower at full force.


We find our captor heading down the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City. At the same time, fashion model/actress Jennifer Tree (Elisha Cuthbert) is posing for pictures for a photoshoot for her latest movie, "Dare". She finishes up and goes into relaxation mode, where she gets a call from her boyfriend saying he'll meet her at a club that night. At the same time, she plays with her poodle Suzie and says to her, "You're the only one who loves me, aren't you girl?" She packs up and leaves, and in the dark we see someone recording her movements through a night-vision lens. She looks around but doesn't see anyone and heads out to the club. Once there, she gets a text from the boyfriend saying he can't come after all and orders an apple martini. As the waitress brings the drink over, she pauses long enough for someone to slip something into the drink. The drink is delivered, and Jennifer immediately starts feeling woozy as Suzie barks softly and worriedly. The girls head for the bathroom, where Jennifer leaves Suzie on the counter just in time to fall out the door. She sees a tricorder set up at the end of the hallway but before she can make sense of that, someone comes up behind her and chloroforms her.

Some time later, Jennifer wakes up in a nice soft bed. The sun is shining, and she sees a beach through a window while hearing birds twittering. As she nears the window, the scene suddenly cuts out and a loud noise plays over unseen speakers. The noise cuts out and a drawer opens. Jennifer goes over to it and finds a glass of water with two pills and a note that says, "Vitamins -- good for you!" She smashes the glass and starts screaming in anger at her captor, turning a TV on its side and uprooting the bed. After some more shouting, the captor hits a switch somewhere and gas starts flooding the room. Jennifer tries to grab a towel (yes, there's a bathroom) and breathe through that, but she's too late. When she wakes up, she's strapped in a chair and watching a video of the girl from the opening scene as her skin peels off under the acid while she begs and apologizes for something. Jennifer begins echoing her cries, but the man ignores her. He puts an eye, an ear, and a nose in a blender, adds about a pint of blood, and hits puree. He force-feeds the mix to Jennifer, and then hits the shower.

A little later, we see Jennifer asleep in her bed with a bloody towel wrapped around her head. She panics and gets up, feeling her way to the provided bathroom. She tears off the towel and sees her face intact except for a stitch on her left cheek, which she then pulls away -- it was only a prosthetic. She gets another delivery, this time consisting of a keychain and a nail file. She ignores them, but then bright lights and noise start up again until she takes them. She uses the key on one of the four lockers in her room, only to find a boatload of stuff from her apartment. This sets her off again, but she calms down as soon as she notices the vent in the room. Feeling tricky, she uses the file to take the grate off and climbs into the shaft. As she's working her way through, a chainsaw starts up and soon our favorite friend is reaching into the vent and sticking Jenn with another needle, knocking her back out. She wakes up back in her room to the sound of an interview of herself playing where she's talking about her one big fear of being alone. She looks around again, sees a poster for her latest movie, and she starts crying.


Jennifer's crying tapers off. She looks around for the umpteenth time and notices scratches in one section of the wall, beyond which lies another room. She goes over for a look and is surprised by an eyeball -- attached to a person, this time. The person on the other side clears a hold through the dirt and scratches out the letters, "Who are you". Jennifer tries talking but the guy indicates that for now, sound is out. She scratches back, "How Long" and the guy holds up two fingers, then three, meaning he's been there for two or three days. Eventually, the sound returns, and they begin trading info -- his name is Gary (Daniel Gillies), he's a deliveryman, and he's scared shitless. They start using some matches to see in the darkness, and over time they get a nice big hole cleared in the grime.


Eventually, the two new friends/allies start running low on matches. Jennifer gets a drink and a new set, but the matches are set pretty far back and she can't quite reach them. Some more knockout gas starts flowing, and when Jennifer wakes up she's in a glass chamber being filled with sand. She begins pounding to find a way out as Gary watches on a closed-circuit TV with a note that says, "Is she worth it?" He grabs a metal pole and starts smashing stuff. We cut back to Jennifer, who is almost completely trapped by the sand, when suddenly a hole opens up in the top of the shaft, and we see Gary rescuing her. They go through a crawlspace and into a garage. Gary hotwires a car and they almost get out when more of the gas starts coming through the vents. When Jennifer wakes up, she sees not Gary but Suzie, her dog. Her hand is tied to a shotgun and there's another shotgun next to her head. In front of her, a note says (on several cards) "30 seconds -- you or dog". A timer starts, and Jennifer waits until the very last second before pulling the trigger on Suzie. She gets drugged and blindfolded before being taken back to her room. She cries and goes over to the bathroom mirror, where she sees Suzie, covered in blood but very much alive! She tries to talk to Suzie, but the dog gets yanked away and a card is held up that says cruelly, "Tricked you! Ha ha!" Defeated, Jennifer sits back down and cries herself to sleep as Gary silently listens next door.


Some time later, we see Jennifer and Gary talking, and Jennifer asks Gary just what is real. Gary shrugs and says, "What we can touch." At that moment, a hidden door between their cells slams open. They look at each other and then race for the door, but it slams shut before they can reach each other. As Gary starts cursing the guy (they decided earlier, thanks to Jenn's experience being stalked [big time actress, remember?] that it had to be a guy), the drawer in Jenn's cell opens again, this time holding a key labelled "#4". She looks at the lockers and despite Gary's advice, opens the appropriate one. Inside is a fancy pair of shoes, a box of dangly earrings (one pair), and a black evening dress. Gary turns his back and she puts them on as instructed by the accompanying message. The door opens again, and this time Jennifer wasters no time -- she bolts and is soon wrapped in Gary's arms. Right after, the gas hits (again?) and they wake up in a pair of dental chairs, each facing the opposite direction, while on the TV a video plays of a young boy -- also Gary -- being sexually abused by his mother just before killing her...something Gary tries not to watch. Their captor picks up some pliers and moves to yank a couple of Jenn's teeth, but shouts and insults from Gary cause him to change his mind at the last second, and instead Gary's tooth gets yanked. The captor puts the tooth in a bag for safekeeping, knocks his charges out, and drops them both off in Gary's cell.


Time passes. We see the captor watching his captives have sex in infared on a monitor for a bit. He turns it off and goes through a door into a pretty nice townhouse, where he strips down and has a bath. Back with Jenn and Gary, Gary gets up, turns around, stares at Jenn, and says, "Fuck." He turns around and sticks some card in the wall. It opens up, and Gary walks through a few hallways, up some stairs, through the monitor room from before, and into the apartment. He goes into the bathroom and grabs an icepack, which he puts on his cheek. He hears something, but its just the TV, playing the tape from before, only now we see Gary stab his mother, put the knife down, take a picture of it, and then the camera drops and another boy walks into the frame....Gary's brother, apparently. Someone shouts behind Gary and he whirls, but it's only his brother Ben (Pruitt Taylor Vince), also known as the captor. He and Gary talk, and Gary says that he wants to keep this one around. Ben punches him and says that they can't do that -- they have to kill Jennifer now, since she's been here for four days, just like all the others were. Gary responds by sticking a knife through Ben's lungs.

Once Ben's dead, Gary goes back to the monitor room, takes out a tape, and sticks it in a case labelled "Jennifer" before putting it in with a bunch of other tapes. At that moment, someone knocks on the door. Gary answers it and finds two cops there. He invites them in and after saying that he's living there temporarily with his brother Ben, goes to get them a drink. They start flipping through the channels on the active television and turn to a channel showing Jennifer asleep downstairs. They turn around and find Gary with a shotgun, and get killed. Satisfied, Gary takes the gun, leaves it on the floor, and goes back and wakes Jennifer up. He makes up a story about having overpowered the two captors (the cops) and says that they can escape now. He leads her up into the apartment and tells her to wait while he grabs something. He leaves her, and she sits at a table. As he grabs some tapes and stuffs them in a trash bag, Jennifer is attacked by the not-quite-dead Ben. She finishes the job and screams for Gary. He calms her down, and then goes back to the tapes. She gets up and finds the cops and the TV still tuned to her cell. Panicked, she looks around and sees albums covering the other girls and her that have Gary "comforting" each of the girls. Paging through "her" book, she finds little chapter titles for each section (the same ones I've been putting in). She turns around, and sees an unsmiling Gary behind her taping her with a digital camcorder. He shoves a bucket and sponge at her and tells her to start cleaning up, which she does. He leaves, and she puts the bucket down, picks up the shotgun, and silently follows him back downstairs. On the way, she passes through a generator room and wrecks it. Gary catches on and starts shouting for her. He ultimately catches up to her back in her cell, and tells her to put the gun down. She tries to fire it, but nothing happens. He tells her she forgot to cock it, grabs the gun, pulls on it, and throws her on the bed. He leaps on top of her, but she gets out from under him, picks up the shotgun, cocks it, and kills him. After shooting him twice more, she picks her way out of the house, finds the front door, and leaves the house. As she walks down the street, the camera pulls back and we see a larger version of the poster for her movie that was in the basement.

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Jennifer (Elisha Cuthbert) is a top model who gets drugged and kidnapped. She wakes up in a room controlled by a sadistic freak who puts her through various torture situations. She discovers another captured man named Gary(Daniel Gillies) and they become friends, determined to escape together.

The model falls for him only to discover it his him and his brother responsible for the situation she is in. The brothers kidnapp girls, get them to trust Gary, have sex with him and then kill her. They film all of this and make books about it.

She tries various attempts to escape before a final showdown in which she manages to kill both of the men and escapes from her torture prison.

Thanks Zach!

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