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Renée Zellweger


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by JOHNMHEMP.

It is another year in the life of Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger). Things are looking up for our heroine since we last saw her. She is losing weight, has quit smoking (at least as far as her boyfriend is concerned), and she is in a completely fulfilling relationship with barrister Mark Darcy (Colin Firth).

Bridget also has a successful career in television where she is an on air personality for the tabloid TV show "Sit Up, Britain." As we join her she is in the midst of filming a story requiring her to sky dive over the country side. After falling out of the plane and almost forgetting to pull the rip cord she finally lands safely in a pen filled with pigs.  

Afraid that her boss is upset over her clumsiness, she is summoned to his office only to learn that Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) now works for the station too and that her boss wants them to team up on some travel pieces for the network.

Not willing to be content with bliss, she becomes suspicious of Mark when he cancels their dinner date one evening. Her friends convince her that he is having an affair with the very attractive Rebecca who works at the law firm. She goes to his house to confront him and after climbing the ledge to peek into the window she falls from the roof into the bushes and is then greeted at the door by Rebecca who lets her in to the house only to find that Mark is having a meeting with some associates.

Seeing that she is under stress Mark invites her on a weekend ski getaway but as soon as they arrive we discover two things - Bridget has lied about her skiing ability and Rebecca is also there.

The next week Mark invites Bridget to a very important dinner given by the firm. Bridget manages to arrive late in a state of disarray and insults some of his coworkers. At dinner she begins to feel that she is out of Mark's league and that she is nothing more than an embarrassment to him. On the way home Bridget admonishes Mark for never sticking up for her in front of his pompous friends and then leaves.

Weeks go by and Mark does not call. Reluctantly Bridget accepts a project working with Daniel on a piece in Thailand. On the plane Daniel saves her from the rigors of coach class by bringing her into first class with him and explains that he is no longer a skirt chaser and that she was the best thing that ever happened to him.

While in Thailand Bridget's friend Shazzer who has accompanied her on the trip meets a very attractive young man named Jed who has a love of hallucinogenic mushrooms which he slips into Bridget's food.

Daniel finds Bridget at the beach in a euphoric state of mind and invites her up to his room. Almost succumbing to his advances she realizes just in time that if she sleeps with him it will be truly over between she and Mark. As she leaves she runs into a prostitute who is arriving for her nightly appointment with Daniel.

The next day Bridget and Shazzer pack up to leave and to hurry things along Bridget agrees to carry the Thai Ceremonial Snake Bowl that Jed has left with them in her bag. At airport customs it is discovered that the bowl is filled with cocaine and Bridget is immediately arrested for attempting to transport illegal drugs. Daniel upon seeing the trouble that Bridget is in shrugs and gets on the plane.

In prison Bridget immediately befriends the other inmates and upon hearing their stories of forced prostitution and abuse that they have had in their relationships she realizes that she had it pretty good with Mark. 

Days later she is pulled from the holding cell and is taken to meet with her attorney - it is Mark who tells her that he is merely the messenger and that the Thai government has agreed to show her leniency.

Back home Mark confronts Daniel and asks him if he knew that Bridget had been arrested in Thailand. When he admits that he did - Mark drags him outside and they have a fight in the streets ending with both spilling into a fountain in the courtyard.

Arriving in England Bridget discovers that Mark went to great lengths to hunt down Jed and extradite him so that she could be set free. She runs to Mark's house only to find Rebecca there who admits that it is Bridget whom she has had a crush on all this time and not Mark.

Bridget takes a cab to Mark's office and is splashed by several passing cars. Soak and wet, she searches the building and happens upon Mark in a meeting with several important officials. They go out into the corridor and Mark finally proposes to her.

In the country Bridget's parents have a ceremony to renew their vows. As they are leaving her mother tosses the bouquet and Bridget falling backwards still manages to catch it. Same ol' "Bridg" but she is now willing to look to the future and is ready to accept that she is indeed finally happy.  

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