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Cabin Fever starts with a bum out in the woods bringing a dead rabbit to give to his dog.  He approaches the dog, which turns out not to be sleeping but infected with the weird flesh-eating disease.  The bum ends up with a face full of bloody dog vomit.

Cut to a truckload of college kids heading up to a cabin for a weeks vacation after finishing finals.  They are Paul (played by Rider Strong of Boy Meets World), the sensitive, protagonist guy with a crush on the beautiful blond Karen (Jordan Ladd).  The other members of the camping crew are the couple, Jeff and Marcy (Joey Kern and Cerina Vincent), and the smart-aleck, Bert (James DeBello).

After some awkward meetings with the local hillbilly store owners, including a little boy named Dennis, who apparently loves to bite people, the five kids make it up to the camp.  Jeff and Marcy go straight into the bedroom to have sex, while Paul and Karen decide to go swimming and Bert goes off to shoot squirrels.

At the lake, Karen flirts with Paul and kisses him,

but then just swims away from him when he asks if this is "like a date."  Meanwhile, Bert accidentally shoots the bum from the opening of the film, thinking he is hitting some kind of woodland creature.  He approaches the bum when he learns his mistake, but backs away, horrified, when he sees that the guy is covered with blood and ooze (from the disease).  Instead of helping the bum, Bert runs away, telling the bum he better not come near their cabin.

Later that night, the kids are all hanging around the campfire outside their cabin.  Bert and Jeff make a bet to only drink beer the rest of their trip.  Paul tells a story about a massacre that occurred at the bowling alley he used to go to as a child.   A stoner stumbles on to the group with his dog and while they first ask him to leave, they agree to let him stay when they find out he has a huge bag of pot.  However, soon after he sits down with them and start smoking up, it begins to rain and he has to go back to his tent, but says he will be back in about a half hour.

A while later, the kids go to answer a knock at the cabin door, thinking it is the stoner, but it turns out to be the bum, who is even grosser and bloodier than before.  He begs them to help him, but Bert slams the door, and insists that they keep the guy away from them to avoid getting sick themselves.  They then hear the bum attempting to start their truck.  They run outside armed with bats, guns and knives to try to get the bum out of the truck.  The bum ends up vomiting blood all over the truck's interior, and the group beats the crap both out of the bum and their own truck.  When the bum approaches Marcy and Karen, a panicked Paul sets him on fire, and the flaming bum stumbles off into the woods again. 

The next day, the frightened kids all want to go home, but can't use the busted truck.  Jeff and Bert go off to look for help, as does Marcy on her own, while Paul stays to comfort a shaken Karen.  We see that the dead bum has ended up festering away in the lake, and then cut to Paul pouring a glass of water for Karen from the cabin's tap and bringing it to her.  She seems slightly calmer, and sips the water, hugs Paul and thanks him for all his help.

Both the boys' and Marcy's search for help end up futile, but while they are out, a deputy named Winston shows up and talks to Paul.  He says they had reports of a ruckus there the night before, and seems more interested in possibility of partying with the kids than with the blood and battered truck.  Paul tells him what happened (leaving out the part of setting the bum on fire) and asks the Deputy to send a tow truck up to them.  The Deputy promises that it will be there the next day.

Jeff, Bert, and Marcy return to the cabin, and Paul tells them about the Deputy's visit, and they all agree to go tell the police what happened with the bum on the way out of town.  The boys are outside cleaning up the truck, and discussing attempting to fix it, when the stoner's dog returns, growling and ready to attack.  The boys are freaked, but Marcy comes out of the cabin with Bert's shotgun and shoots into the air to scare the dog away.

Later, Paul goes to check on a napping Karen, who asks him to stay with her.  The two end up falling asleep together.  Paul wakes up and can't resist touching the sleeping girl.  He puts his hand under the covers and she moans appreciatively... until he pulls hand away and see it covered with Karen's blood and gore.  She's infected!  He yells for the rest of the group and runs to wash his hands.

The group at first refuses to let Karen out of the bedroom, even to go to the bathroom, and eventually leads her into the cabin's shed, so she can't infect the others.  They drag just a small mattress for her to sleep in, and then lock her in.  (Leading her to scream the "Don't Leave Me" line from the trailer.)

After checking each other for signs of the illness, the rest of the group bicker suspiciously about how they can't be sure who is infected.  Bert and Jeff start to fight, but Paul breaks it up.  He reminds them that they have to stick together to try to make it through this.  He then notes that Bert has just lost his bet with Jeff (because he took a sip of water.)

Paul goes looking for help, but again the search is futile, after he is mistaken for a peeping tom and threatened with a shotgun.  Bert goes to work on repairing the truck, while Jeff stands guard with a shotgun to keep the dog away.  Eventually, Bert gets the truck in running order, but as he yells to the others that it is time to leave, he starts to feel sick and vomits some blood onto the grass.  He wipes his face, so the others don't know he has it, too.

Paul and Marcy bring Karen out, but Jeff refuses to sit with her, so Bert tells them to put Karen in the front seat with him, and he will drive.  As soon as Paul and Marcy get Karen into the truck, though, she vomits blood all over, and Jeff announces that they can no longer ride in it.  Paul and Marcy pull Karen back out of the truck, and notice that Bert doesn't look so good.  Bert ends up taking off in the truck alone in search of help.

Paul and Marcy bring Karen back to the shed, and return to the cabin to see Jeff in full freaking out mode.  He insists that he will not get sick, and yells at them for continuing to touch and go near Karen.  He ends up taking several six packs of beer and running in to the woods, insisting that the others stay away from him.  Marcy and Paul end up having sex, since they might die anyway, so why not?  Afterward, Paul pours Listerine on his private parts, since they didn't use a condom.

Marcy notices the large red scratch marks on her back, and admonishes Paul for doing such a number on her back.  Paul goes back into the woods, while Marcy decides to take a bath.

Meanwhile, Bert has returned to the little store from the beginning of the film, and begs them to tell him where he can find a hospital.  At first, the hillbilly offers to help, but after the creepy little kid bites Bert, and the father knows he might be infected as well, he decides he has to kill Bert.  So, Bert takes off in the truck with a group of hillbillies in hot pursuit.  He crashes his truck, but leaves bloody handprints from his gross bloody peeling hands in the wrong direction to throw the hillbillies off of his track.

Paul finds the bum's body floating in the water, and when he leans over to look more closely, he ends up falling into the water with it.  As he climbs out, he sees that this is the reservoir that the cabin's drinking water has been coming from, and realizes why everyone has been getting sick.

Meanwhile, a weeping Marcy shaves her legs in the tub, as the scratches on her back really begin to fester and get huge and gross.  She seemingly doesn't notice this until she realizes that the leg she is shaving is also gross, bloody, and gory.

She freaks out and runs outside, where she is faced with the stoner's angry snarling dog.  She tries to run to the shed, but struggles with the lock and is attacked by the dog.

Paul returns to the cabin and sees Marcy's body parts scattered all over the ground in front of the cabin.  He heads to the open door of the shed and sees the dog nibbling at Karen.  It ends up coming after him and shoots it at the last second before it gets him.  When Paul goes back in to the shed, he turns Karen over and sees that her lips have completely disintegrated and the bottom half of her face is nothing but gore. 

He ends up picking up a shovel, and hitting her in the head with it several times, to put her out of her misery.

Bert returns to the Cabin, and tells Paul that the hillbilly store folks will be arriving soon to come after them.  When the three hillbillies do arrive at the cabin, they open the door to see Bert waiting with a shotgun.  The hillbilly store owner shoots Bert before he can shoot them, but then Paul comes out with the shovel and hits one of the hillbillies hard in the head.  Another ends up accidentally shot by another hillbilly (In surprise at Paul's attack) and Paul shoves a screwdriver into the head of a third before finishing off the gunshot victim. 

Paul goes into the woods to try to warn Jeff about the water and get him to come with him, but instead just finds the stoner's dead and decomposing body in a cave.  He ends up taking off in the hillbilly truck.  As he is getting into the truck, he sees some marks on his hand, and realizes that he, too, has become infected.

He is driving in search of help, and thinking about Karen, and runs into a deer in the road, whose legs end up crashing through the windshield, kicking at him.  As he manages to get the Deer out of the truck, however, the vehicle dies.  Now, covered with blood and stumbling through the woods, he ends up finding an underage party, as well as Deputy Winston.  He yells at the deputy for never sending a tow truck, and asks to be taken to a hospital.  Just then, however, a call over the police radio informs Deputy Winston that the kids at the cabin have a contagious illness and have been killing people, so they should be shot on sight.

Paul ends up going berserk and attacking a bunch of the partiers and the deputy before taking off back into the woods.  He tries to flag a car down, and ends up falling down in the road in front of a big truck.  The truck stops in time, and we cut to Paul's Body being dropped in front of the local hospital.

The police question Paul in his hospital bed about where he got the disease, but he is no longer coherent.  The doctor informs the cops that Paul needs to get to a bigger hospital if he is going to stand a chance.  Cut to Deputy Winston, driving and drinking a forty, informing a moaning Paul in the backseat, that they are in for a long ride together.

Jeff returns to the cabin the next day and realizes that all of his friends are dead.  His initial sadness turns to jubilance over surviving.  He keeps screaming "I made it!  I knew it!" (expletives deleted) and raises his arms in triumph, only to be shot dead by a group of cops when he exits the cabin.  We see the cops gathering all the bodies to be burned, and Winston informs the sheriff that he "took care" of the other one (meaning Paul.)

We see Paul's gross and bloody body lying in the shallow water at the edge of lake, while a little boy and girl fill up a cooler from the other side of the water.   We then learn that they are selling lemonade in front of the little hillbilly store, and are presumably passing along the disease to the entire town.


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