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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by JOHNMHEMP who says... "Broken Flowers is a movie where I think you are to assume that you are trying to solve a puzzle. In the end I believe that there is no real solution - only a series of coincidences and that the point of the movie is not to find an answer but merely that sometimes people take a long journey looking for something only to end up back where they started."

Don Johnston (Bill Murray) is a successful but devoutly single, middle aged man who has just been dumped by his latest girlfriend (Julie Delphy) because he has refused to commit to her.

As he is left to ponder his lot in life he is compelled to reflect on his past when he receives a mysterious letter typewritten on pink stationary. The letter is from an anonymous former lover who writes that he has a 19 year old son that has recently left on an impromptu road trip that she fears was only an excuse to search for his father.  

Don takes the letter to his friend and next door neighbor, Winston (Jeffrey Wright), an amateur sleuth and family man who, after examining the letter encourages Don to seek out the ex-girlfriends to find the identity of who sent it.

After a restless night, Don makes a list of 4 girlfriends whom he could have fathered a child by 19 years earlier. Winston is able to track them down on the Internet and arranges travel for Don to visit these ladies unannounced to search for clues.

Hesitant to travel, Don leaves anyway on a quest to uncover the mystery to who typed the letter.

The first stop is at the house of Laura (Sharon Stone) who now has a job helping people maximize their closet space. She lives a sort of white trash existence. As Don arrives carrying a bouquet of pink flowers he is greeted at the door by Laura's 14 year old daughter Lolita (Alexis Dziena) who is dressed only in a short pink robe. She invites him in and he sees that the entire house is decorated in pink. As he waits for Laura to return home he questions Lolita regarding her family but doesn't get many answers. Lolita is a flirt and thinks nothing of parading through the house fully naked in front of Don.

Laura finally arrives home and after the shock of seeing Don after many years gives him a hug. She tells him that her husband died in a car racing accident a few years earlier but does not mention a son. He has dinner with them and ends up spending the night with Laura. In the morning as he leaves he waves goodbye to them. Waving back is Laura in a pink robe standing outside and Lolita standing in the window in only her tiny bra and underwear.

Next stop is at the house of Dora (Frances Conroy) who lives in a white middle class home with her husband. They are both realtors and seem to be comfortable. Don arrives presenting Dora with the pink flowers and accepting an offer to stay for dinner. It becomes obvious that Dora misses her former life where thing were less conservative. When Don questions her about kids, Dora's husband answers that they couldn't have any.

From there Don, with flowers in hand, visits the office of Carmen (Jessica Lange) who is now an animal psychologist. He is made to wait by the doctor's receptionist (Chloe Sevigny) who seems irritated at Don just popping in. She finally lets him in but he is cautioned that the visit needs to be quick. Carmen is bewildered by Don's visit and suggests that he leave. He asks her a little about what she does and she answers that she is able to read the mind of people's animals. She says that since the death of her own pet "Winston" that she has had the gift. The receptionist interrupts them announcing her next appointment and as Don is about to leave the receptionist runs out to the car to return his flowers to him.

Finally, he arrives at the home of Penny (Tilda Swinton). Having forgotten to bring flowers he picks some wild flowers from a field along the highway to her house. When he arrives at a dilapidated old house, he is greeted by some suspicious rednecks who don't seem too eager for Don to have his reunion with Penny but eventually allow him to knock on the door. He notices a badly worn pink typewriter in the yard. Penny answers the door and immediately curses him and tells him that they have nothing to talk about. He quickly asks her if she has a son and she begins to cry. The two rednecks run over and punch him out, leaving the injured Don and his rental car in an abandoned field.

Don returns home worse for the wear and as his cab pulls away from the airport he notices a young man with a backpack who seems lost and uneasy.

Don meets Winston at a diner to report that he learned nothing on his visits but that when he returned home he found another pink note....this time handwritten from his most recent girlfriend suggesting that they give a relationship another go. He realizes that the mother of his child could have been any of the women or the whole thing could have just been a farce concocted by his girlfriend to somehow force him to examine himself and eventually provide more stability for her.

As Don is leaving the Diner he sees the young man from the airport get off a bus. He offers him some food, coffee, and water...which the kid takes and sits down outside to eat. Don gently asks him about his plans but the boy is hesitant to answer. Don notices a pink ribbon on his backpack and the boy says that it was from his mother for good luck. As he begins to leave he asks Don if he has any advice for him and Don answers something like the past is the past and the future has yet to come but the present is the time he should be most concerned with. Don asks him if he thinks that he is his father which causes the boy to yell at him and run quickly away. Don watches him as he races down the street and then looks up at the sky as the camera circles around him.

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